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 Yes, I'm a popper slut, would luv to lick suck and get fucked while being high on poppers

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Another popper whore here, in So Cal. Would love to get poppered up and have my tight little ass and mouth whored out. Only tried them a few times but I definitely want more

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Once I get about three good hits I can take pretty much any size cock in one thrust. After that all I want is my top to suck my breast buds and fuck me until he shoots in me. Sometimes I get lucky and get someone with a really long cock that makes it all the way up into my colon and his load gets absorbed to a degree, which is so fucking hot to know his fluids became part of me.

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Sounds like fun.  Would love to find a top who wants to popper me while I take his cock.

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    • By houbtmbtch
      I got up late this morning to a text from one of my regulars who needs release. Told him to come over and I would take care of him. I startedsucking him deep down my throat and he came quickly. He was disappointed but I kept him in my mouth. He was hard again in a fee minutes. I worshiped his BBC for a while (not long enough) and he came again. Not showing any mercy, I got him hard again and was rewarded with a third load. Quite the high protein breakfast. Anyone else wake up to such generosity from a trick?

    • By CHIredhead
      I´ve never done that before, and I´ve been approached by a few bottoms now wanting me to whore them out. I just dont know how to do that?
      Any tips, tricks etc?
      The last guy now said he´d get a hotel room etc 
    • By chryzippus
      Can anyone tell me if you can purchase (and where) Maximum Impact in Toledo ? 
      Much appreciated. 

    • By Loveitraw
      Memories of Summer.
      Looking out the window at the rain and seeing the expanse of grey outside.  Grey sky, grey buildings.  Even the people hunched over for protection and hurrying past seem grey.  I can't help but let my mind wander to brighter days and inevitably I feel my cock swelling and my hand idly drifts down to grip myself as I let my thoughts go back to summer.
        It was hot.  Which here is noteworthy in itself, but today was the hottest I could remember.  The kind of heat which no matter what you do always leaves you prickled with sweat.  Even just moving from room to room felt like hard work.  Still, things to be done, places to go and all that.  
      Fuck that!
        I had just finished showering after a workout at home and at some point the shower became longer as I unconsciously began cleaning myself very thoroughly as if I already knew the direction the day was heading.  As I towelled off I could already feel sweat beginning to bead across my shoulders and forehead and I came to the conclusion that today would be an outdoors day.  No work until tomorrow and anything that needed doing around the house could damn well wait.  Today was going to be for me.
        Returning to my room I grabbed a light linen shirt and matching trousers.  Lightweight and easy movement for the weather.  Dropping those onto the bed and reaching for my underwear drawer I decided against socks but grabbed a jock and slipped that on.  Taking a brief look in the mirror and enjoying the way my arse was framed by the straps, I dressed and grabbed a pair of walking sandals.  Before leaving the room I quickly grabbed a small bottle of lube and bottle of poppers and slipped them into my pocket.  Be prepared I've always believed.
        Grabbing my keys I opened the door on the day and the full force of the heat hit me in the face like a wall.  Damn, I hadn't realised how well my house had been blocking the temperature outside.  I headed for the car and cranked he a.c to full and stood with the door open for a few minutes just so I could actually sit in the drivers seat and be able leave with some skin on my back.  Next time use the garage I thought to myself as I climbed in and headed for the road.
        I'm quite lucky in that where I live is still relatively rural but close enough to the city that everything I want is in easy reach.  Today I wanted green spaces, preferably with secluded areas, and the potential for long isolated walking.  I knew just the pace.
        About 20 minutes later I pulled into the car park and was a little downbeat to see how easy it was to find a space.  I had hoped it would be busier.  Still it was early yet and I didn't plan on leaving anytime soon.  I grabbed a bottle of water from the car and locked it down then headed to the first pathway of my day of leisure.
        I chose this place because it has a valley walk alongside a river, cool in the heat, wonderful scenery and a reputation for what can go on in the bushes.  Miles and miles of woodland to choose from interspersed with wide open spaces.  Having been here on several previous occasions I knew where the popular haunts were but was in no hurry to scan each.  So I carried on walking and enjoying being in the open air. 
        After a short while I saw a bench facing the river and decided I would sit for a bit and watch the world go by.  Or at least let the day catch up with me.  So I sat, sipped my water and watched the river flow lazily in front of me reflecting the few light clouds that were scudding by, just as lazily, above.
        I think I must have been in a trance because I heard the crunch of gravel on the path as someone walked in front of me.  I hadn't heard their approach at all.  I looked up startled from my daydream state and saw him.  30's, cropped hair, very fit.  He was in a white vest top, matching jogging bottoms and trainers.  I would have figured him for a runner but he was walking slowly.  Clearly enjoying the day in his own way.  In any other situation I might have unkindly put him in the category of guys who you don't know if they are going to mug you or fuck you.  But he just walked on by and I glanced him over letting split second fantasies formulate as he passed.  As he neared a bend in the path about 50 metres down from my seat I nearly choked on my water as he stopped and glanced back at me before disappearing from view.  I'm not necessarily a master of these things but some signals you just can't miss.
        Whether it was a combination of the guy and the heat and the situation I don't know?  I was hard from the moment I stood to the moment I reached the corner where I lost sight of him.  I was certainly heading into whatever was around that bend willingly.
        As I reached the point in the path he had looked back at me I could see some considerable way down the path ahead and it was empty.
        "What the fuck?" I muttered to myself.  Confusion grew as I looked around.  Was he just fooling?  Had I conjured the guy from my dreamlike state earlier?  Just as I was about to give up and return to my seat I saw to the left an overgrown path that led deeper into the woods.  Ok then, back in business.  I guessed this was the route he had taken and I followed without a second thought.
        Being the height of Summer everything was at its lushest and greenest.  The growth was full and the air was rich with that strong earthy organic smell you only get in thick woodland.  As I pressed on under the trees I realised how much darker it was.  Possibly I had become accustomed to the bright sun on the path, but in here it was like another world.
        The humidity was higher too, I could feel myself sheen in sweat as I walked.  Glad for the light clothing I had chosen I kept on hoping to catch sight of my mystery man.  I couldn't see any sign.  I decided to just follow the most obvious pathway and hope but I couldn't deny my spirits dropped when he wasn't easily apparent.
        Moving through the dusk light world beneath the trees I came to what I can only describe as a thicket within the woods.  A denser group of trees that seemed to be in a circle almost making a room.  Intrigued I stepped in through one of the wider openings to have a better look.  My curiosity almost outweighed my libido at this point.  The trees must have been planted like this, no way this was a natural occurrence at least not that I could see.  Remarkable though it was it didn't help me with my search but it did provide another opportunity.  I had been drinking water pretty much constantly since I left the house so I put the trees to use that men have always put them too.  It felt good.  So good in fact I didn't just shake I let my hand slide up and down my rapidly hardening cock feeling the freedom of being outside but unseen.
        I hadn't resigned myself to simply jerking off it was just that it felt right to enjoy myself a little before I returned to the pathways and my search.  Reaching into my pocket I pulled out the bottle of poppers and unscrewing the lid I took two deep hits.  Letting the warm glow flow through me I sealed the bottle and felt my inhibitions float away.   With one hand back on my cock my other hand unfastened my shirt and I began pinching and twisting my nipples letting the pleasure build and build.
        "Fucking jackpot! I knew I wasn't wrong about you."
        In my popper buzz and current state of arousal to say I was stunned by this is an understatement.  I spun around and saw him again.  There with me in this wooded shrine.  Me shirt open, hand still on my cock not knowing which way was up.  I stared at him.  He was even more gorgeous up close.  Dark eyes, a spray of stubble over his strong jawline and a grin that could easily become a sneer.  This was someone who knew how good they looked.  
        "Don't panic, " he laughed, "Anyone in these woods is here for the same thing right?"
        With that he lowered the front of his bottoms and out sprung eight inches of thick, solid meat.  His foreskin was partly back and the tip was already moist with precum.  He stroked it a couple of times and I swear it got harder.  I must have licked my lips.  In fact I know I did because he laughed and said, "Like what you see then?"  I just dumbly nodded and did what I had been wanting to do since I first set eyes on this stud.  I fell to my knees and took hold of his thick cock and began kissing and licking that shaft.  Fuck he was so hard.  I don't think I've ever held a more solid cock in my life and more importantly he seemed more than happy to just let me enjoy it with my lips and tongue.
        I worshipped every inch of that dick, tasting the mix of precum and sweat that was now all over his length.  I licked and teased his balls and worked my way up to his tip.  Pulling his foreskin back and running my tongue all over that knob, stroking his hardness as I made love to it with my mouth.  I was in cocksucker heaven.  
        "Fuck me, I never would have pegged you as a bottom.  You are though aren't you?  A good fucking slut!"
        I never talk with my mouth full but I moaned in assent around his beautiful cock as I took him as deep as I could.  He put his hands on my head, the first time he had touched me, and fucked my mouth for a few strokes before pulling out and tilting my head back.  Leaning over me he looked into my eyes then spat into my open mouth.  Smiling at me he pushed his cock back between my lips and said, "Just testing the waters mate, wanted to see what kind of slut you are."
        I could only moan in pleasure as a shiver ran through me.  This was already more than I hoped the day would bring me.  Whilst I sucked him, or rather he fucked my face I slipped my shirt off and managed to slide my trousers down revealing my jock to him.  He whistled but didn't comment beyond the noises he was making while enjoying the way my tongue was washing over his cock.  When I reached for my poppers he grabbed the bottle from me and took control even more.  He held them for me and made me take several hits as I bobbed on his rock hard meat.  It didn't take long before I was spinning out in lust.  Gagging on his cock as he pushed me to my limit and soaking him in spit he kept me going for some time.  Always when I seemed to regain a little focus he made me take another hit.
        Pulling his cock from my mouth he told me to lose my trousers which I did so easily.  My sandals and trousers joined my shirt on the floor leaving me in just a jock.  Exposed, and so fucking lost on poppers.  Easy prey for the wolf in the woods.
        "Turn around and let me see that arse slut!"  It was a command and I obeyed without hesitation.  "Fucking nice." Was all he said as his hands worked over me, kneading my flesh, spreading me.  I just moaned like the slut he kept calling me and pushed my arse back for him to play with more.
        "Nice arse like that needs to be fucked doesn't it?"  I could only manage to whisper, "Oh God!" Knowing that I would do pretty much anything this man said.  He spat on my hole and worked his fingers into me.  Two fingers straight away with only spit to lube the way.  He worked them into me for about a minute before he pulled them out and made me suck them.  "Good to see you keep yourself clean too."  
      Then I felt him lean over my back pressing his whole body against me.  I could feel that hot prick nestle between my arse cheeks and he started rubbing himself back and forwards.  Reaching around me he held the popper to my nose again and made me take hits.  One.  Two.  Three.  Four.   Oh fuck I was lost and somehow I knew it.  When he started speaking I already knew how this would end.
        "I really want to fuck this sweet arsehole. Want you to feel my hard cock all the way up inside you like I know you want.  But I don't have any rubbers.  We can play in all sorts of ways and I can even tease you with the tip if you like but we really shouldn't fuck."  As he said this he was rubbing his precum slicked dick up and down between my cheeks, teasing it over my hole. Pressing to it then sliding away.  I was a moaning wreck.  Flexing my hips to his movements to try and increase the contact and make every touch of his cockhead last longer.
        "You really want it don't you? You want this dick in you don't you slut?"
      I don't think I was even capable of speech by this point but I could nod and moan in delirious pleasure.  
        "Well maybe just the tip is ok, it won't hurt if I just put the tip in you for a bit."  I managed to raise my head a little and point to where my trousers were, "lube."  It was all I could muster but he put my hands back on the branch in front of me and laughed.
        "With all the poppers you've had my precum and spit will be more than enough for you slut."  With that I felt pressure on my arsehole and then the glorious sensation of thick cockhead opening me up.  I pushed back, I always push back, but he held my hips and just left the tip resting in my hole.  Reaching around me he began twisting my nipples and making sure my popper high stayed topped up.  Here I was out of my mind and naked in the woods with a complete stranger who had his raw cock teasing my hole.  I had never been hornier.  The back of my brain knew this was insane, that I should try to get myself together, but it was no use.  Lust and poppers always wins.
        As he pulled my nipples I couldn't help but arch my back and flex my hips.  This naturally started me bucking on his cock and working him deeper and deeper into my arse.  Eventually he whispered in my ear, "Balls deep in you slut, I guess you really wanted this after all."  I didn't think it had ever been in doubt and it took me a while to realise he meant that I was taking him bare.  My hole was so full and I felt so complete bent over in that place. 
        Then he started fucking me.
        It started slow.  His hips rocking back and forth slapping into my arse cheeks as he moved.  I moaned in approval at he friction, the pressure inside me. I pressed back as he pressed forward.  Then he was speeding up.  Pushing down on my shoulders making me arch my back, letting him penetrate me deeper with his raw fuck tool.
      Pretty soon he was slamming into me with long deliberate strokes and I was loving it.  How could I not?  The pleasure was too much , my own untouched cock had been leaking so much fuck juice since he started fucking me, I needed this.
        Somehow despite his thrusts he was still making me take poppers as he fucked me and keeping up a litany of fuck talk in my ear.  All the while his thick cock was ruining me in the best way.
        "I knew you'd be a dirty fuckslut when I saw you. Knew you'd be taking my cock before the day was out.  Fuck your hole feels good on my dick.  Going to breed this hole so fucking good.  Make you take my load all the way inside.  Have another hit bitch, fucking good. I love the way you clench your fuckhole when you breathe in those fumes."
        For my part I was pushing myself onto every one of his thrusts and grunting in animal pleasure each and every time.  I had gone beyond caring about being heard or seen all that mattered was the glorious prick buried so far inside me.  I managed to croak out a few yeses and fuck me's but otherwise I had been reduced to a mindless fuck toy by this amazing fucker.  
        "Going to shoot in you slut, you want that? Not going to let you have it unless you say."  He started to long dick me at this point, long hard thrusts of every inch of his cock tearing into me and making me shout out in pleasure.
        "Say it bitch!" He spat at me, "Tell me how much you want this load breeding you?"
        I raised my head as he bounced me on his cock and stammered, "I..I...want it"
        "Want what slut?"
        "Oh God!  I want your load."
        He fucked a few more strokes then said, "Yes thats a good bitch, you want this thick load up your arse don't you?  You want me to breed your hole right?  Going to knock you up with my cum you fucking slut!" 
      He was fucking me so hard it must have given me an adrenaline shot because I couldn't stop myself from shouting out, "Fuck yes breed me!  Knock me up! Make me take all your cum!"  
        "That's it slut take it take all of my dirty cum in your fuckhole! Going to give you so much poz cum in your cunt.  Take my bare cock you fucking dirty bitch!"  
        As he shouted this he slammed his cock into me deep and reaching under me grabbed my cock and wanked my cum out of me as his own cock throbbed inside me flooding me with his toxic load.  
        He pulled out of me and straightened his clothes.  As he left he said, "Fucking lovely arse mate.  I ever see you here again I'll breed you anytime." 
        I pretty much collapsed naked to the floor, breathless and speechless.  I could feel throbbing from my arse, my nipples and my cock.  I was dumbfounded that I had just let that happen.  I could feel some of his cum leaking from my well used hole and my own load had soaked my jock leaving undeniable proof of the pleasure I had felt.
        Even as I gathered my clothes together and dressed I couldn't help but repeat to myself, "I've just taken poz cum.  I've just been bred."  As I walked slowly back to the car I could feel my cock thickening again as I replayed my morning and I knew I would be coming back for more.
      The end.
    • By CigarBear68
      How many of you enjoy a blow job from a toothless mouth? I'm not talking about 80 yr olds, but rather the 20-60 guys who for one reason or another wear full dentures. 
      My first one was from a 27 yr old trucker I met on AOL years ago. He was an awesome bottom man, and I couldn't even tell he was toothless until we kissed. He did have a beard so that helped. He could deepthroat without hesitation. Since then any opportunity I have had for a gum job I take it. I'm actually still surprised at how many guys actually wear dentures. 

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