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An excellent story combining the essence of bestiality without actually saying it.

Loved the part about the beast becoming knotted in his ass shooting his toxic cum deep inside the shredded hole.

No wonder Mr Stockton lives deep in the woods.

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Chapter 4 – My Happy Ending: My ass was stretched and filled with Alpha nutt and while I wanted to hear what Mr. Stockton had to say, I could think of nothing else but getting his long dick back inside and feeling his knot swell and plug as his sperm burrowed and stewed in my guts. The questions could wait, and as his second load of the morning began to run out of my ass after his knot deflated, I turned to kiss him, but we were interrupted by boots on the porch. Mr. Stockton told me to stay right where I was before he took a couple loping strides out to the front of the cabin. I heard hushed and angry voices, then Mr. Stockton said loud and firm, “FIND HIM – NOW!”


I had flipped over onto my stomach, relishing the heat radiating out of my stretched and filled guts, when I heard the scuff of bare feet – and boots – come back into the bedroom. A zipper was unlatched, the bed creaked, and I closed my eyes and moaned as an unknown bearded face buried itself between my ass cheeks and began lapping up Mr. Stockton’s Alpha nutt and my ass juice. Mr. Stockton sat down on the head of the bed, his naked hip nestled against my shoulder as he patted my head and ordered, “Feed him that load. Squeeze your hole in and out, and push like you have to shit. Jacob – who you met briefly earlier when I first arrived - needs his strength for what must be done and my seed will give him what is required.” I didn’t question, just grunted, pushed, and smiled as the man gulped and swallowed my second-hand Alpha babies.


Finished with his meal, Jacob’s tongue pushed deeper and deeper into my flowering ass, seeking the nectar of his god. I was eager to get fucked again and started to buck my hips, but Mr. Stockton was having none of that, as there was work to be done, and sent Jacob on his way. I rolled over and offered my spit hole to my Alpha’s hard dick. He laughed, slapped my legs, turned me on my side and as he held me tight against his chest and furry body, slid back inside making us both groan and focus on our carnal needs.


I couldn’t wait any longer and had to choose, so I paused my gyrating and began to pepper Mr. Stockton with a 100 questions like a young child just realizing the world is more than Tonka trucks, Legos, and story books. While he chuckled at my enthusiasm, a good cuff upside the head and deep chested growl let me know I was to be seen, not heard right now, so I listened.


Mr. Stockton began with an apology, “I can’t tell you how much it pains me to know you were taken by force last night, right in my own cabin. No – no! You were. There are rules. What was done should never have been. Yes, while members of the pack must submit in all ways to those above them, this…this…taking of someone outside the pack in a transfigured state is not allowed – ever!” I grabbed my ears from the pain of the resonance of his angry growls, my heart raced, and I tensed as I felt every muscle in Mr. Stockton’s body flex. He calmed a bit, I lowered my hands, and he continued, “Isaac – for it was Isaac, my youngest – who came here last night and forced himself on you, will pay and pay dearly. My boys and the other packs are out searching for him now and when they find him, the Gathering, shall decide his punishment according to our laws.”


I could hear the pain in his voice and reached back with my right hand and set it on his leg and squeezed, some small token of affection to let him know I was sorry. Mr. Stockton’s chest pulled in and out as he took a few deep, calming breaths, then he continued, “What’s done is done. Clifton sent you here because he – and the others you met – could sense that you were different, special, of a similar nature and kind – a therianthropic hybrid. Bottom line – you – I – the rest of my brothers – are humans who have the genetic ability to metamorphose into a superior being with the traits of another animal by the means of shape shifting. In layman’s terms – we are LYCANS.”


That word hung in the air like a cloud of mustard gas on the battle field. Dangerous, lethal, powerful. No escape. Mr. Stockton continued as I held my breath, “Here is the basics of what you must know before we go on:

·       Lycans are not werewolves, this is not MTV, and there are several major classes of therianthropic hybrids, but we are the most plentiful, the most lauded in mythological lore, the most hunted, the most hated, the most feared.

·       This is a gift from the moon god Nanna. In ancient Sumeria he was also known as Sin, “lord of wisdom,” and father of the other gods. The moon is sacred, stars are important to us, night is our time, which is why we live out here, away from the cities, when we can.

·       Yet, there are those like Clifton and the others, who sacrifice much of who they are in order to ensure our species survives and thrives, and they pay a heavy price for the service they give.

·       Our scientific studies have helped us confirm that the potential for our gift is genetic – one you are born with, and you may not remember, but the first time Clifton fucked you, he made sure to get some small swipes of blood, which were sent to our lab for confirmation of what he suspected – what he could smell, what he could sense, what he could see in you.

·       But the genes are only part of it. Your full gift and ability does not show unless you experience a Making. Lycans are made, not born – only the potential is born

·       You don’t get turned/made by a bite or scratch, or some other nonsense.

·       Once you are Made, and your gift surfaces, you cannot breed in the normal sense, so no one is born a full lycan.

·       Only an Alpha can truly breed, but our cum is not fertile in that way with women and there are no female lycans.

·       To be Made, to have the latent genetic material activate and surface, takes a powerful ritual – one in which a male is fucked, his guts inseminated, his blood infected and bonded by - and with - an Alpha’s seed and the genetic flip switched.

·       A Making takes the raw seed of a morphed pack of at least 9 – with the Alpha being final fuck, and can be done anytime of the year. The number 9 is a magical, and powerful number for Nanna.

·       But a Making is a brutal and violent event and far worse than what Isaac did last night and without the Alpha’s seed and insemination at the end, death is likely.

·       You see only an Alpha can, well for lack of better term – knot you. Taking 10 loads of lycan cum from a morphed pack just gives you a raped up sloppy hole, but they cannot knot, that is a gift of only an Alpha.

·       The Alpha’s seed – mixed with that of the pack – creates something powerful, and which we do not yet understand the science behind, but it flips that latent genetic switch and then the real pain begins.

·       No, don’t me ask me why, it’s just the way it is, the way it has always been, and Clyde or somebody could explain the sciencey side of it.

·       No, all the raw dick and cum you took in the bathroom at the bar last night won’t make you – they were not morphed, just regular men at the time.

·       There is also another way – the old way, using the power of the Gibbous Moon and three Alphas, that is sacred, more intense, and used when a pack is too small.

·       No I don’t know how they figured this all out in the old days, but I imagine many, many men died in the trying. That’s why there are rules that we follow. Life is sacred and none should be wasted from careless horniness.

·       Once the genetic switch is flipped, and after the first successful morph – which can also kill – a lycan ages very slowly, there are often physical changes in the body, mind, senses. We are still men, but with some extra benefits.

·       Most lycans carry a number of deadly diseases including AIDS – and that found in our systems is far more virulent and toxic than anything known to man, but our immune systems suppresses all that and makes it nothing more than a recessive trait, or latent cold. That in part is why we must be careful, secret, cautious, and take the time to learn who someone is and who they might become even if they possesses Nanna’s gift. If the world at large were to know, we would become giant lab rats to be cut open, studied.


Mr. Stockton held me tight to his body, his dick pulsed as his precum continued to fill me up. He wanted to keep me safe, I could tell that, and I hoped he could tell I was not afraid of him or anything he had said so far. HE THEN LAUGHED AGAIN WHEN I ASKED MY NEXT QUESTION AND REPLIED, “YES, YOU FUCKING LITTLE BUG CHASER. I’M SURE YOU’VE GOT THE AIDS BUG AS I’VE CONVERTED EVERY MAN I’VE EVER FUCKED.” I sighed in relief and pleasure – finally! I then asked about the thin sickly guy Clifton had fuck me and Mr. Stockton explained, “He was that way when he morphed the first time and like all men, not all lycans are the same. Some stay looking much how they were, the runts of the litter so to speak,” he continued explaining as he flipped me onto my stomach and started humping my hole anew:

·       A pack is made up of the Alpha and those he has converted, infected, and made. They are all bonded and connected, like family, and with clear lines of leadership and submission. For me, I let my pack sort out who fucks who, but bottom line is any boy in my pack is my bitch to fuck when and where I want – or for any other Alpha to fuck when he wants. Some packs are different though. HA! I can tell from the way your ass twitched you like that huh?

·       When a pack starts to reach a certain size, we shift the pups to a new Alpha and transfer the bond if needed – another painful ritual - or just send them off for a while. Like I said, we live a very, very long time.

·       This place here in the mountains, our home, is one of many sanctuaries. We stay out of trouble, don’t call attention to ourselves, and yes, that’s why you could not find us on any map. Technology is a wonderful tool in our efforts to keep ourselves safe and out of sight of those who have no need to find us.


My body was getting that weird electric, orgasmic feeling again as Mr. Stockton started to pound my pup hole harder, deeper, and with more intent. I frankly was no longer focusing on what he was explaining as the raw slut in me had taken over and I just wanted to get loaded and knotted. I focused again when I realized he had stopped and was just lying on top of me, his monster dick inching back and forth like a long tapeworm in my stomach, trying to find a hole in my gut lining. He laughed, “That feeling you have – that sense that every cell in your body is shitting little fireworks? That is your DNA reacting to our kind. Sensing family, sensing us. Again, Clyde can explain the science why of it.” A thought then hit me, “Wait, so you get fucked? I mean you got fucked when your turned right? So how did you get to be an Alpha?” Mr. Stockton pulled out to the edge of my open hole, took a deep breath, and let it out as he slammed his body back onto mine, piercing me with his Alpha shaft, “Some mysteries are better left until you need to know them.”




Sadly, Mr. Stockton did not knot me again, but his steady pounding of my ass for the next few hours left me gaping and sloppy and ripe for his boys to tag fuck me when several of them showed back up to the cabin. From what I overheard they had tracked Isaac down, so Mr. Stockton and some of the other men from town had gone to deal with him, while I was left to entertain his boys. Again – he called them boys but they were all older than me; daddies with hot bods, hairy limbs, amazing eyes, and HUGE dicks and once they had cleaned up the cabin and fed me we got down to some serious fucking. It was especially hot as I thought about my ‘hoped-for-brothers-to-be’ cumming in me, fucking me, giving me their piss, cum, spit, and I was happy to be the new pup for the pack – at lest unofficially.


No matter how much dick I got though, I wanted it harder, rougher, and wilder like when Isaac – and then Mr. Stockton – had morphed. Don’t get me wrong, being bred by all those hunky daddies felt fucking amazing, but once you had a beast dick and then the Alpha knot, well it’s like crack and you need more.


For the next two days I was kept in the cabin and used by the men of the pack repeatedly. Raw dick in my ass, my throat, piss, cum, spit, fingers clawing my hole, and rough fucking for hours. I was the fresh meat and every one of them wanted to thoroughly explore my naked body inside and out. We played puppy games like tag, sit-and-spin, hide-and-go-seek-the-bone, and Wrestle Mania – all of which ended the same way – me face down with big daddy dick breeding my raw ass!


While this was a fantasy beyond imagining, I was frustrated I had not seen Mr. Stockton again, and that all of my questions were dismissed. I guess it made sense that the men of the pack deferred to the Alpha, but I was curious. Where was he? What would happen to Isaac? Was I going to experience a Making? How many men were in town? Where were the other sanctuaries? Beyond that though, and beyond the amazing orgasms and sexual nastiness I relished, my head hurt. There was this constant buzzing noise inside my head like a rumble of semi trucks in the distance mixed with the high pitch of a swarm of nelly bees. I was assaulted by weird and new smells I could not explain that would come and go, my eyes would get blurry and water and my vision squeeze and pulse. Again when I asked the guys about this their answer was to stuff my mouth with another dick.


It wasn’t all about sex though. The men of the pack were close, I could tell that. They seemed to get along, they liked each other, and they were intimate in a familial way. We often ended up in a pile of naked limbs and bodies in the middle of the rug in front of the fireplace, just wrapped up together, our naked bodies entwined, sharing or scent, touch, closeness, and bonding. What little rifts or tiffs that exist in any family were there of course, but were quickly dismissed, laughed off, or taken care of with a growl and swat and then all was forgiven.


The third morning after Mr. Stockton had left, he returned. He called his pack outside and I was forced to stay in the cabin. I held the curtains aside and looked out the window and could tell from the feet kicking the dirt, the fists made, and the growls and howls that something had happened. The pack as one then started walking down the dirt road, away from the cabin, one or two glancing back and giving me half-hearted waves. Mr. Stockton stood staring out over the valley for a few minutes, then turned and came inside.


The Alpha’s eyes were tight, he was in pain, and his entire body was taught and on edge. I cautiously walked over to him, leaned into his daddy body and began to caress his dick. He grabbed me by the shoulders and stepped back, “We need to talk.” Mr. Stockton guided me to an old, wood chair by the dining room table and he began to pace, while occasionally running his hand through his mane of hair. Finally he paused, “We found Isaac – my boy. He…he admitted what he did – to you. Like I said. There are rules. Isaac was always pushing the boundaries, but this was an unforgivable act.” He paused, the look of pain and sorrow was heartbreaking. “I want you to know that neither I, nor my pack, nor the Council blame you in anyway, quite the contrary. So, Isaac has been punished – neutered, declawed, defanged, and banished – sent far away to serve as a fuck toy for another hybrid clan. Not lycans, but…well…it makes no difference.”


Mr. Stockton’s massive daddy dick was now straining at his jeans as he stood in front of me, my tongue level with where his nut sac bottomed out and I looked up into his fiery eyes as he said, “While unprecedented, given the circumstances, timing, and well, the fact you came here with the blessing of Clifton and three others, and that I already marked you, the Council and the Gathering has agreed to my request that if you wish it, we will conduct your Making – tonight. If you agree, your life will belong to the pack. Your family’s fortune, your career, everything will belong to the pack. You will serve me and my pack, the Gathering, and the Council and all Alphas faithfully and abide by the rules, and there are many. If not – well you know what happened to Isaac.”


I buried my face in Mr. Stockton’s crotch and shook with happiness and anxiousness and the smile on my face told him I agreed. He smiled, I rubbed his hard dick, he gently moved my hands away, grabbed my wrists hard and yanked me up so he could peer deep into my eyes as he snarled, “Tonight you will submit. Because of the loss of Isaac and the need to do this quickly, we have no choice but to conduct a Making with three Alphas. The Gibbous Moon is tonight, and it will be brutal and while I believe in you – well, not everyone survives. This is a rare and sacred experience, one that few experience these days and it will set you on a path of power and leadership. You had asked me how a lycan becomes an Alpha? Well only a lycan who endured a Making ritual under a Gibbous Moon and was created and marked by the three Alphas can themselves become one in the future. There is more to it of course, but without that – without tonight – you would never be allowed. I will be one of the Alphas and the others will join me in the ritual. YOU WILL BE FUCKED BRUTALLY – RAPED WITHOUT MERCY – YOUR OLD FLESH TORN AND DISCARDED – YOUR SPIRIT PRESSED TO THE BRINK OF DEATH AND BEYOND – YOUR BLOOD INFECTED AND MARKED WITH OUR SEED, OUR BLOOD, OUR ESSENCE. NOT ONCE – BUT THRICE. Three times will each of us use you and knot you and we will not stop no matter what until we have each completed our part in the ritual. We will be turned and once the ritual begins we are – shall we say consumed by it and could not stop if we wanted to.”


I tried to get him to fuck me right then and there as I could see the wetness of his precum staining his jeans, but he declined, and left me. His parting words were for me to make whatever peace I needed to leave my old life and body behind and to embrace the future.


The mountain was shrouded in mist and fog as the cold night settled in. I stood naked on the porch of the cabin, shivering, as the howls of what sounded like hundreds of lycans echoed through the valley and all around me. I wasn’t afraid though as I knew that these were howls of joy, howls of welcome, howls of acknowledgment of my new life in the pack. Through the wet mists three dark forms came closer. Their naked bodies glistened, their muscles flexed, their hard dicks – all long, thick, and dripping – directed their path. All three Alphas stopped in front of the porch, their eyes glowed like dancing embers, and without a word I stepped down, flinched as the gravel cut into my bare feet, and silently followed them into the woods and on the path that wound further up the mountain.


Time sped up, slowed, sped up, as I followed the Alphas. The lycan howls continued, a chorus of brotherhood that kept us company as we journeyed up the mountain. After some time we stepped into a clearing, the forest fell away to the left and the right and directly ahead were three large bonfires that lit up the night. Beyond was a set of standing stones, all 20 feet or so in height and in the center, framed by the yellow-orange moon directly overhead, was a large stone altar, far darker than the stones that surrounded it. I stepped between the fires, the warmth a welcome respite from the chill, and stared in wonder at the moon above me as one of the Alphas guided me to the altar. In the flickering light of the fire I could see the altar stone was not uniformed in color, but streaked in dark reds and blacks – the blood of those who had come before.


I bent forward and laid my chest on the stone. My wrists and ankles were locked in rusted, yet sturdy chains and iron bands. Small clumps of lichen and moss grew near the area where my face lay, showing peeks of the original gray stone beneath. The lycan howls came faster, louder, they were closing in – witnesses to my Making. The three Alphas circled, sniffed the air, sniffed me, and snarled and growled, and then they began to chant and circle me, faster and faster:

O Lord, hero of the gods,

who in heaven and earth is exalted in his uniqueness,

Father Nanna, lord Anshar, hero of the gods,

who in heaven and earth is exalted in his uniqueness,

Father Nanna, great lord Anu, hero of the gods,

who in heaven and earth is exalted in his uniqueness,

Father Nanna, lord Sin, hero of the gods,

who in heaven and earth is exalted in his uniqueness,

Father Nanna, lord of Ur, hero of the gods,

who in heaven and earth is exalted in his uniqueness,

Father Nanna, lord of Egishshirgal, hero of the gods,

who in heaven and earth is exalted in his uniqueness,

Father Nanna, lord of the shining crown, hero of the gods,

who in heaven and earth is exalted in his uniqueness,

Father Nanna, who is grandly perfected in kingship, hero of the gods,

who in heaven and earth is exalted in his uniqueness,

Father Nanna, who solemnly advances in garments of princeliness,

hero of the gods,

who in heaven and earth is exalted in his uniqueness”


I was lost in the rhythm of the chant and lycan howls and had not realized they had morphed into their lycan selves when the first Alpha sunk his claws deep into the flesh beneath my ribs and then slammed my ass ring and mounted me raw– I screamed. His lycan cock was long, thick, with a bulbous head and the tough outer sheath and thick precum guided him on his path of destruction. The howls of the packs drowned out my screams as the Alpha knotted and seeded my puppy hole. A while later I gasped, my body coated the altar anew as he roughly withdrew himself, and the second Alpha clawed my back and flayed my flesh with his forepaws as I was mounted and knotted again for the will of Nanna. My insides were burning like a fourth bonfire had been lit up my ass. The Alphas’ seed was stripping my gut lining, dissolving my man flesh, activating my latent genes like a forest fire scorching the wilderness.


Mr. Stockton strode past my blurry field of vision. I knew it was him from his smell. He growled, huffed, and when he drove his raw rod into my hole I cried out for joy. When he knotted me, tears ran down my face and salted the scrub plants around the base of the altar. His seed went deeper still, his thrusts stretched my ass wide open, his knot pushed my guts to their max and beyond and I needed more!




My morphing was not painful. I guess from watching TV and stories and myth you think it would be. Yet it wasn’t. It was pure ecstasy. An embracing of self. Bones broke, grew, muscles distended, features reformed, my lycan DNA reset my bodies limits and healed me, but it was not my body that needed guidance, but my mind. Slowly my hearing discerned the Alphas all in unison, “Focus your mind. The mind controls the body. The mind controls all. You control the beast. Focus.” Over and over they guided and directed me until it just clicked. I could see – in myself the new part of me – the lycan pup. What’s more, I instinctively knew how to control it, guide it, let that part of self out, or contain it, as the recesses of my mind opened up and spilled forth all the parts of who I had become.


I knelt before the three Alphas, my makers, embodied in my new lycan self. The howling of the packs had ceased, and the only noise on the mountain top were the heartbeats of those who had bowed to Nanna that night. As the morning sun gently broke the dawn’s horizon, my pack’s Alpha Mr. Stockton laughed, rubbed my now long hair and said, “You a true Fairy now – true Fairy Tail – welcome to the Pack pup.”

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      About every minute or so, Hank would push all the way in and keep it there while I gagged. As he pulled out I got some air again, recovered, and opened my mouth to let Hank to do it again. “Good boy, Adam. Let me have that mouth and throat!”
      A knock on the door. “Who’s there?” Hank yelled. 
      “Ahhhh… I think we’re both from the site,” came from a man’s voice from outside the door. “I’m Coach4Jox and this other fella is…”
      “Pops9in!” the other man’s voice finished. They must have arrived at the same time.
      "Come on in, guys." The door opened and I heard the men enter.
      "Turn on that one lamp, too. I’ve got him blindfolded.” 
      I heard the click of the lamp and shortly thereafter felt a hand feel up my naked ass and another hand in my hair.
      “Shit! It really is you!” said the man near my face. “I’ve been checking you out on the safe-sex hook up site for two years. Your ass looks so good in that softball uniform pic! I’ve messaged you, too. But I figured you didn't answer because I’m a lot older. I see you at the bars sometimes, too. I have fantasized many times about fucking your gorgeous butt, and I have schemed in my head about how I’d pull the damned condom off without you knowing. I can’t believe I get to finally put my cock in that butt of yours—although I have to admit, a good stealth breeding of your jock ass would have been truly amazing.”
      As the guy near my head was talking, the other guy was already trying to push his cock into my hole. He was about a quarter way in dry. 
      As Pops9In was taking my hole I realized that I recognize the other guy’s handle from the safe-sex site. Coach4Jox was a white-haired man, mid-60s, who was constantly trying to set-up a fuck date with me with messages like: “I have condoms. I would love to shove my daddy cock into that very nice jock butt of yours.” But, I have had lots of men trying to get in my pants who were hotter than Coach4Jox, so I just never really gave him much thought.
      Hank pushed his cock back into my mouth and announced to the other men that ShortStop91 is going bareback today and that they should "fuck me up.”
      “As my handle indicates, I’ve got 9 inches of raw cock I’m going to shove up his 'safe-only' butt.” He kept pushing into me. "Fuck, this hole is tight!” 
      "There’s lube next to you on the bed,” Hank offered. “I brought the oil-based stuff this safe-boy has always avoided.” Hank was playing like I was being offered up for barebacking for the first time to these men. Close enough for me. In my head, I was still in the process of being fully used and violated by my Hank. A man who started fucking me into bareback whoredom only two fuck sessions ago. 
      I thought to myself, Pops9in and Coach4Jox will be men #11 and #12 to shoot their loads inside my hole. 
      “Ahhhhh!” I gasped. With a lubed cock, Pops9in entered my hole. 
      “Nice! We have penetration!” Hank said.
      The man’s large cock filled my rectum as I gripped Hank’s leather-clad thighs. Hank pulled his cock out of my mouth and put an opened poppers bottle under my nose. “Take a good hit, boy.” I took about six hits as the cock inside me pushed in some more. I felt the inner tingle and static from the poppers.
      “Mmmmm,” I moaned as Hank pushed his P.A. and cock head back into my throat.
      “He’s lit,” Hank said. “Go ahead and try to fuck him now.” 
      “He’s really tight,” the man said. “Take my cock, son. And no fucking rubbers, safe boy. This is raw cock inside you. This is what taking a man’s cock is supposed to feel like. Damn, I’m all the way in.”
      The man, Pops9in, bucked so that his cock head nudged the deepest part of my hole. “Oh, yeah. Fuckin’ sweet hole here. Can’t fuckin’ believe my luck today when you messaged me.” He then started fucking in long strokes. Grunting and telling me to take it. Telling me that I loved raw dick now. “And my cock is not pulling out until every one of my fucking sperm is inside your young" —thrust— “jock” —thrust— 
      “Do it!” Hank’s cock got extremely hard in my mouth as he watched the man fucking my ass. “Let me see you shove that poz cock up that jock ass. Fuck that neg jock ass.”
      Was that just hot talk? Did I hear Hank say “poz”, “neg”? It began to sink in how Hank might be violating me tonight. All the years of getting fucked with condoms to avoid HIV infection, and was it true? Was I getting fucked bareback by an HIV positive top? Was it just fantasy talk? Hank held the poppers under my nose again, and I surrendered. 
      “Yeah boy, take another hit. Poz9Inch wants to load up your hole tonight. Take his poz cock and let him load you up.”
      I realized then I had originally misheard the handle on the man whose huge cock was now pistoning in and out of my hole, a poz cock without a condom. The poppers had taken over my head, so I gave in. Hank put his hard cock back in my mouth and told me to suck on the head. A wave of poppers-induced electricity went right to my groin and asshole. I found myself using my mouth and my ass muscles to milk the two cocks that were inside me. I was going to knowingly have a raw anonymous poz cock unload inside my ass for the first time. 
      Once Poz9In heard his HIV status revealed to me, he started fucking rougher, grunting as he landed his cock head deep in my hole.
      “Fuckin charge that hole, man,” I heard the Coack4Jox say. “Breed that safe-only ass!”
      “My pre-cum has been lubing him up for the last 15 minutes, so this neg jock is getting it already. Might as well load ‘em up.” I heard the men wickedly cheer as Poz9in was building up to unload inside me.
      “Do it, man,” said Hank. “Unload in his hole, he’ll take it. Won’t you, boy.” I nodded.
      “Fuck yeah, kid. Here is comes.” Poz9in made guttural grunts as his cock shot his warm toxic cum into my rectum. “Yes! There is it boy. All my sperm having a party inside your hole right now. Ah! Ah! Fuck! Yeah! Let me fuck that in.” Poz9In fucked me hard for about a minute. His cum was so battered in my hole that I could feel some of it leaking down my nut sack and into my jock.
      “Fuck!” I cried. “Fuck!!!”
      “That’s it, boy,” Hank coached into my left ear. “Take the man's poz load, Adam. I knew you’d be a good submissive boy for me tonight.” 
      Poz9in pulled out of my ass and I felt the cool air of the room on my exposed jock-strapped ass. My legs had been kicked wide apart by him as he bred me, maniacally trying to shove his cock as far in as he could. I felt completely open as the white-haired old man got in place between my legs. 
      Coach4Jox entered me quickly and began hammering his good sized meat into my cum-slicked hole. He fucked in and out of me as he talked. “Fuck yeah! For so long, I’ve fantasized about doing this to you, Adam. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I’ve stalked you at your softball games and watched you get drunk at the bars, hoping you’d get wasted enough to need someone to walk you home. I’d imagine promising you that I’d wear a condom if you’d let me fuck you. Thinking about how I could use a condom and wait until you’re passed out drunk on your bed to rip the condom off and slide back in, stealth pozzing you when I unload shot after shot of my toxic cum inside that young jock butt of yours.” 
      Coach4Jox kept fucking my hole and promising me another poz load as Hank, listening to the man’s perverted confession, climaxed. “Damn! I’m cumming in your mouth, boy! Open up that throat.” I let Hank’s cock head into my throat again and immediately felt the warmth of his sperm in my throat as I swallowed. I took Hank’s load like he was a familiar lover. He kept his dick in my mouth as he watched and listened to the old man fuck me. Hank pushed my head to the bed hard. “Now’s your chance, Coach. You’ve got him passed out on the bed now. Fucking stealth that young jock ass. Fucking breed that neg hole with your poz cock."
      “Fuck! Here it comes, you fucking neg shortstop tease," Coach4Jox said. “Take my load up your sweet butt for good.”  Coach4Jox unloaded a hot torrent of poz cum into my hole. The men celebrated my violation with profanity and slaps on my ass. The old man pulled out of my ass and told the other men to look at my hole. “Fuck! This is what two poz loads up a hot young bubble butt looks like. 
      Poz9in added, "Fucking hot jock boy, getting knocked up by anonymous men like that.” He slapped my ass. 
      After the rustling sounds of men getting dressed, Hank said, “Thank you, gentlemen, for helping me out tonight. This was a safe-only boy who submitted fully to me only recently. As far as I know you two are his first poz loads. I am hoping to get him introduced and used at the bathhouse soon, and I think tonight should ease that transition.” 
      I could hear, “sure thing, man” and “anytime” from the outside corridor. 
      With the door open, I could feel the cold San Francisco air on my wet asshole. I heard Hank put keys on the night table by the bed. “Check out’s at noon. You can stay until then, if you want. You were great tonight, boy. Let’s consider meeting up again mid-week. I’ll text you.”
      My violation would continue. “Yes, sir.”
      “That’s what I like to hear. Keep that blindfold on for five minutes!” 
      I heard the door close and listened as Hank’s footsteps faded. I fell asleep in that position: facedown, bare assed, legs spread. My asshole felt wet, open, used and empty. I slept soundly, dreaming only of sex. I wanted more.
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    • By ButtB4iGo
      This is erotic fiction written by me. I have more chapters to come.
      The Broken Jock by @ButtB4iGo
      Part 1
      As a horny young man in his mid-20s, I had been raging for sex. But I was a good young gay and had mostly just adhered to the idea that "safer sex" with condoms with a few top men I knew and liked, was the only kind of sex a 21st century submissive boy could ever hope to experience. That all changed for me about four weeks ago. 

      My name is Adam and I play shortstop for a gay softball team in San Francisco. While I'm a stocky kind of guy, I actually preferred sports that didn't utilize large builds as much. I mainly played baseball in high school and water polo in the fall instead of football, even though every year, the football coach would try to recruit me for my blocking potential. My senior year, my water polo coach yelled at him for that. Coach Pfeiffer needed my arm in the pool to make goals. Coach had a crush on me, too. I could tell. We never did anything—we couldn't—but he enjoyed being around me. He was good looking, gruff and sweet; he had a wife and family, too. But he lingered when looking at me. Once in the locker room, he stretched out a five-minute conversation with me to 15 just so that he could spend some time with me in my drying Speedos. And, while I was a virgin just trying to figure out how to exist in the closet, I loved having his advice, his attention, his adoration. 
      While stocky, I have a naturally fit body. I am young, and have a good Germanic face with brown eyes and blonde hair. At 25, I have been feeling like I was at my prime and needed to start using my looks and my good body to get laid a lot more than I was. And, being a submissive bottom, I was yearning to take a few more risks than I have allowed for before. So, one Saturday evening, after a softball tournament, instead of going out to the Castro to celebrate with the team, I went directly to the darkest leather bar I knew of without changing out of my uniform.
      I hung out by the pinball machine with an ice cold beer. I played a couple games of pinball as men began crowding the bar for the evening. As I played, I occasionally felt hands on my ass, which got me hard immediately. I decided earlier that day to let assertive men take advantage of my submissiveness in the bar. These men seemed to already know that they could take liberties with me as a couple of them put a hand down the back of my uniform pants to give my hole a good goose, something my jock strap provided easy access for. After an anonymous man thrust his groin against my butt causing the pinball machine to tilt, I wasn't mad. I turned around to find a couple of grinning, cigar smoking older men in their 60s standing right behind me. Each had bulging erections in their jeans. The older one, Phil, bought me beer. For a couple hours, they both chatted me up and groped me through my softball uniform to see how I'd react. I just answered their questions, like how our team did in the tournament, as they took turns feeling me up. I loved the attention these much older me were showering on me. It reminded me of Coach Pfeiffer. How Coach probably wanted to interact with me in this way while talking to me and asking me questions while my ass and junk filled out those McKinley High red Speedos. After about thirty minutes of playing with me, the two men simultaneously put my hands over their crotches so that I could feel their hard cocks through the soft denim of their pants. The silver-haired daddy, Phil, who I learned was 72, then said something to his friend, Ron, that I couldn't hear. Ron smiled under his dark mustache, nodded and turned to invite me to Phil's apartment for drinks. I nodded and gulped down the rest of my beer. 
      In the taxi, I sat between the two men in the back seat. Both had their hands on my thighs. The silver daddy leaned over to my ear and asked me if I liked getting fucked. Thinking of the condom-sheathed fuck I last had with a 30-year-old fuck buddy about three months ago, I told him yes. Then he told me that he was going to call his friend Hank to come over, too. 
      I made no remark to that, and prepared myself to let go; submit myself to these men over twice my age, and whatever they had in mind. So far, I've only had two boyfriends and about five fuck buddies with the oldest being 32. It was an intense feeling, letting go—an electric energy that urged for more. 
      The men worked fast. When we got to Phil's apartment and stepped just inside the door from the outer hallway, the two men grabbed me and pulled down my softball uniform pants and told me to bend over the railing just inside the entry way. I bent over and saw that the four condoms that I had put in my back pocket had fallen out and onto the floor when the men yanked my pants down. Without warning, Ron pushed his raw cock up my asshole while the older man, Phil, stepped around to my head and pushed his giant cock into my mouth as I struggled to keep my balance. He told me to breathe through my nose, and then pushed farther in, his large mushroom-shaped cock head knocking against the entrance to my throat. Both were loudly saying "Fuck yeah!" "Take it, boy!" and "Damn!" as they spit-roasted me, not even knowing that I have never before been fucked this way, and by strangers, and without using condoms. Previously, I had even made my two former boyfriends wear condoms when they fucked me. 
      Neither mentioned the condoms on the floor, even though they saw them spill out from my pocket. Instead they began their bareback assault on me. After all the groping and prodding, the men just assumed they could take that liberty, too. Best as I could, I accommodated the two raw cocks that were now invading my body, submitting to unprotected sex for the first time. I heard moans and grunts coming from the two men. Ron kept pushing his cock into my tight hole and was roughly trying to fuck my ass as much as he could without lube. "You like raw cock, boy?" he grunted. I gagged on Phil's cock in my feeble attempt to answer, but I instinctively opened up my throat enough to take the large head into my throat. Phil moaned, "Ah, I just entered his throat, Ron." 
      "It sure didn't take long for you to get in balls deep. I'm not having the same success on this end. This boy is super tight!" Frustrated that the dry fuck wasn't happening as easily as he had hoped, Ron pulled out and went to the kitchen for something. My hole was a little soar from Ron's dry assault, but Phil grabbed my hair and began deep fucking my throat. "Choke on it, boy. Come on. Breathe through your nose!" 
      Ron came back a few minutes later and used his finger to lube my hole up better with Vaseline. "We're only using the best vintage lube on this boy hole."
      "Are you using my stuff, too?" Phil asked him as he bucked into my throat repeatedly. His cock got very rigid after asking that question, and I could feel the pulsing in my mouth that was making his dick bigger.
      "Yep," said Ron. "I just had a feeling this big jock boy was going to let one of us bareback him at some point tonight. I'm going to put it in now. Spread your legs boy! More!! Good thing we left it out to thaw." 
      Soon I felt a small hard nub enter my sphincter, and then cool liquid being shot inside my hole, and I heard Phil say, "Is it all in?" 
      "Almost..." said Ron.
      "Fuck yeah, boy!" Phil growled as Ron finished loading my hole with the fluid and then spanked me hard. I flinched and almost fell over. Phil went on to say, "That's a collection of three weeks of my sperm lining your hole right now. I keep my very own sperm bank just to lube up tight boy holes like yours. Damn, Ron! Hold him down. I need to be the one to fuck that shit in good." 
      With Phil's collected loads now inside me, I was delirious with the thought of having my first breeding, and from an older man I just met at a bar. He's not even a boyfriend! I wasn't the "good gay boy" anymore. I was being irresponsible with my body, dangerous. But the feeling of having sperm in my ass for the first time made me feel owned… and free, and I surrendered fully. 
      Phil, even without knowing that he was initiating me into whoredom, was doing everything he could to intensify this new experience for me. He pulled his cock out of my throat and got behind me. I was looking at the spilled unopened condoms on the floor when I felt his large cock head pop into my hole, and Phil pushed. With my hole lubed up with his thawed cum and the oil-based lube, it slid slowly in to my still tight hole, and he went all the way, balls deep. I was trying to take it all but it was a lot of dick. I flinched again and Ron got in front of me and put his hands on my shoulders to keep me in place.
      "Damn! You're all in! Fuckin' hot!" said Ron, who then grabbed a brown bottle and a rag from somewhere and told me to suck his dick. He pushed his cock into my mouth. Being the submissive boy, I sucked Ron's dick like a real cocksucker. The intensity of this sexual experience required my full submission: I needed to do whatever I could to please these men!
      Phil was still balls deep and coaching me to relax, "You've got a vice grip on my cock, boy! But I gotta to fuck my seed in." 
      "This'll help." Ron all of a sudden pulled his cock out of my mouth and pushed my head down into a handkerchief doused with a strong scented fume. "Breathe this in, you'll be alright," he coached. "Start fuckin' that boy hole, Phil. Open it up" 
      Phil started fucking me hard as I inhaled my first ever hit of poppers. As the buzz of sex got stronger, I was able to allow my hole to be invaded more fully by Phil's cock. It hurt at first, but the buzz and Ron's coaching helped me relax my hole for Phil to take his boy's ass for good. "Take another, boy. We need that hole open," Ron urged. After my second hit, I was lit, and Ron shoved his cock back into my mouth. While Ron fucked my throat and made me suck his cock head off and on, Phil kept long dicking me for about 20 minutes, repeatedly telling me how he was nailing his seed into me, and how I needed his hot live load up in there, too. "Gonna fucking breed you full of swimmers, boy," I heard him grunt with each thrust as he worked to unload in me. "Here it is, boy. Fuuuuuuuck!" In the cold cum, I easily felt new warmth inside my once sperm-virgin hole as I took my first live cum load. After he finished breeding me, Phil tried fucking his load in more, but his cock was too sensitive after cumming. That's when I heard a voice behind us say, "Let me drill that hole for awhile." That must be Hank. 
      "Do it, man," said Ron with his cock still lodged in my throat. "No condoms tonight. We somehow found this hot jock boy at the club, got our raw dicks inside him, poppered him up, and now he's taking multiple loads up his ass."
      Hank gave a hearty chuckle and reached between my open legs and put his hand inside the crotch of my jock strap and felt my hard dick and all the precum I had leaked in there. I heard Hank say, "I brought my old pal Charlie with me. He's into milking cum outta the boys I fuck. Come on over here, Charlie, and have seat under the boy. He's already got a jock full of precum for you." Charlie got under my legs. He was bald, and looked to be about 90, but he moved my jock pouch over and started sucking my cockhead, and milking my shaft with his hand. My precum pumped out onto his lapping tongue. And Charlie exclaimed, "Ah, boy, you've got a sweet tap on you! Give Ol' Chuck all that you've got." Charlie began to suck my dick in ways that encouraged my precum to ooze out for him. I was getting used fully by these old men. Fuck yes! As Hank teased my now open wet hole with what felt like a small hard metal object, Ron pushed the poppers under my nose again. 
      "I'm gonna take this hole, boy," Hank taunted. 
      Again, I inhaled Ron's poppers and my head spun as Hank pushed against my wet hole. "That's it, open up for my raw dick." I felt the hard thing enter my hole and then Hank's hard cock followed. 
      "That's a big P.A. you got on you, Hank. Damn hot!" Ron's cock was in my throat again and he put down the poppers. Hank fucked slow at first. "Damn that's a good hole! How many loads are in 'em?" I felt Phil's cool cum running down my left leg as Hank pumped more cock inside.
      "Twelve. All mine!" Phil chuckled. 
      "You used your stash. Damn, that's hot! So my load is going to make this an official gangbang breeding of a this hot jock cum whore by us granddads." Little do they know that Hank will only be the second man to ever shoot his sperm load into my hole at all. In my head, I acknowledge that I'm begging for it from a man I haven't even seen before. At that thought, I pumped a good amount of precum into Charlie's mouth and he mmmm'ed. This "faceless" man continued to fuck my hole with the encouragement of Phil and Ron for about 15 minutes. His P.A. was hitting my prostate perfectly and it made me moan and squirm. 
      "I'm close," said Hank. "I'm glad this one's taking loads because there's no way I'm pulling out of this tight hole." Hank came with a yell and I felt the blast hit my gut and warm it. 
      That's when Ron pulled his cock out of my mouth and said, "Ahhh, I'm going to come soon, but I want that hole." Hank finished unloading in my hole as Ron came around to my ass. Hank pulled his hard cock and P.A. out of my hole and Ron immediately replaced it with his. "Damn, I almost came in his mouth!" Ron lamented. "I need to breed willing young jock ass when I can get it." Ron fucked in and out hard, but then he slowed and I soon felt his cock throb and felt the warmth again. He didn't make any vocal noises. He's a stealther, I've heard. A younger guy pulled me aside at the bar warned me that he got stealthed by the man I was hanging with. He told me that a week prior, Ron had fucked him using one of the five condoms the guy had brought over to Ron’s place. But then Ron asked the guy to stay the night. Early in the morning while the guy was sleeping, Ron had rolled him over and entered him again. The young guy said that he knew that they had talked about using condoms and had done so earlier, so he just assumed Ron would have been a gentleman and put one on before waking him with a cock pushing into his gut. But, Ron had not put on a rubber before the early morning fuck. He just barebacked the guy without telling him and quietly unloaded inside him. I thanked the guy for warning me. But that story had me rock hard. And that is just like how Ron, the third man to ever bareback and breed me, came inside of me… stealthily without a sound. 
      When Ron pulled out of me, Phil pushed his re-erected cock back inside me and asked Charlie if he was getting any cum out of me. He mumbled yes as he sucked and pumped my rock hard dick. As he worked his mouth and tongue on my young, sensitive circumcised cock head, it throbbed and pushed out more precum for him to swallow. 
      While Charlie suckled me, Phil pulled me up to speak in my ear: "Feel my dick and all the sperm inside you, boy? You have four old men using up that sweet jock ass and cock. You like being used, don't you, boy." When he said those words, I felt Charlie suck harder to take more of my precum, I couldn't hold back any longer, I was close. "You let us all take what we want, boy. Let Charlie have your sweet young load." When he said that, I blew my load violently into Charlie's mouth, trembling with my chest once again against railing. My still shoed feet were lifted off the floor as Charlie's upper arms and face pushed my ass up to try get more of my cock in his mouth as he drained me of cum. 
      Charlie kept sucking my sensitive cock head making me squirm while I was bent over, my ass still skewered on Phil's 72-year-old cock. As Charlie saw how I squirmed he only sucked more. As my sensitivity wained, I opened my eyes to see that a hand, probably Hank's, was jacking Charlie off. Phil fucked into my hole and said, "I'm not done with your hole yet, boy, stay put." Phil started to drill my hole again to breed another load into me. But Charlie was cumming now and Hank said, "Shoot your load in my hand, Chuck, and we'll see to it that your load gets inside the boy. That's it, Charlie, give this big beautiful jock boy a big load." Charlie did cum in a huge load that streamed easily into Hank's palm. A minute later, Charlie said he was done cumming and slipped out from under me.
      Phil pulled his cock out of my ass, and said "Massive load! We gotta get all that inside him." I closed my eyes and felt Charlie's seed being dumped on my hole while some fingers quickly pushed it all just inside my open sphincter. "Fuck yeah! Lube my cock up with it, too. That's it. Here you go, boy." Phil pushed his cock into my hole balls deep and the men cheered. "Fuck yeah! You ever get bred by a 89-year-old cocksucker before, boy? Damn that's good stuff." That made Charlie the fourth man to ever have his sperm up my ass. 
      Phil proceeded to punch fuck my hole with his rigid mushroom-shaped cock head about 100 times and then slammed his full rod all the way into me to unload his second load of his "swimmers" into my hole. The other men left as Phil huffed and puffed over my spent body. After about 15 minutes, he pulled out, and I stood up. 
      "Damn, boy, we fucked you up tonight! Such a sweet hairy, jock ass you're letting us all use here. Here's my number. Text me the next time you want men inside you. I nodded, "Yes, sir," as took the card and pulled up my pants. As I tucked in my jersey, I saw Phil pick up the unopened condoms off the floor. He stuffed them to my back pocket grinning, "Don't forget these, boy," and slapped my ass. 
      My hole felt bruised, wet, and empty in my cab ride back to my place. I got hard thinking about what had just happened to me. Then I immediately got my phone out and texted Phil: 
      Me: "Thanks for the fuck, Daddy. U guys got my bareback cherry back there. Only used condoms before tonight. It was hot! Thx. —Adam"
      Phil: "Nice! Hank, especially, will like hearing that. Was just on the phone with him. He went on and on about your hole! LOL. Maybe next time, you'll meet him. Anytime, boy. I'm happy to have you …and your bareback cherry."
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