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    Personal - Geeky stuff, like tabletop RPGs, PC gaming, fantasy and sci-fi media. Just ask.

    Sexually - *Everything* and I mean everything (outside my HARD limits. I do mean *Everything*. Just ask. I'll atleast venture to try once and see if I like it. But I'm pretty depraved, specially parTying lol.
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    Just a geeky slut who enjoys being a good bottom. I do it all sexually, aside from my HARD limits. I enjoy parTying, and become insatiable, just the way I like it. Hell I was sorta like this before I ventured into this territory, now its far worse and awesome!

    *NOTE* I can be vers, but I *really* hate topping. I have to be in the right mood, with the right guy. But honestly, I *suck* at it. I would rather just bottom for a guy, but hey if he wants to ride my cock and can get it hard, go for it. Just don't expect me to do any work lol
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    Fun. I enjoy parTying and being a good slut for good and awesome tops. I still need some training on how to deepthroat with out gagging. I'm enjoying the hell out of getting fucked. I love one-on-ones, but always up for more.

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  1. @FFun2BB thanks for the support! Im working on the chapter. Just have to be patient, cause life does happen. Ill try to get sonething by the end of the week though! Also if anyone is interested, i did post "slightly editted" versions of my pnp journey in this forum. So there are some tries of my writing, this one is just my first fiction/fantasy. If i can find it on my computer, somewhere i had the start of a story that i came up w of a "what-if" in my life, where as an older guy hit on me, but instead of me being a dumb barely legal teen still figuring out my sexuality (i was chasing girls atm, though had interest in guys), I actually took it as intended and got introduced to gay sex, chems, et all. I wanted to post it a year or so ago wheh i first wrote it...but i felt it too slow, not enough sex for a good bit. I may post it just to see if anyone cares for slightly longer narrative w/o the sex for a bit.
  2. As far as i know, this is the only section i can post fictional stories w chems in it. I get that there's a section for crossdressing/straight but...it just didnt feel right cause chems. Hence my warning. ..as for too many chems...ive done sessions w pot, g, tina, and poppers. All together. I know from research that probably throwing molly into the mix might be a bit much, but tis fiction. I wrote this as an unreliable narrator, so its why i never put measurements. Its probably not safe, but fuck pnp is not safe. Thanks for the responses guys. Im working on a new chapter. Ive been writing a variety of stories. Just felt like we needed some new smut up.
  3. *****WRITER'S NOTE: This story contains bits of cross-dressing/sissy hypno stuff. I know not everyone enjoys that sort of stuff, but its one of my kinks, and it comes out a bit here. Other than that, enjoy! If you want to see more of this tale, let me know, since I have a lot more scenes I wish to write to add to it. Also note that as this progresses, I took the wrote of 'unreliable narrator' , so as my character progresses through what you'll see happens, just note that I'm writing as he understands it. Hopefully its creative and you like the style. ***** "Bottom seeking top for fun tonight. Newish to the scene, but willing to learn and enjoy male on male fun. 6'3" 180lbs geeky build, white, 35yo, 7" if that matters. Have no hangups on race or age, though I tend to like older tops. HMU." This was the ad that I posted, on a very boring afternoon. I was horny, having split from my wife nearly a year ago. I had fantasies about sex with men, and watched a lot of porn and really got into it. I felt more at ease wanting to get fucked, even playing with toys. As much as I enjoyed fucking girls, I just didn't find fucking another guy all that interesting. But seeing a cock sliding in an ass, wishing it was me, really got my horniness up. But other than some fooling around in high school with a guy at work, I never messed with guys. I was on a4a and a couple of other sites and apps. I cruised through profiles, as I waited for someone to respond to my ad or even my various hints of attraction. After a half-hour, I got a few replies. I checked the messages and then looked at the profiles. One interested me. A black guy (which was a fantasy all to itself), in his 40s, who said he was all top, loved white bottom bois, and could host. His message was brief, just wanting to know if I might be interested and to know a bit more about me. His pics were hot, with him being bald with a little bit of a goatee. Not a lot of body hair. And what looked like a sizable 8" or more cock. My horniess got to me and I responded back, explaining "I hadn't been with a guy in ages, and that was just some mutual jerking off and sucking the guys cock. I was bi-curious, just because I had been with plenty of girls and had been married, though now divorced. I had been fantasizing about being with another man, and had been watching lots of gay porn. I saw myself as being the bottom, and wanted to try doing that with someone, especially if they could teach me the ropes. I was pretty open-minded to a lot of stuff sexually, and that I was used to playing with toys on myself. But really wanted to feel the real thing, though safety first. I'm Keith btw." A few minutes later, he responded. "CeeCee. Not sure if you like black men or not, but as your profile and ad said, you have no hangups. I really like white bottoms, and love to teach them how to enjoy sex with men, especially black men. I hope you really don't have racial hangups, cause you're cute and I can see having a lot of fun with you. I can host at my house, got toys, lube, all sorts of porn, both gay, straight, whatever. I'll teach you everything you want to learn and probably some stuff you never thought about. Just want you to have an open mind." My dick got hard reading that. I wasn't sure what all he meant, but it was exciting me. I replied back. "Definitely interested. I just need an address and a phone number. I'll start to get dressed and such." A minute later, I got his response of his address and phone number. I popped it in my phone and sent CeeCee a message. I asked if needed me to bring anything, besides my toys, lubes, condoms, and poppers. He said that was fine if I wanted, but he had everything we'd need at his place. Just to come on over. He was excited to meet me, and hoped I was too. I told him that I was, as I was rock hard and really wanting to play. He just sent back a smiley face. It took me about 30 minutes to get to his place. He had messaged me a few minutes before I got there to park on the street outside his house. His house was just a regular run of the mill house in the suburbs, with not too many neighbors, lots of trees and such blocking views from what I could tell. I quickly got out and walked up to the door. I nervously knocked and then waited. I heard him unlock the door and open it. And there he was. He was just slightly shorter than me, but very much as his profile and stats said. And was very handsome. He had just a tank top and a pair of basketball shorts on. I could slighly see his bulge through them. He greeted me with a handshake. "Keith?" "Yep, CeeCee?" I stupidly reply, shaking his hand. He ushered me into his living room, closing and locking the door behind me. "Wow, you really are cute. Yeah, gonna have some fun with for sure." CeeCee said, eyeing me up. I slightly blushed, not really used to being called cute, but this was a whole new experience for me. "Come, let's go to my bedroom, get comfortable, talk a bit, and see what happens." "Sure." I meekly said, as he directed me through his house. Down a short hallway past a bathroom, was his master bedroom. He had a large king sized bed, with the covers off it, along with a mountain it seemed of pillows. A large 50" TV was mounted across from it with some interracial gay porn playing on it. I saw bottles of lube, poppers, and toys out on a dresser by the bed. "Sit." I put my bag down near the bed, and then got on the bed. He slid in next to me, and put his hand on mine. "So, let me get this straight. You've never really been with another man, and you want to bottom? You're bi, bi-curious, been with girls, been married, now divorced?" "Yep, divorced. Been alone and well horny for almost a year now. Started watching porn to past the time, slowly going from straight to gay, and just wanted to finally experience it." "Well hopefully you'll experience a lot today. So let's just go over some stuff. I want to figure out what your limits are and to know what all you want to get into. I mean, we don't have to do anything you don't, but I'm very willing to teach you." "Sure, what do you want to know?" "Kissing, making out?" "Yes." "Sucking? Getting sucked?" "Both, though I'll be honest, its been a while since I did any sucking, and well my toys don't look as thick as yours." "No worries. Rimming, eat ass?" "I'm game to have it done to me, and I used to love doing it to several girls that let me." "Well you said you want to try bottoming, and that you don't really want to top, which works for me, I don't ever bottom to guys." "I love using my toys of myself, so wouldn't mind feeling the real thing. THough condoms." He kinda smirked a bit at the condom comment. "If you want me to use condoms, I will, but I prefer the real thing. I'm sure you barebacked plenty of girls, including your ex-wife. Trust me, its like that with guys too, even for bottoms." "Well you know, just worried about catching stuff, HIV and what not. I mean I saw on your profile that you were negative, so I trust you." He smiled a bit. "Yes, I'm negative. But just know if you're gonna put up ads and such online, you'll find not everyone tells the truth, and if you're gonna bottom, you'll run the risk regardless." "True." "Okay...let's see. How about dominant, submissive stuff? Think I could be like your master, you my little submissive fucktoy?" I kinda got hard with that last comment. It had been one of my fantasies, especially just thinking and believing that's how bottoms should be. "Yes. I'd like to try that. Though just don't be like overly mean. I hate those aggressive types that just hurt their slaves if they disobey. I want to obey you and serve you, so maybe like an even hand?" He chuckled just a bit. "Gotcha, gotcha. Cool. What about being tied up or restrained?" "SUre, I guess. I did a bit of that with my ex, kind was hot. So yeah maybe see what it's like the other way around." "I guess you're fine with any type of porn, so don't really need to go into there." "Yeah. I guess my only real limits I can think of is no scat, cause ew, maybe cbt, cause ouch, and maybe not leaving marks?" "That I can agree with. I'm glad to see you have an open mind, and well there's always lots of thing people don't think about doing sexually right away. I'll always ask, and if you don't want to try stuff, I won't force you." "Works for me." CeeCee got up from the bed. "Come, why don't you take a shower and get cleaned out, and then we'll have some fun. You do know how to clean out right?" "Yeah, I've done that before with kits and such." He ushered me into the bathroom. He got a towel out of the closet, pulled out a shaverazor and pointed to the soap in the tub. Attached to his showerhead was a long metallic hose. "Okay, cool. Well this is a showershot. It'll really clean you out, but be careful with it. Just turn the water pressure low using that nozzle, and also cool the water down, don't want it too hot. So do you mind shaving your cock, balls, and ass? I like my pretty bois to be smooth." I laughed. "I actually tend to shave it anyways, but couldn't hurt to make sure it's fully done." He laughed with it too. "Good, good. Oh yeah, lots of fun we're gonna have. Okay Keith, take all the time you need, and make sure you clean up afterwards for me, okay?" "Will do." I started to strip as he went to the door. As I got fully naked, I saw him checking me out with a grin on his face, before he shut the door. It took a bit to get used to the showershot, and once it was done and I felt I was cleaned out, I shaved as CeeCee instructed. He had a bigger tub and shower than I did, so I was able to reach a lot of places better. I then finished my shower, dried off, and made sure the tub was cleaned. I saw he had some mouthwash, so I did a quick swig. I was definitely horny to try kissing a guy. I put my clothes back on and went to his bedroom. He was laying on his bed, propped up by the mountain of pillows. He had taken off his tank top, and was showing a very smooth chest. He had also taken off his short and was wearing a very constraining pair of briefs. The outline of his cock was very visible, and definitely made me drool a bit just thinking about what I was about to start playing with. He smiled as he saw me enter. "Feel better?" He pointed to my bag. "Go ahead and strip down. If you want to be naked, you can. Up to you?" I blushed a bit, but did as asked. I made it a point to bend over as I pulled off my boxers. He could hear him slightly whistle, and it made me smile. I then crawled into bed next to him, feeling slightly nervous but excited. CeeCee put his hand on my hand. "So, let's just be clear on things. I think you're very cute and I definitely want to have some fun with you. I love that you want to be submissive, as I love dominating white bois. And the fact that you are inexperienced is icing on the cake. Cause I have such wonders to introduce you to. First, no means no if I ask you twice, got it? Second, if you're going to be my sub, are you willing to do whatever I ask or order of you, barring saying no if I ask twice?" I leaned a bit back, thought about it, and then agreed. "I'm fine with that. I feel that's my place, to be a submissive bottom boi for a hot dominant top. I'm willing to do what you want, and if I'm not comfortable, I'll say it." CeeCee smiled. "I just want to be clear about things. I have a lot to show you, and I hope you'll agree to trying everything we do today, and hopefully tomorrow. Got any plans?" I was a bit confused, since I figured this was just sex, which might be a few hours. But I didn't have anything planned for the next few days, since I was off from work. "I'm game. Sir? Master?" He chuckled. "Sir is fine. Alright, then one last thing. Ever done any type of drug?" I was taken back a bit. I hadn't even thought of stuff like that. I barely drank alcohol, and mostly just vaped cigs. Hell I hadn't done pot since high school, with my first girlfriend. "You mean like pot? I haven't done that since high school, and while I haven't been drugged tested for work, they do have random ones, though again, never had one." "Well see, I love to do some stuff that really enhances sex. Really brings out the lust, the horniness, and makes you feel amazing. Can even really show you what your hiding from yourself. Who you truly might be, sexually. I know you mentioned poppers, which aren't really a drug. Basically the stuff I have, its like being on poppers constantly, though using them with this stuff can be really fun too." I was a bit curious now. I hadn't really had sex with anyone since my ex-wife and I split. And I was horny but nervous. But here this handsome man wanted to teach me new experiences, even enhance those experiences. I was a bit conflicted about work, but since I appeared straighlaced at work, doubtful I'd even be tagged for a random drug test. "Okay Sir, I'm willing to try. I mean if you think it'll make my first time more memorable, then yeah let's do it." He smiled at me, and then pulled me in for my first male-on-male kiss. It was a basic kiss, but still hit a button. "Okay boi, that's what I'm going to call you. I'll ask again, are you willing to try some drugs with me? I'll explain how they work, and I'll make sure you're handling them well." "Yes Sir, I want to try." Ceecee clapped his hands. "Ooh we're gonna have some fun for sure." He opened the drawer to his side table. He pulled out a small black leather bag, a small mirrored-top tray, and then sat it on his bed. He then got up, opened a drawer on another cabinet, and pulled out another bag, along with a couple of glass bongs. He then sat back on the bed, pushing his stuff in the middle. He opened up the smaller bag and pulled out a small bag which looked like it had some white crystals in it. He also pulled out some pills. "Okay boi, see that mini-fridge over there? Go get some of the Gaterades I have in it, along with some bottle water." I did as he asked, as he pulled out more stuff from his leather bad. I handed him the bottles, which he put on the side table. I sat back down, watching him in awe, though my heartbeat in nervousness. I even thought to myself, what am I getting myself into? "So obviously you know about weed. I got some good stuff here that will defininitely wake you feel horny as hell, and slightly mellow you out. I'll pack it in a bit." He grabbed a couple of pills. "This is Molly, or Xtasy, MDMA. I'm sure you've heard of it too. Pop these okay?" I nodded, popped them in my mouth, and took a swig from the gaterade. "In about 20-30 minutes, you'll start to feel them. You'll feel a small little rush, like little waves of horniness hitting you. Kind of like how poppers can hit you. Then it'll start getting a bit stronger, till you peak out, in which you'll probably be very very horny. Trust me, it's great. You'll love it." He smiled. "MMm...that does sound fun. How long does it last?" I could feel a slight tingle happening, but was probably just placebo effect. "Bout a few hours, though you'll peak hard for maybe an hour or two. If you like it, I'll give you another one to top it off." He held up the baggie with the white crystals in it. "This is Tina. I'm sure you know it by another name. But before you start to back away, just know you agreed to this. Tina can be addictive, but you control it, not it controls you, understand?" I had heard the name. Tina or meth. But he was right. I agreed, and nodded. "It's meth, I get it. So what does it do, besides keep you up for days." CeeCee laughed. "It can if you do a lot, if you don't take care of yourself. But I will watch how you react to it, and I'll watch how much we do. But as to what it does...it gives you a lot of energy, makes you feel invincible, and really opens you up. You think you're open-minded now? Tina busts the door down in your little dirty mind and lets out all those things holding back your true self. When we get through, you'll have a new appreciation for life, for sex, for who you are. And Tina's gonna show you the way." He took out a few crystals, and loaded up into a chamber on one of the glass bongs. "Now you can do Tina in a few ways. You can eat, which most just do for that extra energy kick. You can snort it, which gives you a quick high, but it can hurt your nose if you do it wrong or don't crush up the crystals enough. You can smoke it, which we're going to do. You can also do a booty bump, which is when you insert some in your ass. Burns slightly, takes a few minutes to melt, unless we melt it in some water and squirt it up there. But once it hits, you get a stronger effect. You'll get super horny real fast. And the other way is slamming. That's when you shoot it up. Depending on the dosage, you get a rush that is heaven, and you'll...well maybe one day you'll try it. But for now, we'll smoke and see how you like it." I was a bit scared, but was slowly coming around. I also could slightly feel something going on. "Sounds fun." "Oh it is boi, lots of fun." He opened up the bigger bag and pulled out a small bottle and a small needless syringe. "This is the last thing we're going to try. Its called G or GHB. Basically its like having some of the feelings that alcohol gives you with a good bit of horniness to it. It'll slightly ease down the edge that Tina will give you, but it'll also loosen you up as well. Since you're new to all this, I won't give you a lot. Just becareful in the future. Too much and you'll pass out, even stop breathing. And never do it with alcohol, it'll kill you." He pulled a bit into the syringe, checking the measurement. "It's got a slight bitter, almost soapy taste. So you'll want to chase it down with the gaterade. Open up." I leaned over, mouth open. He placed the syringe and slowly squirted in my mouth. He was right that it had an odd taste. I quickly did a swig of my drink. "Ewk, yeah that's got a weird taste. So when should I feel this?" He did a shot himself, and then took a sip of his drink. "Maybe 20 minutes or so. Bout the time the molly will kick in, give or take. You'll kinda feel a bit drunk, but definitely will feel a bit more relaxed. But once we do some tina and some of weed, you'll be in heaven period." I purred. "Mmmm...well let's keep going." I was starting to feel more horny, so the molly was starting to hit a bit. He put the bottle of G on the bedside table, along with the tray and bags. He took out a larger lighter, and clicked the flame to life. "So with smoking tina, we have to heat it up a bit. Now you can smoke it with a pipe, which I don't like to do. I prefer bongs or bubblrs. You get a smoother hit and the effect is much better. Now I'll do the first hit to show you how do it, and then I'll have you do a few hits, okay?" I nodded. "Now, when you're about to take a hit, I want you to push all the air out of your lungs, got it? Just breathe out. And then you'll put your lips on here, and then I want you to slowly inhale and don't stop until you feel like you can't inhale anymore. Then let it out quickly, don't try to hold it in. You'll kind of waste it, in a way. It's not like pot." He waved his torch around the bulb, and I could see the crystals making a puddle, little clouds starting to form. He pulled off, letting in cool, then back to heating it, as he took a bit. He then exhaled a cloud towards me. "Ready?" I emptied my lungs, reached to help hold the bong, and pressed my lips to the shaft. Slowly I inhaled, feeling the tina hitting my lungs. I kept going and going, and heard CeeCee say "Exhale." I let out a big cloud. And felt a small rush of energy, like my head was sparkling. "Good job. Again." Exhale, inhale. He pulled off, as I let out another big cloud. "Doing good boi, doing good. Sir is gonna bring out the slut in you tonight." He did a hit, longer than his first one. I watched in awe, as the horniness and energy kicked in. He then waved me to come closer, and he kissed me, opening my mouth to exhale. I inhaled and then let it out once he pulled away. "That's called shotgunning, which Im sure from smoking weed you've done." "Oh yeah. Whew. Oh I can definitely feel that. Like I'm tingly and horny, and just wow." My cock was starting to get hard, and I could slightly feel the waves coming on as well. "I think the molly is kicking in as well." "Good, good. Let me pack this weed real fast then." He pulled out a packer and a small bag of weed and started on that. I turned my attention towards the porn. My hands unconsciously feeling up my chest and nipples. I hadn't been this horny ever, even with doing heavy hits of poppers. My energy was through the roof, like I could run a million miles an hour. And I was really focused on the porn. Was a black guy with a very large cock pounding away at a white guy. My thoughts drifted to wanting to be that guy, and I whispered to myself 'soon, soon you'll be fucked by a big black cock." "And that's the other effect of Tina. You'll talk a bit, but its okay. Let it out. Nothing you say will weird me out, I love hearing guys on tina talk about fantasies, kinks, things they'll never really say out loud. That's the power of tina. Here, do another hit for me." CeeCee said, snapping me out of my thoughts. "Yes. sir. I want to do anything for you." I purred out. I could barely believe I said that, but I wanted it. I truly felt it. I crawled over to him, as he held the bong up. He lit the torch, and told me to hit it. Exhale, then the slow inhale. I wanted more, so I kept on a bit more, before pulling off to exhale out a large cloud. The lighter clicked again, so I did another hit. CeeCee smiled, and in my mind, he looked like a fucking onyx god. I felt more aware of his presence, his masculinity. He didn't even seem gay, like I couldn't picture him wanting to be with men. But here he was with me, this boi who wanted to experience sex with him. His chest was starting to sweat, his nipples hard which I wanted to play with. And his cock...I could see it hardening as it desperately tried to be contained. "That's what I'm talking about. You're going to be such a slut for me and you don't even know it." He put the tina bong down on the table, and picked up the bong for the weed. I started to touch his legs, the first time I actually made a move. I was horny and I was wanting him. I could feel the molly kicking in, as the waves were getting stronger and I was lost in various erotic thoughts. I started to kiss up his legs, which he spread his legs a bit for. I kissed and licked up his thigh, as I knelt in between his legs. I brushed my lips against his bulge, smelling his manly musk. I kissed and licked along the outline of his cock, and just wanted to free it so I could suck on it. I could tell he was getting hard, and he was going to be thick and large. I licked and sucked along the head, back down to his balls. "Yeah, that's my slut. You're getting there. All nice and pliable. I'll have you sucking my cock, my big black cock, and you'll be in white boi heaven. I'm gonna make you feel like the gurl you know you want to be." His words hit a button in my head, and I knew him to be right. I had watched popper videos that talked like this though it didn't quite do a lot to me. But now I was craving that. Yes, I wanted to be his gurl, his bitch. I wanted to worship this man, suck his cock, taste his cum, let him fuck me. Let him fuck me. Yes, let him fuck me, let me feel his cock inside me. Let him pound away at me. I want to feel him in me. Yes, I want to feel him breed me. My thoughts were all over the place about this. I wanted to be safe, but in my lust-driven mind, I didn't care. I wanted to be whatever this GOD wanted me to be. I wanted to be his. "Anything you want CeeCee, sir, master. I'll do anything you want. I am yours." My words came out slightly slurred, probably the g from what he was saying would happen. I pulled myself up a bit, though I kept one of my hands rubbing his cock, while the other was tweaking my own nipples. I was so fucking horny, just lost in thoughts of sex sex sex. "Oh I know slut, I know. And I'll have you doing a lot of things you probably didn't think about wanting to do, or fantasizing about. I'm gonna keep you high and horny and I'm going to turn you into a white fucktoy cumslut. I may even take you out and have you enjoy other men using you. Sound hot to you?" "OH fuck yeah sir, oh that sounds hot. You want me sucking other cocks, getting fucked. Fuck yeah, I want all the cocks. All the cocks fucking me. I want yours fucking me master." The words just rolled off my tongue. I knew them to be true, to be what I wanted. I was so fucking lost in horniess. CeeCee hit the bong, then held it, before pulling me into shotgun it. I held it for a bit, before letting it out. He then turned the bong to me, lit it, and I did a deep pull. I held it before having to cough. I could feel it hit really hard. He did another hit, then shotgunned me again. "One more my slut, one more." I hit it again, and held it longer, before letting it out. I rolled over to lay back a bit, as I felt the molly, tina, g, and weed hitting me hard. I was extremely horny, slightly drunk, very energetic but mellowed, and I just felt amazing all over. My hands were all over my body, my cock hard, my nipples electric. Every part of me just felt like I could just burst with everything going on with me. CeeCee put the bong down, chuckled, and he got up off the bed. He pulled out a tablet, pressed a few things on it, and then handed it to me. It was starting to play a video. He then handed me a bottle of poppers. "I'm going to go get a few things, so I want you to do a few heavy hits of those, then just watch the video till I get back." "Yes sir." I slurred out, as I set the tablet on the bed. I unscrewed the top, exhaled, put the bottle to my nose, and slowly inhaled for a good 10-12 seconds. Exhaled, then again. And again. I put the top back on as the poppers began to hit me. I focused on the video. It was one of those popper videos that dealt with the sissy lifestyle. Of basically being a girl for a guy. Dressing up, being sexy, being a slut, being used. Flashing words, technobeat music, while scenes of various sex acts accorded. Mostly white females and white guys sucking and getting fucked by black men. I focused hard on it, hitting the bottle as instructed. I was so lost with everything in my system. I didn't even realize that CeeCee had come back until the video ended, almost 15 minutes. My mind was gone. Replaced with this new personality. This white cumslut fucktoy who needed to be sexy and dress up and worship her man, be used by him and other men. "Slut, I need you to put these one." CeeCee surprised me, as he stood at the edge of the bed. My black GOD was back, and he was commanding his slut to do his bidding. He pointed to some panties and stockings he had put on the bed. I didn't hesitate, I knew I had to do this. It was even easy to put on, like I was born to know to do it. They were lacy and black, with a hole in the middle, obviously for fucking my fuckhole. I rolled the stockings up and attached them to the garter belt. "Now stand up and come before me." I quickly got off the bed, though slightly stumbled due to balance being off. I walked over to my black master, and clasps my hands behind my back, meekly but lustly looking at him. He looked me straight in the eyes, into my soul. "Yes, there's the slut Im wanting to make. I told you I would bring her out, and I'm going to help you experience everything. Im going to teach you how to please a man, how to worship him. You're going to be used tonight. You want that slut?" I was so horny. Everything was taking over, controlling me. I wanted this. I truly did. I wanted to be his slut, to worship him, to be used. Whatever he wanted. "Yes my master. I want it. I want you. I want everything you want to do to me. I am yours." "You didn't have much a choice now." He smiled, evily. He went over to his dresser and pulled out what looked like clamps. He then walked back and attached them to my very hard nipples. The pain was bearable, but it nearly made me cum. "Oh you like that huh? Yeah tina and molly tend to make bitches nipples sensative. These will do the trick for you. Plus you have those nice perky ones anyways." I still stood there, not moving, just lost in horny thoughts, even slight whispering some begging to do something. CeeCee leaned in close, caressing my check with one hand, as his other hand roamed my body. "You look damn sexy in those, especially with that little cute ass of yours. Your pics don't do you justice. But I'll handle that later. I know what you want and need to do now. You know what that is slut?" "Sir? I'm so fucking horny, I'll do anything. I want to please you, suck that big black cock of yours. I want to rim you if you want. Anything master, please." "That you will. Get those poppers, then come and kneel before me." He commanded. I quickly grabbed them from the bed, and knelt on the floor in front of him. He still had on his briefs, but they were barely containing his cock. "Take a hit, then another, and then beg for what you want. Like a proper slut." I hit the bottle 3 times, before putting it down. I looked up at him, picturing the most slutty girl look in my head. "Please my master, my god, may I please suck your cock? Let me worship this big black rod, please?" CeeCee smiled. "Yes my slut, worship this god's cock. Show me how a good gurl does it." He spread his legs slightly apart, as I reached up to feel it still encased. I kissed it, licked it, before reaching to pull it, It was thick, almost like a beer can, and nearly 9" long. The head was glorious, as I held the shaft in my hand. I leaned into lick it, as I pulled his briefs down, his rod slapping me in the face. I took hold of it and wet it with my lips and spit, before finally sucking it in. I was in lust, in love, with this cock. It was my world now. Suck it, lick it, worship it. I don't even know how long I was doing it. He held my head a few times, pushing me further down on it, while encouraging me to open my throat up. He somehow pushed me back against his bed and fucked my mouth. I licked and worshipped his balls. He even let me rim him which I loved doing, making him moan. We eventually switched to him on the bed on his back, with me laying in between his legs just drooling all over his cock. He encouraged me with words, belittled me, made me feel sexy and slutty all at the same time. I was his and he knew it. This was what I wanted, what I needed, who I truly am. After a bit, I could tell the drugs were starting to wear off a bit. He noticed, and asked me how I was doing. I told him I was good, great. He suggested a small break. Drink some water. Chill a bit. He switched the tablet to another video that he made me watch, though without doing any poppers. Same type, with a very hypnotic type feel to it. This was more catered towards getting fucked and used, and it really turned me on. He got off the bed and left the room, coming back a few minutes later with a couple of towels. He spread them on the bed, and told me to lay on top of one, on my back, but still to watch the video, and not pay attention to him. I obeyed like a good slut. As I laid there, I could feel him get between my legs. He start sucking my cock, while playing with my hole. I then felt his tongue, and he started to rim me. I moan in pleasure, not realizing just how much I would enjoy this. He told me to relax and just let him get me warmed up. He was going to rim me for a bit and then put in a toy start stretching me out a bit. He wanted my first feel of a real cock in me to not be too painful, considering his girth. He kept at it, occasionally finger me, and coaching me through letting him penetrate me. After a bit, I felt him slowly slide a toy in me. There was a slight burn to it, but I figured that was lube. He worked it in me for a few minutes, before switching to a slightly thicker one. I moaned as he pressed them into me, and I felt a sense of horniess coming back. He saw the reaction and told me he had slipped in some molly. He eventually left the last toy, a very thick plug, in me, before coming back to his side of the bed. "I think you're definitely enjoying yourself. How do you feel slut? Feel good? Feel good for your black god?" He smiled at me, as he picked up the weed bong. I was tweaking my nipples, staring up at him lustfully. "Very much master. I love this so much. I just want to feel this all the time, want to serve you, worship you. I want you cock in me so bad. THis toy is a bad tease." I could feel the molly hitting a bit faster, adding to what was already in my system. "Well we have some options. First though, we'll do a couple of good hits of this wonderful stuff here." He did a decent hit, and then shotgunned it with me. "Do a hit, hold it." I did as instructed, and held it a good long bit before finally having to let it out. Again he commanded, and I obeyed. "Now, we could smoke some more tina, get you pretty spun up. You'll be really horny, as you've seen." He sat the bong down, and reached into the leather pouch, pulling out two needles. "Or, we can really ramp this up. I told you about slamming, and I see that you really enjoy the tina. If we do this, you'll be under her spell for a while. You'll be so horny, especially if I time it just right as that molly I bumped you hits, that you'll be more than ready to get fucked by me. I will make you feel every bit that gurl that you know you want to be." I thought to the video he made me watch. The imagery was burning in my head. Be controlled. Let go my manhood. Be a gurl. Be used. Be fucked. Be bred. By black men. By all men. By master. I saw his cock, rock hard and solid, and I knew I had to give him my hole, his hole. There was no turning back. I was enthralled and wanted more. Needed more. "Please master, slam me. Take me, use me, whatever you want. I want this, need this." He grinned and then kissed me on the lips. "Like you had a choice my slut." The way he said it made my entire body tingle, with excitement and even more lust. "I already prepared these. So here's how it works. I'll tie you off, get your veins raised. Swab it, and I'll prick you. I'm sure you've had shots before. I only need you to tell me if it burns more than a second. Once I'm in, I'll draw it, make sure I get a register, and once that happens, I'll slowly push the slam into your vein. When it's all in, I'll pull out, pop off the tie. You'll put the swab on it, and then raise your arm above your head, got it?" I nodded. "Yes sir. And then what happens? How does it feel?" "Remember how after the first few hits of smoking tina, you got a ton of energy and got horny? Its like that but tens, hundreds time more intense. It'll start to rise, especially after you raise your arm up a bit. Everything will feel faster yet your more focused. ANd then when the rush hits, its bliss. You'll be overwhelmed with lust, you'll be begging for cock. You'll do anything I want to you because its pleasure and that's all you want. And well with the molly I bumped you, you're going to be in a whole other world." I was already feeling the molly kicking in, the waves of pleasure rolling over me. Now to know that I would be lost to even more of this, I knew I wanted to try it. And I knew it would lead me to getting fucked, which I desperately was craving at that point, especially with the thick plug he had in me. I stuck my arms out towards him. "Please slam me sir." "As you wish slut. No turning back anyways." He got up, went to his dresser, and pulled out a keyboard. He changed the porn on the big screen to straight interracial. He selected a long video of several black guys fucking a couple of very beautiful girls. I was enthralled, mesmerized. My brain wanted to be the girls working those big cocks. I also started to get up to start working his cock, but Ceecee stopped me before I could. "I know you're horny for my cock, but just you wait my fucktoy, just you wait." He had me sit up, and tied off my left arm. He turned on a lamp on his bedside table, and checked my arms for my veins. He had me make a fist a few times, and then felt up one he wanted to use. He took out a swab and handed it to me, and then used another one to clean the site. He then took one of the needles, popped off the top, squirted a bit to make sure no air was in it, and then looked at me. "Now once I slam you, and the rush hits, I know that you'll probably be a bit twacked out. I just want you to relax and let it take you. I'll be watching to make sure you're fine before I do mine. And once I do mine, I'm going to do everything I want to you, and you're going to love it. You're going to feel like one of those bitches up there, and that's all you need to be. Right slut?" "Yes my master. I'm just a slut that needs to be fucked and used." "Damn, I found a good one to turn." I really didn't understand what he meant, as the molly was getting stronger, and I was getting hornier. He pressed on my vein again, and then I felt the prick. I didn't even tense up, nor did I feel any burning, and he saw that I was fine, as he registered the hit. He started to push the tina into me, as he undid the clasp around my bicep. I felt him pull off, and I did as asked, placing the swab on the site, as I lifted my arm up. I coughed. My lungs felt a slight burn, and I coughed. I felt my energy spike up. My eyes started to slightly wiggle, as I watched the porn infront of me with heavy focus. Time felt like it was slow and yet I was aware of everything. I was speaking fuck fuck fuck, but it didn't even feel like it was coming from me. My entire body felt electric, and I could feel the toy in my ass, the clamps still on my nipples, and his fingers as he touched my chest. I looked into his eyes with lust and want, of obedience and submission. "That's it slut, ride the rush. Play with yourself, think about all that you want, and focus on the bitches on screen." I turned my gaze to the screen in front of me, transfixed. I watched as these huge black cocks just pounded into tiny white pussies, tits dangling and bouncing. I moaned that I wanted to get fucked, I wanted black cock in me, that I was a white bitch. My hands played with my cock that barely seemed to even be there. Every jerk felt electric all over, and I was just lost in the entire situation. I heard the snap of the clasp, and Master's moan as his rush hit him. He slid into the bed next to me, and pulled my lips to him. We started to make out, hands exploring. My hands went down his sides to his thighs, and finally on a very rock hard cock. His grabbed and kneaded my chest, pulling a bit on the clamps. That sent an amazing feeling of pleasure and pain through my entirety and I moaned in his mouth. I pulled off, looking at him like he was everything to me. I started to kiss down his neck, across his chiseled chest. I licked and sucked on his nipples, getting a moan out of him. I kissed further down, across his ab, as his thick dick twinged for me, precumming. I lapped it up, like it was the only thing I could drink from now on. I slowly moved my body around so that I was kneeling in between his legs, worshipping his cock, his balls. I licked and sucked, moaning like a true bitch in heat, as I took care of my Master. I seemed to have no problems getting it all the way in my throat, taking his nearly 9" beer-can thick cock all the way down without gagging. I looked at him for approval, and was met with equal lust. As I worked his cock, I could hear his words echoing in my ears. That he knew he had found the right white boy to turn into a black cock worshipping cumslut. That he would keep me high the next few days so that he could enjoy his new hole to pound out. THat he was going to call a few of his friends over later to tag team me. That I would never be the same after this and that today was the first day of my new life. I moaned as I heard all this, as I accepted this, as I wanted this. All I cared about was this cock in front of me, wanting to feel it inside of me. The begging for wanting to get fucked came gutterly from me, as I kept on working his rod. I was even absent-mindedly fucking the plug with my other hand. "Time for you to feel your Master's big black cock. Time for you to become a gurl for me." I heard him command. He pulled himself up off the bed to grab lube. He handed me a different bottle of poppers. He then started arranging the pillows in middle of the bed. "I need you to lay on top of these pillows, and then lean down, arching your back up, legs spread." I did as Master told me. I had a full view of the screen. He was changing the porn. THis time it was of just a black guy who looked some what like my Master, and a white guy, though he was wearing stockings and a garter like me. As the actors fooled around on screen, I noticed that the white guy actually had tits, and I was actually watching a black guy with a white shemale. I was really turned on suddenly by it. I felt Master climb back on the bed, getting behind me. He adjusted me a bit to match the slight differences in height. He then pulled out the plug, which left me feeling totally empty, which I moaned as he withdrew it. "Soon enough slut, soon enough..." I heard a bottle being opened, and then the slight cold of liquid being poured around my hole. Fingers pressed in a few times, more lube. He pulled himself a bit closer, slapping my ass with his cock, rubbing it up and down and teasing my hole. I was even slightly wiggling my hips in anticipation. "Slut, it's time. First, you're going to take several heavy hits of those poppers. You stop when I say to stop, and you hold that last inhale in. Then you're going to feel me press against your hole. your Master's hole." His thick head slapped across my hole, his bitch's hole, sending a buzz through my body. "Now start huffing bitch." I exhaled, pressed the bottle to my nose and inhale slowly for a good 10-15 seconds. Let it out, did the next nostril. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. On my eighth inhale, I heard him stay stop, as the first hits started to want to take hold. I knew from experience this was gonna fuck me up, but I was in a whole different situation. I felt that head press against my hole, and I started to exhale slowly, as my ass opened up. Master's cock pushed in slowly, expanding my ass a bit more than the toys he had used on me. He slid back and forth a bit, inching further and further with each thrust. My horniess was kicking in exponentially between the slam, the molly hitting it high points, and the heavy hits of these stronger poppers Master made me us. Master pressed further and further in, with each thurst of his black rod making me moan. "That's it baby, take that cock for Master. Oh yeah this ass is tight and so good. Master's going to teach you how to use it. So good.." Master moaned, his fucking starting to get faster. He held one hand on my hips as he thrust into me. I was only able to moan out incoherent words, my brain so melted by everything in me. Faster his pounding sped up, deeper into me. I held on dearly to the bed as his fucking got stronger. I was lost in time with how long this pounding Master gave me. "Fuck me...harder...more..." I could barely utter the words, but its what my body wanted. I wanted to feel his black god cock inside me, as deep as possible, as hard as possible. I wanted to be like the stupid white bitches in the videos, because I knew in my heart, that was my fate. Fuck toy. Cock slave. White bitch for black meat. "That's what Master likes to hear. You even sound like a bitch now, so sexy my little sissy." He slowed his fucking of me and leaned down, grabbing a bit of my hair to pull my head back. He turned my head towards him, and I could see the lust in his eyes. "Now I want you to hit that bottle hard. Heavy hits. Deep hits. I'll tell you when to stop, and when I do, put down the bottle, reach back with both hands, and grab your ass. I want you to spread your cheeks so Master can deep fuck you like the bitch you are." "Yes my Master..." I moaned out, my brain overjoyed. He let go of my hair, and I took hold of the poppers once more. Master's cock was still inside me, every so slowly fucking me. I heard the bottle of lube open, the icy wetness applied by his hand to my ass and his rod. Slight burning, but I could have cared less. One deep hit, almost 10 seconds. Another deep hit, 11 seconds. Another. I hit them hard and deep as Master ordered. I was starting to almost passout at 12 hits, when Master ordered me to stop. I held the last hit, as I put the bottle down. My brain was already feeling the first few hits, but now I was seeing stars. I exhaled as I reached back, grabbing my ass. I held on dearly as the lustful waves of the poppers hit. Master pulled all the way out, wiped his cock around the lube he had squirted down my crack, spat on his cock a couple of times, and thrust back in, all the way, even deeper as before. There was a very noticeable burning sensation, but I was so lost in the poppers and chems. Master pulled back almost all the way out, spat again, and thrust even harder. Every thrust seemed to push further and further into me, and was sending me into even more of a lustful state. It felt like he was hitting my very soul, my being, with the hard pounding he was giving me. My face was buried in the bed as I moaned from his assault on my ass. I felt Master grab my head, pulling it up so that I could watch the porn on his big screen. He growled intently as he fucked my ass like a piston. "WATCH THE VIDEO YOU STUPID WHITE CUNT! THAT'S GOING TO BE YOU SOON! I'M GOING TO TURN YOU INTO FUCKING TRANNY WHORE AND SELL YOU OUT LIKE SO MANY GURLS I'VE TURNT. WHAT DO YOU SAY, WHORE?" "THANK YOU MASTER! ANYTHING YOU WANT MASTER! USE ME! FUCK ME! BREED ME! I'M A WHORE!" "WHOSE'S WHORE?" "MASTER'S WHORE!" "YES YOU ARE..." Master continued to furiously fuck my whore ass. I was lost in everything, as more drugs hit my system. Time lost all meaning. I watched countless females get fucked, guys getting fucked, gurls like me getting fucked. I laid there staring wide-eyed, twacked out, sniffing poppers, as this ebony god, this beautiful fantastic tyrant, this amazing handsome Master, fucked the ever living hell out of my pussy. Occasionally he would pull out, make me suck his cock off with his cum from breeding me, and then flip me over on my back and fuck me more. He pulled on the clamps, he'd slap my face, he'd choke me. He made me cum by fucking me and hitting my prostate. He had me so enthralled, and I loved every minute of it. At some point, I seemed to have been so far gone between everything he gave me, that I passed out. I woke up to a nearly dark room, laying in bed. A collar was placed around my neck, and I had restainsts on my wrists, though I could still move my arms. Master was sitting in a chair, watching porn, though I could barely register what was going on the screen. I was feeling very sore for the most part, slightly groggy, with a massive headache. "There's my little gurl. I was a bit worried after a bit, but you seemed to do fine." He got up from the chair, came over to the bed, and laid down next to me. "I hope you had fun, though there's more to come." My mouth responded before my brain. "As you wish my master. I am yours." My brain screamed in shock that I would say that, but the rest of me knew my place. Master leaned in near my ear, whispering "Prove it." EVen as my brain tried to tell my body to stop, I leaned over, my hand grasping Master's thick rod, and I easily took it into my mouth. Moaning, as I worshipped it. Loved it. Needed it. As I tasted his precum, my mind started to sync with my body, and I knew my place. Cock slave. Cumslut. Whore. "That's it baby, that's it. Know your place. Yes...worship that cock. Be a good gurl, make Master cum." I did as told, as good gurl. The mantra of my fate echoing in my head. My mouth was his to enjoy, to use. I was his. My fate...sealed. It didn't take long before I felt his warm cum hitting the back of my throat. I eagerly drank it down, not even letting off his cock. Once he stopped squirting this nectar, I pulled my mouth off and then became to lick his rod clean. All while moaning as this pleasured me inside. I leaned back, and looked at him for approval and next command. "I am yours." The words echoed from my mouth. "Yes, yes you are." Master said, smiling at me. I was his.
  4. I dont even know when it is and i live in nola. Might be fun to find a parTy top or two..or several during that wknd.
  5. Its great, my only thing is, its hard to read. Try to make the convos paragraphs, otherwise its make a huge paragraph and yeah, kinda throws some people out of the mindset.
  6. Posted in Atlanta area forum, but I'm looking (anywhere) for a master to take me in, as a live-in slave.  I'm tired of my current life, and its either this, or I just disappear period.  I'd much rather my life be used by someone than just wasted, but either way, please, someone, take me away from here!

  7. I'm looking for a Master to take me in, to have as a live-in sex slave. I am a bottom who enjoys pnping, very open-minded, and wants to be trained to be a better submissive, cum-slut, whore, et all. There is not much I have for limits, other than scat and blood. I am even willing to go full sissy, wear whatever you want, act however you want, be whatever you want. I am currently living with friends in Mableton (city west of Atlanta GA), and am just tired of the situation I am living in. I have not had a job in almost 3 years, as I've mostly taken care of the house my friends and I live in. I also had a gf that used to live with us, but we are polyamorous and she finally moved out to be with a boyfriend that she wants to get married to/have kids with (something I do not wish to do with her). I also drive a roommate to work, since she can't drive due to a work injury. Basically, the situation has made it hard for me to get a job, and even now, they want me to find something, even though it would mean the roommate I drive to work will have to use Uber/Lyft to get to work, and she's bitching because she's currently paying for a car for me to drive her to work. She's making things harder on me, and well I'm just tired of it. Actually I'm just tired of the whole situation. I'm pretty depressed with how things are. I feel like I'm just here for her to be a driver, and nothing more. I don't feel like my life is worth much to my friends. I'm just 'here' to take care of the house, clean/cook/do errands. Yeah they sorta pay for rent and food, but at the same time, it just makes me feel worse trying to find work, all around this one roommate's schedule. But I'm sure you're probably reading this and thinking 'well why does he want to be a live-in sex slave for someone if its going to be the same type of situation?'. It won't and it will, in some ways. For the most part, if you, my new master, take me in, well you have someone to do chores around your house. I can cook, I can clean, I can do basically anything you need done. And then you have someone to train, sexually. I consider myself pretty experiences sexually, but I have not really had a 'gay' relationship. I've always been with women, relationship-wise. But I've had plenty of sex with men, which in the last 3 years has included pnping and really getting fucked, which I couldnt do before. I would love to have a master to fully train me. Teach me to suck cock, deep throat, no hands, whatever. Teach me to please all of your body parts. Teach me how to get fucked, at anytime, by anyone, without drugs. Use me while on drugs. I'm being pretty serious. I would love to have a master. I have always been submissive with guys. I just have not been good at finding them for a relationship. Just hookups. Now I want to live with a man, be his submissive bottom. I want to greet him from work with a blowjob. I want to be bent over a chair and fucked, for doing a good job taking care of his house. I want to wear cute outfits for master. I want to take cock for master. I want to be a sissy slut for master. I want to be pimped out by master, if he wants that. I want to be tied up, have toys used on me. I want to bred by master, by whomever master lets breed me. I do not care if I become poz or not. Cum is to swallowed or fucked into my willing hole. I'm very understanding and willing to learn from master, to engage in new sexual acts. I used to say no to cbt, but I am now willing to be put in chastity, as my cock is nothing. I am willing to do more, if master breaks me, which is perfectly fine. So if this interests you, please message me on here. Let's talk. I am willing to go wherever. I only want to bring with me some clothes, maybe a few other essentials. But I am more than willing to just leave everything I own behind. Just vanish into the night. Just pick me up, take me to my new life.
  8. Trying to get into some parTying up in Atlanta tonight. I'm mobile, can't host. No favors. Just a willing ass to get used and bred.

  9. Finally got to parTy last night. Got tag teamed by two hot vers/top bbcs. So good. And got bred twice to boot.

  10. Ze blah. Bored in atl for thanksgiving weekend. Wanting to get out and have some fun. Just doubting itll happen.

  11. Got a car, so a bit more mobile. Now just looking for driving/delivery jobs that will allow my beat up car. Either that, or finally try my dream of being an escort. Ideas?

    1. pozpig


      Look at pizza delivery. Damn good money! Most of the drivers where I work bring in $30+/hr in tips and wages. As long as your car is street legal, insured, etc. you should be ok. Some places require commercial insurance which is a little more than standard insurance but with the tip income, you can easily make up the difference and still come out ahead. 

    2. BiGeekySlut


      I also need a flexible schedule. Basically roommate bought a car (she can't drive, I can) for me to take her to and from work. So I'm trying to find something in between her work hours, along with letting me have some free time to do whatever.  But I'll look into it. Who knows? Maybe I'll deliver a pizza to some hot top that parties lol.

    3. pozpig


      Just remember......there is a fair bit of truth to most stories and there are plenty of stories of guys taking advantage of the pizza boy. :D 

  12. Looking to move soon from current living sitch. A Master would be nice, but fine w fuck buddy/live in sitch. No current job but working on it. Hmu to chat. In atlanta ga area, want to stay in area.

  13. Hey as someone who has posted his own tales, take your time. Especially as you try to put memory to text. Beyond that, very hot. Reminds me of some of my encounters.
  14. TheLuciousLad Youd be perfect for me. I enjoy bottoming, sucking cock, getting fucked. I dont really enjoy having my cock sucked, and i dont like topping (even though im bi). Id rather find a total top that just wants me to blow him or him fuck me. Rimming as an optional thing. Other stuff as well, but thats neither here nor there. We all have preferences for what we like/dislike. No one should ever dictate those. Embrace em. Just my 2c.
  15. These are slightly embellished stories of my real life adventures. Im not into fisting, it may never happen no matter how fucked up i get. And im cautious irl of how much i slam, due to predisposition of heart problems (which yeah, doing meth is a bad idea but i love it). So generally i only do up to .3 by the measuring my playmates use. I also dont like masks. Just not my thing. I popper myself up enough as is w plastic bottles, mixing them if i have a variety. I appreciate the responses. Again, these are slight retellings of what ive done. Not gonna add much more to them, other than maybe new entries when they happen.

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