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  1. That what I like about married guys There never any drama cuz they got thing to lose. We fuck and chill or hang out no pressure.
  2. I would love you to taste my ass after I was used. 

    1. darckson


      Where are u at maybe we can make happen someday

    2. Bimarried001


      Queens NY. I would love to make it happen and give you my sloppy used ass. 

  3. That cool to know! How do you look for them online ? But do got some others question like Is there a specific name like i know that in some latin countries it cabinas, or do I simply look for motels? Do they ask for ID ? Should I travel with my passport? Can you guys suggest places (like motel) where there no question ask, so I dont bring people back to by place ? I heard some Airbnb refuse guest or ask for more money plus I did read about stories where people get drugs and robbed.
  4. I doubt it at least not legally since I the government intent to keep up the curfew and lock down but I heard that they been secret meetings that u could enter by the back etc.
  5. 😍that wifey mentality right there. Love it 😈
  6. I love too but I'm not allowed to send message can you message me or do you have other socials where i can find u?
  7. Thanks for the advice. I'm actually thinking about going to Colombia after that pandemic is over any suggestions on what city to stay in ? I will most likely visit Cartagena, Bogota and Medellin for sure but I not sure wich is better to stay in a Airbnb for few months.
  8. Hey can I ask you guys opinion on where to got for a couple of months in latin America ? I thinking peru or Costa Rica maybe Honduras but open to most countries. I want a place with alot of whores and sluts with nice asses and even better if they are youngs twinks.
  9. Hey man How is it ? Can suggest area to find good hoes there ?
  10. Been thinking about visiting Mexico city (or a other big city) to celebrate once I pass the bar. could u guys post your experience? location , hotel vs Airbnb, cheap whore, how young or old or the easy fuck etc.
  11. Im thinking of taking a trip and it seem like i will almost certainly be at FLL airport for a nigth between connections where i can i got kill time by fuck sloppy whores? ( still moving thing around so no exacte dates )
  12. Sup bro do you have wickr?

  13. sup bro do you have wickr

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