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  1. Thanks everyone, guess I better start figuring out how to go on more jogs and bike rides without arousing suspicions! And why should I be upfront with my husband about what I need? The cheating is what gets me off.
  2. aster.stilbon on K and asterstilbon on W Add me to your p3rvy fucked up chats!
  3. Before coronavirus, it was so easy to cheat on my husband. I would frequent cruising sites and the abs's every day before and after work and during my lunch breaks to swallow as many anonymous loads as I could get in my mouth. Now, it's impossible to get a moment alone to even go to the nearest park! Has anyone managed to get away from family, spouses, children successfully for a quick snack? Tips please!
  4. Last year, Montrose woods in Chicago. I'd go on a Saturday morning every once in a while when I could get away from the husband with a good enough excuse. Woods were full of used condoms from the night before. I got a little sick to my stomach every once in a while slurping down cum from what must have been older condoms. Still, always had more luck there than at a porn shop.
  5. I personally started at around 4 or 5, not sure. An uncle babysat me and had me suck him and swallow his cum. I remember thinking of it like a secretive chore I didn't want to do. But then one night he brought his friends over and all I remember is a lot of faceless cocks, excitement, and happiness at helping so many men cum. To answer the OP's question, I don't know when the best age is to start. I might not have hated sucking cock at first if I had started earlier. Obviously, I grew up to become a cocksucker so earlier was better for me. But even though I don't think I was abused, there
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