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    Personal - Geeky stuff, like tabletop RPGs, PC gaming, fantasy and sci-fi media. Just ask.

    Sexually - *Everything* and I mean everything (outside my HARD limits. I do mean *Everything*. Just ask. I'll atleast venture to try once and see if I like it. But I'm pretty depraved, specially parTying lol.
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    Just a geeky slut who enjoys being a good bottom. I do it all sexually, aside from my HARD limits. I enjoy parTying, and become insatiable, just the way I like it. Hell I was sorta like this before I ventured into this territory, now its far worse and awesome!

    *NOTE* I can be vers, but I *really* hate topping. I have to be in the right mood, with the right guy. But honestly, I *suck* at it. I would rather just bottom for a guy, but hey if he wants to ride my cock and can get it hard, go for it. Just don't expect me to do any work lol
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    Fun. I enjoy parTying and being a good slut for good and awesome tops. I still need some training on how to deepthroat with out gagging. I'm enjoying the hell out of getting fucked. I love one-on-ones, but always up for more.

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  1. Got a car, so a bit more mobile. Now just looking for driving/delivery jobs that will allow my beat up car. Either that, or finally try my dream of being an escort. Ideas?

    1. pozpig


      Look at pizza delivery. Damn good money! Most of the drivers where I work bring in $30+/hr in tips and wages. As long as your car is street legal, insured, etc. you should be ok. Some places require commercial insurance which is a little more than standard insurance but with the tip income, you can easily make up the difference and still come out ahead. 

    2. BiGeekySlut


      I also need a flexible schedule. Basically roommate bought a car (she can't drive, I can) for me to take her to and from work. So I'm trying to find something in between her work hours, along with letting me have some free time to do whatever.  But I'll look into it. Who knows? Maybe I'll deliver a pizza to some hot top that parties lol.

    3. pozpig


      Just remember......there is a fair bit of truth to most stories and there are plenty of stories of guys taking advantage of the pizza boy. :D 

  2. Looking to move soon from current living sitch. A Master would be nice, but fine w fuck buddy/live in sitch. No current job but working on it. Hmu to chat. In atlanta ga area, want to stay in area.

  3. TheLuciousLad Youd be perfect for me. I enjoy bottoming, sucking cock, getting fucked. I dont really enjoy having my cock sucked, and i dont like topping (even though im bi). Id rather find a total top that just wants me to blow him or him fuck me. Rimming as an optional thing. Other stuff as well, but thats neither here nor there. We all have preferences for what we like/dislike. No one should ever dictate those. Embrace em. Just my 2c.
  4. Escorting

    Ive been debating doing this. Mostly because atm I'm the caretaker of the house me and my roomies live in. I have a GF and we have an open/poly relationship, though nothing sexual happens between us. She knows I love sex with guys, and unfortunately found out I parTied when I over indulged on stuff I had bought. Anyways, that relationship may end soon, as we're just better off friends than in a relationship. Its just atm, she pays our rent, and in exchange, I cook for everyone, since they all work various hours, and I also clean the house, do errands when I can, shop for food. But lately I'm just feeling closed in and wanting to get out and have some fun. And why not get paid for it? Atleast then I could buy the toys I want, buy clothes to look good in, and buy "enhancements" if needed (though poppers for sure, cause it makes bottoming fun). I'm pretty much a total bottom, but my experience with bottoming outside of using "enhancements" hasn't been all that great. Mostly cause they atleast take care of my shyness and "mental walls". I just feel that may make it nearly impossible to really do escorting. I feel I could be a good one though. I have a decent body (though definitely could get better in shape). I have a nice bubble butt that people really enjoy. I am very anal (pun not intended) about being cleaned. I love pleasing a guy period, and working on deep throating skills (just never had a partner that I could routinely play with and get used to, and well no toys to do it either). Beyond that, I'm very intelligent, a good listener and talker, very open-minded and understanding. So I could definitely give a good 'boyfriend' experience. And being in ATL, I think it would be easy to find clients. But again, just not sure. It seems like it would be fun, though a lot of hard work and making sure not dealing with LEO at all. Thoughts?
  5. Trying to get some playtime this wknd with a friend (Jay from my stories). Who knows? I hope I get to the point and enjoy some damn good fucking. Mmmmm....been way too long.

  6. Been too long. I need to parTy soon. Get fucked HARD

  7. Still lonely in atl...parTy connects seem flaky now. All i want is to hit the clouds and be used...but no one seems to want me...fuck my life...

    1. AlexDaBaas


      Same here man, know how you feel.

  8. Feeling down. Guy I played with doesn't seem to answer my txts and msgs on various sites. Another moved and hasn't really said much. God was that a great cock. And now I just feel like I can't find anyone in ATL to parTy with and have some fun. Blah

    1. AlexDaBaas


      Sorry to hear that man, you can always hit me up and we can chat.

  9. Got fucked by a fb last night. 8-9" black god cock. Holy shit! He bred me 4 times!

  10. I really need to find a boyfriend in atlanta...

  11. "throuples" Or Triads?

    Im poly, bi w a girlfriend in atlanta. We dont have sex, as im not interested in her sexually, but more mentally and emotionally. Shes been with me through a lot, which i why i love her so much. Shes bi as well, and us being poly makes it easier for us to have sex/relationships with same sex people, or even hetero. I myself would be interested in a throuple, hell just a regular bf that can understand poly. Ive never dated a guy, just played w a lot sexually. As i get older, i want more, i want love, or a very deep connection. Two guys...whew oh yeah. Might be fun sexually, but getting all three people to connect on some level, even equally, is hard enough. But yeah, would be nice.
  12. I really need to find a boyfriend in atlanta. Blah. Miss cock.

  13. Bout to party tonight up in the atl. Mmm...cant wait to have my holes used....i love being fucked, pounded, and bred. Mmmmm

    1. BiGeekySlut


      Was very nice,though not enough time. Still horny, still want to play. But damn i should probably rest lol

  14. Poppers - Which Are Your Favourites And Why?

    I recently bought a small Iron Horse, which has been suggested by many as decently strong. Im not that thrilled. Could be bad batch. But really it didnt hit as hard as jj black or pig sweat, my two favs. I recently saw an post in reddits popperpigs, where a guy suggested using a glass jar, like a snapple jar, filling w cotton or paper towels (non treated), dabbing a bit of poppers on it, placing in bottle. No worries on nose burns, harder hits. Ive used plastic med bottles for ease, but decided to try it. I actually took paper towels (no cotton in the house usable), made 2" long wicks, stuck in each of my popper bottles, twisted the dry end into the wet, and dropped in the jar. After i did all three, i shook to mix. Came back bout an hour to it. O.M.G. holy crap. I barely got 4 secs of a huff, was hit hard. Best damn hit, felt like i was rolling. I was watching a popperbate vid. I stroked briefly before spraying like a hose. Which i never do. Days later, jar is STILL strong, even compared to the bottles. Was able to get 2 good 8 sec huffs in one go. Far harder hit, lasted a good bit, probably 5 minutes. If i was being fucked, i could have taken anything. Only downside, ive got a cough from it. But thats a mild one, especially if a daily user. Which i try not to be to save my stuff. Enjoy the poppers guys.
  15. So experimented using a glass bottle instead of plastic medical bottles for mixing and huffing poppers. Got to say, holy crap. Combo of JJ Black, Pigsweat, and Iron Horse...wow. Total pig heaven! Instant rush, lasts a few minutes. But harsh huff. Still WORTH IT!

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