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:)  My boyfriend and I are very loving, but our sex life has gotten somewhat stale. We both just work too many long hours and that kills things especially when our schedules don't overlap very much.  We still fuck, and when we do it is very good as he has an amazing cock.  At about seven inches it's not all that long, but it's very, very thick, almost as if a beer can was sliding in my ass, and when he's going at it, he readily hits those spots that drive me wild.  However, even if I love him very deeply, we just don't fuck as often as we did in the past, sometimes with a long time between sessions.  

As my ass needs much more attention than he is able to provide, I have several dildos and vibrators to help me out when we aren't fucking but they're definitely not as good as the real thing, so I went on-line and signed up for several sites, if only to look at some fresh cock that I could pretend were in my ass, instead of the dildo which I was actually using.

The visual stimulation worked well, really getting me going, so I also signed up with several sites which over IM, just so I could cam and talk to other guys.  Sometimes I would get to see the guys jacking themselves, while they got to see me ramming my ass with my dildo, ramming it in and out of my hole, all the while leading the guy du jour on by telling him how great his cock feels in my hole.

It might not have been perfect, but the arrangement kept me sane, if only as I absolutely loved seeing the variety of cocks out in the market.  Not to mention some of the fantasies in which we indulged were also rather good.  Occasionally our sex play would get very wild and sometimes pretty vanilla but always good enough to get me through to the next time with my boyfriend and then our sex would soar.

After about a year of this arrangement I found myself on-line, looking to find some cyber gratification as, once again, my boyfriend and I hadn't had sex in a month or so.  When on-line I connected with a guy I hadn't seen before.  His profile definitely caught my eye, he was 30, 6', 170, brown hair and blue eyes, and listed his cock as eleven inches, thick and cut.  His advertisement also said he was Top only.  He hadn't uploaded any photographs of his cock, but there were several of his torso, and it looked like a ripped god.  Well muscled and a pic of his ass which was very nicely rounded.  His face picture was also enticing.  I felt I had to see this cock somehow and hit on him for an IM webcam session.  At first there was no answer, even though it showed him online, but just as I was getting ready to check for someone else he answered back. 

A couple of click later our cams were synced and ready.  I was already nude but was somewhat disappointed that he seemed to be fully clothed.  He opened the conversation first by asking to see my ass and when I showed I to him, I got a nice whistle and he said that is sure looked great to him.  He went on to tell me that it looked like I could handle him ok and he would love to be the one in me all the time.

I asked to see his cock, but he kind of sidestepped it by continuing to talk about my ass.  He was kind of turning me on with his talk so I grabbed a dildo and started to run it around my hole and then got my lube and started lubing my hole and the dildo.  Then he started telling me what to do.  Had me fingering my hole first and then two and then three fingers in me and ramming them in and out of my ass and he wanted me to do it hard.  It felt good and I was really getting into him telling me what to do.  His voice was very compelling.  Then he had me inserting the dildo a little at a time.  Then he asked me if I had a bigger one.  I told him I did and he wanted me to get it.  I wasted no time getting it for sure.  Seldom used this one because of its size but he wanted it and I obeyed for some reason.  I started to get more lube and he told me to not use anymore, as he wanted to see if I could take it without anymore.  I was a little apprehensive but did it anyway.

I started to rub it around and around my hole but he told me to get on with it and start getting it in.  I complied quickly and soon had about half of it in me.  He got a little impatient and growled at me to ram that fucker in.  I did it too. Damn it hurt but felt so good at the same time.  My dildo was about as big around as my boy but about as long as the one this guy had posted, so it was much more than my usual.  I held still for a bit but he again growled to get busy and ram than thing now.  I jumped but could not help but do what he wanted.  I started to pull it out and then back in and he said not near fast nor hard enough go to it.  I started going faster and faster and harder and harder.   It hurt but soon the rubbing against my prostate was fantastic and I wanted more and hard as I could ram it in me. 

About 15 minutes later and I was groaning back at him that I was cumming and without touching my own cock it started to spurt and spurt and spurt.  More cum than I think I had ever had come out of me before.  As I was starting to settle down, I noticed that he had seemed to be jacking and his camera was now showing a huge puddle of cum on his table.  I thought I had cum a lot but he had shot about five times as much as had I, and had definately shot more than my boyfriend's normal load.  I hadn't, however, gotten even a glimpse of his huge cock.  I asked to see it but he had signed off before I sent clicked 'send'.  

WOW What an experience!  It had been much, much hotter than I had expected.



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Hey, cheatingjock,  I think you requested a cheating story.  LOL ;)

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OMG What Did I Do?

Part II


      A couple of days went by since my session with the guy with the big cock.  I was still turned on terribly by his gruff voice and the thought of an 11" cock like my dildo.  That had been one of my most intense climaxes ever.  My boyfriend was home for the evening and after supper I basically raped him.  LOL  Told him I had missed his cock so much and had to have it.  We barely made it to the bed and got our clothes off when I had his cock buried in my throat sucking for all I was worth.  I needed that cock hard and in me badly.  In a short time it was nice and hard and let it go and laid down on my back.  My boy tipped me almost upside down and rammed his cock home in my hole.  The only lube, my saliva from sucking him.  I let out a scream of pain as I had thought he was going to get some lube first.  He held still for all of, maybe, 2 or 3 seconds and then started to pound my hole good.  I love being upended like that.  Basically being pile driven and my own cock just a couple of inches from my lips.  He felt like he was trying to drive me through the mattress to the floor.  Harder and faster and as deep as he could go.  He kept it up and kept it up, driving me wild.  Then after a good 20 minutes I felt my own cock start to tingle and I opened my mouth and caught my own load as I erupted.  It was fantastic and then with my ass quivering my boy yelled here it comes and he let loose his cum deep in me and ground  it into me making my cock keep spurting more also.  It took us another good 5 minutes to finally start to settle down.  What a fantastic fuck.  It then dawned on me that right at the end I had thought of an 11" cock spurting into  me just as my boyfriend was doing it.  Fucking hot for sure and my own cock did another couple of twitches from that thought.

     We laid there in each others arms for quite a while after that and then my boy's cock started getting hard again, so we did it again.  It was another intense fuck and we both were about as drained as you can get by the time we finished this time.  We then laid in each other's arms and called it a night.

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OMG What Did I Do?

Part III


     My boy and I fucked like demons for about 4 days straight and I was loving it.  Fantastic sex, but every time I saw my huge dildo, I would think of that guy's 11" cock I had not seen.  I wanted to see one that big.  But, I was getting laid good, so I really didn't try to hard to think about it except when I saw my dildo only. 

     Then like it started, our sex stopped again as our schedules got mixed again and basically only saw each other about the time to fall asleep.  Both of us too tired to do anything with our long hours again.  It only took a few days for my ass to start wanting again.  I basically have always wanted it filled every day and a lot every day. LOL  A few days without and I was grabbing my dildoes again and ramming my own ass.  Most of the time now though, I was grabbing my huge one and using it while thinking about getting a real 11" cock in my hole.  Very intense feelings for a few days but the feeling dropped off then.

     A week had gone by without my boyfriend in me and my hole needed to be satisfied more, so I turned to my sites again to get some feedback from some guys. Loved the camming and play acting with other guys and having them tell  me what they would like to do to my hole with their fists or cocks or a dildo along with their cocks.  It got me off again for another few days but still thought a lot about the big one I wanted to see.  I had not found him online at all and was hoping he would get back on but didn't seem to be.  I then got a little bit desperate and sent a message to him asking if he would like a replay?

     Another couple of days went by with some other guys and some nice hot sessions and some had some big cocks too, but none in the size I wanted to see.   Then finally I got a message from him.  WOW  He told me he would be on at a certain time and I should be naked and ready when he came on and I had better have my biggest dildo ready to plow with.  I told him I would be ready and he signed off again.  I didn't even get a chance to ask about his cock.

     The appointed time came and I was naked and lubed and had my huge dildo ready.  I was tingling in my ass from the anticipation and sure hoped I got to see that huge cock too.  Sure enough he came on right on the button.  I was a little disappointed again though, as he seemed to be fully dressed again.  He immediately, in that hot voice of his, told me to get comfortable.  I laid down on my back and waited to see what was going to happen.  He took his shirt off and I about dropped my load watching him do that as muscle after muscle popped out.  Not your huge behemoth kind like some weight lifters but just nice big hard muscle of a guy who works hard and works out a little to help.  Very hot looking, but I already knew it from his pics.  I wanted that cock out.

     He then told me to get that dildo wet in my mouth as he wanted to see how good I could suck a cock.  I immediately buried as much of it in my mouth and throat as I could.  His cam was aimed at about the top of his stomach but it looked like he was taking his pants off.  I was sucking like mad and hoping the cam would droop somehow and let me see.  He did not move the cam down, but told me he liked good cocksuckers and I tried desperately to get the entire dildo in my mouth and down my throat.  I about choked myself good but got all but about an inch or a little more finally in me and down my throat.

     I could see his arm moving and it looked to me like he was stroking his cock just out of sight of the camera.  Was driving me nuts.  He then told me to start moving the  dildo slowly downward towards my hole.  I began by slobbering all over it and then very slowly slid it out of my mouth and down my chin to my neck and then down to my chest.  Then around one nipple and then across to the other nipple, oh so slowly running it around in circles and making my nips stand up good and hard.  Then down across my stomach and stopping at my belly button to push it in there like it was a hole too.  Down to my cock and around it and I was hard as a rock and then further down pushing in on and rubbing my balls.  Finally to my crack and then to my hole.  All the while I could tell he was stroking but still out of sight.

     As I got to my hole he told me to get to it and just ram it home.  I complied and groaned as I rammed the entire length of it in me in one stroke.  It hurt like hell but also felt so damn good as it rubbed across my prostate and my cock jumped and nearly shot it's load right then.  I started to pull it out and ram it back in hard and fast. I was beyond turned on now as I watched closely as his arm seemed to be getting faster too.  My cock was jumping every which way and my ass was on fire but I pounded my hole for all I was worth and kept hoping he would drop the camera down.  I wanted to see his cock so bad it was driving me nuts and turning me on at the same time. 

     After only about 10 minutes of pounding the heck out of my hole I could feel the cum starting to boil in my balls and knew that soon it would be coming out of my cock in huge spurts.  He seemed to be grimacing some so I was sure he was close too.  Then it was there and I let out a low moan and my cock erupted and cum blew out so hard some went clear over my head.  Some hit me in the eyes even and I blinked a couple of times and when I looked at the screen again the camera was just coming back up.  I caught just a glimpse of the head of his cock and then his cam went off again.  I almost screamed.  The small glimpse I got of the head of his cock looked gigantic and still was spurting cum that looked like by the gallon.   I had not seen his cock again and I could barely move either from pounding my hole so hard and cumming so hard too.

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OMG What Did I Do?

Part IV


     My ass is still tingling from the abuse I gave it last night while online with a guy that is supposed to have a huge cock. I have not seen it yet, but last night I finally got a glimpse of the head of it.  Seemed to be much bigger around than my boys and his is as big around as my wrist.  I just want to see it once and I am sure I will cum on the spot.  The guy has an extremely sexy muscled body and face and his voice has just the right inflection to make his every word my command. 

     I am basically his to command when he talks and find myself just obeying him and losing concentration on trying to get a look at his cock.  He had me so worked up last night that my own cock spurted like a cannon clear over my head, but some landed on my face and into my eyes.  When I was blinking and trying to clear my sight is when he apparently lowered his camera to his cock but by the time I could see he raised it back up and I only caught the glimmer of it.

    My boyfriend has a large cock but this guy claims to have one 11" and from the quick look I got it has to be bigger around than by boys too.  I want to see it badly.  My ass just tingles thinking about it as it may be bigger yet than my dildo I have which is bigger than normal also.

    I sent him a message this morning before work telling him I really want to see his cock.  I told him it is about all I think about now and especially when playing with my ass with that dildo.  I am hoping he will let me see it next time online. 

      Well, work finally over for the day.  I have  not had a productive day as I could not stop thinking about that little peek I got of my online guy's cock last night.  I am hoping he is online again tonight and will let me see it this time.  I get home and there is a message from him.  My fingers are shaking as I click into my site to read it.  He says, "Hi, got your message and am glad I am driving you nuts with want. LOL  I love to tease guys wanting to see my cock.  I guarantee you it is every bit as large as I say it is.  I love stroking it as I tell you what to do to yourself in my name and pretending it is my cock pounding your hole like you want it.  What you don't know, because I don't post it, is that I only live about a mile from you.  Know that little park on the south side of town, The Lion Park.  I live right by it and go walking in it almost every day when it is nice out.  When I get to some of the back trails in there I also strip naked and walk in the fresh air.  You should try it sometime.  You need a little more fresh air and some sun.  Oh, I know exactly where you live too. LOL  Your boyfriend looks hot too and can see why you are together. Make a great looking couple. "

      That was all there was and he was not online now.  Would he come on later?  I sure hoped so.  Now I had a bunch of questions to ask.  Seems he knows us and I cannot for the life of me remember seeing him before until online.  I knew the park he was talking about too, kind of mostly used by guys only to meet up.  Maybe I should get over there and find a hiding place and hope he walks by nude to get a look at his cock.  I will have to think about that.  My boy just texted that he is off early again finally and I am going to rape the hell out of him when he gets here for sure.  I am just all excited about a big cock pounding my hole and need my boy quick.

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OMG Is right.  I started to write Chapter 5 and about 4 paragraphs in my computer locked up and lost the whole damn thing with no way to save it.  Now I have to start completely over on it and hope I get it the way I started to before.  LOL

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OMG What Did I Do?

Part V


     I could hardly wait for my boyfriend to get home.  That message just got me hotter than hell for some reason, thinking about a guy with a huge cock and he knows us apparently but not anyone we know.  For some reason I was now almost panting for some sex.  My hole just kept tingling from the thought of someone may have been watching us and thinking we were a very hot couple.

     Not any time too soon, my boyfriend arrived home and I met him at the door naked and tearing his clothes off.  Drug him into the bedroom and on top of me.  My mouth dropped onto his cock and sucked like I was sucking for my life and soon had him hard and dripping precum galore.  He was busy, too, eating my hole and dipping his tongue in and driving me crazier.  Then he pulled away grabbed me and threw me on my back, lifted my legs into the air and rammed his cock in me with only his and my spit on his cock and my hole for lube.  I groaned with the pain at first but it did not take long before his thrusts had me in pure heaven.  He pounded my hole like there was no tomorrow and then I felt it, his cock expanded and then he growled and rammed his cock as deep as he could and was cumming a river in me.  WOW We laid there then as he lowered my legs down and we laid in each others arms for a good hour afterwards.  Then we finally got enough energy to get up to go eat supper.

     During supper I started to open up a little to my boy about my fantasies.  I told him I had been looking online at some sites and getting off with my dildoes as we hadn't been doing much, sex wise anyway.  I told him I felt guilty doing it but it seemed like it was helping us.  I asked if he cared and he told me that it seemed to be working well.  He laughed then and said a little fantasy never hurt anybody and to be honest he had thought of a couple of hot guys he had seen when fucking me and loved it that way too.  We laughed then, but I could not tell him about this new guy I had seen as I was thinking my thoughts about that and the fact the guy seemed to have spied on us sometime or other was over the line a little.   But it was nice to know my boyfriend had a good imagination also.  We watched TV naked in bed after supper wrapped in each other's arms till we fell asleep.

     After our talk the next two or three days went by quickly although our schedules prevented us from seeing much of each other again, until bedtime and sleep came easy then from a lot of work.  I was pretty satisfied for the time being.   Being the little cum slut I was, though, it did not last and I found myself, on the 4th day after our talk, turning the computer on and looking to see who was on that I could have a hot talk with and pound my insatiable hole with a dildo with. 

     A couple of sites had, basically, nothing on and turned to my main one then to see what could happen.  There were two or three messages there from guys I had played with before but they were not quite what I wanted and then saw a message from THE guy.  I opened it and he was writing me to tell me how nice the trails were at the park the last couple of days.  He went on to say that he thought sure he would see me walking or maybe sitting around trying to get a look at his cock.   He had included a pic this time, but it was just the tip of his cock with a large drop of precum oozing out of the hole in it.  It really did look huge, but again he was not online.  I just stared at the tip of his cock and without even hardly knowing what I was doing my hand had grasped my dildo and was lining it up with my hole as I looked.  I came out of it a little as it dawned on me that I had my dildo halfway in me already while thinking about a huge 11" cock in me.  WOW I was almost ready to cum just thinking about it.  I decided that I just had to see that for real and then I could forget about it finally.

    I made plans to take the next day off of work and head for the park and find a place to hide so I could watch the main trail and get a look at him if he came by.  I prepared a snack to take along as I decided I was going to be there all day if it took that long.  I also packed my largest dildo and lube as I just knew if I did get to see him I would have to ram it in me to get off for sure.

    I called work the next morning as soon as my boy left and told them I was not feeling all that good but put me down for PTO instead of sick leave as I was sure I would be back the next day and I wasn't going to the doctor.  With my hard work they didn't bat an eye but just said to hurry back in.  I then dressed in a tshirt and shorts with a jockstrap  and headed for the park.



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      True Story
      3am Saturday morning and I'm buzzing with a mixture of beer, poppers and two fresh loads inside my well used cunt, all courtesy of Grindr. I'm keeping everything in with a butt plug and looking for load number three when I receive a text from a cute student 400m away;
      Student "Hey man you looking for fun?"
      Me "Sure, I've already had some but just so horny tonight"
      Student "Ah sweet, I'm a bit drunk and need cock"
      Me "Lol, me too. You top or bottom?"
      Student "Both but really want to get fucked"
      Me "I've had two cocks cum in me. I'm versatile though and rock hard"
      Student "Sweet, you wanna fuck me?"
      Me "Love to, although I have to tell you I’m a bareback cum slut. Not into rubber"
      There's a pause now before he responds
      Student "That's cool. I don't like rubber either but I do like cum."
      Me "Good to hear. I got a butt plug holding in two loads"
      Student "Nice, I could lick those out and we could share"
      Fuck this kid is making me horny. But he hasn't asked me my status. Do I mention it?
      Me "So you wanna come over?"
      Another pause.
      Student "Yeah. Are you clean?" 
      Now I pause. I'll answer that literally I think.
      Me "Yeah, always clean" I reply.
      Student "No I mean HIV?"
      I know what he means so I sort of bend the truth.
      Me "Don't know right now. Had test, waiting for result."
      Actually, that part is true. However, I am HIV positive and although I'm usually undetectable, I’ve been intentionally off meds for over a month so I suspect I’m toxic at the moment.
      After a much longer pause.
      Student “OK”
      Me “Still want me to fuck you?”
      Student “Yeah”
      Me “Sweet”
      I tell him my address and 30 minutes later there’s a knock at the door of my flat. He’s even better looking in the flesh and although clearly drunk he’s still a bit nervous so I welcome him in wearing just some boxers and a hardon, leading him into the lounge.
      I’ve already got some hot bareback porn on and I offer him a beer and sit right next to him on the sofa. He takes a few swigs and I place a hand on his crotch and feel a rock hard and pretty offensive piece of meat there. He turns and we’re snogging in a heartbeat, tongues deep in each other’s mouths, he tastes like beer and cigarettes.
      He finds my nipples and tweaks them before slowly moving down to my cock.
      “Fuck you’re sexy” He slurs.
      “You too, lets get you out of these clothes”
      He starts to undress and I slip off my boxers and out springs 8” uncut of precum dripping cock. He smiles when he sees it and me likewise when I get a load of his tight, athletic body and fat dick.
      He dropped between my legs and I forced his face down onto my shaft which he quickly devoured, taking almost all of it down his throat in one go. He was a great cock sucker and treated me to a long, slow, blow job.
      He also found the butt plug so I shifted my position, all the better for him to release the juices from my cunt. Gently he eased it out and I forced his head towards my dripping pussy.
      “Lick it out and share with me” I commanded
      He hesitated at first, as clearly saying it on Grindr was easier than being faced with the reality of doing it but bless him, he went down and I lifted my legs to allow him to lap up the sploodge I pushed out for him.
      He rimmed me good and licked it all out, coming back up, we embraced in a felched charged snowball. I could taste cum and shit which was so erotic but I was amazed my young fuck slut was so happy and eager. He wanked my cock and his own as we kissed.
      I eventually pushed him back down and shifted him round on the rug. Parting his beautifully pert bum cheeks and finding a perfectly shaved hole. I was down on his exposed cunt with my tongue, rimming him deep and long.
      He moaned in delight as my expertly dexterous tongue and finger work aroused him to exquisite heights. 
      “mmmm fuck me”, he eventually groaned through gritted teeth.
      I didn’t need asking twice and poking my cock at his lovely cunt I pushed in and carried on without stopping until I was fully inside his hole. He breathed out deeply and bucked a bit but took it all in one go like a trouper.
      I started fucking him slowly but soon got up a head of steam, power fucking his beautiful body. We were both grunting and moaning loudly as I pumped his hole. I only paused to sniff on my poppers which I handed to him and waited as he took deep, long sniffs. 
      I knew I had a way to go before I’d shoot so I used him in a few positions, but wanted to be fucking him missionary, staring into those pretty eyes as I came inside his negative cunt; infecting him with my toxic load.
      We fucked for ages and were pretty sweaty as I finally felt my orgasm brewing. I flipped him on his back and lifted his legs up, pushing back into him and continuing my onslaught.
      We were now staring into each others eyes. I love a guy who won’t break eye contact and he didn’t. I kissed him between strokes and as I got close he could sense it.
      “You’re poz aren’t you?” he whispered as we broke the last kiss.

      Fuck I thought, what the hell, “Yeah” I replied and didn’t stop. He didn’t make any move to stop me either.
      “You want my poz load?” I asked starting to peak and staring into his sole.
      He didn’t hesitate, he didn’t break eye contact, “Yeah, poz me” and with that I grinned down and came hard and loud.
       I continued to pump my load into his hole and he wrapped his legs round me to force me deeper inside him.
      “Fuck, fuck” he kept whispering in my ear. 
      I grinned. Maybe the reality was hitting him but it felt good to poz this bitch. Eventually I collapsed onto him. Our hot bodies entwined and once again I found myself staring into his beautifully young face.
      “Fuck man, what did we do?” he moaned.
      “You just took a toxic load” I replied reaching down to feel my cum between his ass cheeks.

      I withdrew my hand which had some cum on my fingers and showed him. He stared at my fingers then started licking them clean. Our night didn’t end there. He stayed until the morning and I fucked three more loads into him during the night and before he left. I didn’t even know his name.
      3am, eight weeks later and I’m on Grindr and up pops a familiar looking student: 
      “Hey. It’s me from a few weeks ago”
      “Oh yeah hi. How are you?”

    • By kspozcum
      This is a side-project that goes along with my other story. However, it can easily be read on its own. Be warned it will have a similar set up to another story on here, but only in setting up the setup of the plot. Let me know what you think down in the comments!
      Part 1
      “That's it boy, suck on that nice piece of meat. Get it nice and wet for what’s coming!”
      Urged on by the hot, muscled man standing above me, I forced his cock deeper into my mouth, enjoying the feeling and taste of his dripping, uncut cock sliding around on my tongue, my own cock throbbing in anticipation. I moan as I felt him place his hand on the back of my head, urging me even deeper down on his cock. Forcing myself not to gag from its massive size, I let him slowly rape my mouth as he let out a content sigh. Soon I'd finally get what I fantasized and dreamed of. A huge cock shooting a thick load deep up my virgin ass.

      It was hard to believe that that morning I was just a young, 18-year-old virgin. I knew from a young age that I was gay; girls never even blipped on my radar, and I always found myself fantasizing about some of the hotter guys in my class kissing me and feeling me up. However, I never acted on it.
      My family had moved to our small, midwestern town when I was in 6th grade, leaving me friendless. My former best friend was over 1000 miles away on the east coast, as well as everyone I knew growing up. I hadn’t been popular, but I was at least well-liked by nearly everyone. In my new school, I was an outcast… quiet, shy, too smart for the popular crowd and disliked because I actually enjoyed being at school.
      By the time I hit my senior year, I knew I wanted to be like the guys I saw in the porn I found online. A slut, taking cock from multiple guys until shooting all over myself. My only friends were a few of the nerdier, but in my opinion, much cooler girls who shared some of my same interests in different books and shows at the time. Nobody, however, knew my secret… that I wanted nothing more than to lose my virginity to a hot top.
      This obviously didn’t stop me from being made fun of, with being called things like fag or queer by the hotter, popular jocks in the in-crowd. Rationally, I knew it was only to get a rise out me, but a part of me always worried they knew I was what I secretly wanted to be.
      By the end of my senior year, I couldn’t take it any longer. I was tired of jacking off and pretending I was getting fucked by some hot, muscled guy as I fingered myself to climax in my hand, licking my hand clean to keep my secret from my thankfully more liberal parents and 5 sisters. I decided to finally lose my virginity and started to secretly hatch out a plan.
      Having gotten a few letters from some prospective colleges from the large city about 3 hours away, I planned to go and look at a few, staying at my distant cousin’s apartment near one of the campus. Knowing he wouldn’t care if I was there or not, I figured I could make my parents believe my half-lie.
      I would look at the school that week, during spring break at my school, and during the weekend I would go to a gay bathhouse I had read about in some of my lurkings online. It would be a week after 18th birthday, so I would finally be legal to enter. And maybe, just maybe, I would find someone to help me fulfill my wish of losing my “cherry.”

      The week came quickly when my parents sat me down, my bag already around my shoulders and my keys to the small Honda my parent’s bought me in my hands. I had hoped to sneak out with a quick goodbye.
      “Buddy,” my father, still in his lab coat from work at the local hospital, “We need to have a talk.”
      SHIT! I thought to myself, THEY KNOW. FUCK!!!
      “Uh… yeah, dad?” I said, trying not to let the fear in my mind crack into my voice. My plan was ruined, I was sure of it. The tone of his voice and the look on my mother’s face said it all.
      “Your mother and I have talked… we know you’re a man now, but… we’re concerned. You know we love you and only want what is best and…”
      “Oh Robert!” my mother sighed, her thick accent coming through as she crossed her arms over her chest and rolled her eyes at my dad, “Shit or get off a pie.”
      “Pot… mom… it’s pot…. it’s slang for toilet…” I said, smiling slightly at her mistranslation. Thirty years and she STILL got idioms wrong. I was beginning to think it may be intentional.
      “I like mine better,” she huffed before continuing, before glaring at my father, “We know you are going to college soon. Tell him.”
      Pulling a pile of condoms and a handful of pamphlet out of his coat, he held them out to me.
      “You need protection. We know things happen at colleges… and we don’t want you coming back and trapped with a baby on the way with some girl, or something like HPV or herpes…” my dad blurted out, rubbing his hand on his coat as he sat back on the couch.
      “Uh….” was my only reply. I felt my cheeks start to burn. My parents thought I was going to get some girl pregnant.
      “Just take them and be careful. And have fun. We love you very much,” my mom replied with a slight nod.
      “And don’t trust a girl just because she is on the pill. She could be on an antibiotic, or could be asymptomatic or…” my dad replied, refusing to meet my eyes as he blurted out everything.
      “Thanks… I guess…” I said slowly, grabbing them with a slight grimace, “You guys know…. I learned about most of this from health class… right…? And I really am just going to check out a few schools. I’ll call and everything if you want…”
      “Just go have fun my little zaychik. Call when you get there so I know you are okay,” my mom replied, shooing me away.

      3 hours later, and thankfully over a hundred miles from my family, I sat my bag down in the small living room of my cousin’s apartment, glad he was willing to let me stay there while he and his friends went to spring break somewhere out east.
      It’s Friday night, and I’m ready to finally get down to business.
      Pulling out a tight pair of jeans I had outgrown the previous year, and a similarly fitting t-shirt, I changed quickly and looked up the directions and information I had written earlier and made my way to the bar where the bathhouse was located.
      Arriving, I quickly made my way to where the entrance was at the back and walked up to the small window, much like the ones I had seen in movies that they had at a seedy motel.
      I rang the bell and out from the back room came one of the hottest guys I had ever seen.
      Easily over 6ft, he had piercing grey eyes, long thick blonde hair, and a large piercing in his nose. He was wearing a tight-fitting wife beater that nearly covered his well-muscled chest and abs, and black leather pants that clung to his body, leaving nothing to the imagination. My eyes were quickly drawn to his pert ass and large bulge. A heavy five’o’clock shadow covered his face, which reminded me of an extremely hot bad boy version of Thor for some reason.
      Even his voice made me melt, gravely and deep.
      “Can I help you, boy? The bathroom is back in the other side of the bar,“ he said, pointing back towards the bar, looking up and down my body before smiling, “Unless you see something you like?”
      Flustered, I blushed and shook my head.
      “No… um…. I’m here to… I mean….” I said, suddenly unable to form words.
      “Look, no offense kid, but you got to be at least 18 to even be in the bar. You gotta be… what? 15? 16 tops?”
      Shaking my head no, I pulled out my wallet and pulled out my ID, sliding it under the glass.
      “No, sir… I’m… I’m 18,” I said with a gulp, “See… my birthday was last week.”
      “Sir, huh? First time to the baths then, huh?” he asked, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a pack of cigarettes, deftly lighting one and blowing the smoke at the glass.
      “Uh, yeah… I… it’s that obvious huh?” I replied.
      “You’re a cute fucker. They are going to be all over you!” he said with a smile, the cigarette dangling in his mouth., “Room or locker?”
      “Oh… um….” I replied, realizing that I had no idea what to do. “I don’t really know which one…”
      “Hot piece like you will definitely get invited into a room in no time,” he said, “I’d go with a locker.”
      I nodded as he continued.
      “Normally the fee is $40 to get in, full $100 for a room, but seeing as you just had your birthday, and it’s your first time… how about $20?” he said, turning around and grabbing a towel and a key.
      Reaching into my wallet, I pulled out the two bills, left over from my gifts the week before.
      “Don’t mention it. We all have our first times,” he said with a smile, “Maybe you’ll still be around later when I get off. Would like to help show you the ropes.”
      Smiling back, I entered the entrance, the door buzzing as he pressed a small button under the counter in front of him.

      Looking around, I took in the sites, as dozens of naked men walked around, some with towels and others in various states of undress. I quickly found my locker, and with a deep breath, I quickly undressed.
      Throwing the towel around my now naked body, I grabbed a few condoms from my jean pocket, tucking them in between my skin and the cloth.
      Taking another look around, I felt like a fish out of water.
      18, skinny with just a small amount of lean muscle on my frame. Black hair, blue eyes, and an average sized uncut cock were all I had to offer. And around me was every possible type of hot character from every gay porn I ever saw.
      There’s no way anyone would be interested in someone like me, I thought to myself as pulled the towel even closer.
      And that’s when I saw HIM. 
      6ft tall, heavily muscled, with a head full of thick brown hair. A face like a Greek statue, which sported a goatee and mustache. Nipple piercings and a thick hairy chest. And a what looked to be an uncut 10-incher with what looked to be a large PA peaking out from under the small towel that barely covered him, framed by a pair of low hanging bull balls. Tattoos all over his body. The man looked like sex walking. A bad boy who would ravage my hole if given the chance. Something straight out of the hottest porn.
      AND HE’S WALKING UP TO ME! I thought in a panic.
      I felt myself start to blush as he eyed me up and down, my cheeks burning even hotter as I saw his cock stir under the towel.
      “I’m Garrett.” he said, stopping in front of me and holding his hand out, “You must be new here.”
      “Jeez… it’s that obvious, huh?” I said, biting my lip as I stared at his hand, almost afraid. I looked around, lost.
      He waved his hand slightly in front of me drawing my attention back to him.
      “And you are?”
      I panicked for a second, thinking maybe I should make up a name before realizing that even if he knew my name, nobody around here would know me. Pulling up the courage, I shook his hand and replied.
      “Yurik… uh… nice to meet you…” I said, trying desperately to sound cool as my voice threatened to break as I suddenly started to spout a massive flow of words, “My mom is from Russia and that why I have a weird name. It’s-it’s my first time. I’ve never done this before, and I didn’t expect to actually find someone so hot to actually talk to me, especially you. Not with how I look. And… and… and I…. should really shut up now…”
      He let out a soft laugh as he let go of my hand before slowly rubbing his hand up and down my arm while looking at my smaller body.
      “Dude, calm down. You got nothing to worry about. Fucking sexy thing like you is a rare find here,” he said in a low, calm voice and his fingers traced down my chest and ran over my left nipple, causing to bead up instantly.
      I fought back a moan and looked up at him in silence.
      “Need someone to show you around? I would love nothing better than to show you around. Make all these fuckers here jealous,” he asked, his smile growing bigger as he saw what his touching me was doing.
      I slowly nodded and smiled nervously as his hand wrapped around my shoulder and he pulled me closer. 
      “Mind if we stop by my locker first?” he asked as I felt him slowly reach down and grab my ass under the towel.
      Fuck, that feels so good, I thought to myself as he slowly ran his fingers through my crack, teasing the hair near my hole.
      “As long as you keep doing that!” I replied with a moan.
      “Oh, I plan on doing much much more…” he replied, and we started walking, drawing the attention from a few guys.
      We came to his locker and I stood there quietly as he grabbed his key and opened the door. Pulling out a large leather pouch from his shirt pocket, as well as a brown glass bottle.
      I knew instantly they were poppers, which I had read about and seen in various sites online. I wanted to try them, and it looked like I might get my chance with this walking sex god. I was however slightly shocked when he pulled out a large, black and green cigar and stuck it in his mouth.
      Some of the guys in my school smoked them when there were no adults around, looking somewhat goofy to me. But this man looked even hotter somehow with it firmly in his jaw.
      Looking at me suddenly, he stopped and pulled the stick out of his mouth.
      “Mind if I smoke?” he asked, looking directly at me as he waited for my reply.
      “Oh, uh… no, go ahead,” I said, my cock now throbbing under my towel at full hardness, my face still blazing red.
      With a smile, he pulled out the lighter from the same pouch and lit it. Drawing the flame to the end, he stuck the cigar back in his mouth and brought it to life, taking a deep drawn in before blowing it straight up in the air.
      Quickly enough he put everything back into the locker and wrapped his arm around my waist and we set off into the bathhouse.
    • By 120DaysofSodom
      I can't really help myself. Every time my boyfriend leaves me alone, the urge to suck a lot of cock takes me over! This hunk came over while my boyfriend was at work and fed me his thick load in our bed!
      The pin for the vid is 0000

    • By stirred
      Wrote this up in response to a Tumblr post, first time writing something dirty so sorry if it's a bit awkward (helps that it's based on a mostly true story though)
      So I love my bf, yadda yadda yadda, the whole nine yards but if I’m being honest he’s got a little dick and he’s a pretty bad fuck. More often than not gets things started but I generally “take a shower” and finish the job myself with toys after he cums and loses interest. 
      Naturally that doesn’t inspire much for the spank bank and porn is great but it isn’t too interactive, so I get back on all the hookup sites and apps and start talking to guys (letting them know I’m just trading pics and doing some phone sex up front in my profile) justifying it with that I hadn’t updated my pics/profile and I wasn’t gonna meet anyone anyway, just tiptoeing back into the old cumdump mindset to get my rocks off. 
      And it works for a while, our schedules line up so that we both work about the same during the day but I tend to have a few hours free before the bf gets off work. Plenty of time to popper up and sleaze it up on the phone. But as is usually the case with the mindset you can never really get enough. It was probably a month into my new daily routine that I knew it wasn’t gonna be enough.

      So I prepped and for good measure rode the hell out of a dildo just to see if I’d wear out and change my mind but it wasn’t long before I put on a jock and started hitting up guys on BBRT and not too long after sending the first message I got a response from a guy only a mile away.
      “Thought you didn’t actually hook up boy.”
      I’m not sure if I was more stupid or desperate but I just let the truth out and told him that my boyfriend wasn’t fucking me good enough and I needed a real man to breed my hole. A few minutes passed and finally two messages, the first saying he’d unlocked his pictures and the second was an address, phone number, and a message saying call him when I was outside.
      I clicked through his pics. Lower chest pic (average with nice happy trail), cock pic (cut and not terribly thick but nice length), and a few various pics of him balls deep in random bottoms. I was a little nervous but time was limited and I knew I wanted to be one of those cock stuffed bottoms, so I typed his address into my phone’s gps and made my way to the guy’s place. 
      I called him and he met me at the gate to his building, at a glance he looked a little more in shape than his pictures would suggest and topped off with a fairly well kept beard and crew cut. I was a little taken aback as we walked to his apartment and made small talk because he seemed like the kind of everyday wholesome guy you’d take home to your parents. He opened the door and ushered me inside, quietly telling me to stop a few steps in. 
      He locked the door and in the next second was up against my back one hand kneading my ass and the other on my neck pulling me back towards him.
      “You guys open or are you just a filthy cheating whore?” he half asked half growled into my ear.
      “He doesn’t know I’m here,” I started and his grip tightened slightly “I’m a cheating whore”
      He chuckled a bit then pulled away from me “Get on your knees slut and show me how much you want my cock.”  
      I immediately began getting on my knees as I turned to face him, his cock now tenting out the sweatpants he had worn out. Almost instinctively I had his pants down and in one motion buried his cock in my throat working my tongue around it as I fondled full balls. My inner cock slut was delighting at the chance to have a dick long enough to actually work around with during a blowjob and I worked eagerly to please the man in front of me.
      “Fuuuuck yeah faggot get that dick good and wet” He rested his hands on my head and occasionally met my downstrokes by pulling my head into his crotch and humping his length deeper into my throat.
      “You’re a hungry bitch aren’t you?” I nod and hum in agreement. He pulls his cock out of my mouth and slaps me across the face with it a few times. “Take your pants off and get on your knees”

      I stand to take my pants off and I think I see him smirk at my jock now stained with my own precum leaking out the front. He reaches down into his sweatpants and pulls a couple of small bottles out handing me a small bottle of lube.
      “Make yourself useful and get that fag cunt good and wet for me” The other bottle of poppers he opens and takes a deep hit of, then comes back and guides his cock back into my mouth. “Yeah finger that pussy and get it good and ready for me, it’s all the prep you’re getting you dumb slut”
      He fucks my face a bit more aggressively this time and I do my best to work lube into my hole. Finally he pulls out again and hands me the bottle of poppers. “What do you want faggot?” he asks.
      “I want you inside me” He slaps me across the face with his cock. “Any dick can do that, what do you need you worthless slut?”
      “i need a real man to breed me deep, please!” He rubs me on the head as he makes his way behind me. “Fuck yeah slut” He lines his cock up with my hole and spits on the head for good measure. I take two deep hits off his poppers and pass them back, followed by a moment where he does the same, then without warning he shoves his cock in to the hilt and I can’t help but let out a sound somewhere between a moan and a scream.
      He takes a moment to let me adjust and I revel in the feeling of having a real throbbing cock pressing so deep in me, just aching to fuck until it releases. I begin to work my hole around him a bit as a hint that my hole is ready to take whatever he wants to give it and in response he pulls nearly all the way out and again slams hard back into me. “Damn slut, now I know why your man can’t keep you under wraps, this pussy was made to be fucked”
      His hands are tight around my waist and he’s pulling me back to meet every thrust and I’m almost sure that his hands will leave bruises from the force. I can’t help but moan and occasionally let out a string of small curses as he plows into me like a living fleshlight slowing occasionally to slap my ass or adjust positions.
      “Open that fag cunt up bitch, I’m breeding this pussy deep” he starts slamming harder and deeper into me and I do my best to meet his thrusts “Whose pussy is this?” he shouts “YOURS” I manage to respond “And what do you want?” “I need you to fill it with a real man’s cum!” He groans and hilts himself deep inside me and I can feel his dick throbbing as he unloads his balls into my hole. He stays there a moment then another chuckle to himself before he pulls out and wipes his dick on my shirt. 
      “Get out you stupid bitch, I’m done with you.”
      I let myself out and make my way home with just barely enough time to crank out a load of my own and get in the shower before my boyfriend pulls into the driveway. 
      Being fucked by him that night wasn’t as memorable, but I didn’t have any trouble fantasizing who I actually wanted to be fucked by
    • By tprbttm4u
      Waiting too be picked up, to get Gifted for Christmas!  FINALLY!  Pretty Sure this Guy will follow through.  He is a committed to giving the Gift, to help those who want to be free.   Been messaging for years.  Will be making a video, to post online.  Want too share my experience with everyone who wants too see!  Wish me luck, will be Gifting him a Brush.  He' be Using his new Gift to Gift me!

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