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  1. This is by far my favorite kind of extreme play. I have probably done over 50 as a bottom. I think communication is very important. You need to know what the bottom really wants and what he can handle. I prefer to have my limits pushed adn I need to feel some pain..
  2. I use a small magnet to keep the door from latching. Once I had the wind blow the door open and a guy walking by came in and found me ass up waiting. He freaked and ran out. Another time the cleaning lady opened the door as I was bent over the bed taking cock from an older black guy. She laughed and closed the door. One time guy walked by a gloryhole I had setup and peeked in the door. He came back 3 times that night.
  3. I would try fetlife.com and see if there are local groups. I Went to a bdsm class from there and met an older guy about 30yrs older than me. We got to chatting and I told him I was a total bottom and really liked to get fucked. He was kinda bummed because he liked me, but has a medical condition and cant get hard. He cant take viagra so he likes to fool around and rub his cock until he cums. We went out for a few beers and I told him I would b down if he wanted to tie me up and play with my ass while he jerked off. I went to his place the next day and he had a bunch of bondage gear so we fool
  4. For me things got better. I usually get a hotel room and do random fucks near ASU. Since covid I started renting a town house near there. I have a regular guy that likes fisting and kinky stuff but really isnt into fucking. We usually play off and on all weekend. With everyone out of work and the college guys not in school I found that free pizza and beer will attract a lot of guys. Most guys just chill and hang out for a bj or a quick fuck. Once we met a few guys and word got out I was kept busy all weekend. One day I had 16 loads and was fisted for 3 hours. Another day we had a starwars mar
  5. Every year I plan a vacation to a new place. I have done Palm Springs, SF, Daytona, St. Louise, Phoenix, and a few others. The trip is just for me and to get fucked as much as I can. Most of the trip I spend online looking for tops. Yesterday I was talking to a top fb and he told me he goes to thialand every summer for 14 days and fucks ladyboys the whole trip. He pays 15k for 14 days and has his pick of his ladies. Has anyone done this as a bottom? I love the Idea of having a hard top whenever I want.
  6. I have a regular fb that has ed. He has aa great cock, but almost never gets hard. He is an older guy and was pretty much a pitty bj every couple of weeks. He hit me up at the start of the c19 crap and asked if I could come play. I told him thanks but I really just wanted to get fucked. After a lil more convincing I agreed to come hang out and suck him off that evening. After a few drinks I got down and started sucking. Sucking a soft dick is hard to do but if I get it just right I can get it in my throat but just the head. After he cums we have a few more drinks and he is feeling bad cause he
  7. my best night ever was in a days inn by ASU. I got on Grindr and had tons of drunk horny guys. Had at least 20 guys between 9pm and 5am
  8. I like extended stay suites. They have outside doors and plenty of room. I prefer to rent one close to a university.
  9. I know this isn't for everyone, but I wanted to share a bit for those interested. A few years back I was in Phoenix for work. I got to my hotel about 4am nd was really horny. I got on A4A and found a guy a few miles away going for a bike ride. He hit me up and said he would ride over if I would bottom. I hopped in the shower, quick water bottle douch, and was ready. It was a dark room no names hook up. He was very hung and uncut. He wanted me to deepthroat him but he was just too big. Eventually he put on condom and fucked me and left. About a year later I was back for work and I see his prof
  10. I have fb with a 00ga p.a. He is in a relationship so he started condoms. He knows I like loads so before he gets soft he will pull off the condom and stick the tip the ring and shove in and out real quick and leave the condom in me. He says its our little secret.
  11. I get the wanting an outside entrance. If the hotel requires a key just hide it outside.
  12. I understand why they do it. First time I set up an anon hotel I found a guy on grindr was selling oxy out of a room a few doors down. I told every guy he sold to that there was a free hole in my room number. About midnight the cops came and checked my room for drugs. I was honest with them and they left. One of the cops came back at 1am for bj
  13. For me the inflatable dildo was the best thing to use. I would use it for a few hours at a time. I would pump till I felt a stretch and then hold it for one min. I release it, then pump it 2 more pumps past where I stopped the time before and hold for 2 min. I do it while looking at porn. After a point your ass won't stretch from the pressure and the dildo gets longer not thicker. I use this every time I try size up on a dildo. Its also great prep for a fisting session.
  14. I set up a gloryhole right next to ASU the weekend of spring break year before last. I used every app I had and used a day planner to keep track of who was coming and at what time. It was insane how many guys came. It was hard to keep track and answer everyone while servicing so many cocks . Once they came and left I would put an x by the date. If I really liked them I would put a star. I started a 3pm Friday and by saturday at 10am I had 33 checkmarks. After that I just hit up all the guys with nice uncut cocks and fucked with them for the next 2 days. I found it was best to try and sleep bet
  15. For me it really depends on the cock. On really big thick cocks that I cant throat I use a tone of spit and my hands. I love foreskin but some guys don't like it played with. If they do i spend a ton of time in there with my tongue. Small cocks ill just suck up and down a lot. My favorite is long uncut guys into throat fucking. If they can shoot in my throat I love it.
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