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  1. 20cmcock

    Christmas Break

    Great start, I can't wait to see where this goes
  2. 20cmcock

    Off to College

    Hot! I need to read where this one goes
  3. This story is hot. Ben reminds me of me. The main thing I miss about my ex bf is how I'd take raw loads behind his back.
  4. 20cmcock

    Not So Neg Greg

    I'd love to read a chapter from Auden's point of view - why is he a condom-only guy at home and a cum slut outside?
  5. 20cmcock

    Black Breeding Me

    He wouldn't have to use much force to hold me down, I want it anyway, but I want the guy to think he's forcing me, so I'll have to struggle a little to try to make it believable
  6. 20cmcock

    First Time With BBC

    Hot story, but you should have taken his load in your arse
  7. 20cmcock

    Black Breeding Me

    Hot. I want a guy like that who will force me to take his bare cock, cum in me, and then hold me down while his friends use me
  8. 20cmcock

    Locker Room Pozzing

    Fuck yeah that's hot
  9. 20cmcock

    Muscle Bear Dad

    Nice story, but too many condoms
  10. 20cmcock

    Not So Neg Greg

    Hot. Very hot. Please continue
  11. 20cmcock

    Not So Neg Greg

    I'm definitely curious, the twins' comments about his practices and motto turned me on. I'd also like to read about his extra-marital activities when traveling etc
  12. 20cmcock

    Not So Neg Greg

    Very hot. I can't wait for the next chapters ?
  13. 20cmcock

    Open Pig Hole

    I'll volunteer
  14. This story is hot. I'd love to read more. I'd love a relationship like this where my bf encourages me to be the town bicycle

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