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    New Hampshire
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    Love being dominated, used, verbal, humiliation, tied, blindfolded, bred, infected, bareback porn.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Single, live alone, can host and LOVE to parTy.
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    No experience here… BUT would love getting videoed without my say and have it all uploaded everywhere online. HOT!!!!
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    Would love meet other guys who like to PnP… prefer getting slammed and being totally uninhibited. Very few limits. Totally open-minded.. One on one, threesomes and groups all okay. Can get into any kink or taboo. Just ask. Please feel free to email me at grpqtt@yahoo.com or text me @ 603-486-8684.
    Hope to hear from you!!

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  1. I wanna meet verspoztop from Boston.
  2. Happy belated birthday and Congratulations!!!

  3. Thank you btmboy3in

    and I love your titties and clit

  4. Hi can anyone tell me in however way you can what topics or subjects or references are not permitted on this site? Thanks
  5. How [banned word] are we allowed to be in this site?

    1. CubsubNH


      Okay since the word I used was banned... How about if I ask what subjects are not permitted.

  6. I was thinking of you today... My bf wanted my pozcum over his chocopudding.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. CubsubNH


      lol… you turn me on for sure!!

    3. CubsubNH


      Could you please let me know the names of your stories so I can read them?  Thank you!

    4. PozTalkAuthor


      "we have to talk", "the writer and his fan", "keyboard warrior". They're in bugchasing fiction forum. 

  7. I love it when someone cums on my food then makes me eat it in front of them while they watch... FUCKIN HOT

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    2. CubsubNH


      That’s exactly the way I want I wanna be treated. It’s sort of like when I go to a bar with friends. I only order one beer. The rest of the night they refill my bottle with their piss and then expect me to drink the rest of the night and I’m usually fuckin hard all night long… ughhhh

    3. PozTalkAuthor


      Now we play with it, I often cum in his tea or coffee cup

    4. CubsubNH


      Wish you were nearby

  8. Know what makes me feel good about being a member on this site?? I never fully realized how much I’ve contributed to the overall good towards society and the environment… for a long time I’ve picked up trash and recycled.21DD9531-A569-4956-8DEC-C9B9ABB6F681.jpeg.ff3131285991a3d370d997a0de12c82b.jpeg

  9. Would love to find someone who can help me cum hands free just from getting fucked.

  10. I’ve always wondered what the Goffstown bike jogging trail would be like. I’m sure at night it’d be cool to hook up there.
  11. According to your profile you say that sexually you do “everything.”  But there are things that are [banned word]… so maybe not everything???

    1. BiGeekySlut


      I mean have SOME hard limits, but for the most part, pretty open-minded when it comes to sex, desires, topics, et all.

  12. I was born a fag (hate to say what age it was). A few years after that for 3 years I was trained to be a good little fag. No regrets whatsoever!!
  13. I love this experience you had. Glad to hear that a new cocksucking faggot has been born!!
  14. Gary 603-486-8684 Goffstown, NH 03045 Available at all times A young 67 Height: 5’7” Weight: 195 Ethnicity: Caucasian
  15. Sexy Man, love the gallery pics too.


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