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  1. I set up a gloryhole right next to ASU the weekend of spring break year before last. I used every app I had and used a day planner to keep track of who was coming and at what time. It was insane how many guys came. It was hard to keep track and answer everyone while servicing so many cocks . Once they came and left I would put an x by the date. If I really liked them I would put a star. I started a 3pm Friday and by saturday at 10am I had 33 checkmarks. After that I just hit up all the guys with nice uncut cocks and fucked with them for the next 2 days. I found it was best to try and sleep bet
  2. For me it really depends on the cock. On really big thick cocks that I cant throat I use a tone of spit and my hands. I love foreskin but some guys don't like it played with. If they do i spend a ton of time in there with my tongue. Small cocks ill just suck up and down a lot. My favorite is long uncut guys into throat fucking. If they can shoot in my throat I love it.
  3. Weirdest I have come across was a construction foreman that had caught a new twink employee stealing .We he confronted him, the kid tried to punch him so he threw him on the office floor and raped his ass. The weird part is that he was so turned on by the blood from the rape that he wanted it all the time. He said he could feel the boys hole tear as he popped in. The first time we hooked up he tied me up in his office and I thought he was lubing my ass for the rape. What he was actually doing was super gluing my ass hole at the top so he could tear it open with his cock. I had no idea what was
  4. I totally agree! I like to put a big toy on mine and see how long I can let it go while I surf the web. One of my favorite regular tops loves to fuck my ass for a while and then hook me up to the machine and fuck my throat while he watches my ass get stretched.
  5. when I was in college I worked at a rest stop as a caretaker. I would leave notes in all the stalls with a glow stick. It they wanted sex put the glow stick on the dash. I had tons of guys. One thanksgiving I woke u and looked out the window to see 8 glowsticks. Best way to fuck in a truck is to grab the dash or sit on the guy on the bunk.
  6. here is what i did.... I went to a hotel close to ASU. By the time I checked in to my room I had 2 guys already to go on grindr. At the end of day 3 I had been fucked 16 times and had been fisted 4 times. Sucked more guys than I can count
  7. I use to go to the city for work and had an anon guy that would come fuck me every morning I was there. One night I txt him nd he said he was out drinking at a bar close by. I asked him if he wanted to do a rape play when he was walking home. He agreed but said he wanted me to zip tie my hands to the headboard before he got there, I went to my van got the ties, propped the door open and had a few shots. Next thing I know he is asking me if this is what I want. I said yes and about climbed ub the bed as another guy raped my ass dry. He had brought 4 friends. Lots of screams and zip ties later I
  8. I like to lock up in a very small cage before I look for a top. I want to be totally worked up and leaking while getting fucked.
  9. I tend to find most of my tops prefer shaved an loose. I try to give them what they want. If I know ahead of time I will really work my hole before we hook up if that is what they like. If not I will clamp down tight while we fuck.
  10. In general I would say no. My first job out of college it worked out fine. The owner of the company found my ad on craigslist. For almost 10yrs we had a great thing going. Every night when I started my shift I would go pour us drinks and then he would brief me on what we needed to do that night. Once I got the crew squared away for the day I would go back to the office trailer where he would tie me up and plough out my hole.
  11. I think it really depends on the cock and the guy pushing it. Most painful fuck I ever had was an older asain guy with bout 4in. Fucker was rock hard and felt like he was going to poke a hole in me.
  12. I wish I knew. Last dec I ordered 1k condoms. Probably 75% of my tops use one. They were gone by June.
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