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Married Couple Looking For A Third

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5 hours ago, Wetnraw said:


Sam might have had Sam as his fuckbuddy at college, but I had a fuckbuddy too. Except in my case we even tried dating for a while. It did not work out for us for a number of reasons. Aiden was almost exclusively a bottom and I wanted a dick up my ass. Secondly he was very jealous and insistent on having a monogamous relationship but I wanted more variety than that. After college we moved to different cities but still remained in contact. Aiden eventually found a very attractive guy Grant, and they became boyfriends. From what Aiden told me it seems that Grant was almost as much of a bottom as he was. So what did they do sexually then? Mostly blowjobs, but also the very occasional fuck and even though they were a monogamous couple, they always used condoms. Sounded familiar!

I was quite surprised to receive an email from Aiden to say that Grant would be spending a week at a conference near to where Ben and I lived and that he would like to meet me. I had seen quite a few pictures of Grant on Facebook, and I was just as keen to meet him. An incredibly hot bottom who was obviously not getting fucked as often as he would like. Although he was with Aiden, I thought this would be a great opportunity to try and get him into bed and fuck a toxic load into him. All the more so because Aiden had phoned me more than once close to tears because he and Grant were having relationship issues, usually because Grant wanted to be fucked and if Aiden wasn't going to do it he wanted permission to go outside their relationship to get it. Aiden was having none of it but he assured me many times that he did not think that Grant ever acted out his desires. Grant had once asked Aiden why he and I broke up, and Aiden had told him point blank that it was because I wasn't into monogamy. Grant knew I was married to Ben as Aiden and I had swopped a lot of pictures and tales over the years. One thing I had never let Aiden know is that Ben and I had a totally open relationship and that we fucked around freely.

After some to-and-froing of emails and text messages, we arranged to meet Grant at the hotel he was staying at and take him for a drink at a local gay bar. Both Ben and I made sure that we were dressed as sexily as possible, with jeans that made the most of our crotches. As I pulled up in front of the hotel Ben and I could not believe our eyes. Grant was way hotter in person than we imagined. Tight faded blue jeans packing a massive bulge, tight white t-shirt framing a muscular torso, golden hair and blue eyes, with a gorgeous smile. One look and Ben and I both wanted to fuck him so bad. We got out of the car to greet him and I could not help noticing that he kept glancing at our crotches. Ben hopped into the back seat and Grant sat beside me.

I started describing the various local bars but Grant looked at me with a smile. "I've had a long day. You said you guys live close by and I'd like to see your place and get to know you better in a quiet environment. If you have something alcoholic to drink why don't we just go to your place." He looked at me earnestly and I swear that the massive bulge in his jeans had swollen a little. 

We walked from the car to the front door making small talk and I noticed that Grant seemed a little distracted. Nervous perhaps? Was he planned to cheat on Aiden or was he thinking that we were going to seduce him? I don’t know about the first, but Ben and I were definitely planning on the latter! I opened the door and let them in ahead of me, waving them towards the couch. “Why don’t you guys get comfortable on the couch while I get us each a beer? We have all sorts? Any preference?” “An IPA if you have one” was his response, which was fine as Ben and I like them and we had a few in the fridge.

I had carefully left a few bareback porn DVDs lying around on the coffee table where no-one could miss them: “Bareback Blond Boyfriends”, “Raw Cheating Lovers” and a few others including my favorite “Raw Load Takers.” As Ben led Grant to the couch I saw his eyes widen. “Wow. Bareback porn. Aiden won’t let me buy any, as he says you shouldn’t reward them for promoting unsafe sex.” I thought to myself; Yup, that sounds like Aiden. “Well, if you like we can watch one.” I sensed a hesitancy in Grant. Forbidden fruit was calling. “But only if you want to. We won’t try anything. We're married.” (Yeah Right). I could see a hunger in Grant’s eyes as he looked straight at me. “No, of course not.” He paused, “You choose a good one, one that you like.”

I brought the beers and slipped “Raw Cheating Lovers” into the DVD player. An appropriate choice for what I was planning. We made small talk and sipped our beers for a few minutes as the movie developed. At about the point when the first trick shot his load into the first cheating lover Grant brought the conversation around to sex. “Fuck, I don’t know when last I watched bareback porn on a screen bigger than my cellphone. It’s hot!” I laughed, “Yeah, like cocks, the bigger the better.” The action on the screen was obviously starting to stimulate him, as the bulge in his pants now stretched out in a fat straight line almost as far as his jean pocket. He was obviously packing some serious meat. I also caught him stealing glances at Ben and my crotches all the way through the conversation, and our cocks were already hard in response to his interest.

He asked the question that was brewing all evening: “You guys are obviously really into bareback porn. Maybe even as much as I am. Do you bareback each other? Aiden and I still use condoms even though we have never slept with anyone outside of our relationship. At least, I know I haven’t.”

Ben answered for me. “Yes, we got tested after we got married. Only with each other. We don’t fuck around.” (Liar). As the screen showed the bottom’s wrecked ass leaking cum from an internal cum shot Grant asked us. “So which of you guys is a top? Aiden and I are both bottoms, which sucks.”  Ben and I were obviously thinking along the same lines as we both answered. “Both of us.”  "So who bottoms?" "Both of Us. We're versatile." He looked at the now very obvious growing bulge in my thin khaki pants. "So you guys bareback. Does it really feel so much better than with condoms?" This line of discussion was really turning me on and I started leaking pre-cum and creating a slick patch around my cock head. "Fuck Yeah", I responded. "The only thing that feels better than pumping your load into a juicy ass is having someone fill your gut with his sperm." By now my cock was drooling so much that the patch was about the size of a quarter and very obvious. I could see the lust in his eyes.

It was time to step things up a notch. I looked hard at him and said. "By the looks of things the movie and the conversation have got you quite stimulated." For a fraction of a second I could see the doubt and confusion in his eyes as he realized what it was that he wanted so badly. I continued before he could change his mind and chicken out. "Based on what you're packing in your jeans you should try to top more. There's lots of guys that would love to have that up their ass.” He didn’t respond to that but asked. "I want to see you guys fuck bareback. I've never seen it live and up close before. Then you can fuck me with a condom. I've never cheated on Aiden before, but we'll be safe and he'll never know. 

Ben needed no encouragement and started stripping down to his black and red jock briefs. I always told him that the cutout at the back really framed his ass well, and he had obviously chosen to wear them today for maximum impact. I undressed a little more slowly, putting on a show for Grant. Grant made no moves to undress but was rubbing his cock through his pants. I went straight for Ben’s ass and started eating it out and getting it nice and wet ready for fucking. Now I really needed someone to suck my dick and get it slicked up with spit as I wasn’t going to use lube but Grant wasn’t taking the bait. He had now unzipped his pants and was working his dick with his hand. I could see with satisfaction that it was now drooling copious amounts of pre-cum. Such a waste that he was a condom bottom. With a juicy dick like that he should be a bareback top.

I spat on my hand and slicked up my cock and then spat again into Ben’s hole and slid all the way in. It was slick and juicy with somebodies cum, not mine. My slut husband had obviously taken a load from someone not too long before. Just the way I like it. Fucking a sloppy hole. I started fucking him with deep hard strokes, slamming my crotch into his ass with every thrust.

By now Grant was naked on the couch with his ass over the edge jerking his meat while he watched me fuck Ben. I made sure that the fucking was as juicy and wet sounding as possible and I could imagine what was going through Grant's mind. As I started getting close I whispered "now" in Ben's ear and he turned around and started kissing Grant on the mouth while I pulled out of his ass. I made sure that Grant saw me grab a condom from the side table, tear open the packet and roll it over my dick. Then I went down between his legs where he could not see me and slathered his hole with lube. I pulled back on the condom and it broke as planned. I pulled back the shredded latex onto the base of my cock and slowly started introducing it into his hungry anus. It slid in surprisingly easy for someone who reportedly did not get fucked often enough. 

“Oh fuck, that feels so good. Damn!” he uttered as I bottomed in his bowels. “You like my dick filling your hole huh?” I slowly started fucking him with longs strokes so that he could get the maximum pleasure from my bare dick sliding up and down his hot anal cavity. “Fuck yeah, it feels different than when Aiden fucks me. Better. Thicker.” I grinned at him and thought, but didn’t say aloud “and bare, lubed up by some anonymous guy’s cum from Ben’s ass.” “Maybe it’s because he is really a bottom and doesn’t know how to fuck?” I just chuckled and picked up the pace. His dick was starting to leak profusely and he moved his hand to start jerking off. I held it away. “No, not yet. Later.”

I was fucking him hard and fast while Ben was deep kissing him and it did not take more than thirty seconds or so before I started dumping seven or eight massive squirts of scalding hot poz cum deep into his colon. "Oh fuck. FUCK. Yeah FUCK!" was all Grant could say as he felt the cum shooting against the walls of his bowels for the first time.  As he came down from his orgasm I saw him looking at me with a strange expression as if he suddenly realized something. I slowly pulled out of his ass so that he could see the shredded condom.

I saw the wide eyed shock in his eyes as he observed the damage and understood that he had taken a load for the first time. The shock quickly turned to lust. “I guess that’s why it felt so good, it was bareback.” “Yeah,” I responded. “Feels good doesn’t it? Maybe you’d be a top more often if you were not dealing with tight numbing latex on your cock.” His rock hard dick was still drooling pre-cum into the puddle that was forming on his belly. He was obviously not turned off by the idea.

“I’m the only one of us who hasn’t been fucked yet, so why don’t you try and fuck me. Bareback. And see what it feels like. Put that big dick of yours to good use and you may find that you like topping when you can fuck bare. You can even cum in me.” Ben grinned with agreement. “And then Ben can fuck you.” Greg was still on his back on the couch and before he could say anything I went over and lowered myself onto Greg’s dick, after slicking it up with some of the pre-cum from his belly. I started riding him like a champion and I could see he was experiencing sensations he had never felt before. It was almost too much for him and it was not long before he shot his first unprotected load deep in my gut. Ben was watching all this with his dick in his hand, planning the next move. As I slowly lifted myself off Greg clenching my ass to prevent any cum leaking out Ben spoke. “Let’s take a break for a few minutes and then I’ll can fuck you and you can fuck me.” “Bareback?” he asked. I thought that was a dumb question considering the sex we had just had. “Yeah, of course” was my response.

Greg spent every evening with us for the rest of the week, and by the time he went back to Aiden, Ben and I had each given him five or six toxic loads. He parting words to us were. “I’m not going to say anything to Aiden, but I’m going to start fucking around behind his back, and topping, and giving loads. All bareback of course.” I just smiled. Yeah. Within a few weeks those loads are going to be highly toxic.

That's perfect planning. You are really great in breaking in new partnerships. That's some of great staging and conquering inhibitions between individuals. 

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Hot again. I love this story.

I hope Grant fucks Aiden and breaks the condom.

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I hadn't really thought of chapters that did not have either of the cheating couple in them.

But since there are only three more chapters sketched out, perhaps I can start a new thread about some of the other cheaters that get pozzed by our heroes and how they proceed to share the virus.

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Another fucking hot chapter. All that cheating and stealthing and luring guys to the BB side. Would have been hot to get Grant to have a party with Sam and them. 


I hope we get to see Dino and Zach and them. We still haven't met Zach's boyfriend ;-)

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Funnily enough the next chapter is called "Dino and Steve".

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fucking hot chapters that's keeping my fleshlight very active - shot another load into and then held the opened-capped end over my mouth for the cum to dribble down from it. Love it. Keep writing.

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