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    Gay, No limits for fantasies, minimal limits in real life. Asians turn me on a lot, but that information is not a selection criterium but a pattern I see.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    I already had bareback sex many times before I did get sexual education. So by the time all my classmates were made scared of AIDS by the teacher, I concluded that I probably had it already anyway, and I was enjoying barebacking, cum and piss... and that does not really work well with "proper" condom use (with proper I mean according to the textbook). And condoms did break frequently, so even if I would decide to play safe, I concluded I would get HIV sooner or later anyway. So I basically accepted it as a fact. My strategy for risk reduction was not the torture of using condoms, but after running into a couple STDs I decided it would be good to reduce exposure by limiting the number of different people to have sex with, and outside that number consider using condumbs.

    When I was 25 or so a fuckbuddy of mine called me that he had tested positive. I fucked bare with him and had even been doing so the weekend before he called me. I had never been tested for HIV up to that time (didn't want to hear the confirmation) and was already blaming myself that I had probably infected him. That message was reason for me to get tested... and I tested negative to my surprise.

    You might have expected that that test result should have lead to a decision to play safe... and it did... for about 15 minutes... I was very very fond of the guy that now was poz, and caught myself fantasizing more and more that given the "fact" that I would get it sooner or later anyway, I would prefer if I would get it from HIM. I fantasized about how nice it would be to have HIS HIV inside me... he would be inside me always, and I would think of him every time I had to take medication... My reluctance towards aids had changed into a bugchasing fantasy towards him personally.

    In reality my strategy towards safe sex did not change, and when after a while he told me he was on medication and was now undetectable, I knew my fantasy would be just that.

    My reluctance was back, my fantasies did not lead to any changes in my sexual behavior. Ok, the thought "I probably already got it" was gone, I now got tested for HIV regularly... but the "I will run into it sooner or later" part remained, eventhough I had decided that later would be better than sooner. Because by now I had heard a lot from that friend of mine that it wasnt all that easy, medicine was having lots of side effects, the fact of being positive was a dark secret that he had to hide and it was emotionally very hard for him. I am his trustee, one of the 3 people (until now!) in his social circle that know he has it.

    So this bugchaser did a lot of fantasizing, but did not actually chase the bug. I ran into it beginning of 2014. I got stealthed.

    Given my dark fantasies and my history, it was pretty easy for me to accept that "sooner or later" had come. And man did it turn me on that I could now enjoy POZ cum without too much consequences. Even better: that forbidden, highly attractive toxic POZ cum was in production in my own balls!!! It felt like puberty all over again. Back then I was happy that I could now shoot cum, which I was so addicted to. And now, 25-30 years later, I was happy with my own cum again... Every single drop of cum I played with. Not a single drop ended up in a towel or a tissue anymore.

    My sexlife got a huge boost, I exchanged most of my fuckbuddies from neg guys to POZ guys (no guys, not in THAT way... well... except for one and that had already happened before I knew I had it) and I am exploring and enjoying a lot of new ways to enjoy sex.

    And thanks to my friend that got poz 15 years ago, I already knew how I would handle my "secret" of being POZ. I would NOT let HIV put me back into the closet, where I had come out of at age 21. Within 15 minutes after I heard the news from the doctor, I had already informed the most important people that needed to know (including that friend) and I promised to myself that I would disclose to everybody as soon as it becomes relevant, so that they can make an informed decision if they want to play safe, bare or not at all. And I must say, that isn't as though as I expected it to be. So far everybody appreciates my honesty and I have not had any hysterical responses.
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    Only private
  • Looking For
    I am here mainly for exchanging experiences and fantasies. I do not expect hookups, but am willing to be surprised.
    During hookups I want bare sex, preferably some kinky stuff added to the regular. I am versatile, not really convincing as a dominant. The only kink I found so far that is not for me is shit.

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  1. I use a beamer on a wall of the room we play in and either show porn or our live cam... Started doing this when a fuckbuddy wanted to be able to see how he got fisted... so I showed it to him in real time and sent him the recording later... since he missed all of it while getting fisted... was just to much enjoying it
  2. I've used one condom in the last 8 years or so. The guy using the condom insisted on it, fucked my ass till bleeding and after that agreed to go on without condom. The logic goes beyond me, but in the end it turned out quite hot that way. From the condoms I used longer ago (which was perhaps 25% of the time) almost all got broken during fucking or were decided on to continue without...
  3. In my experience a bottom begging you NOT to cum inside him is only doing so because he does want to have an excuse for him taking a load up his ass unprotected... he simply does not want to be responsible for allowing it to happen. As a consequence if I top, I always ask the bottom if they want me to cum inside him, simply because I want to hear them admit that they want it. If they say no, I will try to pursuade them to admit they want my cum inside them anyway. If they really really insist they do not want me to cum inside their ass, they will have to promise to swallow every drop of my load once I cum in their mouth... no spitting, no excuses... and sometimes will even make them promise to drink my piss after they swallow my cum. Only then I will willingly pull out to grant their wishes (for that time at least), fill their mouth and after that fuck the ass again with the remains of the cum still covering my dick... start to fuck again and again try to make them admit they want me to cum inside them this time, and that I respected their wishes the first time so it would only be fair for them to honor my wishes this time. Only once a bottom really freaked out and needless to say, that was the immediate end of the date (such a waste, he was a cuty). As a bottom if I tease the top by asking him to pull out, I just want to turn him on and make him want to cum inside me even more. As soon as I notice he really tries to grant my wish, I will either make it physically impossible to pull out or admit that I was just teasing him and I really really want him to breed me if he dares. One time I had an experience that the top really really did not want to cum inside me. He was a regular fuckbuddy of mine and I fucked him bareback all the time and came inside him... but he recently had tested POZ, while I had tested NEG. He was very affraid to infect me, he was still getting to terms with the fact that he was POZ himself now. No matter how much I explained that I really wanted HIM to cum inside me and be the one to POZ me, he was scared as hell. In the end he tried to pull out, and I pulled him firm inside of me with my legs and my arms around his neck, watching straight into his fearfull eyes, me begging him to give me his HIV cum inside me... and ofcourse he could not stop and came in me. It was his first time as a top since he tested POZ, he appologized after cumming inside me and begged me to please go to the toilet and dump his cum immediately. Needless to say, I kept making love to him. Telling him how much I loved feeling his HIV cum inside me, kissed him, thanked him... About 15 minutes later he was over the shock that he came inside my NEG ass without a condom. After I filled his ass a little later with my (last?) neg cum he fucked me again and while being very insecure if I would really allow him to shoot his HIV cum inside me again, he did enjoy it a lot doing something so forbidden and unsafe.
  4. Yeah 2nd chapter on what happened after his bf returned would be hot
  5. Mmmm reminds me of the way I was treated as young boy by the old man that talked to me at Amsterdam CS hoping I would have sex with him for money (which I did). Trown out of the sexhotel room naked and completelly dirty from the sex, clothes thrown out after me... At the time it is devestating, later you realize it's the perfect humiliating way to deal with a whoreboy like I was
  6. Deciding this for your boyfriend is most of the time not done, since a relationship is based on trust. The ONLY times when you might consider pozzing your boyfriend without his consent is if you have very explicit tells that he wants it but doesnt dare to ask or if you are always taking all the decisions in the relationship. But do realize that you gamble with your relationship if you are wrong. Best way forward is to just offer him the idea, or discuss it openly what is his idea. I would definitely have asked a Poz bf if he would please please please poz me, so he would be inside me forever... and yes I would also love it if my bf would do it without me knowing, but that is because it is a turn on for me anyway. Barebacking is not the same as being a bugchaser
  7. Would be a huge turn on to see my boyfriend get fucked bareback and bred.... The more the hotter! And then either rim his cum filled ass right there (and refill it myself) or take him home and enjoy his cumfilled ass in private, for example as desert after dinner :-P. The only limit for me would be that the "other" should not have a serious relationship character... friendship/fuckbuddy is obviously fine.
  8. Mmmmmm very promising! I love the way you write your stories!
  9. Please Gymguy8, it cannot end like this! I'm still longing for Seth to reveal that he knew he was getting pozzed and he has not been taking a single PREP pill since the beginning... there are still exactly 30 pills in it and Seth took all those toxic POZ loads, while he was perfectly aware what he was getting into. Or is that too much of a twist? :-P
  10. Master told me he had bad news about his HIV.... his viral load was huge and his CD4 was at all time low... so I offered my slave body for a toxic deposit and worked harder for it than usual :-)
  11. Just be my tap and you can see, feel and hear me actually DRINK it
  12. Hi nervous barebacker, What is the reason you are nervous? This probably gives you the best clues to come up with your own decision. What would you do if it was a bareback party where you did not know anything about the other guests? Is the knowledge (as opposed to just the odds) that there are poz guys participating truely making you scared or is it also tapping into a forbidden desire? If you had the choice to either eliminate the risk or eliminate your fear, which one would you choose to eliminate? If you choose to eliminate the risk, I think you got 3 options: don't go, or go and limit the sexual acts you get into or go and consider using PrEP... If you choose to eliminate your fear, you could think of chems induced courage or have your host take away the freedom of choice from you... but only do that if your fear is not the fear of becoming poz, but the fear to admit you want it... if your fear to become poz is real, do not temporary eliminate it because in that case you will probably regret it afterwards. In the end it's your choice, your life, your dream cum true and your fear to conquer... nobody else's.

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