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    Raw sex, collecting anonymous loads, face fucking, cum, humiliation
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    Pump and dump, anonymous sex, public sex, group sex, degradation, humiliation. Anything involving cum - I’m addicted to the feel, taste, smell of a mans cum

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  1. Don’t disagree with this, but it does sound a bit judgemental and I don’t think this is the place for that energy! The cheating could b apart of the craved kink, or just a result of circumstance. No ones place to pass judgement 🙂
  2. Tell us more about you hooking up with your cousin! I have a hunch my cousin wants to fuck me, and I really want to explore it. How did you make the move? (I think he made his move - he said to me ‘wow your ass looks so huge in those jeans!’ - felt like it wasn’t just a compliment, but he saw something he wanted)
  3. I’m 6 foot 1, so as a Bottom I’ve had guys be intimidated by my height before. So I’ll often reassure and drive home the fact that I’ll be a total squealing bottom bitch. I also have a really great ass so that helps my cause. But there’s nothing better than a guy that right off the bat treats me like nothing more than a hole and knows he’s dominant over me regardless of my height and ‘manish’ stature
  4. YES! I use BZ the way people use coffee in the morning. To GET ME GOING. When I’m horny-ish, and not committed to an afternoon of pigging out, I come on here and read about the depraved places you all go to and it inspires me to get my cheating whore ass up and prepped for some cum loading use
  5. Hi! New as a member, not new as a cumdump. Been exploring this life quietly. Love reading others’ takes and tales. I’m a anon bottom cum pig who’s gotten into the ‘blindfolded in a motel with the door propped open’ type of whore. Find myself using BZ to push myself to really step out of my comfort zone and start taking loads from anyone who wants to use me. Based in NYC area and love to chat!
  6. I am just starting to accept my inner Cumdump needs. Although I’m in a monogo-mish relationship, and getting bred by numerous anonymous guys might not be totally acceptable, holy shit did it feel right when I decided to be that cum receptacle for the first time! This is the true story of how I started my journey down Cumdump Lane. I started my afternoon by messaging with a few guys before I actually checked into my motel. Had several guys lined up. I think this is why i knew today was the day - most other days chatting lead to a flake or too many questions, or simply a fun pump a
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