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    Transgendered woman non-Op. on hormones with natural titties and a fully functional cock. Married to a cis male but I love playing with other trans women and femboys.
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    No lol but probably have many films on other people’s phones. Haven’t seen them uploaded!
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    Putting my load into trans woman or femboy’s smooth ass.

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  1. So fucking hot. I would love to be one of the women in this story. Can’t wait to read on
  2. As a primarily top in a monogamous relationship with a bottom, the small things that drive me wild are: 1. when sleeping, he moves his ass right against my cock, purposefully wriggling it. It’s a small gesture but it gets my engine revving no matter how tired I am and will either fuck/breed him or jack off into his crack after servicing his body 2. When showering together, he similarly will purposefully bend over to pick up something t like shampoo/facial scrub/soap etc and bump his smooth, hairless ass against my cock which will warrant the exact same reaction as point #1 above
  3. It depends tbh but generally I love being stark naked with my partner(s). I don’t mind my partner wearing sexy panties/undies that I slip to the side, stockings and/or garters, but my fave is being naked and vulnerable and natural as nature intended. We are all animals after all! Wearing sexy lingerie is nice for foreplay but when it gets down to fucking, the point of foreplay is to sexily take everything off!
  4. About a year ago I was at a transgender bar on a Monday night. They had no other customers so they drew the curtains and suggested we get naked. The bargirl forced me to suck her off then proceeded to blow her load in my ass. Hadn’t been topped and used in awhile it was nice. Still naked, we continued to have some drinks then the owner of the bar walks in and joins us. After hearing I had been the cum dump for the evening she does the same to me. Had taken 3 tranny loads that evening and given none even tho I’m mostly top. They knew that and did it to tease me. Thought it was hot.
  5. Got stealthed at a bathhouse. I gave the man who propositioned to top me a condom and he put it on. I felt him go in and we did it missionary for a bit then he turned me onto my belly so he could fuck me face down ass up. I like to touch a dick that’s going into me when bottoming and felt that his dick was raw and the condom had been removed and I tried to get him to stop but he pinned me down and kept going, more vigourously than before. I felt conflicted because the pin down reaction was hot but wanted him to put the condom back on. He was persistent so I didn’t want to cause a scene in the
  6. Last time I had a load in me was when I went to a transgender bar. Took the bar lady home and she topped me without a condom because she said she loved my smooth ladyboy ass. She stayed the night and we fucked again in the morning. last time I gave a load was with my husband. I fuck him every day and he loves it when I eat out his smooth boypussy. I love the feel of my cock in his boypussy
  7. I want to marry a tranny. I will never forget my first time with a tranny. We connected on an application and she invited me over to her house which was in a pretty nice part of town. When I arrived, she had just gotten back from the liquor store where she bought a nice bottle of expensive tequila. We drank a few in her living room and had a fun connection. She suggested we go out for the evening since it was Saturday night and I thought why the heck not. She was gorgeous and I didn’t want to come on too strong. We went to a few bars downtown and she introduced me to her friends and we were ge
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