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  1. Damn Mister! That is some fuckin' epic literary outpouring you got goin on. Thanks.
  2. A buddy of mine said the first thing he ever slid into his pee hole was a pair of aluminum chopstick. Creative Piggery 101
  3. When I was a kid I use to fuck my dick hole with a glass rod stirrer from a cocktail pitcher as just one of the many things activities I liked doing to, and using on my penis when masturbating, I'm definitely getting motivated from this forum to try it again as an adult.
  4. Forming a Control Group for Deep Penetrative Experimentation, Hard Science and the Acquisition of Developmental Materials i.e. Sperm. Lots of it. Gallons. Which is hypothetically the amount of semen my favorite uncle pumped down my throat during the period in my life I like to refer to as ''the Osh Kosh B'Gosh years.'' I loved my Uncle and he loved me like a Father loves a son upon discovering he was born with out a gag reflex. Frequently. The years flew by and I was growing like a weed and by 5th grade my nuts dropped, I got taller, my pit's stank, I started shaving my face, and I shot my very first load while watching an episode of The Wild Wild West. This was a lively topic of conversation at the barber shop when me and Uncle Clyde were getting hair cuts, I always got naked for my haircut because I loved it when The barber finishes and squirts me all over with the air hose blowing thing, the barber's name is Mac and he commented on how big I was getting, and Uncle Clyde says it's because I'm a little cum guzzler, and that eating so much of his jism is what's making me grow up so quick. Uncle Clyde was always full of schemes and theories about how "Things Worked." Time would prove him right as my developing adolescence body quickly hurdled beyond my Uncle's rather staid letch for the soft dimpled flesh of prepubescent little boys, and our physical relationship ended. It was replaced with an almost decade long mentoring process, focusing on self sufficiency and Fire Fox era survival skills which included getting my first job at a gas station owned by a man my Uncle knew. Though young and completely unaware of the Scientific Method, I some how managed to take part in my Uncle's still nascent theory of jizz accelerated adolescent development in a perfect environment, a living laboratory, CB's Gas Station. At an age when friends were just starting to experiment touching each other's pee-pees, I was eagerly performing the sort of sexual acts one would hesitate to ask of a professional. CB was a Viet Nam war vet, a biker, a cock sucker of renowned skill, and was so good at eating ass I saw a straight guy pay him 20 bucks for a five minute face ride. Between CB's spill over, the used tire sex maze behind the gas station, and a carefully hand bored gloryhole I made myself at a near by Farmer's Market men's room, I quickly earned a reputation as a hot, horned up, bouncy little fucker with few limits and easier to make than Jell-O. I can only conclude my rather heroic intake of spunk during my formative years facilitated a marked advance in my physiological development and growth, leaving me a fully formed, big dicked, hairy, rope shooting adult at a shockingly ridiculous young age . This one singular incidence, though intriguing, is antidotal and speculative at best, Scientific Authority can only be achieved, when the outcome of an experiment has both repeatability and reproducibility. At this point in time more research and experimentation is definitely and eagerly required.
  5. Wear a JockStrap and keep count on the waist band.
  6. When are we going to get together and fuck?

  7. You have the most original name I've ever it.

  8. Banged out- Sloppy- Hairy Trench- Big Bouncy Ass Meat- Wet- Ready & Loaded
  9. ''On my return you and I will spend a single night together. We shall enjoy it enough to regret it is to be our last. But then we shall remember, that regret is an essential component of happiness.'' -Pierre Choderlos de Laclos
  10. Right click and drag over the text like you're trying to copy and paste, the text will be white on blue, easy to read- and totally worth it.
  11. Damn Mister- This is fuckin' epic ! You remind me of back in my teens when I discovered my Aunt C. and Uncle Duane were swingers, my aunt was adamant that I not be involved in their life-style in any way at all, so I had to get all the wet nasty dick droolin stories, home movies, and polaroids of their adventures from my uncle. I always knew Duane was a dirty fucker, we had been playin around already for a couple of years, he use to go thru my year book and pick out girls he said looked like 'right proper sluts' and tell me to see if I could get him a 'date'. The first girl I ever fucked was with Duane, one of the best things in the world to me back then (and still is) was to slide my dick in a fresh fucked hole Duane had cummed in, I always went second because Duane said my dick was bigger, but he was just shining me on, building up my confidence, trying to make me into a player. Right up until my aunt started freaking out about my knowing they were swingers, I literally thought they just had lots of parties and people liked them because they always had keg beer, a swimming pool and that Aunt C. never wore a bikini top. There was a whole world of guy on guy stuff and kinky shit Duane kept from his wife, he loved street whores, titty dancers, LSD, armpits and walkin' around with his dick half hard hanging out the bottom of a pair of shorts, I definitely got my kink for public sex and eating ass from him, I was a very fortunate young man.
  12. The fanciest way anyone ever said ''you sure got a pretty mouth boy".
  13. Just like my Paw use to say- Hairy Butts Drive me Nuts!
  14. My partner and I have been together since 1991, we got married on our 25th anniversary, that night I went to a Cum-union party. We've been fucking around on each other from day one. Conversations about our extramarital activities are usually about a guy that looks like Harry Potter who I got both my hands up his ass. Unless you're some kind of landed gentry and the patrilineality of your first born son is called in to question, worrying about monogamy is kinda pointless.
  15. With a Ph.D. in Justification and my extensive service to the community as the Executive Director of the not-for-profit organization'Tim & Pete's Center for Sexually Compulsive Males between the ages of 16-25' I believe I can help you work thru this. Your dilemma is not that unusual, though your ability to clearly communicate your concerns, is very different from the intense hands-on, grueling ordeals our 'guest' must go through in order to develop the appropriate program of therapies tailored to each individual's specific needs. Fortunately, your situation only requires a change of perspective. As I understand it, occasionally you get flipped, banged out and cumdumped by a NSA fucker who just needs a wet hole to unload in, and you like it. After your buddy nuts and bolts, the second he's out the door, you're the same Full Time Top Man the boys are all throwing their pussies at. The only difference in who you are, is- you got some guys cum in your hole. BFD. My advice, don't fret about it, the minute you owned up to your actions it stopped being a problem or even a liability. The tops out there who have tried it, denied it and lied about it are the bitches with a problem. And as a matter-of-fuckin-fact, regular prostate massage is an important part of keeping your junk fuckin and your tanks pumpin'. I bet you're not the only one appreciating those benefits.

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