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    Tips - Whoring out a bottom

    A good southern boy would wait for the offer of an invitation, but I'll not scorn you for your eagerness.

    Tips - Whoring out a bottom

    You lads with the dual natures., the good little lad versus the one that's two legged trouble are always twice as fun or twice as much work, but always worth the effort.

    Tips - Whoring out a bottom

    Cash. The most important part of the experience is the CASH*. Even if you're goal is to wreck a bitch or totally break him, you still gotta charge at least a dollar, or a 1/2 a pack of smokes. Nothing makes a banged-out boy cunt feel more like a CumDump/JizzBag/TownPump/WorthlessWhore than knowing he just got knocked up by a hobo for 50¢ in pennies. After your whore pays for the hotel room and party supplies out of his own pocket, you keep all the cash, 'cause it ain't easy being a Pimp. *There are blokes that get off on paying large bank for a tumble because of -fuck who knows? Self-worth, self-esteem issues, Fuck it, you're not his mommy, book those guys for very last, when your lad's hole is completely banged out and sloppy, ruined basically, then tell the bloke if he wants to smash his lil' twig up in that blubbery cunt it's gonna cost twice the previously agreed upon price, and to take the offer or fuck off. (They always take the offer)

    Bangkok Massage Boyz

    Few dollars have been so well spent.

    Holiday Party Afterhours Orgy

    Well Ho Fuckin Ho-Ho-Ho Mister. Damn I forgot to breathe while reading this. Thank you.

    I Get More Than I Expect From The Massage

    I'm all about busting a good nut and bustin out laughin, in the right situation you might even get a big ol' cowboy "yeeeee haw" outta me. A good fuck should make a man happy. Thank for sharing your adventures, you're a Pig and a wordsmith., and that is an amazing combo.

    Sold Health

    Damn Mister- such a tight little sentence loaded with so much meaning.

    All in the Family

    Damn Mister- That was beautiful.

    All in the Family

    Some say it fairly galloped. Yeah, mine to, on my Dad's side. My Granddaddy was what they called "sweet' back then and I'm pretty sure he was diddling my Dad and Uncle Duane back when they were but wee ladies themselves.

    Day off at the ABS

    Nothing beats a choke hold for making a guy's asshole tighten up and spasm around your cock, with the added benefit of being pretty quiet in case you're shagging some bloke with his wife sleeping in the next room.

    Weird fetishes

    A buddy of mine use to hustle to make ends meet, good looking lad- 6 ft 2, fat uncut cock, big thighs, blue eyes, high stacked ass. Total pig, he looked like an ivy league skinhead. Jack had a regular client who liked for him to show up dressed as Superman, (the first time he actually rented a costume, eventually a more streamline look, riding boots with red bikini underwear would suffice) the john/date/trick would wear a satin bathrobe, making him Lex Luther. Superman would bust up into this guy's home, overpower Lex Luther, hold him down and forcefully dry fuck him until flooding Lex Luther's guts with 'Super Sperm" which somehow increases Lex Luther's mental acuity and villainy, allowing him to 'trick' Superman into the dining room which happened to contain a Kryptonite chandelier. After a weakened Superman falls to the floor face down and completely helpless, Lex Luther pulls Superman's briefs down just enough to expose his big meaty ass and throws a pile driving retaliatory revenge fuck into his passed out nemesis. Same set up, same script, every time.

    18 with experience :)

    Tough call- What do I remember? His cock? Hell Yeah. Short, thick & fat like a Campbell soup can, with a big fuckin flared out mushroom head that would literally squeegee his load out of my rectum after he ''Spilled his boys'' up in me. Using VO5 hair grease for lube, or the way his y-front drawers stayed pouched out shaped like his dick even after he took them off. Yeah, all that, but I couldn't really tell you if I was coerced, I don't think I was seduced, but we are talking over 40 years ago. So let's just say, I remember the dance, but not the song that was playing.

    18 with experience :)

    From what I can see- you turned out Xtra Fine

    Homeless sex

    Being a disgusting piece of shit is only going to appeal to a very small percentage homeless guys. Instead, consider the advice Dale Carnegie offers in his book 'How to Win Friends & Influence People' under "Hooking-Up With The Homeless": A sincere invitation to share a 6-pack, a bag of dope, a simple meal or a hotel room for the night is the surest way for a total stranger to become a new friend. AKA 'You'll be up to your tits in Hobo Dick'
  15. I loved your tale about being exposed early to a slutty life-style and having reasonable speculation that it made you the rutting buck you became... I shall follow you to make sure I don't miss your great prose!



       I will endeavor to justify your good opinion .

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