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:)  My boyfriend and I are very loving, but our sex life has gotten somewhat stale. We both just work too many long hours and that kills things especially when our schedules don't overlap very much.  We still fuck, and when we do it is very good as he has an amazing cock.  At about seven inches it's not all that long, but it's very, very thick, almost as if a beer can was sliding in my ass, and when he's going at it, he readily hits those spots that drive me wild.  However, even if I love him very deeply, we just don't fuck as often as we did in the past, sometimes with a long time between sessions.  

As my ass needs much more attention than he is able to provide, I have several dildos and vibrators to help me out when we aren't fucking but they're definitely not as good as the real thing, so I went on-line and signed up for several sites, if only to look at some fresh cock that I could pretend were in my ass, instead of the dildo which I was actually using.

The visual stimulation worked well, really getting me going, so I also signed up with several sites which over IM, just so I could cam and talk to other guys.  Sometimes I would get to see the guys jacking themselves, while they got to see me ramming my ass with my dildo, ramming it in and out of my hole, all the while leading the guy du jour on by telling him how great his cock feels in my hole.

It might not have been perfect, but the arrangement kept me sane, if only as I absolutely loved seeing the variety of cocks out in the market.  Not to mention some of the fantasies in which we indulged were also rather good.  Occasionally our sex play would get very wild and sometimes pretty vanilla but always good enough to get me through to the next time with my boyfriend and then our sex would soar.

After about a year of this arrangement I found myself on-line, looking to find some cyber gratification as, once again, my boyfriend and I hadn't had sex in a month or so.  When on-line I connected with a guy I hadn't seen before.  His profile definitely caught my eye, he was 30, 6', 170, brown hair and blue eyes, and listed his cock as eleven inches, thick and cut.  His advertisement also said he was Top only.  He hadn't uploaded any photographs of his cock, but there were several of his torso, and it looked like a ripped god.  Well muscled and a pic of his ass which was very nicely rounded.  His face picture was also enticing.  I felt I had to see this cock somehow and hit on him for an IM webcam session.  At first there was no answer, even though it showed him online, but just as I was getting ready to check for someone else he answered back. 

A couple of click later our cams were synced and ready.  I was already nude but was somewhat disappointed that he seemed to be fully clothed.  He opened the conversation first by asking to see my ass and when I showed I to him, I got a nice whistle and he said that is sure looked great to him.  He went on to tell me that it looked like I could handle him ok and he would love to be the one in me all the time.

I asked to see his cock, but he kind of sidestepped it by continuing to talk about my ass.  He was kind of turning me on with his talk so I grabbed a dildo and started to run it around my hole and then got my lube and started lubing my hole and the dildo.  Then he started telling me what to do.  Had me fingering my hole first and then two and then three fingers in me and ramming them in and out of my ass and he wanted me to do it hard.  It felt good and I was really getting into him telling me what to do.  His voice was very compelling.  Then he had me inserting the dildo a little at a time.  Then he asked me if I had a bigger one.  I told him I did and he wanted me to get it.  I wasted no time getting it for sure.  Seldom used this one because of its size but he wanted it and I obeyed for some reason.  I started to get more lube and he told me to not use anymore, as he wanted to see if I could take it without anymore.  I was a little apprehensive but did it anyway.

I started to rub it around and around my hole but he told me to get on with it and start getting it in.  I complied quickly and soon had about half of it in me.  He got a little impatient and growled at me to ram that fucker in.  I did it too. Damn it hurt but felt so good at the same time.  My dildo was about as big around as my boy but about as long as the one this guy had posted, so it was much more than my usual.  I held still for a bit but he again growled to get busy and ram than thing now.  I jumped but could not help but do what he wanted.  I started to pull it out and then back in and he said not near fast nor hard enough go to it.  I started going faster and faster and harder and harder.   It hurt but soon the rubbing against my prostate was fantastic and I wanted more and hard as I could ram it in me. 

About 15 minutes later and I was groaning back at him that I was cumming and without touching my own cock it started to spurt and spurt and spurt.  More cum than I think I had ever had come out of me before.  As I was starting to settle down, I noticed that he had seemed to be jacking and his camera was now showing a huge puddle of cum on his table.  I thought I had cum a lot but he had shot about five times as much as had I, and had definately shot more than my boyfriend's normal load.  I hadn't, however, gotten even a glimpse of his huge cock.  I asked to see it but he had signed off before I sent clicked 'send'.  

WOW What an experience!  It had been much, much hotter than I had expected.



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Hey, cheatingjock,  I think you requested a cheating story.  LOL ;)

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OMG What Did I Do?

Part II


      A couple of days went by since my session with the guy with the big cock.  I was still turned on terribly by his gruff voice and the thought of an 11" cock like my dildo.  That had been one of my most intense climaxes ever.  My boyfriend was home for the evening and after supper I basically raped him.  LOL  Told him I had missed his cock so much and had to have it.  We barely made it to the bed and got our clothes off when I had his cock buried in my throat sucking for all I was worth.  I needed that cock hard and in me badly.  In a short time it was nice and hard and let it go and laid down on my back.  My boy tipped me almost upside down and rammed his cock home in my hole.  The only lube, my saliva from sucking him.  I let out a scream of pain as I had thought he was going to get some lube first.  He held still for all of, maybe, 2 or 3 seconds and then started to pound my hole good.  I love being upended like that.  Basically being pile driven and my own cock just a couple of inches from my lips.  He felt like he was trying to drive me through the mattress to the floor.  Harder and faster and as deep as he could go.  He kept it up and kept it up, driving me wild.  Then after a good 20 minutes I felt my own cock start to tingle and I opened my mouth and caught my own load as I erupted.  It was fantastic and then with my ass quivering my boy yelled here it comes and he let loose his cum deep in me and ground  it into me making my cock keep spurting more also.  It took us another good 5 minutes to finally start to settle down.  What a fantastic fuck.  It then dawned on me that right at the end I had thought of an 11" cock spurting into  me just as my boyfriend was doing it.  Fucking hot for sure and my own cock did another couple of twitches from that thought.

     We laid there in each others arms for quite a while after that and then my boy's cock started getting hard again, so we did it again.  It was another intense fuck and we both were about as drained as you can get by the time we finished this time.  We then laid in each other's arms and called it a night.

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OMG What Did I Do?

Part III


     My boy and I fucked like demons for about 4 days straight and I was loving it.  Fantastic sex, but every time I saw my huge dildo, I would think of that guy's 11" cock I had not seen.  I wanted to see one that big.  But, I was getting laid good, so I really didn't try to hard to think about it except when I saw my dildo only. 

     Then like it started, our sex stopped again as our schedules got mixed again and basically only saw each other about the time to fall asleep.  Both of us too tired to do anything with our long hours again.  It only took a few days for my ass to start wanting again.  I basically have always wanted it filled every day and a lot every day. LOL  A few days without and I was grabbing my dildoes again and ramming my own ass.  Most of the time now though, I was grabbing my huge one and using it while thinking about getting a real 11" cock in my hole.  Very intense feelings for a few days but the feeling dropped off then.

     A week had gone by without my boyfriend in me and my hole needed to be satisfied more, so I turned to my sites again to get some feedback from some guys. Loved the camming and play acting with other guys and having them tell  me what they would like to do to my hole with their fists or cocks or a dildo along with their cocks.  It got me off again for another few days but still thought a lot about the big one I wanted to see.  I had not found him online at all and was hoping he would get back on but didn't seem to be.  I then got a little bit desperate and sent a message to him asking if he would like a replay?

     Another couple of days went by with some other guys and some nice hot sessions and some had some big cocks too, but none in the size I wanted to see.   Then finally I got a message from him.  WOW  He told me he would be on at a certain time and I should be naked and ready when he came on and I had better have my biggest dildo ready to plow with.  I told him I would be ready and he signed off again.  I didn't even get a chance to ask about his cock.

     The appointed time came and I was naked and lubed and had my huge dildo ready.  I was tingling in my ass from the anticipation and sure hoped I got to see that huge cock too.  Sure enough he came on right on the button.  I was a little disappointed again though, as he seemed to be fully dressed again.  He immediately, in that hot voice of his, told me to get comfortable.  I laid down on my back and waited to see what was going to happen.  He took his shirt off and I about dropped my load watching him do that as muscle after muscle popped out.  Not your huge behemoth kind like some weight lifters but just nice big hard muscle of a guy who works hard and works out a little to help.  Very hot looking, but I already knew it from his pics.  I wanted that cock out.

     He then told me to get that dildo wet in my mouth as he wanted to see how good I could suck a cock.  I immediately buried as much of it in my mouth and throat as I could.  His cam was aimed at about the top of his stomach but it looked like he was taking his pants off.  I was sucking like mad and hoping the cam would droop somehow and let me see.  He did not move the cam down, but told me he liked good cocksuckers and I tried desperately to get the entire dildo in my mouth and down my throat.  I about choked myself good but got all but about an inch or a little more finally in me and down my throat.

     I could see his arm moving and it looked to me like he was stroking his cock just out of sight of the camera.  Was driving me nuts.  He then told me to start moving the  dildo slowly downward towards my hole.  I began by slobbering all over it and then very slowly slid it out of my mouth and down my chin to my neck and then down to my chest.  Then around one nipple and then across to the other nipple, oh so slowly running it around in circles and making my nips stand up good and hard.  Then down across my stomach and stopping at my belly button to push it in there like it was a hole too.  Down to my cock and around it and I was hard as a rock and then further down pushing in on and rubbing my balls.  Finally to my crack and then to my hole.  All the while I could tell he was stroking but still out of sight.

     As I got to my hole he told me to get to it and just ram it home.  I complied and groaned as I rammed the entire length of it in me in one stroke.  It hurt like hell but also felt so damn good as it rubbed across my prostate and my cock jumped and nearly shot it's load right then.  I started to pull it out and ram it back in hard and fast. I was beyond turned on now as I watched closely as his arm seemed to be getting faster too.  My cock was jumping every which way and my ass was on fire but I pounded my hole for all I was worth and kept hoping he would drop the camera down.  I wanted to see his cock so bad it was driving me nuts and turning me on at the same time. 

     After only about 10 minutes of pounding the heck out of my hole I could feel the cum starting to boil in my balls and knew that soon it would be coming out of my cock in huge spurts.  He seemed to be grimacing some so I was sure he was close too.  Then it was there and I let out a low moan and my cock erupted and cum blew out so hard some went clear over my head.  Some hit me in the eyes even and I blinked a couple of times and when I looked at the screen again the camera was just coming back up.  I caught just a glimpse of the head of his cock and then his cam went off again.  I almost screamed.  The small glimpse I got of the head of his cock looked gigantic and still was spurting cum that looked like by the gallon.   I had not seen his cock again and I could barely move either from pounding my hole so hard and cumming so hard too.

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OMG What Did I Do?

Part IV


     My ass is still tingling from the abuse I gave it last night while online with a guy that is supposed to have a huge cock. I have not seen it yet, but last night I finally got a glimpse of the head of it.  Seemed to be much bigger around than my boys and his is as big around as my wrist.  I just want to see it once and I am sure I will cum on the spot.  The guy has an extremely sexy muscled body and face and his voice has just the right inflection to make his every word my command. 

     I am basically his to command when he talks and find myself just obeying him and losing concentration on trying to get a look at his cock.  He had me so worked up last night that my own cock spurted like a cannon clear over my head, but some landed on my face and into my eyes.  When I was blinking and trying to clear my sight is when he apparently lowered his camera to his cock but by the time I could see he raised it back up and I only caught the glimmer of it.

    My boyfriend has a large cock but this guy claims to have one 11" and from the quick look I got it has to be bigger around than by boys too.  I want to see it badly.  My ass just tingles thinking about it as it may be bigger yet than my dildo I have which is bigger than normal also.

    I sent him a message this morning before work telling him I really want to see his cock.  I told him it is about all I think about now and especially when playing with my ass with that dildo.  I am hoping he will let me see it next time online. 

      Well, work finally over for the day.  I have  not had a productive day as I could not stop thinking about that little peek I got of my online guy's cock last night.  I am hoping he is online again tonight and will let me see it this time.  I get home and there is a message from him.  My fingers are shaking as I click into my site to read it.  He says, "Hi, got your message and am glad I am driving you nuts with want. LOL  I love to tease guys wanting to see my cock.  I guarantee you it is every bit as large as I say it is.  I love stroking it as I tell you what to do to yourself in my name and pretending it is my cock pounding your hole like you want it.  What you don't know, because I don't post it, is that I only live about a mile from you.  Know that little park on the south side of town, The Lion Park.  I live right by it and go walking in it almost every day when it is nice out.  When I get to some of the back trails in there I also strip naked and walk in the fresh air.  You should try it sometime.  You need a little more fresh air and some sun.  Oh, I know exactly where you live too. LOL  Your boyfriend looks hot too and can see why you are together. Make a great looking couple. "

      That was all there was and he was not online now.  Would he come on later?  I sure hoped so.  Now I had a bunch of questions to ask.  Seems he knows us and I cannot for the life of me remember seeing him before until online.  I knew the park he was talking about too, kind of mostly used by guys only to meet up.  Maybe I should get over there and find a hiding place and hope he walks by nude to get a look at his cock.  I will have to think about that.  My boy just texted that he is off early again finally and I am going to rape the hell out of him when he gets here for sure.  I am just all excited about a big cock pounding my hole and need my boy quick.

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OMG Is right.  I started to write Chapter 5 and about 4 paragraphs in my computer locked up and lost the whole damn thing with no way to save it.  Now I have to start completely over on it and hope I get it the way I started to before.  LOL

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OMG What Did I Do?

Part V


     I could hardly wait for my boyfriend to get home.  That message just got me hotter than hell for some reason, thinking about a guy with a huge cock and he knows us apparently but not anyone we know.  For some reason I was now almost panting for some sex.  My hole just kept tingling from the thought of someone may have been watching us and thinking we were a very hot couple.

     Not any time too soon, my boyfriend arrived home and I met him at the door naked and tearing his clothes off.  Drug him into the bedroom and on top of me.  My mouth dropped onto his cock and sucked like I was sucking for my life and soon had him hard and dripping precum galore.  He was busy, too, eating my hole and dipping his tongue in and driving me crazier.  Then he pulled away grabbed me and threw me on my back, lifted my legs into the air and rammed his cock in me with only his and my spit on his cock and my hole for lube.  I groaned with the pain at first but it did not take long before his thrusts had me in pure heaven.  He pounded my hole like there was no tomorrow and then I felt it, his cock expanded and then he growled and rammed his cock as deep as he could and was cumming a river in me.  WOW We laid there then as he lowered my legs down and we laid in each others arms for a good hour afterwards.  Then we finally got enough energy to get up to go eat supper.

     During supper I started to open up a little to my boy about my fantasies.  I told him I had been looking online at some sites and getting off with my dildoes as we hadn't been doing much, sex wise anyway.  I told him I felt guilty doing it but it seemed like it was helping us.  I asked if he cared and he told me that it seemed to be working well.  He laughed then and said a little fantasy never hurt anybody and to be honest he had thought of a couple of hot guys he had seen when fucking me and loved it that way too.  We laughed then, but I could not tell him about this new guy I had seen as I was thinking my thoughts about that and the fact the guy seemed to have spied on us sometime or other was over the line a little.   But it was nice to know my boyfriend had a good imagination also.  We watched TV naked in bed after supper wrapped in each other's arms till we fell asleep.

     After our talk the next two or three days went by quickly although our schedules prevented us from seeing much of each other again, until bedtime and sleep came easy then from a lot of work.  I was pretty satisfied for the time being.   Being the little cum slut I was, though, it did not last and I found myself, on the 4th day after our talk, turning the computer on and looking to see who was on that I could have a hot talk with and pound my insatiable hole with a dildo with. 

     A couple of sites had, basically, nothing on and turned to my main one then to see what could happen.  There were two or three messages there from guys I had played with before but they were not quite what I wanted and then saw a message from THE guy.  I opened it and he was writing me to tell me how nice the trails were at the park the last couple of days.  He went on to say that he thought sure he would see me walking or maybe sitting around trying to get a look at his cock.   He had included a pic this time, but it was just the tip of his cock with a large drop of precum oozing out of the hole in it.  It really did look huge, but again he was not online.  I just stared at the tip of his cock and without even hardly knowing what I was doing my hand had grasped my dildo and was lining it up with my hole as I looked.  I came out of it a little as it dawned on me that I had my dildo halfway in me already while thinking about a huge 11" cock in me.  WOW I was almost ready to cum just thinking about it.  I decided that I just had to see that for real and then I could forget about it finally.

    I made plans to take the next day off of work and head for the park and find a place to hide so I could watch the main trail and get a look at him if he came by.  I prepared a snack to take along as I decided I was going to be there all day if it took that long.  I also packed my largest dildo and lube as I just knew if I did get to see him I would have to ram it in me to get off for sure.

    I called work the next morning as soon as my boy left and told them I was not feeling all that good but put me down for PTO instead of sick leave as I was sure I would be back the next day and I wasn't going to the doctor.  With my hard work they didn't bat an eye but just said to hurry back in.  I then dressed in a tshirt and shorts with a jockstrap  and headed for the park.



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    • By desiguy4u
      Hi all I am following this site from sometime now and love this site. Finally I signed up and wanted to share a real incident that happened this 4th July 15, 2018 vacation. Little background I am in a relationship with my boyfriend for now 10+ years now. We are Indians and in India its not that easy to be gay. We met through a hooking site and from first date after months of chatting we were in love. We used to meet every weekend from Friday night till Sunday night. Sex was awesome atleast once everyday during the weekend. All were going great but then I had to relocate to US (which I was declining because of him as I didn’t want not to see him) but finally we talked and he said go ahead with the opportunity and be back in 2 years. I left for US but I made sure to come back and see him atleast 3 times a year for a week. In the meantime he also tried to come to US as we were planning to settle in US and get married. Finally he came to US after 3.5 years I have been to US. Though we are in different cities in US but we meet often
      Lately our sex life has declined a lot we don’t have much sex  he says he is going through midlife crises and so libido decreased (he is 38yrs and I m 32) but I am very sexual and horny guy. He is total top and I am vers love to fuck and to get fucked. He is very safe kind of person and even we have condom sex most of the time. I was monogamous once I met him. Once he shared his gmail password and after many months I thought of reading his gmail chats and found out while I was in US he was meeting other guys that just devasted me and I was mad and I confronted him he said just couple of times and nothing much just coffee and kiss that’s all I thought of breaking up but I love him so much I could not leave him but after couple of months when I thought of him fucking others kind of aroused me. We patched up after couple of months of not talking but now I decided to have sex with others as well after all why I should be the only one. I started hooking up but safe always. In US also when I went to his place I found a half used lube bottle and 9 condom pack that means he is having sex even in US with others behind my back but I didn’t confront him time as I know I cant live without him. But I started fucking around too and we two know that we are fucking others but we never talk about it and we pretend to be monogamous.
      This 4th July we went for a long trip to monument valley, zion, antelope and vegas. Now a days we don’t have much sex. We were in vegas staying a casino on stripe, we roamed around and then had drinks we went to our room and he ate and slept but I was still drinking. I was horny I went downstairs to casino and went to bar to have some more drinks and logged in to grindr. One gy from Ohio hit me we chatted a bit. i was drunk and horny as hell. He said he is with his friends and cannot host neither can I as my bf is sleeping in our room. He was a bottom and very particular about safe sex even his profile in grindr says in bold “ONLY SAFE SEX”. He asked where I am (he was also staying in the same casino) I told him the bar and in 5mins he showed up next to me. We chatted in bar and it got heated up he said at this time (it was around 2AM) we can go to pool area and he can suck me off. At that moment I just wanted to get sucked and either fuck or get fucked. I was scared as its public place and a stranger but after some chatting I said lets do it, lets go. Went to pool side and it was not dark at all and there was a guy sleeping there may be drunk. I was scred but he said its 2AM and nobody there and no one going to come. He then just went down unzipped me and started sucking me and man was he a good sucker!!! He sucked me deep and asked him to suck/lick my all and he was awesome. Then we kissed deep and then I again forced him to suck me deep and I lowered his shorts and started to fingering him. I started with 1 finger then 2 and then 3 while he is working on my dick. Then I turned him around and started eating his ass. After some time I started to rub my cock on his hole and whispered in his ear “condom?” he noded that he doesn’t have one and even I didn’t have one (I was with my boyfriend cant even think of hooking up with others). I was so disappointed and just kept on rubbing and I was so drunk and horny I started teasing his hole and started inserting tip of my cock to his hole and to my surprise he started moaning. I got courage (remember his profile says in bold safe sex and also in bar he said safe only) and inserted little more (I don’t know what I was thinking my bf is sleeping upstairs, he is always so safe event with me and here I am doing bareback). And finally I inserted my full dick bareback deep inside of him and he instead of resisting he moaned loudly (not that loudly, we are in public place near pool and its full lighted up). I continued to fuck him deep and deep and fast then I pulled out I didn’t want to cum inside him and made him to suck and boi he started to suck so nicely and started to lick my balls (balls and inner thighs are supper sensitive and turns me super horny). After sometime I just cant resist and tuned him and started fucking him again bareback he was moaning and started saying fuck me hard, give it to me and all. I was so turned on (I really take time to cum and can fuck for hour) and finally I came inside him. I was so feeling guilty and told him sorry and was pulling out but he said no be inside him it was awesome. Then he cleaned me up and I told him we are leaving afternoon may be around noon my bf will meet his colleague how works in IT in MGM and if possible I can fuck him gain. I went up to my room ate and slept hugging my boyfriend and he had no idea what I did. That feeling of cheating my boyfriend was so turn on I dont know why. Next day I got up at noon and my bf met and came back after meeting his colleague and I cudnt meet the guy again though he kept messaging.
      I had hooked up but when my bf was in other cities but first time he was with me and sleeping in our hotel room and i was breeding someone else and then I went back and cuddled and slept so arousing. 
      We are back to SF and he will be going back to Chicago. I already scheduled an appointment with clinic to get Prep next week. Now I want to get fucked in bathhouse and 442. Am I normal? Becoming a slut? I need to open up my relation but don’t know how, how to talk to him about it? Should I tell him that I am going for prep or he will think I am being a slut? I know he is also fucking others but he is very safe always. I love him cant live without him but at the sametime we are not having sex at all and I am very sexual. What u guys say? How to open up? By the way its real story not a fiction.
    • By TimSon
      Neg, bi (married to woman), bottom looking to be knocked up/converted. 
      Wickr: timsonbb
      Tumblr: timsonbb
      BBRT: timson
    • By ijimmi69
      The following stories are not mine. I've made them mine by correcting grammar, as best I can, and adding some flair.
      #1 - A Wive's Poolside Fuck
      Two years ago I took my three kids to the country swimming hole for the day. My mom came to hang out with us and after we were done swimming she was going to take the kids home with her. Well, while we were there this guy was that was with his one friend was really eyeing me.
      Every time I would bend over to talk to or pick up my youngest, I had this guy's attention. Eventually he decided to come over and make small talk. He asked me if.i was going to get in the water, and before I could answer he grabbed my arm and dragged me. We got out to about waist deep and he bear hugged me and dunked me under from a belly to back kind of position.
      I could feel his dick pressed up against my ass check, which made me a little aroused. After some standing around and talking my mom decided it was time to go and she loaded up the kids and left. I put a towel down and decided to lay down and catch some sun. I made sure to point my ass at him while I was getting down on all fours to lay down. After about a half hour I hear his friend say he was leaving. (Only the two of us were there at this point, i did not know)
      This guy came over and sat down beside me and we just talked for about 20 minutes. I sat up and started rubbing some oil on my arms. He offered to put some on my back for me (I know, cliche) so I laid back down and as he rubbed it on my shoulders I started getting really turned on. As he got down to the top of my butt I was soaking wet. He then took it upon himself to do my legs. He started at my ankle and massaged the oil into my skin all the way up to my bikini bottom.
      As he did my thighs I could feel him squeezing and trying to separate my ass cheeks a little better and without even thinking, I parted my legs a little. Without skipping a beat he was rubbing my slit through my suit ever so slightly. I let out a moan and he pressed harder. I rolled over onto my back and pulled my knees up and he slid my bottom off revealing my soaking bald pussy.
      I spread my legs and he started licking my clit. It felt so good I just couldn't stop myself, so when he pulled his cock out of his swim trunks I couldn't say no. He took the tip of his dick and placed it at my hole and rubbed up towards my clit. I was sooo hot and ready every time he came back to the hole I moaned. He pushed the tip of his dick inside me just an inch, and I snapped back to reality, I realized I was making a mistake, and I asked him to stop.
      But I didn't want to stop.
      I wanted to feel his cock deep inside me soooo bad. So I told him to push it all the way in just one time. It was incredible! He stayed there for a moment not moving and then slowly pulled all the way out. Then slammed it back into me harder and harder. I begged him for more. I held my legs wide for as he rubbed my clit and came all inside my fertile pussy.
      My husband doesn't know any of this. He is about to find out.  His only son is not his. I hope he doesn't get too mad!
    • By Bibabe
      "Fucking shit" I mumbled, while holding the now empty bottle of Fentanyl. 
      I had started using the drug almost a year ago, after I broke a few bones in a bad car wreck. My bones had healed months ago, but I hadn't stopped the use. After all the crap I went through, I enjoyed the high and didn't really see a reason to live without it. My doctor eventually saw it otherwise though. A month ago he gave me my last scrip, and now that ran out.
      I could already feel my stomach start to flip a little. If I didn't find something else soon I knew I was going to go batshit. I started thinking back to high school and who might have had connections back in the day. I technically should still be there, but I had to drop out, partly due to the accident. I still knew of at least one dude who might be able to hook me up though; Andre. 
      Just to make sure I got this shit as quickly as possible, while I could still function, I drove over to Andre's pronto. After banging on his door for a bit, he opens up. The dude spends maybe 10 seconds just looking me up and down. 
      "Damn, Lauren, you still a fine thing, ain't you?" 
      I'm about 5 foot 1, blonde, and at the time I was wearing a short skirt and black top that clearly highlighted my thin waist but massive boobs. I figured it would be helpful to lean on my looks a bit to get the job done here. 
      "Yeah Andre, you know me. Mind if I come in for a bit?"
      Andre stepped aside and let me in. After sitting down I cut straight to the point and asked if he had any painkillers, while trying to convey the urgency of this request.  
      "Nah, painkillers are expensive as fuck if it ain't your prescription. But I can hook you up with something better. You ever tried smack?"
      I replied that I hadn't, but that I was up for anything that would stop the shakes. He went to his closet and pulled out a box, out of which he pulled a syringe and some powder. I would normally be really freaked out by a random syringe, but obviously I was in no mood to care right now. I let him take my arm and inject it in. Within moments I could feel all my pain washing away. More than that, I felt amazing. Like I was in heaven. I could just lie there and forget everything. It was euphoric. Way better than the Fentanyl. 
      "Now, to discuss the payment." Andre said. I gestured to my purse "I have like $20 in there" things were getting pretty cloudy at this point. "$20 isn't really worth what I just gave you, plus you probably want a small supply of your own right? I think I have a better way you can pay." 
      I couldn't think clearly at all at this point, but I didn't care. I said whatever he thought was best would be okay, then I just closed my eyes and lounged back to enjoy the experience. Within a little bit, I realized Andre had crawled over next to me. I felt his hand start groping the outside of my shirt, appreciating the firmness of my tits. His other hand went down and entered under my miniskirt. He quickly pushed a couple fingers into my underwear and started probing my vagina. Normally I would either be horrified, or if I liked the guy I would be moaning, but at this point the euphoria from the dope was just overpowering all my other sense so I barely reacted at all. 
      After that, I felt something touch my hand. With my eyes closed I hadn't noticed before, but there was no mistaking it now; Andre was naked and that was his penis. I felt Andre pull down my panties and climb on top of me. He hiked my shirt and bra up so my breasts were out too. I opened my eyes and mentioned a condom, but he just shushed me, pushed my legs further open, and shoved in his penis. 
      I'm not sure how long he lasted, but after humping me for a time he finally came inside me. I wasn't on birth control at the time, since I hadn't really been social or had a chance to meet guys since the accident, but I was way too fucking high to care. It was great.
      After he came inside me, I mostly stayed on his couch for hours, just letting the dope take away my troubles. I was too high to even worry about cleaning the cum out. Andre left me there for a little bit, but eventually he came back. He said "Oooh leaving the cum in for all too see, my kind of gal!" He then started kissing me again, before climbing on top and humping me more. This pattern repeated a few more times throughout the day, resulting in maybe 5 loads from Andre, before I finally started coming down from the high. 
      At first, when I came down, it was okay. Like I wasn't great like I was during the high, but I wasn't terrible. I almost went home too, but after a little bit I started shaking again. I realized I needed more of the shit, and Andre obliged. What began after this resulted in me staying at Andres for 3 more weeks. Each day he'd load me up with dope and I'd flip over and let him have his way. I didn't even bother getting dressed anymore and stayed butt naked constantly. I didn't mind the frequent sex, since it was only Andre and he kept me constantly high at this point, so I didn't even need to worry about coming down. 
      After that, it started getting a little weirder. I guess I built up a tolerance, cause it started taking much more dope to get me high, and it stopped feeling as good as it used too. Plus, Andre stopped caring as much about the sex, I guess I lost my appeal around the 200th time he fucked me. I started to worry what I'd do if he kicked me out, since I was getting more expensive by the day. I brought this up with him, and he said "don't worry baby, I've got a plan".
      The next day, he kept me high like usual, but he didn't fuck me at all. The same thing happened for two days afterwards as well. I was starting to get worried, but at least I was high so I didn't care. On the fourth day, he said he was giving me a 'special dose' of something called 'dynamite'. It was apparently dope, laced with cocaine, and he said it would bring me the biggest high ever. After he injected it, I realized his claims were not unfounded. I felt amazing again. In absolute bliss, but with more energy than I had the first time with just dope. I moved around a bit and actually tried to talk a bit with Andre this time, which I never really tried to do while high. He kind of ignored me though, which was a little bothersome. Andre instead brought out some new clothes for me and got me to try them on. They were very shiny and revealing, but whatever Andre wanted at this point. 
      After a little bit, a couple dudes knock on the door and Andre brings them in. They both seemed really old and kind of crusty. The look in their eyes though... it showed only lust. I looked at Andre, worried, cause I definitely did not want this two to fuck me. But I was still high as fuck, and in no position to resist. Especially with my supply to dope on the line. One of them gets naked and spreads my legs. Pretty quickly I feel his penis penetrate. The old dude then laid on me and actually started to kiss me while he humped. With his hands, he tore open my bodice and grabbed my breasts. I mostly tried to pretend this wasn't happening by focusing on the drug. The extra cocaine kept me a little more awake that I would have liked though.
      After a little bit, the first old dude came inside me. The second one then climbed on. A similar sequence of events happened, and he too came inside me. I realized that I was actually probably going to get pregnant, if not from Andre then from these guys.
      After the second guy came, it got worse though. One of the old guys said "Okay Andre, she's pretty good. we'll take her." I wasn't sure what they meant, but I knew it wasn't good. The old guys tried to move me, but I wouldn't budge. I pretended like I was too high to move, mostly so I wouldn't have to go to wherever they intended. Andre told them to just wait a bit though, I'd come around. 
      After an hour or so, I realized what he meant. The drugs he gave me were wearing off quickly now. I could feel the onset of the shakes start. I asked Andre for another hit, but he just said they'd be giving me the hits now. I realized I had no choice. I asked them instead and they said I could have whatever I wanted when I got home. The shakes started getting worse, so I just went with them and hoped for the best. 
      They gave me some cheap clothes, then drove me around for a while til we came to a part of town I was totally unfamiliar with. They brought me into a decent sized house. At this point, the shakes were getting bad and I could tell I was going to puke soon and it was only getting worse. I started begging for a hit. One of the old guys told me I could have one, or I could leave. As in, they were letting me leave if I wanted, but they wouldn't give me a hit if I did. I knew I couldn't live without this, so I decided to stay. 
      They got another guy there to lead me up to a bedroom with only one mattress. The guy gave me a hit and I instantly felt the shakes start to fade. Whatever he gave me this time was nice, but it also made things a lot more cloudy than I was used too. It wasn't bad though, I didn't mind not being all there. Within a few minutes, some guy entered the room. He was tall, but extremely thin. After getting naked, he stripped my clothes and climbed on top of me. "Fucking junkie" he said. I was too out of the loop to really do anything, so I let him spread my legs easily. As he was entering me, I noticed a small biohazard tattoo on his chest. I guess he was into cartoons or something?
      After a few minutes, the dude came inside me. "Do you have it already? I'd fucking love to be your daddy if you don't." 
      I didn't know what he meant, so I didn't reply. The dude gave up quickly and left. What followed, was quite unexpected though. Within the next few hours there was a string of numerous guys who came in to fuck me. I was too gone to care. All I did was keep my legs spread, and frequently wonder why so many of them had biohazard tattoos on them. 
      By the end of the day, I was a mess. My vagina was thoroughly destroyed, with semen covering everything. Finally, there was a brief lull between patrons. It was only a few minutes or so, but that was still much longer than any break before that. Eventually, a man who called himself 'the owner of this establishment' comes in. He starts examining my pussy, looking to see how beat up it was. 
      Eventually he said "Listen, I don't know if you somehow got through the day without getting it, but just in case I guess I'll finish the job." 
      I wasn't sure what he meant, but then he produced another syringe so I didn't care. He gave me the juice and I let the world fade a bit. The manager then got naked, and I noticed several biohazard tattoos on him. He crawled down next to me and I realized how sharp his fingernails seemed to be. He inserted a few fingers into my vagina and started jackhammering my pussy. It hurt a bit, but the dope mostly kept the pain at bay. After he stopped, I looked down and realized I was bleeding quite a bit. I didn't have time to stare though, as the manager quickly crawled between my legs and shoved his penis in. This dude had a HUGE member too. Like maybe 10 inches and wider than I'd ever seen. I could feel him bottoming out and pushing against the back of my pussy. He didn't waste any time either. Immediately he was going full speed, humping like there was no tomorrow. His huge prick plus my bleeding and thoroughly abused vagina meant that it was quite painful, even with the dope. While he was fucking the shit out of me he yelled"you like that you fucking slut? You like getting POZZED?" 
      I now realized what kind of situation I was in. This wasn't just a pregnancy, this was fucking AIDS. I tried to push him off, but I was way too high and he was way to strong. I gave in and let him have his way. After a bit, I felt his dick start to expand. He put one hand around my neck, practically strangling me, while his other hand was still groping my boob. I started crying.
      "YOU READY FOR AIDS???" he roared, as I felt his cock explode inside me. Jet after jet of venomous semen coated my insides. He slowed down briefly as the spurts of semen subsided, but within a few seconds he started picking up pace again. He leaned down close to me. Grabbing my chin, he forced my lips upwards and started kissing me. His other hand still tight around my neck so I could hardly breath. After maybe 15 minutes or so, by far the longest anyone had lasted that day, the manager finally came again. By that point the pain had gotten worse, but I had stopped caring. The manager gave me another hit on his way out, which greatly helped with my now obliterated pussy. 
      Since then, I've taken hundreds of other guys. I realize now it wasn't just a brothel, the manager actually had a huge fetish for pozzing people. Not just directly, like he did with me, but everyone he possible can. He's moved me to several different brothels since then, but none have had any patrons with a biohazard tattoo. I think this is because they don't have the bug, and he wants me to change that for him. Usually, we don't offer condoms and they don't ask. If they do ask, we were told to poke holes in them first. It isn't hard to figure out why.
      I did end up getting pregnant too. It's only been a few months though, and I bet they won't let me keep it. I'm starting to show my baby bump and it's hurting my figure. Since it's hard to get someone at my level, I can't imagine they'd let me keep it for long. Not that I mind, I don't care about anything anymore. Well, besides dope and trying to ignore the world of course. 
    • By piggyboi
      Hi all,
      I am 18 years old, 5’10”, averagely hairy, average body, and a no limits slutty bottom.
      I’m looking to take my first poz cock.
      I can’t accom but am willing to travel quite far in order for this to happen. I will also do whatever you want in order for you to poz me no matter what you want - depraved, filthy and sick or not.
      Im based in Herefordshire so ideally anyone in that are would be amazing but can travel all the way to Edinburgh if needed and with planing! 
      Many thanks

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