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How do you like to sneak piss from a man in public?


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I wish there were more botms like you. Many guys writing they crave for it & so less when I go for a piss? There should be a drinker  in every urinal & toilet. Patiently awaiting & ready with an empty bottle. I do agree this other bot though, drinking right from my cock is even nicer (for me) Wandering what tops that other btm gets writing guys are piss shy. Even straight guys will love to have their piss drunk from a bottle, give him the bottle & don't look at his cock! you not getting the piss you want might be because o your wrong techniques & approach!Ever thought of how many piss is drunk & showered at college when hazing yet how many drinkers are searched each year ;) Looks like many need a good piss education and or training! Meanwhile, get horny & wank on the golden photos & videos. I'm having cutie boys & men drinking that good golden male juice when not taking cum. 

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May be of interest to some:


I once heard of something allegedly done in the french pissoirs called "crouton-ing" where someone would put chunks of french-stick style bread in the pissoir - leave and come back later to collect once soaked. 


My french is a bit rusty but I believe this page refers to it:




(To be clear, I personally prefer it fresh from the tap).


Google Translation:


The term soupeur and refers first of all individuals who take pleasure in eating food soaked in the urine of others, including the bread left voluntarily in public urinals ( urinals 2 ) then recovered to be consumed 1 (it was sometimes attached by a string 3 ). Rarely uses the term "croûtenard" which has yet the advantage of being more accurate 4 . This practice was particularly prevalent in Paris and Marseille until the years 1960-70, and there are several references in the popular literature of the time.

There is also a practical alternative, which is to deliberately stop a urinal and wait for it to fill. The individual then urine itself in totally submerging his penis in the urine of previous users, where the most frequent expression, "dipping".

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Guest peepee-love

I used to work at a very small bar and most of the weekday shifts, I was the only staff there. The restroom was very small and only had one stall and one urinal. I used to disable the flush on the urinal so during the night it would fill up to the brim with all my customers' piss. I couldn't wait for closing time when I would finally be able to stick my head in that pool of piss, drink it, splash it all over me, dip my own cock inside it and have all kinds of fun with it....

Nice work benefits! I jacked off reading your post!

When I'm lucky enough to find an unflushed urinal, I love kneeling, and lavishing it with kisses and licks before dipping a straw deep into its pool of urine. Lip-locking the straw, I suck up the urine, tasting and drinking it as I jack myself to orgasm!

I wish we could play together! :-)

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There are two times I've gotten piss from a guy in public, once was a drunken night/morning after a party with a friend as we were on our way to his place he said he had to piss. So we sneak between two parked cars on an empty street and I get on my knees, take his dick into my mouth, and swallow about a pint of piss before we get a rideshare and head to his house for further play time.

The other was at another event. I have a friend that often pisses down my throat. We were at this party together and we both had to use the bathroom but there was a line, he was ahead of me and when it was his turn I went with him as if I couldn't hold it and said we could piss together. But when inside I quickly dropped to my knees and took his dick in my mouth and he released and good long stream for me to drink up. When he was done he washed his hands as I released my own piss into the toilet. After cleaning up we both left like nothing happened until he wanted my services again later that night.


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On 11/2/2015 at 5:08 AM, bottombearcfl said:

Drinking directly from tap is preferred, but I have put an empty cup or mug to catch a guys piss at the unimal and most times he fills it for me. Lucky I guess.

Same. I usually just kneel by the urinal at the local ABS and wait for someone to give me his piss (or cum or both). From the tap is the best but sometimes I like something different. Yesterday I placed a cup in the urinal and waited in the stall next to it for someone to come in. First guy came in and pissed around the cup. Second guy came in and I could hear his piss hitting the bottom of the cup. When he left I retrieved the cup and it was half full of warm piss. I took the cup, left the restroom and sat and watched the movie while drinking it. At an ABS it's a good probability that I'll get a cupful. Next time I'll take a pic.

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