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    Personal - Geeky stuff, like tabletop RPGs, PC gaming, fantasy and sci-fi media. Just ask.

    Sexually - *Everything* and I mean everything (outside my HARD limits. I do mean *Everything*. Just ask. I'll atleast venture to try once and see if I like it. But I'm pretty depraved, specially parTying lol.
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    Just a geeky slut who enjoys being a good bottom. I do it all sexually, aside from my HARD limits. I enjoy parTying, and become insatiable, just the way I like it. Hell I was sorta like this before I ventured into this territory, now its far worse and awesome!

    *NOTE* I can be vers, but I *really* hate topping. I have to be in the right mood, with the right guy. But honestly, I *suck* at it. I would rather just bottom for a guy, but hey if he wants to ride my cock and can get it hard, go for it. Just don't expect me to do any work lol
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    Fun. I enjoy parTying and being a good slut for good and awesome tops. I still need some training on how to deepthroat with out gagging. I'm enjoying the hell out of getting fucked. I love one-on-ones, but always up for more.

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  1. @FFun2BB thanks for the support! Im working on the chapter. Just have to be patient, cause life does happen. Ill try to get sonething by the end of the week though! Also if anyone is interested, i did post "slightly editted" versions of my pnp journey in this forum. So there are some tries of my writing, this one is just my first fiction/fantasy. If i can find it on my computer, somewhere i had the start of a story that i came up w of a "what-if" in my life, where as an older guy hit on me, but instead of me being a dumb barely legal teen still figuring out my sexuality (i was chasi
  2. As far as i know, this is the only section i can post fictional stories w chems in it. I get that there's a section for crossdressing/straight but...it just didnt feel right cause chems. Hence my warning. ..as for too many chems...ive done sessions w pot, g, tina, and poppers. All together. I know from research that probably throwing molly into the mix might be a bit much, but tis fiction. I wrote this as an unreliable narrator, so its why i never put measurements. Its probably not safe, but fuck pnp is not safe. Thanks for the responses guys. Im working on a new chapter. Ive been wr
  3. *****WRITER'S NOTE: This story contains bits of cross-dressing/sissy hypno stuff. I know not everyone enjoys that sort of stuff, but its one of my kinks, and it comes out a bit here. Other than that, enjoy! If you want to see more of this tale, let me know, since I have a lot more scenes I wish to write to add to it. Also note that as this progresses, I took the wrote of 'unreliable narrator' , so as my character progresses through what you'll see happens, just note that I'm writing as he understands it. Hopefully its creative and you like the style. ***** "Bottom seeking top for fun to
  4. I dont even know when it is and i live in nola. Might be fun to find a parTy top or two..or several during that wknd.
  5. Its great, my only thing is, its hard to read. Try to make the convos paragraphs, otherwise its make a huge paragraph and yeah, kinda throws some people out of the mindset.
  6. Posted in Atlanta area forum, but I'm looking (anywhere) for a master to take me in, as a live-in slave.  I'm tired of my current life, and its either this, or I just disappear period.  I'd much rather my life be used by someone than just wasted, but either way, please, someone, take me away from here!

  7. I'm looking for a Master to take me in, to have as a live-in sex slave. I am a bottom who enjoys pnping, very open-minded, and wants to be trained to be a better submissive, cum-slut, whore, et all. There is not much I have for limits, other than scat and blood. I am even willing to go full sissy, wear whatever you want, act however you want, be whatever you want. I am currently living with friends in Mableton (city west of Atlanta GA), and am just tired of the situation I am living in. I have not had a job in almost 3 years, as I've mostly taken care of the house my friends and I live in
  8. Trying to get into some parTying up in Atlanta tonight. I'm mobile, can't host. No favors. Just a willing ass to get used and bred.

  9. Finally got to parTy last night. Got tag teamed by two hot vers/top bbcs. So good. And got bred twice to boot.

  10. Ze blah. Bored in atl for thanksgiving weekend. Wanting to get out and have some fun. Just doubting itll happen.

  11. Got a car, so a bit more mobile. Now just looking for driving/delivery jobs that will allow my beat up car. Either that, or finally try my dream of being an escort. Ideas?

    1. pozpig


      Look at pizza delivery. Damn good money! Most of the drivers where I work bring in $30+/hr in tips and wages. As long as your car is street legal, insured, etc. you should be ok. Some places require commercial insurance which is a little more than standard insurance but with the tip income, you can easily make up the difference and still come out ahead. 

    2. BiGeekySlut


      I also need a flexible schedule. Basically roommate bought a car (she can't drive, I can) for me to take her to and from work. So I'm trying to find something in between her work hours, along with letting me have some free time to do whatever.  But I'll look into it. Who knows? Maybe I'll deliver a pizza to some hot top that parties lol.

    3. pozpig


      Just remember......there is a fair bit of truth to most stories and there are plenty of stories of guys taking advantage of the pizza boy. :D 

  12. Looking to move soon from current living sitch. A Master would be nice, but fine w fuck buddy/live in sitch. No current job but working on it. Hmu to chat. In atlanta ga area, want to stay in area.

  13. Hey as someone who has posted his own tales, take your time. Especially as you try to put memory to text. Beyond that, very hot. Reminds me of some of my encounters.
  14. TheLuciousLad Youd be perfect for me. I enjoy bottoming, sucking cock, getting fucked. I dont really enjoy having my cock sucked, and i dont like topping (even though im bi). Id rather find a total top that just wants me to blow him or him fuck me. Rimming as an optional thing. Other stuff as well, but thats neither here nor there. We all have preferences for what we like/dislike. No one should ever dictate those. Embrace em. Just my 2c.
  15. These are slightly embellished stories of my real life adventures. Im not into fisting, it may never happen no matter how fucked up i get. And im cautious irl of how much i slam, due to predisposition of heart problems (which yeah, doing meth is a bad idea but i love it). So generally i only do up to .3 by the measuring my playmates use. I also dont like masks. Just not my thing. I popper myself up enough as is w plastic bottles, mixing them if i have a variety. I appreciate the responses. Again, these are slight retellings of what ive done. Not gonna add much more to them, other th
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