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  1. Not an American and given the way your country is run, I'm very glad of this fact (not saying i'm anti-American, but I do not agree with many aspects of how your country is governed/controlled). I can understand why in 2016 people wanted to have a 'protest vote' against the status quo of typical politicans, but I cannot understand how even if you wanted a protest vote in 2016 you can look at Trump and think that he is a capable, inspirational or endearing choice of leader. You don't have to be a good politician to be a good leader, but I have not seen anything from Trump that I con
  2. Was a bit of a late bloomer and essentially learnt from porn. By the time I eventually gave my first blowjob (at 18) to a guy about 8 years older than me, he loved it but was adamant that it can't have been my first time giving head because I was too good at it for a first timer. To this day I am proud of my cock sucking ability and to make men squirm with pleasure.
  3. I haven't been to Vault before but keen to give it a try sometime soon if it's now reopen/about to reopen.
  4. I would, gladly. Although also thinking of stopping by Brighton this weekend or one soon.
  5. Well if you're ever up London way i'd glady breed your hole without playing games. No pretending to use condoms here.
  6. Fuck if I were in area i'd give you all the cum you could want
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