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  1. completely agree and choose a small lock, go a size below, no big clunky metal ones, a nice small one that shows you are surrendering your penis and thus are just a pussy hole and a lube dispensing mouth
  2. sex has at least some degree of power in it when you accept that a man is going to ram inches of hard meat past your vulnerable sphincter and into your soft raw hole. Mixing it up with race is hot just for the contrast I guess. I call plenty of guys faggot and met quite a few that when they opened up wanted to submit and hear the 'banned' words. It's consensual and fun between adults, anyone who seems to think they can stick their nose into what I do privately in the bedroom with another consenting adult seems to forget that I haven't invited them. They can have fun when they are 60 reflecting on all the sex they missed out on because it didnt match the prevailing virtue signalling at the time. As if anyone wanted to fuck them anyway.
  3. I was sucked off by a very skinny boy (just naturally so) and as he sucked on my cock I could see the hollow of his cheeks, he looked like a little well fucked raw aids slut and because I was stoned I found it quite hot for him to swallow my load.
  4. those fucking puritanical poison fuckers!
  5. be creative, tell them you suffer from a latex allergy that may cause the condom to shrink or explode inside you causing the top to lose his penis. Thus, for health and safety, you cannot allow them to use a condom. And then put all those pretentious 'social justice' hashtags around it so no one can question you
  6. Basically a stable for unruly boys (18+) that need some tough love but also TLC. They would spend hours being breeded with only cum as lube. Tied up, their mouths would become cock sleeves. Others would be trained to worship my feet. My favourite would learn to lie on his back and let me train him to slide my foot down his throat. Pure sex slaves kept for partying and weed and alcohol.
  7. I like chastity because it just makes it clear I have no interest in his cock. I usually ignore his cock totally and choose boys that enjoy this. Then at the end I will say 'do you wanna cum?' and kiss him muttering stuff (dad and son always works) and he cums in like 2 minutes. It's basically a chore but if you don't let them cum they complain sometimes. I find it keeps them always wanting more. Just ignore whatever a bottom says, its them trying to maintain a fantasy of control - they WANT you to tell them what to do.
  8. i dont mention condoms until we are about to do it (before i slide up him) and i legit have the same bunch of condoms that i bought like 3 years ago, they're like props in a school theatre play. Not a single guy who bottoms has ever really tried to force me or tell me ( i would use them). I leave the option, they make the choice.
  9. a top that used to fuck me when i was in my twenties would shoot very heavy loads, they looked great but fucking stunk of that bleach smell haha. But when it was up my cunt for hours and i would push it out it would have that sweet pregnating cum smell and drive me wild. He often stabbed his cock in deep and i bled a small bit too. the juices mixed up my fertilised cunt. I loved it, I would push the load out into the bath tub to see how much he filled me. I'm not into group sex so its more ownership and that did feel good and owned. Now i start to do it to other submissives and tell them to leave it in them until they need to properly shit.
  10. I have cum in basically all of my lovers food sometimes im just so horny its a way to mark them and for me to relax a bit, i have also made boys (20s) cum on their food, especially pizza when they are hungover and then make them eat it as they whinge and moan and beg not to. I spoon cuddle them from behind and force him to swallow down each bite, the gagging noise turns me on, and usually their hangover loads are quite heavy so it is torturous. But they are wanting to cum again in an hour, like a proper bitch for abuse.
  11. if your bare ass is up and you are face down i am going use it the way i believe you should be used - raw, hard and as hard or gentle as I like. The load will go up your ass. This is your reward and you keep it in you like a good boy.
  12. I become more aggressive and willing to hammer my penis into his exposed ass, after each load I shoot. I always lie on him until I'm ready again and I dunno I think its the more loads I give the more I want to hurt his little ass and make him feel it, even after he cums and pretends he not a whore
  13. the dedication is really appreciated but its often a turn off as it shows he might be a bit fucked up wanting to be genuinely injured and then its just into weird abuse rather than sex. But a bottom who is willing to be my foot pig, my throat pig and my anal fleshlight and has a positive attitude, and can cook, is far better.
  14. rough, cum, feet, socks, throat fucking, thongs, underwear, uncut, BB, edging, chastity
  15. lets see the cock and ball shrinkage over time, have you been working your pussy open for him?
  16. a jock is hot just if he is in a t shirt and relaxing, but a thong is really nice if he is freshly showered, in white socks, a tight t-shirt and I am in the mood to be gentle and worship his body
  17. I love short guys, in bed they are such fun to just control and choke out as I lie on top grinding my cock into his body as he whimpers under me. Feeling him squirm and the difference in our bodies, how easily I can pin him and abuse his soft pink hole, it drives me wild. I just feel the urge to call him a faggot, even if he didnt mention its ok ( they get pissy in my area) and keep choking him with my arm as I whisper the most depraved shit in his ear. I find shorter guys let me be more aggressive. I have done that while high and afterwards received looks for the comments I made (I dont remember them specifically) but I now also ensure the cumdump is high so he doesnt remember lol.
  18. everyone has racial preferences or preferences of some kind. I think just as we slipped into a weird hyper vigilant / exhibitionist society we all suddenly act like what we privately do is the business of others. It's a fetish for antagonism and the good ol' R word to appear. I often notice such conversations from smug faggots that you clearly know are perverts deep down but wont admit it.
  19. Im in my early 30's so basically only 20's to compare right now (didnt do much in teens with guys). I would just say I am much more outright for what I want. I used to be too polite to say 'I want to focus on gagging you on my penis, making you choke on purpose as I like the sound' - but now I will say it when we discuss our fetishes. I'm always amazed at those who are and are not into stuff like that. You really never know. Has your behaviour changed?
  20. I seem to be in the minority that I dont like any pain on my cock and dont like the sight of blood so i use a lot of water based lube, my aim is to have his hole so loose and sloppy it cant resist and i can do what I want and ejaculate inside when I want. I want to feel his tender hole pulsing on my cock in vain as I fill him with cum giving him no choice to take it in his gut
  21. I dont like tight holes. I remember the first boy I fucked clamped so hard on my penis it was like an elastic band, really uncomfortable. I like a guy to have control to know to keep it not too tight, I like to feel the muscle getting fucked. I have never fucked a fisted sloppy guy, it could be fun but I just prefer guys that wont offer resistance to let me use the hole the way I want
  22. It's also best for the top if he wants to focus on going hard as having to hold yourself up you waste energy that you can spend hammering it in when hes face down. It also turns him into a pure cum dump. I always look down at them and see their soft pink hole vulnerable as I slide my wet cock back in. I love feeling their muscle tighten like a grip with no way to stop me raping it. Then I get to dump a load in for him to keep. A cum dump.
  23. 2 days ago by a cute cocksucker that I quickly proved needed much more deep throat training. I then had him wank off as quick as possible by whispering 'cum for dad son'. He came like a good boy.
  24. ok good you need to really work on long deep throating, I was using a faggot yesterday and he was struggling within ten seconds. It feels silly because it takes me ten seconds to just relax before fucking that muscle. Then your daddy will be very happy. And eat his ass as well, even if he says no. Be greedy.
  25. oh no i totally agree, u never push sex or sexual domination after the bottom cums, thats when he is back to assuming his role as a man and he wont react to it well. Thats why i love keeping them on edge so they are raw sluts whimpering for u to push them into oblivion
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