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  1. What if you do it with people you trust and a full face mask ?
  2. Actually that more like great definition of FWB, where you are friend before the benefits while fuck friends or buddies are only friends for the fucking.
  3. Then she should have left, that the reason there legal age there a assumption that your mentally capable of judging the situation and leave if your uncomfortable with it and if they stop you from leaving then or continue when you made it clear you need it to stop then i can be look at as sexual assault here at best she say or think it to much but accept to try we the guy ask her to continue but when others try to touch her hair she assertive and say no and they stop which so me that she still in capable of stopping the situation if she wanted to.
  4. Yeah no, she want to stop but she decided or let her self be convinced not to stop, she isn't being forced or threatened in any way except maybe not being pay for not completing her job/contract. That a bad experience for sure but that was her choice. Having regret afterwards do not constitute sexual assault even if most people are inconfortable with what happening in front of them, as an adult she should have Taken away her concent and walked away.
  5. Disclaimer this is not legal advice and I'm not accredited to practice law in that area. Yeah, for multiple reasons even if he can raise tte legal question i doubt that he got a viable case. i don't want to be mean but i will try to be direct without trying to enter in the law. But he should always seek qualify counsel accredited to practice law where this happened in that type of situation and get a legal opinion ( here it is not the case). Without going to specific i don't think he could in civil or criminal court. Even without prescription, In civil he would still have to prove that he not only hi but so hi that he couldn't consent or take away is consentement. Then convince a judge or jury of that, then there the question what and when did he consume. It the substance was illegal one not only are admitting to it but also you can't sue for illegal action you where part in ( ex : sue someone cuz they stole your drug) then prove the the company knew or should have known that you couldn't consent even if you come by your own will to film. By that i been someone can drink but quantity to legally say (very hard to prove after the facts without medical test / one could allege multiple others reason the someone could look Hi or drunk ) they couldn't consent varies i doubts where ever that was flim there a law about that like for drunk for exemple. Then the studio defense no only is there a contract they can say it was all fake, or simulated etc. Unless witness actually come forward but i doubts they will because the only witness could be potentially implicated and they could say they don't remember or they did have medical expertise allowing them to notice the situation etc. Worse they might use other porno by him or others to show such simulated thing or those behavior or normal in the industry or that this actor is always in that zone. They will mostlikely use his personal life and situations ( ex drugs use, criminal conviction, prostitution claims , debts etc) against him to bring doubts on his side of the stories and paint him as only wanting other paycheck. Criminal law is even more unlikely and harder to prove. Plus i think depending on local law, they couldake the argument that the person doing the alleged "crime" is the other actor and the rest could only be seen as complicit but then they can use the contract and the rest as a defense. Even if he manage to convince a judge or jury looking at a gay movie about raw and hard sex as an possible actual rape ( i can't ese them sympathizing with him especially if he did multiple movie in this type, took the money after the fact, or if he got a reputation for using drugs ) then there always the question if the contract do don't plan for mediation and there always the old tactics of dragging the issue for years by the company so to kill the other person under debts. I doubts i free clinic is equipped to deal with those type of cases, maybe a lawyer or firm would take it on for a cut of the settlement. But finding a lawyer could help him see what type of solution is open to him, how much and how long it would last and if that what he want.
  6. I wanted to add here that I Just went to fuck a guy at the "hotel Le Cantlie" on 1110 Sherbrooke West / Peel Street. No keys, no question.
  7. That happens to me all the time đŸ˜‚ i can fuck for hours ( longest was 4h no stop) but it very difficult for me to come unless i get in a specific mental zone or i masturbate myself.
  8. Yeah đŸ˜‚ no. I may not me licensed to practice in California but that interpretation is way out there and very unlikely.
  9. There already recent post about that
  10. Hey man, finally what hotel was good for you?
  11. Yeah you should. Diversified add justforfans and other plate forme use twitter to advertise and invest the money.
  12. You could always start a onlyfan so you can fuck for free and those that want to support you can subscribe.
  13. Personally I'm more curious big the social effect a lot of things in the gay community exist or are center around HIV, some would say that it was what push the community together in one direction. Curious to how with a vaccine and the end of the big bad deadly gay virus what will happen to many gay and other organizations that very existence are about HIV and where is all that money is Gona go?
  14. I just started with FetLife.com it look promising to me.
  15. I been thinking about rare or uncommon natural variation that some people have and how that affect sex. Me i was born with alot of tiny white sweat glands (Fordyce spot) around my penis gland (kind of a crown that contouring ) completely harmless and the doctor told my parents when i was young that it doesn't need removing or nothing i just sweat intensively from there and need to clean the area regularly especially since I'm uncut. Some people sometimes are afraid it some more and it has kill some hook up but most of the time i explains and it fine. Recently a guy told then when in real hard he can feel them while having oral sex and i became a bit obsessed with so much that he rather i came that way then anal. I never understood him but now i met that guy that when i finger him i can feel stuff around ( but he told me he was tested and clean, i also got my self tested too) and when i fuck him is his ass grip around cock i can feel those little hard spots around my cock staff and the sensation is amazing. I just don't what does are and i can't find any one else with them. Does anyone else have experience with people getting better sex do to someone else being different?
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