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  1. 20cmcock

    Locker Room Pozzing

    Fuck yeah that's hot
  2. 20cmcock

    Muscle Bear Dad

    Nice story, but too many condoms
  3. 20cmcock

    Not So Neg Greg

    Hot. Very hot. Please continue
  4. 20cmcock

    Not So Neg Greg

    I'm definitely curious, the twins' comments about his practices and motto turned me on. I'd also like to read about his extra-marital activities when traveling etc
  5. 20cmcock

    Not So Neg Greg

    Very hot. I can't wait for the next chapters ?
  6. 20cmcock

    Open Pig Hole

    I'll volunteer
  7. This story is hot. I'd love to read more. I'd love a relationship like this where my bf encourages me to be the town bicycle
  8. This story is hot. I want a boyfriend like that.
  9. Fuck that's hot. I need to plan a holiday to Berlin soon
  10. 20cmcock

    Raw at work

    I wish! There are a few guys at work who feature in my jerk off fantasies, but I don't think anything more will happen
  11. I stumbled upon the cruising area of the tiergarten by accident while I was in Berlin for a holiday. I left the tiergarten that day with a load of cum in my arse.
  12. Hot again. I love this story. I hope Grant fucks Aiden and breaks the condom.
  13. Thanks for writing. This story is fucking hot and I've shot countless loads reading it.
  14. Very hot. Please continue the story

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