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Damn damn damn-- read a lot of this yesterday before work--but saved the Masters retelling chapter for after work- most of my shift I think my mind was on the story-- made work less of a drag for sure-- Thanks-- now, please, keep posting chapters- sucks when a guy gets us going and suddenly drops the story line <g>

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A++++++mazing story line, character development and writing style. 

Eerily similar to this pathetic lowlife f@ggot's deepest desire for its transition from its current existence to that which is its true calling ... owned, no limits, modified properTy!  please and thank YOU, SIR(S).

submissively awaiting MORE OF THIS STORY VERY SOON  ... 

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    • By DutchBBfucker
      It was a warm sunny day and Damian was hanging around in the park. Damian is a hot looking lean muscular skaterboy that just turn 18 last month. At school he had enough girls hanging around him and he fooled around with several of them, but it never resulted in sex. Maybe because he didn’t know if he liked the idea of fucking a pussy.
      Damian had a good view on the basketball court where 2 hot muscular black guys shooting hoops. They are only wearing sneakers and shorts so Damian has a perfect view on the sweating glistening on their body. Both are hot but one of them get Damian attention; a young stallion (around 23), firm jaw line, and a lean but muscular body. The stallions shorts hang low around his waist so Damian can see the perfect V-lines and not a sixpack but an eightpack. Without realising Damian begins to massage his crotch and start to daydream.
      Damian was ‘dreaming’ so long that he didn’t register that the guys stopped balling and that the stallions friend left. Then he was awoken out of his trance by a loud “Ey”. He look right at the man of his dreams standing in front of him. “If you like what you see, and if you want to see more… follow me!” said the stallion and walked away. Damian was confused but the horny feeling and his curiosity was strong. He followed the hot black guy out of the park and to a warehouse. They arrive at door with a sign above it saying ‘The Lair’ and a small sign on the door saying ‘Private XXX club. Non-members on invite only’. He rang the bell and a guy opened the door. “Hey Liam, come in… you brought a new face i see?” said the guy. Liam nodded and went inside and without hesitating Damian followed. They entered a hall with a ‘coat-check’. “Two special Gatorade’s please!” says Liam to the guy behind the counter. The guy hands him two bottles and Liam passes one to Damian and say “It’s so hot outside”. Damian thanks Liam and start gulping down the ‘special’ drink. “Damn you’re thirsty!” says Liam smiling, “Ever been at a club like this?” asks Liam. “No! To be honest i don’t have much sexual experience except fooling around with a few girls” replies Damian. “But curious otherwise you wouldn’t follow me without hesitation” says Liam whilst giving Damian a wink. Damian starts blushing.
      “No worries dude! I will explain everything. To start… You need to drop off all your clothing here… in this club everyone is nude… this way you can see exactly want someone has to offer” says Liam. “I hope you’re not shy” continues Liam as he start to take off his shoes. Then he drops his shorts and Damian looks with amazement at the semi-hard huge cock dangling between his legs. Damian excitement start to grow again and he starts to take of his cloths. He didn’t realise that his cock already reacted to all the excitement so when he dropped his short his hard 7” cock sprang forward.
      “Second rule is that you need to take a shower so follow me” said Liam as he walked towards a dimly lighted room. Both of them jumped under a shower and the warm water starts flowing over their bodies. Damian begins to feel a bit lightheaded and drowsy. Liam sees this and grabs the boy and holds him in his strong muscular arms. “Feels good huh?” whispered Liam in Damians ears. Damian replies with a small moan. “As a unexperienced boy it’s good to be a bit relaxed.. makes cleaning easier” tells Liam. Liam then calls for some help and a young guy walks inside with a hose and a bucket. He attaches the hose to a tap and lubes up the other end before shoving it deep in Damian’s ass. Damian shrieks in pain. Then the young guy opens the tap and Damians ass begins to fill up with water. Damian starts moaning and tries to get loose but Liam tightens it’s grip and whispers “Relax and it will be over soon!”. After half a minute the young guy pulls out the hose. A torrent of water comes out Damian’s ass and in to the bucket. He repeats this several times until the water that comes out is clear. Then the young guy gets out a big syringe (without a needle) filled with a special mixture and shoots the contents deep in Damians ass. Damian moans that his ass starts to burn. “Stop your moaning!” said Liam strict. After both are dried off he leads Damian into a new room with a big bed in a middle and several slings and fuckbenches surrounding it. There are at least 8 twinks occupying several slings and benches whilst being used by a muscular guy. Damian sees that these guys are either black or latino, whilst all twinks are white. Liam puts Damian in the middle of the room on the bed. Damian begins to feel warm and he mind begin to rage. The sounds of fucking and moaning start to fuck with his brain. He begins to feel more hornier than he ever felt before and he lets himself fall back on the bed. His ass starts to twitch and itch uncontrollably. He pulls up one leg to try and reach it with his hand. He rams two fingers inside and begins to massage his ass to relief the feeling. This doesn’t have enough effect so he adds a third finger and starts to work his virgin ass open. Liam looks at Damian and says “Yeah boy… get in there!”.
      Damian twists and turnes in all manners to try to add another finger but without succes. “Shall i help you and fill your hungry hole” asks Liam. Damian nodded fierce. Liam puts the boys legs on his shoulders and moves into place behind the boy. He then moves his upper body forward and on top of Damian. His body weight is pinning the boy down. Then Damian feels something big and slippery poking his asshole. It’s the semi-hard cock of Liam. “My huge 13 inch cock is going to fill your virgin hole… RAW… And i will fuck you so hard that your ass will stay wide open” says Liam with a dirty. “And i will breed your ass with my cum… over and over and over… and you can’t do anything about it!” Liam concludes.
      The T that Damian got in his ass in the shower begins to take over his mind, but the words that this hung stallion said also strike fear inside this virgin. Damian begins to struggle and tries to wiggle out from under Liam. Without effect. Liam starts laughing because this is exactly what he wants because he gets turned on when boys try to resist. Slowly his cock starts filling up with blood and the growing cock begins to push against the boys virgin hole. Damian feels his ass getting stretched more and begins moaning and pleading Liam to stop! This turns on Liam more and he starts oozing pre-cum whilst his cock grows bigger and harder. The stress on the Damians ass gets bigger and bigger until it gives way. The boy cries out as the 13 inch cock begins to move deeper inside. After 5 minute and 10 inches Liam feels a new obstruction; the secondary internal sphincter. “NO TIME FOR THIS!” grunts Liam. He pulls out for 80% and rams his cock inside, but without effect. He repeats this again and at the third time it gives way and Liam is balls deep inside the ‘virgin’ ass. Damian screams out in pain and begins to spasme uncontrollably. The both sphincters contract sending Liam over the edge and with a loud grunt he starts to unload his first batch of cum deep inside the boy. When Damian starts to relax again Liam begins fucking the boys ass, picking up the pace with each stroke. Damian moans load while getting his ass fucked non-stop. After 45 minutes and 4 loads Liam pulls out leaving an wide open hole that starts oozing cum.
    • By freakyvegasguy
      40 yo sub bottom living in Vegas. Need to be used hard. Love bondage and all sorts of kinks. Unfortunately limited gear here, but open to almost anything.
    • By pervinmt
      So any of you that follow my stories may know that I got annoyed with unnecessary editing to my stories, and that I wouldn't write anymore here. Well I have been writing stories on Nifty, which is nice because I can write about things there that I can't write here. But I did miss not being able to share Chem stories, and I do enjoy writing some messed up shit, so I will try BZ again and hope I don't have the same issues.
      Part 1
      My partner and I are big Disney fanatics. And for me, Prince Eric was the ultimate. That perfect dark hair, and those big, blue eyes, topped by those awesome thick brows. Then there was that perfect square jawline, and sweet, boyish smile. And that body, so perfectly smooth. Defind, but still twinkish. Yea, I had the hots for a cartoon, but that's not so weird. I had jerked off many times imagining ruining his perfect life.
      So one year we planned a trip to Disney world for gay day. We made it a five day trip with two other couples we were friends with, all of who were into the leather scene. We were all in our 40's and pretty good looking. None of us were totally muscular, but we weren't completely out of shape. We had bellies, and most of us were pretty hairy. One couple, Joe and Alex even had their own boy, a sweet little blond twink. Not that hair colour mattered as it was always buzzed short. It was of course much easier to deal with various hoods and such that way, as he spent lots of time in full leather or rubber. He was barely 22, named Brent. He was pretty small, what you would call "fun size" I guess. Of course, we had all used him many times before, friends share, right? And he had been trained to take any cock his Master's wished him too, which was particularly great for our little group since we were all Hiv+. It wasn't always easy to find a bareback bottom. But Brent was a good little cumdump.
      So the seven of us got a nice hotel in Orlando. The other couple, Dave and Jeffrey flew down, but Joe, Alex, Brent, me and my partner Steve, rented a van and drove down. It was a 12 hour drive, but this way we were able to bring our leather gear and toys and what not, as well as plenty of party supplies to last us the four days. We had four 8 balls of Tina, a bunch of extasy, some G, weed, and plenty of bottles of fresh poppers. And besides, the long drive isn't so bad when you got a boy to keep you occupied. At one point, I was in the passenger seat, and he was on me naked, riding my cock when we passed a trucker. He looked down and honked at us and we ended up pulling over and letting him have a turn on Brent's hole. And I'll tell you, there are few things hotter than watching a big, fat, black cock pounding a skinny little white boy. Plus, we didn't have to stop to piss. Brent drank down every bit we gave him. When he had to piss, he just did it in a jug that we would dump out the window.
      So here we are, gay day at the park, high on weed and extasy, all wearing our leather pride shirts, leather caps, and leather boots. Brent of course was wearing leather shorts with a wife beater and a collar and leash. About half the day in, I spotted him. There he was, Prince Eric in person. And the actor they had playing him did NOT disappoint! He was 100% the personification of the ultimate Disney Prince.
      "There he is! There he is!" I said excitedly, grabbing Steve's hand, feeling like a little child. I instantly broke out in a sweat. Of course the heat and the extasy didn't help much. I just stood there watching him interact with the other guests. He was so perfect, and my cock got hard in my pants as I imagined him on his knees with my dick in his mouth, with those pink, pouty lips, looking up at me with those big blue eyes, tears running down as I grabbed his thick, dark hair and made him choke on my cock.
      "Come on silly!" Said Steve as he dragged me toward my fantasy boy. Eric saw us approaching and flashed us a big white smile with his perfect teeth, which I'm sure he does to everyone. This is Disney after all. I had butterflies in my stomach as we approached him. Of course I really didn't expect anything more than a picture, but I was glad I was high, because I could at least embarrass myself and not give two shits about it.
      "Are you enjoying the Magic Kingdom?" Eric asked as he smiled at us. 
      "Oh yeah!" I replied as I got next to him while Steven took pictures on the phone. "And you are my highlite!" I gushed at him. "I love Prince Eric." I said as I gazed down into his eyes.
      "Well thank you, kind sir." He replied in an awe shucks kind of way as his cheeks flushed. "That's very flattering." We chatted for a moment when he leaned into me and whispered, "I like your shirt."
      Well what the fuck? Did Prince Eric just flirt with me? My cock got harder in my pants as I imagined the nasty, degrading, perverted things I wanted to do to this boy. And like I said, thank God for the drugs, or I never would have done what I did next. I reached in my pocket and pulled out a business card. Steve and I had some printed up with our first names and our phone number in case we ran into interesting people we might want to party with. 
      I casually passed the card to Eric as I shook his hand. I leaned in and whispered, "I'd love to have a drink with you when your off shift." Oh God, how can I embarrass myself like that? But to my surprise, he glanced at the card and discreetly tucked it into his costume.
      "I'll call you." He whispered back. Then he turned away as more people approached him.
      I hurried back to Steven who asked, "Did you actually give him our number?" 
      "Yea, can you believe that?" I replied.
      "What did he say?"
      "That he would call me."
      "Holy shit! You lucky [banned word]!"
      "Oh come on, that's never going to actually happen! Disney characters get hit on ALL the time! He was just being nice."
      Imagine my shock when my phone rang at 8 o'clock that night.
      "Oh hey, it's Ken." Said a voice, followed by a brief silence. "Um, you probably know me as Prince Eric?"
      I almost dropped the fucking phone.
    • By Hungtop4barehole
      Rye was a tall good looking guy, he had been in the Army and was muscled, tatted with a baby face.  He was very popular with the ladies and had not issue getting laid.  He like one night stands and women who had been with him described their encounters as physical and rough.  There are a few women who called it rape or forced but Rye shrugged it off, he told buds and and even an officer that came to visit him that she wanted it and begged him and now she is fucking saying I raped her.  That is fucking bullshit, you know how women are.  The older officers agreed and Rye in his charming way got them to not file a report and to tell the woman it was Rye's word against her's and there was nothing they could do. 
      Rye had abducted women before when he was out of the county and used them and released them and he had done it once in the states when he was on vacation in the mountains at a cabin.  He was determined to not get another visit from the police and decided that building a safe room in his basement was what he needed to do now that he had his own place and he began to build it out. The basement had the plumbing for a toilet and a sink near an center wall.  Rye built a cage floor to ceiling out of Iron rails much like a prison cage.  He also welded hooks to the bars and cemented several in the floor to be able to chain a woman once he had one in his home.  The basement was sound proofed and the loudest music could not be heard from outside or even upstairs.  Rye was growing sexually frustrated and decided to go on a trip to release some pressure.  He need to use and control a woman and control her as he used her as his fuck doll with no care for whether she enjoyed it or wanted it.
      Rye drove two hours to Denver and rented a hotel room for Friday through Monday.  He picked up a woman cheating on her husband the first night.  He had been talking to her and he was as sweet as he could be when they met downstairs in the lobby but once inside the room he grabbed her by the throat at pinned her against the wall and told her she was nothing but a cheating slut and if she did not want her husband to know she was cheating she would shut the fuck up and get undressed.  When he let her go she undressed as Rye watched and tight worked out body and then he grabbed a ball gag and fastened it on her mouth and led her to the bathroom and put her in the shower and gave her an enema to clean her out.  She shook her head and protested in her muffled way and he cleaned her up and then led to the bed and pushed her down and put restraints on her wrist and tied her to the bed.  
      Rye told her how hot she looked and the she was going to have the time of her life, she shook her head no but Rye ignored her and went down on her eating her out and soon she came and he stood up and undressed and showed his married slut his muscled body and tats.  Taunted her and told her he could tell she wanted to touch him and feel his chest, then he pulled his pants off and revealed a thick 10" dick.  He had told her he was hung and a bit more then 8" but not that the was carrying a club that would stretch and wreck her pussy and ass.  Rye  fucked and loaded her ass and pussy several time and then unfastened her and made her pose for him and he snapped pictures of her ass and pussy with cum in it and his cheating mistress sucking his dick before telling her to get dressed and go home to hubby.  If you say anything about this these pictures are going to your husband, I have his cell number from your phone.  He called while you were taking it up the ass the first time.  I want him to eat my cum out of your pussy and the next time you cheat on your hubby I want you to take some BBC. 
      He feel asleep feeling totally satisfied and went on the hung the next day for his new prey.  He spent ever hours trying to locate a suitable subject and finally ran into a young woman who had just moved to town.  She had just rented a furnished room at a less desirable pay by the week motel four blocks away.  He invited her to dinner and she declined to come up for the night.  They talked on the phone for a few hours that night and he found out she did not know anyone in town and she was going to start looking for a job in the city.  He  asked her to go site seeing and they spent the day together. They had dinner and some wine at the restaurant and Rye told her he would have to go home for the week but would be back next weekend to see her.  She told him she would love that, they talked some more and when Tina got up and went to the rest room he put some g in her glass.  They talked a bit ore and he asked her to come to the the room to talk and she reluctantly agreed.  
      When they arrived he watched as the more they talked the more she groggy she became.  He went over and sat next her her and slowly positioned her on the pillow and started to take off her clothes.  She had a beautiful body with big tits, they felt natural and a thin little frame.  Hairless pussy and a tight body and she looked very inexperienced sexually.  He rubbed her clit and got her wet and then slide his finger in her and she was fucking tight.  Jackpot, he decided that she would come home with him instead of just having a night or two of fun.  He took lots of pictures and then around 4 AM he slipped on her clothes and went down to grab his bat bag and emptied it and slipped her in it after getting back to the room.  Grabbed a luggage dolly and wheeled her out to the SUV.  Lifted her in and wheeled the dolly back to the lobby.  He did not check out as he planned on driving back to the city and creating an alibi. 
      They drove the two hours and it was still dark when he pulled up and he carried Tina in and again undressed her and took her to the basement and chained her to the cage and fed her a sleeping pill and then locked it. He had a camera he could see on his phone so he could keep an eye on her while he was gone.  He raced back to the hotel and pulled up at 9:30 AM and made sure staff saw him as he stumbled in like he had been out drinking and went to bed.  Slept and put the do no disturb sign out and woke up at 11 AM and he got dressed and headed to check out.  He made a big deal about checking out and flirted with the two check out staff and told them they needed to party when he was back in town.   Then he left and drove home,  He had checked the video and she had not moved much but he knew she would be waking up naked soon on a blanket chained and he wanted to see her as that all unfolded.
      He got home and made in the house and he was able to turn the TV on and watch Tina as she started to come out of her sleep and he caught her as she tried to figure out where she was and how she got there.  She started to call for help and scream but only Rye could her her.  He finally muted the tv and watched as she tried to get out of the chain attached to her angle.  It was locked in a metal clasp and would not go anywhere.  She finally after six hours gave up and slept.  She was worn out.  While she was sleeping and in the dark Rye brought her a power bar and water.  She did not realize until Rye turned on some music and small light.  She looked around to see but he had already left and she ate the bar and drink the water and then pleaded for help. 
      In the morning she found a note.  You may need to go to the rest room, there is a five gallon bucket in the corner.  If you can hold it to 1 PM;  I will unlock the cage and you may find your way to the toilet and shower just outside the cage.  Clean up and dry off and then go immediately back into your cage.  If you disobey you will be punished.  She held it till 1 PM and the cage was unlocked by a man in all black with a ski mask.  She cried for help and he turned and walked away and she used the toilet and took a shower and dried off.  While she was showering a note along with two toys were placed at the opening where food was slide though.  The note read, pleasure yourself, use only one of the toys. You may try each for a short time but only use one! When the national anthem starts you will start to pleasure yourself.  You must use the toy till you cum no mater how long it takes.  Once you cum, you must immediately put the toy back and stop pleasing yourself. 
      Tina, sat there and began to cry, Rye turned the music on and Tina did not move.  The music stopped and he told her in a muffled voice, fucking grab the toy and please yourself or you will regret it. She stopped crying out of fear and grabbed the wand and began to rub her pussy and she was soon wet and moaning.  She inserted the toy while it vibrated on her clit and she soon came hard.  She lingered a bit but pulled it out and put it on the tray and sat there with her legs wide open touching herself.  She soon came again by rubbing her clit.  Andre turned the lights off and came and replaced the toys with food and water and a pill.  Take the pill, show the camera with your tongue and then swallow it.  Then eat baby girl!  Tina thought fuck, I am not your baby girl that is sick!  She feel asleep and woke up in the morning on a fuck bench with a blindfold on restrained and cold. 
      ....... More to come
    • By Voyeurboy69
      Long time reader of the forums, felt inspired to write a small thing of my own. Posted a shorter version originally on my Bdsmlr @Cuckyou.
      First time writing, hope you enjoy. 😉 
      (If the images are in violation, or need to be taken down, let know and I gladly will).
      It was so sweet when our anniversary came around. I had asked my boyfriend of a few years if he was willing to do anything for me. After the romantic dinner, night out, how could he say no? He looked me in the eyes and said he would do anything. I tried to hide the smirk that slowly crept up on my face. 
      "Can you bottom for me tonight?" I asked, knowing that he was too into the lovey-dovey mood to say now. "Sure." He said, kissing me softly on the forehead.
      After he finished preparing himself, I threw myself at him. Bent him over the bed, ate his delicious untouched tight hole (since he's a top, and rarely bottoms for me). Even licked at his balls while under him, making sure he got sufficiently horny. 
      "Can we be kinky today babe? After all this cute stuff today, nothing would turn me on than to treat you like a whore." He looked at me curiously, but his arousal betrayed him and he agreed. I nearly wet myself at the thought of what would happen next.
      Thankfully he was flexible enough to not mind when I bound his wrists to his ankles, spread eagle on the edge of the bed. "Oh baby that feels so good, eat my slutty hole," he said, getting into the "roleplay." Little did he know that this was going to be much more real than expected. I tongue fucked his innocent hole, prepping it for the fun. "Alright baby I hope you enjoy your anniversary present," I said, pulling out a cock cage and a gag. 
      "What is all that?" He said, curiosity turning into concern.
      "It's so that you keep you fucking voice down while I do what I asked earlier: Treating you like a fucking whore." My aggressive tone, along with the fact that I quickly locked his cock in caused him to become more resistant.
      "What the fuck babe!" He began to struggle, but to no avail. After some minutes I was able to get the gag in his mouth and there he was, my little soon-to-be cumdump boyfriend. 
      I snapped some photos of him (neck down of course, I wasn't that much of an asshole) and posted them on BBRT for some hungry tops to come around. My boyfriend tried pleading with me through his gag while I spent the next half an hour working my fingers in and out of his hole, loosening up his boy pussy.
      He groaned and thrashed around, trying to break free but all it did was drive my fingers deeper and deeper into his tight top hole. 
      "You sure you're not meant to be a bottom baby? You look like you're enjoying this." 
      And although his angry glare made him seem angry, his caged cock was leaking precum all over his stomach. I made sure to lovingly scoop it up and work that into his hole too. I'm a good boyfriend after all, I want him to be a comfortable stupid whore.
      When the first guy arrived, a malicious smirk grew on his face as well. "Damn man, I knew you said on the ad that your boyfriend is into whoring roleplays, but he seems really mad. Sure he's up for this?" 
      I smiled back innocently. "Oh yes, he gets really into roleplay. He's nasty fucking slut." With that, the dude began to disrobe to reveal a massive uncut cock, still a bit soft at 6". I grew ravenous. I left my bound boyfriend on the bed and went on my knees in front of the new alpha. "Can I help you get started?" He looked down at me, amused. "Go ahead."
      I worshipped his cock (making sure that I was still at a good angle for my boyfriend to watch me suck off this stranger on our anniversary). The precum was salty, but delicious. I think maybe the betrayal and lying added to the flavor. After getting our visitor's cock nice and erect at a meaty 8", I made sure to build up a good wad of precum and saliva in my mouth. 
      "Wait here," I was able to gurgle out, while I moved back to my boyfriend who grew tired of resisting. He looked up at me with pleading eyes. Oh how I would love this. I drooled out the mixture of cum and saliva over his eyes, acting as a liquid blindfold. I moved down to his ears and said, "HIs cock is massive baby. If you want to enjoy this as much as I am, you're gonna need to be a little popper whore for me okay? I love you much baby. Now take deep hits." I flipped him on his stomach, still spread eagle, and held up a bottle to his nose. He could only sob and take as many hits as I forced him.
      With that, the popper rush took over and with some difficulty, he was pounded for a good hour by the bull until his cunt was creamed. I thanked the bull for his time and massaged by boy's used hole with my fingers. "You did great baby, now only a few more hours to go."
      My boyfriend raised his head to look at me with glossy, poppered eyes and laid it back down to rest. In that moment, I knew he gave up. 
      And how did the night end? I ended up having to moderate and hold his poor head up for poppers every few minutes in order to keep him relaxed. Poor boy seemed like he was beginning to get sore after the 3rd anonymous cock flooded his cunt. "You're doing great baby this is so hot. I love this anniversary present." 
      I kissed his ball gag which was covered in his saliva and tears from all the crying and popper gooning. He had a long night ahead of him. At least another dozen loads until his mind was broken and I could enjoy fucking his sloppy pussy myself.
      Love you baby.

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