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  1. The fanciest way anyone ever said ''you sure got a pretty mouth boy".
  2. Just like my Paw use to say- Hairy Butts Drive me Nuts!
  3. My partner and I have been together since 1991, we got married on our 25th anniversary, that night I went to a Cum-union party. We've been fucking around on each other from day one. Conversations about our extramarital activities are usually about a guy that looks like Harry Potter who I got both my hands up his ass. Unless you're some kind of landed gentry and the patrilineality of your first born son is called in to question, worrying about monogamy is kinda pointless.
  4. With a Ph.D. in Justification and my extensive service to the community as the Executive Director of the not-for-profit organization'Tim & Pete's Center for Sexually Compulsive Males between the ages of 16-25' I believe I can help you work thru this. Your dilemma is not that unusual, though your ability to clearly communicate your concerns, is very different from the intense hands-on, grueling ordeals our 'guest' must go through in order to develop the appropriate program of therapies tailored to each individual's specific needs. Fortunately, your situation only requires a change of perspective. As I understand it, occasionally you get flipped, banged out and cumdumped by a NSA fucker who just needs a wet hole to unload in, and you like it. After your buddy nuts and bolts, the second he's out the door, you're the same Full Time Top Man the boys are all throwing their pussies at. The only difference in who you are, is- you got some guys cum in your hole. BFD. My advice, don't fret about it, the minute you owned up to your actions it stopped being a problem or even a liability. The tops out there who have tried it, denied it and lied about it are the bitches with a problem. And as a matter-of-fuckin-fact, regular prostate massage is an important part of keeping your junk fuckin and your tanks pumpin'. I bet you're not the only one appreciating those benefits.
  5. "Loose that shit up- you can't trick me I know ur a whore"
  6. Damn -what you got goin' is exceptionally fine- reminds me of running whores out of a well known politician's Capitol Hill brownstone back in the early 80's. Besides the running of the whores, this is my one and only foray in political porn. The kind of kink that would require a credit card~ Ted C. is wearing an inflatable sumo wrestler costume filled with raw eggs, while an elderly homeless guy dressed like Hitler, makes Ted huff spray paint from a paper bag, while simultaneously screaming at him Margaret White's monologue from the 1976 film 'Carrie'; "AND I LIKED IT ! I LIKED IT! With all that dirty touching of his hands all over me." Followed by a morbidly obese wheelchair bound lady (who just happens to owns the worlds largest refrigerator magnet collection,) takes a large frozen Hickory Farms Summer Sausage and uses it to pound several 10 penny nails through Ted's scrotum into the seat of a blond wood mid-century elementary school desk.
  7. Bravo Fukker
  8. During my summer job at my uncle's gas station, I drilled a couple of gloryholes in the men's room stalls at the Farmers Market next door, where there had only been peep holes. And sucked so much dick I went through puberty in 5th grade. There are way too many piggiest- but that was definitely among my firstest
  9. Unless you got that sweet kinda hole you can throw a fuck right in to, I wanna be second or third in line. Then come back later, and hit it one more time. I love churnin' my dick around in a sloppy banged-out party hole
  10. Super. Sincere narrative, a goofy protagonist with a dark side, and a shy young man with a hungry boy cunt. Keep at it son.
  11. Paw-Paw
  12. -work place men's room stall -empty building under construction -play ground late at night on the monkey bars -your neighbor's back porch when they're out of town
  13. Side hole is the best hole -baby. she's playin your song. -p
  14. Great Fuckin story, and that Big Hairy Arse- Daaaaamn! You're the kinda lad with both sex organs, A keen intellect and a sweet hairy Fuck Hole. You done good. Keep at it- TTFN
  15. 354 ~but if you divide it over 41 years it's ... well...ummm.... yeah I'm still a pig

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