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Looking For Younger For My Husband.....

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    • By bbcumlover81
      I'm looking for one or maybe two older gentlemen. Top, vers/top, even bi. Some older men that enjoy both straight and gay porn. Prefer older men that are friends with Tina. I wanna role play older man/younger guy scenarios (daddy/son, uncle/nephew). I'm into pig play so I'm looking for total pervs with toys and a huge sex drive. I love giving long head session, Tina makes me hungry for precum. I wanna have toys in my ass while I suck your cock, l wanna make out while we rub our dicks together and lick your chest. I like them hairier and taller than me (I'm 5'4").
      I wanna play with Tina before you and I start role playing, I want you to start rubbing my legs while I rub your chest, put me against the wall, rubbing my ass while you dirty talk to my ear> You start pulling my pants down slowly, rubbing my ass and trying to finger me, making me moan and making me beg for more.
      Slam me and fuck me bareback for hours. Breed my tight hole. I wanna be your chem slut, daddy. Use and share my holes. Let me show you how much I love cock. 
      Fuck me, daddy
    • By cumdumpinmesa87
      Seeking men with hard topping abilities to provide my ass with the deep pounding and breeding that it needs. 
      Please be serious. Condom free philosophy. 
      Looking for NSA, and as anonymous as possible. 
      Hosting today in the Southern and Dobson area, very close to Tempe, but in Mesa. Contact via TEXT ONLY to 3125729236. 
    • By aBBPigInSF
      I recently noticed some hot top muscle daddies with stretched out holes and wanted to know if other guys noticed this and if it was a turn on or turn off. 
      Anthony DeAngelo is an example.  His hole looks like he's had some serious work, even though he's a top.  I know Lito Cruz is a top, but his hole looks like it's had some major work.  If it isn't from fucking, what is it from? Any other "tops" with stretched out holes?
    • By aBBPigInSF
      I hope this in the right section, so here goes...
      What do you guys think about a really stretched out hole on a guy?
      I took some new ass pics and noticed that my butt cheeks are "open" and my hole is still stretched out despite not having sex for several months.
      My ass has a lot of mileage on it.  I've been getting fisted for over 20 years and can take a pretty big dick with no lube. (spit).
      So, a couple items for discussion.  What do guys think of stretched out holes on muscle daddies? Do younger guys into serious hole play ever consider what their holes will look like when they get older? What is your thought if a guy sends a pic of his hole and it looks like there has a lot of mileage on it?
    • By Nipping420
      Hi everyone! Looking for some input /advice (please be nice). 
      I am in a bad situation up here on Massachusetts (relationship wise). I need a fresh start and have to get away from Massachusetts. There's nothing up here for me and I need to see more of the world. 
      I don't have a job currently and am looking to do this trip on what I have left on my credit cards. I'm looking to do odd jobs, and really find ways I can just float around down there. I've never really been out of mass and never been to Florida but I feel like that's where I'm being called to. 
      I will be staying at rest areas along the way and trying my best to go on as little money as possible. I have a vehicle I'll be driving down  (fear of flying). And also acts as shelter while down there. 
      Any tips, or places that can help with expenses while omw down there? (food, showers, anything so I can experience this trip to the fullest. 
      I'm not an addict, I don't smoke cigarettes, no criminal history, just need a fresh start. Please any advice, info, and help is appreciated. If you want message me directly and let's chat. 

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