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Married Couple Looking For A Third

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This is a story in quite a few parts. It starts slow but ends up with lots of cheating and raw unprotected sex.

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The Agreement and Marriage – as told by Brandon  


Ben and I met through the internet as so many guys do these days. We were both looking for sex on a Saturday afternoon. I was browsing A4A and I saw an ad that I liked, just my kind of guy: BentBoy
28, 5’7” 135 lb 30w. Swimmers build. Dark blond, brown eyes. Some body hair. White.
Looking for: 1-on-1 Sex, 3some/Group Sex, Misc. Fetishes.
Just a fun loving guy looking to hook up. Oral is fine but if we hook up it ends up with someone getting fucked.
6”, Cut, Versatile, Anything Goes, HIV Negative. Prefer meeting at: My place, your place.
I sent him a message, he responded and within an hour he was at my place for sex. Except that we did not have sex right away. We both enjoyed each other’s company so much that we talked, had a few drinks, and went to dinner and then fucked, and fucked and fucked and then finally on Sunday evening he left.
We spent every weekend together after that and many week nights as well. Ben moved in with me about six months after we met. Everything was great until I was trying to find something in the bathroom. As I opened Ben’s side of the bathroom cabinet something fell out. I bent down to pick it up and I noticed that it was a bottle of Truvada.
I confronted him about it. “You said you were negative. But I found this!” He shrugged. “Before I met you I was a single gay man, having sex with multiple guys; you never know what you are dealing with. So my doctor recommended it just to be on the safe side.” What he should have added was “and having bareback sex whenever I can”, but he did not say it and I did not think it. 
I looked at him straight in the eye. “You and I are both very sexual guys. I don’t know if you are still having sex with other guys while we are together. I just don’t want to know about it if you are, and if you are you have to be safe, just like we are. Always use condoms.”
Ben just grinned at me. “No. I have not slept with anyone else since I met you. I just had the Truvada left over from before.” He paused. “Do you really mean what you said about sex with other guys?” This conversation was rapidly escalating to something we had not discussed before. “Yeah, I guess so” I answered. “We are both horny guys. Sometimes stuff happens. Just play safe. No bareback.” I was thinking about PrEP, and why Ben may have been taking it.
Ben smiled. “You know me better than that. We have always used condoms. I use condoms.  But I would like us to be able to get rid of them one day when you are ready. Once we have been tested. Then we can bareback, you and me.”
We did not discuss this again until we had been together for a bit more than a year and decided to get married. We had a long discussion about an open relationship versus monogamy. We agreed that we both like sex too much to be constrained to the bounds of monogamy. If one of us had a little “side sex” because it was just too tempting we did not want it to destroy our relationship. I really enjoy group sex and I was hoping that we would progress to threesomes and more once we had been together for a while.  
We agreed that we would not go looking for sex outside of our marriage, but that if it happened it would be OK if we did it together. If one of us did something on his own the rule was it had to be safe, and that he did not need to tell the other. We decided that we would get tested and then bareback with each other, but never with strangers. I had only ever had safe sex but because of the “agreement” Ben would not need to be on PrEP. He had stopped taking it sometime before I discovered the bottle of Truvada. Little did I know at the time how much Ben liked being bred and that he should have continued taking his little daily pill.
Our wedding was simple. We rented a house on Fire Island and invited only a few of our closest friends and family. One of Ben’s friends officiated and we got married wearing only speedos on the beach at Sunset. Ben’s only regret was that his best friend and roommate Sam from college could not be with us. He had moved away a few years earlier and they had lost contact. After way too much to drink and a good dinner we headed off to our room to consummate our marriage with me losing my bareback virginity.
We did not waste any time, immediately undressing each other and then making out on the bed. After about fifteen minutes of sucking, rimming and kissing we were ready for the next step. I rolled off him and we were lying side by side on our backs on the bed. Both of us were rock hard at the thought of what was coming next.
Ben looked at me with a grin. “Since this is your first time bareback you get to choose. Fuck or get fucked? I’ve had it a lot both ways but I think you should get fucked and take your first load. Then you can fuck me.” 
Ben had obviously already made up his mind as he was generously lubing his fat dickhead and shaft. I did not really need to think about it: “Get fucked.” He motioned me over to sit on it.
I eased myself down and relaxed my anal sphincter. I felt his fat cock head probing my ass lips and then it entered my chute and slowly started to move up my rectal passage. It was nothing like I had ever felt before. His dick slipped in so much easier than when it had been encased in latex. I felt incredible pleasure as it slid up easily stretching me out until it entered my colon. Sitting all the way down driving his dick as deep as it would go, I relished the sensation of getting fuller the deeper it went. I waited for a few seconds, getting used to the girth of Ben’s meat in my chute. Then I started fucking myself with his dick. I had never really enjoyed getting fucked before but this was different. Maybe it was because I knew it was bare and found it a turn on, or maybe it really did feel better. I loved the sensation of Ben’s slick dickhead gliding up and down stretching out my rectal walls. 
I was riding Ben’s rock hard dick for all it was worth, lifting all the way up and then slamming down hard. Ben started breathing heavily and he uttered “The first load up your ass. Ever” and before I had time to react, I felt Ben’s dick twitch in my rectum and start to shoot his load deep into my chute. He must have squirted half a dozen times into my hungry ass as he groaned with pleasure. I sat down hard to get Ben’s cock as deep as possible and started jerking off furiously. Ben cried, “No, Wait” but it was too late now to stop, and I came in seconds spewing my load all over Ben’s face and chest.
After a few moments Ben spoke. “You wasted your load. I wanted you to fuck me next. But at least I dropped a load up your ass. How did it feel?”
That was a dumb question. It felt amazing! In fact I was still so turned on that I knew I would be able to fuck him within a few minutes. 
We lay snuggled together for about five minutes. As we kissed and cuddled I started getting hard again.  Ben spoke. “Ready for round two?”
Without giving me a chance to answer he went down on my dick, expertly working my foreskin with his tongue, pushing it back so that he could slurp around my cockhead. Then he started deep-throating me, or more accurately as much of me as he could take. I knew that he was getting to taste some cum from earlier as well as a lot of pre-cum because I was very turned on by the idea of fucking without a condom for the first time.  Eventually he came up for air. He grinned and kissed me on the mouth and I was greeted by the taste of my own juices on his tongue and lips. “Now that I’ve got your dick clean, you need to get my ass ready for a fuck”. He turned around and went down on his hands and knees, spreading his ass cheeks and exposing his hole. I went directly for the target; I love sticking my tongue in a willing asshole.
Ben was obviously in heaven with my tongue deep into his hole. He was grunting with pleasure. “Fuck yeah, get my ass all slick with spit. Get it ready for fucking. You won’t need lube. Without a condom your pre-cum will be enough”.  He was not joking. The thought of fucking him bareback was enough that my dick was leaking so profusely that it was dripping all over the bed. 
“Fill me with you dick. Please!” He had reached the point that he needed something bigger up his chute than a tongue. I withdrew my face from his tasty trench and whispered in his ear. “You want me to fuck you now?” “Fuck yeah. I need that fat dick filling my gut. Slide it in me now. Oh fuck. Yeah! I’ve wanted your bare cock in my hole for so long.”
I slowly pushed my cock head against Ben’s hole. Ben kept his ass clamped tight. “I thought you wanted to get barebacked?” “Fuck yeah! But I really want to feel it sliding in. Push harder.” I pushed my dick against Ben’s hole again, and this time the head slipped in easily. I was not ready for the silky softness of Ben’s anal passage. It was tight but enveloped my fat dick with velvet softness. I pushed in slowly and felt as my dick head passed the inner sphincter. I thrust in deep so that my pubic hair slammed hard against Ben’s ass. Ben gave a squeal of pleasure, quite uncharacteristic for him. “Yeah! Fuck me hard. Bare at last!” I pulled almost all the way out and then thrust back in hard, keeping up a steady slow rhythm. I was reveling in the new sensation of having my thick bare dick sliding up Ben’s raw and willing ass. Ben spoke again. “Fuck! I got a lot of bare dicks up my ass before I met you, but very few fill me the way you do.” Ben was working his ass muscles to milk the juice from my dick as I fucked.
I felt myself getting close and he knew it too. “Stop, wait. Not yet. This feels so good I want to sit on you like you did on me. I want to see you face when you load me up. Let’s change positions.” It was so good fucking his ass with my bare dick that I did not want to come yet either. I slowly pulled out of his ass, and then lay down on my back on the bed. He rapidly straddled me face-to-face and took all of my meat deep in his rectum. “Fuck yeah! I love this position, gets your dick really deep in my ass. Sit up and kiss me.”  I did as I was told. It was the most amazing sensation deep kissing his sensuous mouth while his velvety warm anal walls were massaging my cock. He was slowly fucking himself on my dick. He started moving more rapidly, with longer strokes so that my dick would slide almost all the way out and then he would sit down hard taking me as deep as he could into his chute. He was moving too much for us to keep kissing, so I lay back and let him do the work, marveling that this incredibly beautiful man was giving me the fuck of my life.
It was too much for me and I could not control myself. I felt the cum starting to rise in my balls as I got close. “I’m getting close. I’m going to cum up your ass.” That seemed to spur him on to fuck himself even more wildly as he felt my dick starting to swell in his rectum. 
“Fuck Yeah! Cum in me! Load me! Breed Me!” He said as he slammed his ass down on my crotch and then rising again while milking my throbbing dick with his hungry hole. As he felt the first hot blast in his gut he thrust down hard on my crotch to take my cum as deep as he could and he continued riding up and down until I had squirted the last of my seed deep in his insides. I was so turned on that I must have loaded his ass with seven or eight squirts.
Needless to say the next few months were a revelation to me. We fucked at least twice a day. I just could not get enough even though I caught myself thinking a few times that I would like to feel a bigger raw dick than Ben’s, or get loaded up by a few guys one after the other. Or perhaps to fuck Ben after another guy had filled him up. I knew for a certainty that when I got to fuck him twice in an hour or two I loved sliding into his cum lubed ass the second time.
I am a very sexual person and watch a lot of porn as well as enjoy a lot of sex. I also enjoy reading porn stories on the net.  After being introduced to unprotected sex with Ben my tastes changed. Now the only porn I went looking for was bareback. The movies and stories I turned me on the most involved un-inhibited group sex with multiple loads being given and taken. More than once I caught myself wondering what it would be like if we were not playing by the rules of the agreement. Actually on that score I did not go out looking for something on the side as I realized the temptation to ditch the condoms and go raw would probably be too hard to resist.
I joined up a few bareback hookup sites “just to see what was out there”. I also could not shake off the suspicion that I might run across a profile of Ben’s if I looked hard enough. The only profile I could find that sounded like Ben was his old profile on A4A, which was unchanged from when I first met him. 
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Ben Cheats with Sam – as told by Ben


As much as I love Brandon I love variety in sex and love getting fucked bareback by a big dick. Really, bareback is the only way I like it, which is why I was on PrEP when I met Brandon. I fucked around raw so much before I went on PrEP that I am surprised I never got sick.


We had only been married about three months and I was already ready for another guy’s dick in my ass, preferably raw.  Brandon had left on Sunday afternoon for a one week business trip. Realizing that we were out of beer I ran down to the local liquor store for a six pack.  To my surprise and delight I ran into my old college roommate who had recently moved back to the neighborhood. Blond haired brown eyed muscle hunk Sam. Brandon’s 8 inch dick is amazing but Sam’s 10 incher is the biggest I have ever seen (or had fuck me). Sam is uncut, just the way I like it and he had fucked me often while we were in college, always with a condom. He always pulled out to cum, pulling off the condom to jerk off over my ass or belly. I longed to take it bare and to take his load deep up my chute, but he would have none of it, always insisting on protection.


We spent a few minutes standing between the rum and the bourbon catching up on all that had happened in our lives in the few years since we had seen each other last. I could not help myself looking. Sam was even hotter than when he was in college. He had obviously been working out and was tanned and buffed. His tight jeans left nothing to the imagination and I kept looking at his bulge. He noticed. “So you’re married huh?” “Yes.” “But that doesn’t seem to stop you from eyeing my meat. Looks like you want it!”


I looked at him with lust. “Yeah. Brandon and I have an agreement. Sort of a don’t ask don’t tell arrangement. We can fuck around as long as it is safe and we don’t have to tell each other. Since it’s only been a few months I have not done anything yet. With Brandon out of town I have not had a fuck for days.” I looked at his crotch again. The bulge was becoming more prominent. Sam was obviously interested in a replay of those nights in college.


Sam was not quite ready to respond to the hint. “Well, I guess you’ll just have to go home and jerk off to that bareback porn you love so much. That way you won’t be cheating on your husband.”


“Actually, I was thinking more on the lines on what we did in college: Drink beer, listen to music and then do what comes naturally.” Sam grinned “Yeah, remember those days? We fucked a lot. You used to try and get me drunk so that I would forget the condoms and fuck you bareback!  I never did give in to you, did I?”


“Nope” was my response. “And now I am married with an agreement to abide by.”


Sam chuckled. “Yeah! Of course. I also have my rules, just not an agreement.” He paused and looked hard at me before continuing. “How about this: We grab some beers and go to my place. My condo is only two blocks from here. Then we can catch up on old times, drink beer and see what happens.”  He looked down at the growing bulge in my pants and said “Based on what your pants are telling me I’ll take that as a yes.”


We each grabbed a six pack, paid for it and headed out into the street. Sam was not kidding when he said his place was close. He told me not to bother moving my car and we were unlocking his front door in less than five minutes.


So convenient, a bit more than a mile from our house! His condo was sparsely furnished as he had only recently moved in, but it had all the necessary stuff. We sat down in the living room and each of us cracked open a beer. We discussed old times and old friends and what everyone was up to. The talk was getting more and more sexual and I could see that he was getting aroused, and I was getting uncomfortably hard in my tight shorts.


Sam stood up. “I’ve gotta piss. Beer is starting to work. Be back in a minute.” As he walked out of the room I marveled how good his muscular ass looked in his tight jeans.


While Sam was gone I looked at the Porno DVDs lying next to the DVD player. When we were in college he refused to buy or watch any bareback porn unless it was “Pre-Condom”. Judging from the titles his tastes had changed: “Truckstop Bareback”, “Bare Gloryholes”, “Bareback Cheating Boyfriends”, Cum Loaded” and “Taking Loads: Not a Drop Wasted”. Not a condom movie in sight.


Sam returned carrying a couple of hand towels, a bottle of lube and some condoms. He placed them on the coffee table near to us. “I brought some supplies, just in case we decide we need them.” he said with a smirk. I had thought the whole idea was that we were going to fuck so we did need them!


He grabbed “Taking Loads: Not a Drop Wasted” and put it in the player. “He turned to me with a grin. “This is one of my favorite porn movies. I love the guys’ attitudes. They’ll take anybody’s dick in their asses.” We grabbed our beers and sat back on the couch to watch the movie.


The move was set in an abandoned warehouse. Guys entered one by one and soon the stars were sucking dicks and rimming asses. The movie had barely started when Sam went down on my dick. He was still as good a cocksucker as he had been in college. I watched the movie while he worked on my dick. Quite a few of the guys in the movie had biohazzard tattoos, and soon the fucking started. First it was the biohazard guys fucking each other, and then they started randomly fucking the other guys. Sam stocked sucking and motioned me to go down on him. It was wonderful to get my mouth on his massive cock and taste his ample pre-cum after so many years.  Out of the corner of my eye I could see that the movie had got to a scene where three bottoms in a line were getting fucked doggy style by three tops with biohazard tattoos. Unlike many movies this one actually had the actors speaking. While I was deep throating Sam’s massive dick and working his foreskin with my tongue I could hear the tops talking dirty were saying how they were going to load the bottoms with their poz cum. Both Sam and I were rock hard by this time and he was leaking copiously into my hungry mouth.


He eased me off his dick and looked at me “Ready for some real action? I want to taste your sweet ass.” I got up and went down on the couch on all fours. Within seconds he had his face in my ass crack and was greedily slurping on my hole. I relaxed my muscles and he thrust his tongue as deep as he could go. I was drooling profusely by now leaving a slick puddle on the leather of the couch. This did not last long.


“On your back” Sam ordered. I watched as he reached across to the coffee table and grabbed the bottle of lube and a condom. He squirted some on his hand and then worked one, two then three slippery fingers into my greedy hole. “You ready for this? I know you want it SO BAD.” He said with a grin, squirting some more lube onto his hand and slicking up his rock hard cock.  He wiped his hand off on a towel and then lined up his drooling cock with my hole. Then he did something unexpected; he ripped open the condom packet and rolled the condom over my dick while slowly pushing his way in. There was a brief spasm of pain as his massive meat entered my chute and then extreme pleasure as his bare dick stretched my anal walls and started to slide up into my ass. “I know you’ve always wanted me to fuck you raw.” He said as he thrust in balls deep. “But I always played safe, never did what you wanted. Now I only fuck and get fucked bareback. But you can tell your husband you wore a condom when we fucked.”


I burst out laughing, which just made him fuck harder and faster. I had forgotten how well he fucked and I was extremely turned on by his tight muscular body as he thrust deep into my gut. I put my hand on my sheathed dick but he grabbed my wrist and stopped me. “NO. I don’t want you to waste your cum. It belongs in an ass; my ass.” He was so turned on by the thought of fucking me bareback at last that he did not last long. “Oh fuck yeah. Fuck. I’m close. You always had the best hole to fuck but this is so much better.” With that his dick started to spasm and he slammed his crotch into my ass as he started to unload his seed as deep as possible in my colon. “Breeding your tight ass good.” He thrust hard a few more times spewing his load into my hungry cunt. It was really hard to not cum hands free in the condom as the experience was so intense.  He remained deep in my gut for a few moments before he spoke. “Fuck yeah. That was hot. And I know you are so ready to cum that if you stick it in my ass you will cum even before you are all the way in. I nodded in agreement.


He withdrew his still hard member from my ass and went down on his hands and knees. “Eat my ass before you fuck me” he ordered “Get it good and sloppy so we don’t need lube.”


His anus was not the same as I remembered it from college. No longer a tight pucker, his puffy ass lips relaxed to reveal a gaping hole. Sam had obviously been fucked a lot since we had been together in college. As I thrust my face into his tangy crack and slid my tongue into his welcoming hole I heard him say. “Yeah, like it? Not as tight as I used to be because I love getting double-dicked. I can take it real easy now.” I gave a muffled affirmative as I tasted cum in his hole. So he had already been fucked today. He obviously knew what I was thinking. “Yeah, Matt and Josh loaded me after brunch this morning. You’re going to have a slick ride.” His ass was now nice and wet so I got ready to fuck him. I still had the condom on and my dick inside was slick with all the pre-cum that I had been leaking. I pulled it off and lined my fat cockhead up against his ring. As I slowly pushed in I got a thrill from finally getting to do something that I had wanted so many times in college; Get my bare dick in Sam’s needy hole. Sam was moaning with pleasure as I slid it all the way in and past the inner sphincter. I started thrusting slowly, pulling almost all the way out and then slamming all the way home to get as deep as I could. Sam sighed.” Fuck yeah, you have no idea how many times I wished your dick was bare when you fucked me in college”. When he said that it took me over the edge and I rammed him balls deep and started loading up his ass. “Fuck bitch, I’ve wanted this for so long: Seeding you good and hard.” In that instant a long held wish came true for both of us. We rested for a few minutes taking in the moment.


As I pulled out of Sam’s sloppy hole he joked. “Wrong porn movie. Should have been the Bareback Cheating Boyfriends. One of my favorites. Except it should have been husbands.”


As we were getting dressed I asked Sam what had changed his mind about barebacking. It was quite by accident he told me.  “About a year ago I met this really hot couple for a threesome. They said they always fucked each other raw but we agreed that when I would fuck and get fucked it would be safe. It did not work out that way and I am sure they planned it like that. We had all fucked each other at least once, me with condoms and Matt and Josh raw with each other but none of us had cum yet even though we had been close a few times. Matt was fucking Josh while I was sucking him. He turned to Matt and said I sucked better when I was being fucked and next thing Matt slid his bare cock out of Josh and slid it up my ass. No condom this time and slick with Josh’s ass juices. It felt so fucking good. Matt must have been really close because he only thrust a few times before I felt his dick swell and he started dumping a massive load in my hole. Then Josh said that since I could not catch anything from him that I could not catch from his boyfriend he wanted to fuck me raw as well and he did. Well, that did it. It felt so incredible that by the end of the evening I had seeded them both and each had bred me twice. They admitted afterwards that they liked hooking up with safe-sex only guys and converting them to bareback in the heat of the moment. I never used a condom since and I must have been bred by more than a hundred guys. Matt and Josh go as bbcpl4loads on the internet.”


I wondered about the risks Sam had been taking but I still wanted him to bareback me again. I guess I should have still been on PrEP even though I had never been as good about taking it regularly as I had been about taking loads. 

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Excellent story. My favourite excerpt is below. Love hot studly guys whose holes have been  stretched into gaped, puffed-up cunts through over-use. Being pre-loaded from an earlier fuck is a nice touch too. Very hot. Thanks Wetnraw!



"His anus was not the same as I remembered it from college. No longer a tight pucker, his puffy ass lips relaxed to reveal a gaping hole. Sam had obviously been fucked a lot since we had been together in college. As I thrust my face into his tangy crack and slid my tongue into his welcoming hole I heard him say. “Yeah, like it? Not as tight as I used to be because I love getting double-dicked. I can take it real easy now.” I gave a muffled affirmative as I tasted cum in his hole. So he had already been fucked today."

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I have been inspired by the many excellent writers on this site.

Thanks especially to 1981irginia, Orlandoneg, RawDad4Sons, Newboy1989, and a few others.

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Sam Introduces Ben to Matt and Josh – as told by Ben


It was late in the afternoon on the Wednesday after I met up with Sam again that he texted me.


Sam: “Spoke to Matt and Josh today”


Sam: “Told them about you”


Me: “Told them what”


Sam: “Told them we fucked and how good it was”


Me: “Did you tell them we barebacked”


Sam: “No. Thought it might be fun for them to find out”


Sam: “They want to meet you”


Me: “Sound like fun. When”


Sam: “Tonight maybe?”


Me: “Sure. I’m not doing anything”


Sam: “They both want to fuck you”


Me: “Bareback?”


Sam: “What do you think?”


Me: “Fuck yeah”


Sam: “Cool. But maybe you can pretend to use condoms”


Me: “Why”


Sam: “Then they will try to stealth you”


Sam: “Convert you”


Me: “Convert me?”


Sam: “To bareback of course”


Me: “Aha. Games. My kinda fun”


Sam: “They *never* use condoms these days”


Me: “But how can we pretend then?”


Sam: “With new guys they use them to make a point of losing them!”


Me: “Oh. Mind games. Mindfuck”


Sam: “Something like that”


Sam: “Bring your smallest Speedo or your most revealing one.”


Me: “?”


Sam: “They have a hot tub. Into speedos and gear. We’ll probably start in the tub.”


Me: “Cool. I will”


Sam: “Meet me at my place at 6:30”


Me: “I’ll be there”


I spent some time thinking about what to wear. I finally decided on my ice-blue nylon swim brief. I loved the way it became see through when wet and I thought the guys might appreciate the look. I pulled on a pair of tight faded jeans that accentuated my ass and bulge and finished the ensemble off with a black t-shirt and sneakers. 


Sam was raring to go and met me in front of his condo building. We walked to Matt and Josh’s place. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they lived a few blocks away, about equidistant from our house and Sam’s apartment. As we walked the few blocks Sam told me more about them and what they were into. I really liked the sound of what I heard.


Sam rang the doorbell and we waited a few moments before it opened. The guy who opened it was slim and dark, wearing a tight white t-shirt and well filled out faded jeans. I could not keep my eyes off his crotch and its ample bulge. He looked at me, and then Sam, and then back at me. “Hi. I’m Matt. And you are Ben I presume.”


“Yup, I’m Ben. Sam told me a little about you guys. He says that you are always up for some fun.” He looked at me with a grin before turning to Sam. “Your fuck buddy is hot. Josh and I have been getting all worked up thinking about a foursome. No time to waste. Josh is already in the hot tub so let’s go and join him. It is at the back of the house.”


We walked through to a secluded courtyard. The 8-man sized hot tub was in one corner and a really well built slightly older man was lounging in the hot water. He looked up at our approach watching me intently. As he got out of the pool to greet us I saw that he was wearing a white racer brief with no lining. I got a great view of his semi erect six inch uncut dick filling out the front of the swimsuit. The wet clinging spandex was so translucent that I could see his trimmed pubes and the small scorpion tattoo that he had on the right side of his crotch through it. We did a quick round of introductions while we all stripped revealing our swimsuits under our pants. Matt jokingly said that he had ordered a whole lot of these swimsuits from a team supplier, who could not understand why he did not want a lining. I got a good eyeful of Matt’s ample cock and then his bubble butt in his tight white swimsuit as he turned around and he moved towards the tub. There was a “Team BB” emblazoned in red across the seat of the speedo. I was had to say something. “Well, I can certainly understand why it has no lining.” As he sank back into the hot tub Matt shot back a response. “If you play nice and join our team you can have one of the extra speedos that I ordered.”  I asked him somewhat cautiously. “Does BB mean bareback.” He laughed. “Of course not, we always play safe.”  Based on what Sam had told me, I knew that they did not, and this was part of their game.


Sam, Josh and I stripped down to our swimsuits. The sky blue nylon suit I was wearing was already showing a growing bulge and a damp spot where I had started leaking pre-cum thinking about joining “Team BB”. Sam was wearing a super low cut red bikini barely covering his crotch and ass. It was so low cut that his golden pubic hair was visible above the waist band. He saw me looking at it lustfully and quipped. “It’s Japanese. They like them low. I bought it on eBay.” And he turned around to show me that it did not cover the top of his ass crack either. Josh was also wearing a white BB suit with visible cum stains around his dick head and the seat of his speedo. Yeah right, I thought. Cum had leaked out of his ass and stained his swimsuit.


Sam got in opposite Matt and I slid in between Matt and Josh and my ass had barely come to rest on the seat when I felt a hand on my crotch. Through the bubbling water I could see it was Josh’s arm. He said nothing but just grinned. Matt did not waste any time either and I soon felt him insert his hand into one of the leg holes of my speedo and move his fingers between my legs towards my anus. Sam was watching from the other side of the tub. Matt leaned over to kiss me while Josh pulled down the front of my swimsuit releasing my rapidly hardening cock. Josh started working my dick while he leaned over and nibbled my ear and Matt started working a finger into my hole. Josh whispered in my ear, loudly enough that Matt and Sam could hear. “I think Matt wants to fuck you.” Matt stopped kissing for a moment to respond. “And I know Josh wants to fuck you.” Sam lunged forward in the water and with his face only inches away from Matt and me and added. “And then I want to fuck you after both of them have.”  Within seconds the four of us had our tongues and lips locked in a wet four way kissing fest. I noticed that Josh’s other arm was now down the back of Sam’s swimsuit, presumably making straight for his hole.


Soon we were all kneeling in the swirling water. Since Josh was busy working his fingers into Sam’s and my holes, I decided to return the favor and had slipped my hands into Matt and Josh’s speedos. After all, from what Sam had told me they both liked to get fucked. My fingers found their holes and slipped in easily.  Matt and Josh looked at each other and grinned. Sam said what we all were thinking. “I think Ben wants to fuck you both but we need to work him over first”.  With that the three of them stood up and grabbed me, lifted me out of the tub and put me down on the large exercise mat that someone had thoughtfully placed alongside the tub.


These guys did not mess around - they knew how to set up a fuckathon. Since I was the new meat in town the guys took control of the situation positioning me on my back.  Sam pulled down my speedo and he and Josh went to work on my dick while Matt squatted over my face. I got a great view of his ass through the transparent while spandex before he pulled down the back of his swimsuit so I could give his muscular anus a workout.  His hole reminded me of Sam’s - well used. He relaxed his sphincter and I was able to slide my tongue deep into his willing chute and taste the fresh cum that started to trickle into my mouth. I could not see the other guys working my dick but soon there was only one mouth. It was obviously Sam as I heard Josh say. “Keep sucking. I want to fuck you while you suck. You want that?” Sam withdrew his mouth long enough to say “Yeah” and then went back to slobbering on my cock. “I’ll grab a condom and lube.” Sam grunted the affirmative.


I heard the condom packet being torn and lube being squirted. I heard Sam grunt and I knew Josh was sliding his raw dick up his ass. I knew for sure that condom never got rolled onto his dick. Matt lifted himself off my face and turned around so that I could suck his cock and I got a momentary glance of Sam getting fucked doggy style.


Matt tried to distract me so that I would not see that Josh was fucking Sam without a condom. The way we were positioned meant that I could not see Josh’s dick but I was extremely turned on by the juicy slapping sounds of sex as I knew Sam was being fucked bareback and loving every minute of it.


After a few minutes of sucking Matt’s dick and relishing the flavor of his copious pre-cum he looked down at me. “Now it’s your turn to be fucked. What position?” I responded “Doggie style, just like Sam.” Just like Sam meaning not only the position, but also without a condom. I got off my back and onto my hands and knees and faced towards the other two fuckers.  Now I had a clear view of the action. Josh was still wearing his swimsuit, but had pulled his rock hard cock through the leg opening, and his bare meat was sliding in and out of Sam’s chute. I could also see the unused condom where it had fallen after being removed from the wrapping.


Matt also kept his speedo on, but pulled down the front releasing his cock. He made a big show of getting a condom and surprised me by insisting that I roll it over his rock hard dick. I guess that was part of the game; get their willing target to be absolutely sure that they were rubbered up before getting fucked, so that they could stealthily remove it at some stage of the action. He then squirted a minimal amount of lube into his hand and smeared it on the latex; hardly enough for a good fuck.


He moved around behind me and pulled down the back of my swimsuit before starting to probe my anus with his cock head. Even without a lot of lube it slid in easily. Having been fucked regularly over the last few days by Sam’s fat 10 inches, his very average 6 incher was no challenge for my chute. He started fucking me slowly, pulling almost all the way out and then plunging all the way in until his thighs and crotch slammed against me. Josh’s fucking of Sam had slowed down to the point that it had almost stopped. I guessed that he must have been getting close.


Matt reached over to grab the bottle of lube. “I need more lube. You’re tight.” Well, I do know how to work my ass muscles, but he was just looking for an excuse for part B of his plan. He withdrew from my hole and fumbled a bit behind me. I heard him squirt some lube then he slid in again. Sam and Josh could see his deception and both uttered “fuck yeah” as his now bare dick entered my rectum.


I had been fucked bare enough times to know the difference between latex and skin. I decided to play along with the game and see what his response would be. “You still have the condom on?”  He slammed his dick hard all the way in before he responded. “Of course. What made you ask?”  He thrust deeply two or three times before I answered. “Because it feels so good.” I answered truthfully.  Perhaps because he thought he was getting away with his deception he started fucking me even more energetically and within a few seconds I felt his cock thicken and start to twitch as it started spewing cum into my greedy intestines. He stayed inside for a few moments and I noticed that Josh had pulled out of Sam and was moving towards us. “Matt, you’ve had you fun, now it’s my turn.” Matt’s dick was still hard as it slid out of my hole. Josh continued “Stand up, we are all about the same height, I want to fuck you standing up.”


I stood up and Matt who was still on his knees started sucking my dick. Sam wasted no time and after lubing up his meat slid into Matt. Josh spent a moment looking through the handful of condoms and chose one very carefully. He made sure I saw him roll the condom over his dick before moving behind me and sliding it into my slick hole. He was grinning like the cat that had caught the canary because he thought I did not know I had an ass full of cum. He started fucking me slowly, sliding all the way in and them almost pulling out before thrusting in again. I felt him put his hand between us and I knew what he was going to do next. He gripped the condom while he thrust in deep and I felt the latex give way as the condom burst followed by the silky slickness of skin on skin. He picked up his pace.


Now Josh was fucking me bareback getting close to giving me my second load while Sam was fucking Matt in front of us. “Time for a train; I want to fuck you Matt.” I said as I motioned Matt and Sam to turn around and stand up. They separated, moved apart and turned around. Matt was obviously ready for another round as his dick was rock hard and drooling pre-cum.  He lined up his drooling dick at Sam’s pre-lubed hole and slid in balls deep. Then the two of them moved back until my spit slick cock was pressing against Matt’s anus.  In an attempt to keep the illusion going he asked with a total lack of enthusiasm. “What about the condom? You forgot the condom.”  My answer was to slam my raw dick into his well-used hole. “No point really, your boyfriend is still fucking me after he knows the condom broke and my ass is lubed with the load you shot up there. So now it is time for me to cum in your ass.” I did not last long and as soon as I started cumming it triggered Josh to start firing a massive load up my ass.


Sam was the only one of us who had not cum yet. He suggested that we each get a beer, wait a few minutes and have another round. Sam got sloppy thirds, then sixths after Matt and Josh had each fucked me a second time. I got to load up Josh’s gut after Sam fucked me the first time. I got six loads that night but I thought it strange that all three of them made sure I got all their loads, and no-one else.


As we were leaving Matt made a rather strange comment, but one that reminded me of something that Sam had texted me. “I hope we converted you tonight.”  Josh interrupted suddenly “to bareback of course” and looked at Matt with an angry expression.  Matt took it in his stride and continued “If not, feel free to come back for another round.” With that he gave Sam and I kiss and we walked out the door.


After the incredible session with Sam, Matt and Josh I decided it was time to remind Brandon that we had agreed that we could have a threesome or group sex if it “just happened”. I had already exploited the “don’t ask don’t tell rule” even though I had barebacked and taken loads in spite of our agreement to always play safe. I decided to turn “just happen” into “make it happen”.

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I love the idea of being aware that you're being stealthed.  I actually would have preferred it if he had pretended not to know he'd been stealthed by the first top.  I love the idea of the couple thinking they got away with their plan.

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As you will find out as the story unfolds, Ben only wanted a load in his ass, but Matt and Josh wanted to give him that and something else. There are about 10 parts to the story.

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Discovery - as told by Brandon


We’d been very happily married for a little longer than three months but I suspect we were both missing a bit of variety in our sex life.  For me experiencing bareback sex with Ben was starting to lose its novelty and I was starting to think of having someone else sink their pole in my ass. (With a condom of course) Particularly as I like getting fucked by big uncut dicks and Ben’s six inch cut dick not quite fit the description.  I had been away on a business trip and the Friday evening I got home Ben suggested that it might be fun to have a threesome.  He had met up with his college roommate and fuckbuddy Sam who he had not seen for about two years and they talked about “all sorts of things”. We talked about it for a while, where to find guys, the “agreement” and all sorts of things like that. He even suggested that “maybe Sam would like to play” and “Sam mentioned another couple in the neighborhood that plays around”. Nothing specific came out of the conversation, but the sex we had that night was particularly good. Somehow the talk of threesomes must have stimulated both of us.


Usually on a Saturday morning we would spend a lazy hour or so in bed with our first coffee of the day and end up fucking. This Saturday was different. Ben said that he had a lot of stuff he needed to do and after a quick mug and a shower he was out of the house. I thought nothing of it.


He returned just in time for our Saturday afternoon nap. I was horny as always and I woke a little before he did. Actually, I probably woke him as I rolled in behind him and started grinding my already hard cock against his back. As he woke he groggily muttered. “I guess I’m going to get fucked now.”


“Yeah, then you are going to fuck me. I missed getting fucked this morning.” I rolled him onto his back, lifted up his ass with a cushion and spread his legs giving me access to his hole. As I moved my face down towards his anus to give him a good rimming he stopped me and guided my mouth to his hardening dick.


It was odd. Normally Ben loves me rimming his ass. He loves me sucking his dick as well but he had never before guided me away from the one towards the other. I was curious enough to ask “You don’t want me to rim you?” and he answered somewhat hesitantly “No, I want a blowjob instead”. I wondered if there was something he did not want me to find out. I went down on his cock and started working him over while starting to open him up with first one finger, then two, then three. (Not that his hole really needs opening out with the amount I fuck him)


I surreptitiously stuck a finger in my mouth and tasted. I swear I could taste cum mixed in with his ass juices. Normally it only happens if I fuck him twice in one session of sex. I was pretty sure that someone else had fucked him raw earlier in the day and left a load up his chute. That was against our agreement but I found it strangely stimulating to know that he was walking around with someone else’s cum inside him.


I spat on my hand and slicked up my cock.  I moved forward and started pushing my way in. I looked closely at his face and saw a momentary flick of panic as my meat slid easily into his slick cum lubed hole.  He knew that I knew but he did not say anything. I rammed him mercilessly slamming so hard into his ass to that he uttered a little grunt of pain each time. Cheating little slut was all I could think.  Have some sex on the side was one thing but bareback was completely against the rules. I normally cum quickly but my aggressive fucking and the thought that a stranger had loaded him up earlier made me cum almost immediately. I added a massive load to the cum already in his colon.


I waited a few moments before pulling out and rolling onto my back. “Now it’s your turn to fuck me.” He grabbed the lube, slicked up his cock and rolled me onto my side. He slid in behind me and was soon probing my hole with his drooling cockhead. I was so hungry for his dick that it slipped in easily. Ben put his arms around my chest. While he was slowly fucking me he was nuzzling my neck and sucking on my earlobe. One of his favorite positions to fuck and I was not going to object. I found myself strangely excited by the thought that he had stranger’s seed mixed with mine brewing in his bowels he fucked me. He was obviously highly stimulated as well as it did not take long before he was firing a massive load up my chute.


As we lay there on the bed with Ben’s slowly softening dick still in my ass he mentioned Sam again. “We should really both get together with Sam for a threesome. We would have a really good time with him.” I did not say anything at first but thought to myself that he had probably had a good time with Sam earlier in the day. “Yeah! I’d love to fuck your ass after he has. Your ass was so slick today it felt like sloppy seconds. Did you lube up before our nap.” He looked at me with a deer-in-the-headlights expression. “Um. Ah. Yeah. Pre-lubed.” He thought a few seconds longer before adding. “With that new lube that looks like cum.” Yeah right, I thought to myself.


I got to travel a lot for work over the next month or so and between this and that we never got the threesome worked out. Every couple of days Ben would mention it, whether in person or on the phone. He kept referring to Sam and the other hot couple Matt and Josh that were in the neighborhood. He made a rather cagy reference to meeting them at Sam’s and that they were really hot guys.


There were a few more times during that period that his ass seemed as if it had been well fucked and fully loaded. He also started wearing a new swimsuit around the house. A typical swimmers cut brief but with a difference. The white spandex did not have a lining and I can only imagine how see-through it got when wet. Ben told me that a friend of Sam’s who has a team had a few spare suits and gave it to him. I could not imagine what sort of swim team would wear a see-through swimsuit, and I could not help notice the TeamBB blazoned across the back. Team Bare Back perhaps?


Then Ben came down with a mean case of flu which put paid to any ideas of amorous encounters with strangers for a while. No sooner had Ben started feeling better than I got it. It was the worst case of flu I ever remember having.


While I was sick and feeling so shitty I spent a lot of time online surfing for porn. I spent a lot of time looking at bareback sites as I have always found bareback porn more stimulating than condom porn. I joined some of the bareback hookup sites and looked at profiles of local guys. One caught my eye, BBSam4Fun. The zip code and description fitted that of Ben’s college buddy Sam.


He listed his status as “don’t know, probably poz” and what he was looking for as “My place or yours, load up your hole or mine, the more cum the better. Status does not matter, just don’t tell me.” Also BBSam4Fun posted quite a few tales in the “my last load” section of the site where he had his profile. There were some really hot posts where Sam described his exploits including one that pretty much defined his attitude to life.


“I was at my friends M and J for a fuck fest. They introduced me to a really hot friend J2 dressed in a black latex outfit with a biohazzard logo in red on the front. I could not keep my eyes off his massive bulge and when he stripped down and I saw what he was packing I knew he had to fuck me. He had a massive mushroom head on his 9” uncut dick. After fucking me and leaving a huge load in my ass I returned the favor. Then we both fucked the hosts, leaving a load in each. The day ended with first B and I double fucking J2, and then M and J double fucking him. He knows how to take cocks.”


“J2 and I have become regular fuckbuddies. He loves my 10 incher in his hole almost as much as I love his mushroom head filling my ass. J2 says he is thinking of getting a nice discreet tattoo, on his crotch.”


Then there was another post that really started me thinking.


“I introduced my new bareback fuckbuddy B to M and J. B is really hot. About 5’7”, blond and blue eyed with a really muscular lean body covered with blond fur. Yum. Who would have thought that such a cutie could turn out to be such an unrepentant cum-slut. M and J started with their usual game of pretending to use condoms, but B quickly turned that around and took all our loads. Actually six loads, two from each of us. B has a boyfriend who doesn’t know he is getting fucked and taking loads.”


I also found a profile for BBcpl4loads, a couple “in the neighborhood” who seemed to fit the description of M & J. What made it all start to fit together was a blog posting that they made on the same date as Sam’s fuck fest reference:


“We had some hot guys over to fuck yesterday. Since we are into gear, one of the guys wore a black latex outfit with a biohazzard logo to show off his newly diagnosed status. I got fucked by his fatheaded 9” uncut dick. The other guy is a regular fuckbuddy. He says he does not know his status but is probably poz. Matt got loaded by his 10 inches. Also uncut.”


I began to wonder about all sorts of things, but kept my thoughts to myself. Suspecting that Ben was having unsafe sex with poz guys is one thing, knowing for sure is another. Plus if it was true it was probably too late to change the inevitable. So I decided to snoop around on the net.


His old profile on A4A was still there under BentBoy with some subtle changes.


30, 5’7” 135 lb 30w. Swimmers build. Dark blond, brown eyes. Some body hair. White.


Looking for: 1-on-1 Sex, 3some/Group Sex, Misc. Fetishes.


Just a fun loving guy looking to hook up. Oral is fine but if we hook up it ends up with someone getting fucked.


6”, Cut, Versatile, Anything Goes, Don’t Know. Prefer meeting at: Your place.


But on one of the BB hookup sites I found a rather new profile for BBBoy that seemed somehow familiar.


30, 5’7” 135 lb 30w. Swimmers build. Dark blond, brown eyes. Some body hair. White.


Looking for: 1-on-1 Sex, 3some/Group Sex, Misc. Fetishes.


Just a bareback loving guy looking to hook up. Oral is fine but if we hook up it ends up with someone getting a load up their ass not their mouth.


6”, Cut, Versatile, Anything Goes, Don’t Know. Prefer meeting at: Your place.


Cummy ass. TeamBB speedo. A new BB profile suspiciously like his old one that now showed his status as Don’t Know.  It seemed pretty obvious that Ben was cheating on me. Not because he was screwing around behind my back because we had agreed that was OK, but because he was obviously doing it bareback. And then there was the unseasonable flu.


I had barely started to feel better when Ben raised the question about threesomes again. This time I gave him a positive response. “Sure, that would be fun. I cannot remember how long it has been since I was the meat in a sandwich. Since you brought it up, you go and find him for us. Remember, safe sex only.” Whatever happened I was going to watch him very carefully.

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So fucking hot and looks like it is too late for Brandon and he is already poz since he got the flu right after Ben.  Going to be a lot of poz cum flying soon it looks like and I wish it was real and they were coming for me.  :)

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      "About what?" I asked. With that he roles my greasy body on top of did and positioned my well fucked boi pussy back over that monster cock. I looked up wide eyed and he said: "I think you have room for more than one of my children in that fat belly of yours. Wouldn't want to waste those baby bearing hips now, would we?"
      "But my king? I will already be so fat!"
      "You'll be fine *he rubs my belly* as a matter of fact you're not fat enough". He wraps his body around me and plunges his dick farther in my butt, he's so deep.  Against my protest, he humps away and I moan and fall deeper in love with every thrust.  I give up my fight and only trash talk him. 
      "What make you think you're even worthy of this fine ass you're fucking? My body wasn't made for you."
      "maybe not, but this dick was made for you, jelly belly. Now be a good little piggy and open your ass up a little more for daddy. You know you want my to fill you up again." And with that I gave up and accepted the several more babies he gave me that night. I'm going to be such a cow. 
    • By RiverBear
      A mixed status bareback party is set for early November. It will be one chaser in the sling. No condoms. No guarantees. A dark room will be available.
      If interested contact me for more info on date, time and location,
    • By Just-a-guy
      I was on Grindr for a while, honestly not looking for anything special when a young black guy hit me up.  His pics were definitely hot.  We had talked before but had never actually hooked-up.  This time, however, he wanted to fuck me, so I invited him over.
      His cock was a full 21 cm (8 1/4 inches), and his body and face were quite nice.  As he was young, I asked if he wanted to use condoms, to which he replied "I have them, but rarely use them."
      Which was fine by me.  So he came over, I sucked him, and in fact he almost came while I was sucking his cock, but then he fucked me.  First, doggy, then missionary.  After only three to four minutes he was ready to bust, and he didn't hold back, blowing a big load deep in my ass.
      Damn, I love the young boys from the 'hood. 

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