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    • By lecheroxxl
      I have a question about bottoms who like doing no-load-refused gangbangs, do you usually end up with a STD or clean?
      Because I have been seeing these muscle bottoms in BBRT who post cumdump parties and they look really healthy.
    • By Stdchaser84
      Looking to knowingly take any std ridden cocks. Ghono, Syph, herpes...will gladly worship and milk your load to completion with my mouth and ass and relish every second, begging for more. 
    • By straightandafraid
      I noticed its quite difficult for a straight male (even though i'm good looking).
      I tried:
      - Forum here. Hard to fined willing female users.
      - HIV dating site: They are not kinky at all.
      - Emailing prostitutes

      Best case would be fucking a positive woman and knowing it. I would also consider fucking her while shes menstruating and making her bite my dick bloody.
      I could also consider sloppy seconds with positive guys and a woman.
      i'm open for other ideas. What about getting other STDS? Is that easier?
      I want sth more than just fucking prostitutes where i dont even know if they are positive.
    • By Peoplefox
      Here is another installment about the adventure of Enix and David.
      I hope you will like this story too!
      The non-stop fucking drained David. He didn't know exactly when he fell asleep next to his new lover and mistress, Enix. Everything in his body was hurting. Bite marks and scratches marked his body, Enix claimed and marked her territory as a deterrence to anyone who wants to steal David from her.
      He slept naked, being the little spoon to her. She was gently stroking his leg while he slept. She was breathing his scent in. The shit has long dried into the sheets. They were both sleeping in her excrement and piss. The room smelled but they had their rest despite the smell.
      She fell into dreamless slumber next to him.
      David woke up before her. He looked at her for a moment. Sleeping peacefully. Her breathing was slow and hear breasts were moving with every inhale and exhale. He wanted to fondle her breasts but decided against it. He wished to do something special for her. He went out to find a kitchen and make something for her.
      Kitchen was easy to find, the fridge was fully stocked with various food. There was one shelf of blood, piss and packed shit. I rummaged for a bit and saw names I didn't recognize. The blood vials had inscriptions HEP C, 4 strains of HIV, Herpes... I put it back where I found it.
      He retrieved eggs and found a day old bread. He decided to make french toast and coffee. He put milk to boil and oil to get hot. The sink was half-full of dirty dishes. He took care of those dishes whilst waiting for the oil to get hot. It took him a couple of minutes to wash and dry the dishes. He sorted and stacked them to their appropriate places.
      The oil was getting ready and the milk was done, He let the milk cool and started beating the eggs. He soaked the bread, put it into the pan and begun frying the toast.
      When he was done, he poured the coffee into the cup, took the serving tray and off he went to bring breakfast to his lover.
      He entered the room and found her stretching in the bed. She was ruffling her hair and looked so happy at the prospect of being served breakfast in the bed.
      "I smelled something nice from the kitchen. What have you made for me?"
      "French toast, milk and coffee. Hope you will like them."
      *"I most certainly will. Come here, baby. Kiss Mommy."
      I set the tray down and kissed her. We kissed for a bit and then she stopped and said we have to eat.
      "We will eat now and after, I shall tell you what we are going to do today. I have lots of people for you to meet."
      "I am sorry but I have to go home. My parents will be worried. I didn't phone them last night. I totally forgot to do that. Forgive me?"
      *"Yes, I will forgive you for not thinking that I am clever and haven't already taken care of your "predicament" with parents."
      "What? - What did you do?"
      "Took your cellphone and sent them an SMS that you are at your girlfriends house and that you won't be back home on time. I had her mother phone your mother. I did mention that I would find you a girlfriend, to keep up the pretense. I can't very well be meeting your parents, they won't approve of our relationship."
      *"Her name is Daniella. 18 year old black girl. She goes to your college and she had a crush on you. She's a fellow bugchaser. Right now, she's got a mild case of yeast infection. Bot her mother and she are heavily into raceplay. They like being called niggers and such. It's very fun.
      I defended her mother, Celia, when she stabbed her husband in defense. He wanted to rape their daughter when she was 9. She used to be hooker and the daughter isn't even his. Her mom has herpes but she hasn't passed it onto her daughter. She got that after her daughter was born."*
      "I don't recall her. Can't even remember if I have ever met her."
      "What's there to recall? All niggers look the same, however, their cunts do not."
      "That's so hot. I love raceplay too. Thank you for finding her. Do I have your permission to fuck her?"
      "You are welcome. Not only do you have a permission, I expect you to fuck her. Her and her mommy. I give your permission to fuck ladies and girls who have all sorts of hot diseases. There is a bisex couple who are on a trip through Jamaica but will come back in a week. They would love to meet you."
      " Would you like to be sandwiched? - To get fucked by a guy while you fuck his wife? They both have gonorrhea."
      "Yes. I would love that. Like I said, I've never had a cock up my ass but would gladly experience the new stuff".
      "Done deal. Well, since you are free today, you don't have to go to your classes today."
      "I invited Nadia to come here. She's the 62 year old with full blown AIDS. You remember me mentioning her? - Well, she was anxious to come and I told her she could. I think you will like her. You know how Donatella Versace looks like now? - Well, Nadia is almost a spitting image of Donatella. Aids has ravaged her body but her lust has lost none of its potency. She is one horny slattern."
      "I can't wait to fuck her. Oh, god... I wanna fuck her silly. I want to smell her cunt and ass, to lick her feet, armpits. I want to have her spit in my mouth. To eat her cunt and asshole for a long time before putting my cock into her death trap."
      "You are so good for me. I love your nasty ideas, and feel free to do that with her, she is up for anything. She's often constipated and I'm sure you can put your cock to a good use up her ass. Give her a piss enema and I can plug her ass, let the piss soak up her dried shit."
      "I will record you fucking her on camera. I have clients who are into sick films. Sure, she won't kill you outright with her deathly holes, but she will show her papers, viral loads and they will know you just fucked Death and lived to tell the tale."
      "We are so fucked up. I am glad I took the plunge and sent you my photo and went to the club. I wouldn't have met you otherwise. Thank you for teaching my about bugchasing. I won't get tested. I will just keep on fucking. Perhaps I'll get tested in about 2 or 3 years."
      "However, I have a question. What about my college and my job?"
      "You will go to the college and keep on attending the classes. I need your good grades. And once you bring your Daniella around your house, you can move out into hers. I will buy some condo and both of you can live there. I, of course, shall be a regular guest there. Needless to say, you won't be telling your parents anything about you fucking diseased cunts. Keep it on the DL."
      "Understood. Didn't even plan to."
      "Excellent. Now, come with me to the bathroom. I have to remove the hairs from your cock, balls and ass. I want your back and front hairless."
      "That's good. Now you look way better. And it's easier to just remove the hair with hair removal foam"
      "Now, this bare butt of yours is giving me nasty ideas. Grip the shower handles and present your ass to me. I will spank you now."
      I did what she asked without any hesitation.
      *"You are a fucked up kid. You want to fuck STD ridden slatterns"
      SLAP - SLAP
      Each of my buttocks were slapped and I jerked due to the force of her slap and moaned.
      "Look at you now, what exactly are you moaning at? The slapping or the thought of fucking diseased cunt?"
      *"I guess you are moaning at both things."
      I don't know how many slaps have I got on my ass but I was quivering and crying now. It isn't pleasure I feel now but a stinging pain. Still, I endured the pain for her. It's about her pleasure now.
      I felt her raking nails across my red ass. I let out a yelp when I felt her teeth into my plump ass. I felt her teeth on my other cheek
      I felt her finger enter my anus while dry. I inhaled and kept my mouth shut. Her assault was relentless and without mercy. She said that it's okay if I wanted to scream. Nobody would hear me. And my screams would be music to her ears.
      I began screaming whilst she was fingerfucking my ass. I felt her nails scraping in every direction. She stopped and told me to turn around.
      She pointed her finger at me, it was caked in fresh, red blood. I went to lick it but she took it away and smeared it across her lips. My blood was her lipstick. Now her lips had color of blood.
      "Thank you for your suffering, sweetie. And the lipstick provided from your ass. You are a doll!"
      My tears were running freely. She reached to my face, removed the glasses and licked my tears, carefully, not to let her lips touch my face and ruin the lipstick. She took her tongue in, swished around and commented how my tears tasted delicious.
      "You are welcome." - I said.
      "I want you to pee in my mouth now. I am thirsty."
      I stood up and went toward her. I put my cock inside her mouth. Relaxed and just let go inside her mouth. She was gulping it down like a madwoman. I grabbed her head and skullfucked her whilst pissing. She didn't do anything, she just took the abuse and kept watching me. I felt I was going to come and removed the cock. She held my cock inside her mouth and I spurted inside.
      She didn't swallow it. She rose up, pried open my mouth, held my head up and spitted my cum back into my mouth and told me to be a good boy and drink up my cum. I obeyed her.
      We dried off and ventured into the living room.
      Her cellphone was ringing and she answered. While she was speaking, I sat on her leather couch and watched her, walking in circles while talking to someone on the other end.
      I recognized the name, Nadia. Eni whispered to me that Nadia is coming in 15 min. I gave thumbs up.
      I helped Enix to mount the cameras in living room, bathroom and her bedroom. She obviously knew where I was planning to fuck her. She said that I am to give my attention to Nadia. To just forget that she was here. Today is Nadia's day.
      There was a ring on the door. Enix went to unlock the door. I heard a sultry voice, wet kisses and laughter. Then, the most amazing creature I've ever seen walked in the living room.
      Enix was right. Nadia indeed looked like a prettier version of Donatella Versace. Her hair has gone silver. Eyes sunken into the sockets, thin face, black lipstick. Leather coat, pants and leather shoes. For a moment there, we stood and watched each other
      There was a motion behind me and I heard cameras were on. Nadia pounced on me and started kissing me roughly. I responded in kind, grabbing her skinny behind through leather pants and groping her. I sneaked the hand into her pants and grabbed her ass. It was hanging from her bones. I moaned when I was kissing her. Her mouth tasted of cigarettes. It was like making out with an ashtray...
      She stopped to catch her breath. After a while, she said:
      It's very nice to meet you, David. Undress me, would you kindly?
      I removed everything from her except the shoes. I told her to sit down on the couch and to just enjoy whatever I do to her. I removed the shoe, picked her foot and started kissing and licking the soles and toes. I enjoyed the salty taste of her and another fragrance that was inside her flesh. I saw on the internet that people with AIDS wasting disease have different smells with them. She smelled so good. I removed the other shoe, brought her other foot and started smelling both of them. She was wiggling her toes and inserting them into my nostrils.
      I opened the mouth and took her pointy thumb inside. I sucked and licked it as if it were a minuscule cock. I started slobbering up her feet, they were wet and slimy from my spit. She was panting and frigging her clit and pinching her nipples.
      I told her that I wanted to fuck her cunt now. She didn't say anything except to smile and spread her legs as hard as she could. I put my cock in and started fucking her slowly. My hands were roaming her body. I could feel every bone, every rib. She was just skin and bones. Once upon a time, her boobs were full of fat, now they are sagging and small.
      She put her hands on my face and started fondling me, putting her bony fingers in my mouth to suck them. Played with my lips and stroking my cheek.
      I was reaching my breaking point. I hugged her, pushed my body into hers and fucked her cunt hard and deep until I felt my cum bursting into her deathly cunt. I was depositing my fertile cum into a barren and poisonous wasteland. I was sweaty and she was cool as a cucumber. I guess her sweat glands were shot to hell. I started kissing and she responded by grabbing my ass and slapping it. She kept squeezing every part of my anatomy. Breaking the slimy kiss, I stood up and looked at her, she was such a tiny, fragile thing, her disease has taken the best of her and I just fucked her without any regard whatsoever for my own health... And I wanted more.
      I picked her up, she wasn't heavy at all. I was wondering how didn't the wind manage to blow her away. I said:
      "I am taking you to the bedroom. I aim to make your ass mine!"
      I put her gently onto the bed, took the pillow and told to lie on stomach and get the pillow underneath her. I saw cameras around me, they will record everything, no matter where I am.
      Enix gave me a box. I opened it and saw Cruel Condom inside it. A mesh wiring, resembling my cock with a pointed, sharp stud where the tip is. I was feeling so wicked. I am about to hurt this old, AIDS cunt, draw blood and take it inside my cock.
      I put the condom on and said:
      "This is going to hurt, Nadia, but you won't mind it, will you? - I put the Cruel Condom on. I will make your ass bleed, so grip the sheets and try not to scream too much. I am going in dry."
      Her anus was very prolapsed due to the abuse she's suffered over ages. I put the tip onto her prolapsed anus and began teasing it. She was buckling her ass, trying to take it in. I just slapped her ass and laughed.
      In one swift move, I impaled her ass. She screamed so hard and the bed shook. I looked and there was blood on my cock. I pulled the cock out, waited a bit and pushed it one more time. She was shaking. I removed the cock, took the condom and put it back into the box.
      Now, it was time to fuck her bloodied anus.
      "Thank you, Nadia, for your AIDS. I loved fucking your cunt, but I will love fucking your bloody ass more."
      There was a cacophony of sounds in the room. Our moaning and groaning, sounds of the flesh, slapping into one another, sound of my cock sloshing her wet, bloodied anus. A coppery taste was in the air. Her prolapse was wounded good and the wound isn't closing because I am still not done fucking her. I gripped her shoulders and screamed obscenities at her.
      "Take it, you filthy whore!!! - I am fucking your sick asshole. You are infecting me, right now, aren't you? - And you like it, bitch."
      "Yes, I am fucking Death up the ass. Take my cum, you fucking Russian slag!!!"
      I came so hard that my balls hurt. I kept my cock inside for a couple of minutes.
      Removing the blood stained cock, I put my face into her ass and sucked the mixture of my cum and her blood.
      Nadia looked at me and opened her mouth to receive the offering.
      I spat the mixture into her mouth and she drank it. We started kissing and haven't stopped for a while. She cleaned my face from her blood and sucked my cock as clean as it possibly could be.
      She made me lie on the bed and she impaled herself on my cock and rode me until she couldn't take it anymore. I took her gently into my arms and we took a quick nap.
      Another chapter is done. Hope you liked it. Tips are greatly appreciated.
    • By Peoplefox
      I wrote a story on the Fetlife and decided to share it with you. I saw that there are so few straight bugchasing stories and decided to write my own. If you dislike scat \ piss fetish, you can skip those parts or stop reading the story.
      Hope you like it. I enjoyed writing it.
      All names in the story are figments of imagination. This story isn't real
      It was a rainy, damp night of November 21st. Sun has set long ago and darkness crept in with her wet and warm fingers, snuffing the remnants of lights along the path. There are sounds of traffic and the torrent of rain drumming on the pavement. In the two story house, people were dreaming. Only one person was the exception.
      David is 5 feet and 8 inches, slender build with short, brown hair. He wore glasses and hearing aids since he was 5.
      Nobody in his family knew what his sexual predilections were. On the outside, he was a prim and proper guy... He's always polite, always offers to throw the trash out for his neighbor.
      Nobody knows that he likes nasty, perverted sex. Nothing is too taboo for him. Scat, piss, fisting, foot and armpit fetish, those are his usual fetishes. His girlfriend has dumped him a week ago for offering to lick her feet. She called him a weird sicko. His cock got hard when she told him that but she dumped him nonetheless.
      David has just celebrated his 19th birthday and decided to stay up very late and use the internet until dawn. He was thinking whether to surf some adds on craigslist or to get into fetish chatroom.
      Little did he know how his life was about to change when he decided to venture into fetish chatroom.
      "Just another day in paradise... Why'd she have to ditch me. I'd love to make her scream in pleasure. Jessica's body would be a great gift for my birthday. If only I kept my mouth shut." - David said with a frustrated sigh and stared at his bookmark, waiting to be clicked.
      "Never mind... Let's see what's new in the chatroom"
      Welcome to Dark Desires chatroom - Enjoy your stay
      "What shall I call myself today, I wonder. How about: PervSicko. Yeah, that should do it."
      <PervSicko> has joined the chatroom!
      <Twat19>: any men here willing to fuck a proper cunt?
      <tearjerker>: go and die lol lol lol - there ain't no women on the internet, only men pretending to be one
      <PervSicko>:Your nickname is very on point, @tearjerker. Being a whiny brat is not sexy at all. Leave the lady alone... What has she done to you? Stole your pen?
      <Twat19>: you tell him babe! your awesome
      <PervSicko>: That's ok. Have fun... This chatroom is kinda a downer on my day. I'll lurk for a couple of min and go offline.
      "Another dead end. I had hoped I'd find someone to chat with. And if we are close enough, fuck. Guess it's not my lucky day. Knew I should've gone to the cinema or somewhere else. Why did it have to rain, damn it..."
      "I guess I'll go heat up the pizza".
      David unlocked the door and proceeded down the dark corridor to the kitchen. Darkness didn't bother him. There was no need to bring a cellphone to light his way. He remembered where everything was. Even if he wore a blindfold, he could've managed to go from his room to the kitchen. He opened the fridge, dug out the pizza leftover and put them into a microwave to heat up. He stood there and reminiscing about his girlfriend and his folly of being truthful about his depraved desires and wondering if he's ever going to find someone to share his perversions with.
      The microwave was done. He took the glass, poured apple juice and retrieved pizza and went upstairs, to his room.
      He put down his pizza next to his keyboard and sat down. He was about to devour his pizza when he saw on his monitor that someone wanted to have a Private Talk with him.
      <ToxicLady wishes to speak to you - YES \ NO>
      "Hmmm. There is 50\50 chance that on the other side is a man, naked, who wants to have a circle jerk. Okay, Miss Toxic Lady, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt."
      ToxicLady: Hello. I was wondering if you've gone offline. Love the nickname. Are you really perv though?
      PervSicko: Hello to you too. Nah. I went to get some pizza.
      Some days, I think I may be too perverted for anyone else.
      Interesting nickname. Toxic how? Like, your attitude or do you work for nuclear power plant perhaps?
      ToxicLady: I hope you enjoyed pizza. Hahahah. You are funny. I've never heard anyone think that my nick means I might work in nuclear power plant.
      I'm intrigued, just exactly how much are you perverted?
      PervSicko: I've got a plethora of fetishes I have. The only problem is I have yet to find someone to explore those fetishes with. I've experimented with my own piss and shit. Played with it and loved it. I'd love to drink girl spit. Femdom \ Maledom action too. Stop me if it gets too much for you.
      ToxicLady: Not at all. I asked because I wanted to see if you are open-minded. And i can see just how much. Though, perhaps I might be a bit too much for you, sweetie.
      PervSicko: I don't follow. What do you mean by that?
      ToxicLady: Before we go further, send me the picture of your face, the picture where you are naked and tell me your age.
      "Should I send her my pics? And what's with her asking for picture of my face. What have I got to lose, anyway? At least I'll be someone's reason to masturbate, if nothing else."
      PervSicko: There you go. Hope you like the pics. I'm David, btw. 19 years old. You?
      ToxicLady: Sweeeeeet. I love your 4 incher, David. Your cock looks very clean. I'd love to stain it. To corrupt your body and show you even nastier fetishes. What do you say? Would you like me to be your teacher? Every fetish would be catered for. You just have to say: "Yes" and the fun can begin. We will go at it slowly and then, when things escalate, that's where the fun begins."
      PervSicko:Tainted? Corrupt? I'm not sure how you can corrupt me even more. I think I'm pretty kinky even for you. And would you be so kind and tell me your name and how old are you?
      ToxicLady: Davie, just answer my question, hun. I am in awe with your untainted body and my pussy is all wet. I am looking at the unbrushed diamond. I will mold you, baby. Just say yes. You know you want it.
      PervSicko: Yes. Okay. But you are dodging my questions. What does "untainted" even mean??? - I wash every day.
      ToxicLady: You are so cute. I think your perversion can go even deeper. Tell me, would you lick a cunt on period? - To lick up the blood from cunt and sink your cock deep into the cunt wall, tasting the copper and digging for wet gold? Does my description of this act makes your cock go hard? Would you eat a discharge from cunt? That slime our cunts produce. Would you taste it?
      PervSicko: Yeah. I looked at period play pics and jerked off a couple of times. I would love to do that. My ex got all pissed off when I tried to get her to let me do that. She thought I was weird. - And yeah, I love grool. I'd eat it with a gusto. I am glad you don't find me too kinky for you. I'd love to just lie down and eat girls cunt while she's producing copious amount of discharge.
      ToxicLady: That's it, sweetie. I knew you'd say that. But are you aware that drinking blood from the cunt is an excellent way for you to contract HIV? - And what if I told you the girl whose cunt discharge you wish you were lapping at had say, Syphilis or Gonorrhea? Would you still lick her cunt? What if she taunted you, said you wanted to eat her poisonous cunt all along, you just didn't know it yet. I think if she told you that, you'd just push your face in even harder, hoping to get more of her tasty juice with extra bits.
      And let me ask you something. When you were reading these questions of mine, has your cock shrank down like a deflated balloon or is it still rock hard. I think your cock is still standing upright. Am I wrong?
      "What the fuck. Why is my cock still hard??? - I have never thought about fucking someone with STD. Why am I thinking it would be hot to eat up tainted blood?!"
      "Wait... Did I just use the word: "tainted" ? - The same word she's been using???"
      "I need to jerk off so badly. I am afraid my cock will burst."
      "Wait... She's writing something."
      ToxicLady: Don't be afraid of the emotions you feel. I know your cock is very hard and you'd love nothing more than to jerk off and get rid of the sperm and feel guilty afterwards. Don't touch your cock and that's an order. We are still talking. Answer my question, David...
      Do you like the idea of fucking a walking, talking disease-ridden lady. And she'd be a very nasty person for you... She'd be up to do any nasty thing your fucked up heart desires. Just tell me, baby. Give in to the temptation, the desire.
      "I must be crazy but I'm so horny now. I will go along with her imagination."
      PervSicko: Yes, Mistress. I am still hard. And I wouldn't object to licking her cunt as long as she provides me with my nasty desires. Guess my nickname is true.
      ToxicLady: Mistress, heh. That's a nice touch. Yes, I will be your Mistress. And I will broaden your horizons, baby. However, I won't be sending you my pics or tell you my name. We shall meet in the flesh and then, you will see what I look like. Don't fret, I am not ugly. I'm drop dead gorgeous. I have tits to die for.
      See what pun I made?
      PervSicko: Yes, Mistress. It's both funny and hot. I still think you are a man pretending to be a woman, but what the hell... I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.
      ToxicLady: Don't worry, sweetie. I'm every bit of a woman. I've been watching you for a month, ever since you've appeared on this chatroom. I found the pics you've shared with others very hot. I knew you'd be up for a more extreme things. I thought you were familiar with bugchasing but I figured you weren't.
      No matter... I will introduce you, baby. I will be your teacher. Would you like me to be your teacher? - I've always wanted to find someone special to corrupt. And you, my boy, just fill the criteria.
      Yes or no?
      PervSicko: I must be nuts for doing this, but yes. Yeah. I would love to have you as my teacher and a lover, provided you are truly a female.
      ToxicLady: Don't worry, baby. All your dreams will come true. Let's meet tomorrow. There's a club, downtown, it's called: "The Dirt". It's on the 34th and Vine. The club is very secretive. Bring a 100$ and give it to the nice lady who will open the door. When she asks for the password, tell her it is: "Zoya".
      PervSicko: Wow. A 100$ for entrance? - What kind of a club is that? - And how will I recognize you?
      ToxicLady: Don't worry, babe. I will recognize you. See you tomorrow at 20:00. Dress nice. Don't jerk off. Save sperm for me. Until tomorrow.
      PervSicko: See you.
      <ToxicLady> has gone offline.
      "I don't know which is crazier... The fact that my cock hasn't lost its hardness or the fact that I actually consider going to that club tomorrow."
      "Should I really go there? What if that's just an excuse and they harvest my organs?"
      "Nah, that's just silly. Just my mind fucking with me. I doubt that she even has any std, probably just a fantasy. Something that gets her going, which I totally understand."
      Researching the term: "Bugchasing" I found out that it's a practice where people actively seek out STD's. Found mainly in gay people but it's also for straight people. I read a lot of erotica written on that theme. Found personals where people were seeking out STD infected people to come to their home and Poz them up.
      I found out that lady who consider themselves "gift givers" actually have some form of STD and want to pass on that gift. And of course, there were "stealthers" people who had an STD and passed it along without notifying the other party.
      Keeping the promise I made to my mistress, I just edged myself without actually coming. It was a tough one but nothing I haven't endured before.
      Before I knew it, I was hooked on this new fetish she made me discover. The question that I have been asking myself was: "Do I actually want to contract a sexually transmitted disease?".
      The more I asked myself that question, the hornier I got. I envisioned myself with that mysterious woman. What kind of diseases she's got inside her body. And would she just stealth me, keep me wondering what I could possibly have or would she just tell me before I fuck her. I still thought she was just roleplaying. A morbid roleplay, but a roleplay nonetheless.
      I nearly came when I was jerking off. I pulled my hands aside and I got up, strolled into my bathroom and took a nice, cold shower.
      I dried myself, brushed my teeth, took a piss and went to get some sleep.
      I woke up, got dressed, put on my shoes and went outside to retrieve mail and newspapers. When I was near the mailbox, I had a slight feeling I was being watched. I disregarded that concern and chalked it up to my lack of caffeine
      I brought the mail to the table, said hello to my parents and sat down to eat croissants and have a nice infusion of coffee.
      It was nearly time for me to go to my college. I am attending law college. I got on the bus. I have car but I rarely use it. I either use my feet or take the bus. I love to live healthy.
      While I was sitting on the bus, that feeling of being watched has returned. I turned around, checked out anyone to see if they were looking at me. All I saw were usual suspects... Tired people, going to their work or just heading home. I disregarded that feeling again and retrieved my cellphone to change the music. I was connected to my hearing aids via bluetooth. I didn't need any wires dangling from my ears like the rest of the people. Sure, I envied them for being able to hear normally. But I had the advantage, when I take the hearing aids out, I don't hear a thing, unless someone shouts or does something loud in my vicinity. So there is the silver lining. If I don't like you, I just disable my hearing aids or put the music on. If I have to look at your face, I don't have to listen to your voice.
      There was a nice fragrance in the air, at my side, I saw a pair of dark boots, jeans and fingers with nails panted bright red, pointing at the seat next to me. I didn't need to hear what she was possibly saying: "Excuse me... Can I sit there?" - I just nodded, pulled my bag and patted the vacant seat.
      Going through my list of music, I chose the song: "Oingo Boingo - Weird Science" and put it on repeat.
      Bobbing my head in the rhythm of the music and mouthing the lyrics, in the corner of my eyes, I noticed those fingers dancing by the sound she can't possibly hear. What struck me as odd was the spider tattoo on the back of her right hand.
      I was about to say something to her but I saw that I was about to miss my exit. I shouted at the driver to stop and let me out. I excused myself to the lady and told her that it was my exit. I got up and tried to squeeze through since her legs were standing in my way. That is when I felt a hand grope my ass and spank it in a matter of seconds. I wished I could stop and look at her but I ran through a very packed bus resembling the inside of sardine can. My cock was hard and my jeans were tented. I enjoyed being groped way too much. I didn't even know her and yet, I wished I had just stayed on that bus.
      Can't cry over spilled milk.
      After enduring several hours of tedious lectures, boring friend and girls who were acting as if they have never left high school, i proceeded down the cafeteria. There were slim pickings but I got a prosciutto sandwich, an apple and the banana. I found my friend, Steven, sitting at the table, keeping the seat free for me. I sat down and said hello to him.
      "Happy birthday, Dave. That was one helluva party you had two days ago. How do you feel today?"
      "I feel 19 years old, nothing special. Just another year closer to my death
      "Wow, only you can bring a celebration of your birthday into such a downer. That's your super power."
      "Yeah. That and my dashing looks. How are you? Anything new?"
      "Same ol', pal. Cramming for the exams. Thank you for those sheets. They help a lot. Don't know where I'd be without you. My girlfriend sends her thanks. You know, for a while, she thought you were gay"
      "Why would she think that? - Not that I am homophobic, which I am not. Just curious... Was her "Gaydar" beeping?"
      "Yeah. She said she flirted with you a bit and you didn't even respond to her flirting. She thought you were oblivious at first but then when she went all out, you just didn't see her. That's what made her think you were gay. Imagine her surprise when she saw you eating out your girlfriend in my dorm room.
      Why didn't you just bring her to your home? - Didn't have any place?"
      "I am many things, Steve... What I am not is the person who messes with someone else's girlfriend.
      "And besides, my family had they cousins and my house was full. There was simply no room for us. Thank you for loaning your room. Appreciate it"
      "Yeah. By the way, you never said, why has she dumped you? - I thought you were perfect for each other."
      "We were incompatible. Long story, doesn't matter anymore"
      "That's ok. I am making a party tonight. Wanna come? Bring some drink or food if you do"
      "Thanks for the invitation but I am busy. Going to see something tonight"
      "Hope it's a girl. Heheh. Have fun, either way"
      "By the way, who was that lady who was asking about you. You never told me you were seeing her"
      "What lady?"
      "Dunno. There was a hot milf, asking the girl in admissions office about you. Said she was your aunt. I knew she wasn't since I was there when your aunt was buried. Held your hand while you were crying your guts out"
      "Fess up, pal, did you bone her yet? Has she got so hooked up on you that she stalks you at college?"
      "Man, I've got no idea who are you talking about. I've never even talked to any lad... "
      "What? - You just went too pale, and you are pale by default. What has happened?"
      Wait a minute, has she followed me? How did she know where I lived? And there was that phrase when she said that she's been "watching" me in the chatroom. Nobody says that. Nutters say that. You look at the chatroom, you don't watch it. Unless I was being hacked. But how could have I?
      I was about to think of many alternative ways I could've been hacked until I was pulled away from my reverie.
      "Hey, wake up. Earth calling commander David, respond - Over!"
      "Very funny. Yeah, I am good. I've met her before."
      "I doubt that. What's her name then?"
      "Jane... Her name's Jane"
      "Jane what? - Her last name, quick, don't think about it, just spit it out!"
      " Jane Jones"
      "Bullshit, but never mind. You don't have to tell me the truth. Just be careful, man. Old ladies can be dangerous. I hope you are dressing up your cock"
      "Dressing up my cock?"
      "Wear the condom, bro. You don't wanna catch some nasty disease from her. Your cock will fall off"
      *"Yeaah. You are right. I'll wear the condom, of course."
      Why did he have to say that. Now my cock is hard and I just ate. Can't get up from the table, people will see.
      I reached out to his tabl, took his extra cheeseburger and split it with a knife and gave his half back.
      "Oi, you twat. That's my burger, give it back this instant!!!"
      "Pipe it down, man, I am saving your life. Your arteries will get clogged up by the time you reach 26 if you keep gorging on these burgers"
      "You know very well that I am a wrestler. I gotta eat to put people down".
      "I keep telling you... You don't need the extra weight, you can just use the..."
      "Physics, yes, I know... You never stop telling that. But I gotta have the mass anyway. They are sticklers for those rules. I don't make them up, and yes, I know they are dumb but what can I do?"
      "Well. I need your half of a burger if I am gonna survive a date with her tonight"
      "Why didn't you say so, you filthy scumbag. I could've bought extra. But in all seriousness, bring extra condom. I didn't get a good look at her.
      Strangely enough, what caught attention to me where those eyes. There was such coldness to them. Like I was staring at some creature older than Earth."
      "Her eyes didn't look dead but if looks could kill, she'd be a murderer. Watch yourself, man. I got goosebumps when she smiled at me with those eyes. I had to run away."
      "Are you sure you are not just trying to scare me away so you can pick her up?"
      "No, man. I am telling you the truth. I wouldn't touch that woman even if they paid me a billion dollars. Those eyes, man... I can't explain it but, there was something evil in those eyes. And that smile... I think I will have nightmares tonight and I am too fucking old for nightmares".
      "Are you sure you must see her tonight? Let me find you some nice girl for you so you..."
      *"Thanks, man. The last thing I need is pity. I will go tonight an explain to her that this stalking just won't do. That's it".
      "Just be careful, man. I worry about you. I think this woman is bad news"
      *"Thanks, but you needn't worry. All will be well. See you tomorrow".
      "See ya".
      I still wasn't sure why was I dressing up to see her. I should've gone to the opposite direction. I guess I just had to know, what is it that was pulling me toward her. I am heading toward a person who probably stalked me for some time. I should be terrified but I am giddy. I am giddy with excitement and a perverse pleasure. A lady was stalking me. I was being a prey and she was a predator... Oh, I am breathing so hard now and my heart is beating so. I am so aroused. My lips are dry, lungs are inflating and deflating, my nostrils are flaring like bulls. I even obeyed her, I didn't masturbate since last evening.
      I was actually saving my sperm for her. Oh, I am too far gone. I actually want her, even though I don't know her intentions toward me.
      I dressed up in a light blue suit, white shirt, dark blue denim pants and black shoes. I considered bringing condoms but I just put them back into my drawers.
      I brushed my teeth, picked up 500$ bucks I had saved by fixing people's computers and helping out freshmen with their cramming sessions and selling cheat sheets.
      I put a nice cologne water and out I went. Into my new adventure.
      I took a cab to the 34th and Vine. There was just no walking there, not with the shoes I was wearing.
      I managed to find the entrance rather easy. A neon sign: "The Dirt" was a dead giveaway. The bouncer was a female, which I found weird. Given the fact that most of the bouncers I saw were males. A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.
      As I approached, I looked at her.
      She was dressed in military boots, leather pants and black top. She was rather tall and had muscles. Not too much, to make her like a man, but burly enough to kill a man with her bare hands. She had a crew cut hair. I saw a tattoo on her arm. An American flag and the words USMC.
      Deciding to break the ice I said:
      "Thank you for serving, Miss"
      "You are welcome, pumpkin" - Flashing a nice grin and her auburn eyes were gleaming. I saw something in them. As if she were about to devour me where I stand. I faltered a bit.
      She saw my apprehension and said: "Don't worry, I don't bite, pumpkin... That is, unless you ask me to. Heheheh. How may I help you?"
      Her voice was ever so sweet. I felt at ease, despite being apprehensive. That feeling has dissipated.
      "I was told to come here to this club. I don't know the lady's name. She didn't divulge that information with me. Nor do I know what she looked like."
      "I was told to give you 100$ and to say that password is: Zoya." - I retrieved the money and I was handing it to her.
      She grinned and said: "That's okay, pumpkin. I know who sent you here. She showed me your picture. I must say, I am impressed. You are very polite. I love polite and quiet guys like you. They look timid to other people but in bed, they are fire made flesh."
      I was blushing profusely. I couldn't say anything else but: "Thank you, Miss... Wait. You've seen my picture?"
      *"Yeah, baby. Your cock looks superb. And you are clean, which makes it even hotter. I hope she'll share you with me. I'd love to give you my present". - When she finished with her speech, she looked at me like I were a piece of meat and licked her lips and showed off her pearly white sets of chompers and roared at me.
      "Head on inside, baby. Take a sit at the bar and order a club soda. She will find you. You have lots to look forward to, boy."
      I smiled at her and went inside. I opened the door and saw such decadence I had to stop and bask in it.
      It was a large area, with a lot of seats, tables and some love tables, specially installed for sex. Leather chairs, some chairs suspended in air with people in it, having sex. Most of the people were clothed, doing heavy petting, kissing or groping. There were lots of men and women. And the sex was in the air.
      I kept walking to the bar and sat at the chair. People were having drinks, chatting away, seemingly oblivious to the sex fest going in the room. They were acting as if it were normal for them.
      I sat down, dazed and confused. There was a female voice and I heard snapping of fingers.
      "You okay there, man?"
      Bartender was a girl, around 20 or 24 with a brown pony tail, chewing bubble gum and wearing fishnet top. I could see her pierced nipple and a small biohazard tattoo on her collarbone.
      I recognized the tattoo's meaning. It meant that she carried a HIV strain inside her body. Looking at her beautiful face and her pierced tits, I said:
      "Loving your tattoo. It looks hot on you."
      "Thank you. I earned the tattoo last month. - Have you got any tattoos of your own?"
      "Erm, no. I don't. Apparently, the lingo is that I'm clean. I'm new to this... Scene, shall we say it?"
      *"How refreshing. Fresh, unspoiled meat. Been a while since we saw one of those. Are you here with someone?"
      "I don't know her name. I met her in a chatroom. Her nick was ToxicLady. Anyway, the lady bouncer told me to order a club soda. May I have that, please?"
      *"Wow, and you are polite. You will make some Poz Mistress very happy. Or a Master, if you swing that way...
      Hmmm... ToxicLady, you say? - I think that may be the Black Widow."
      "You mean to tell me that Natasha Romanov, the Black Widow, from the Avengers is real? - Nice. Looking forward to meeting her."
      No, dummy. You really don't wanna mess with her feelings. If she takes a shine to you, that means you are something special to her. You should be thankful for her.
      "Okay. But I haven't met her yet. I don't even know what she looks like. Or even what's her name. And yet, she knows everything about me."
      "That's how it usually is in life. Someone knows everything about you and you know nothing. Yet, that someone shows you what you never knew. Just sit tight and she'll find you. - Here is the club soda. And enjoy. I mean it."
      I sat there, looking at the various bottles of alcohol. Sipping at my club soda and thinking if I were being pranked. There was a mirror and behind I could see people, hear and smell them having sex. It was arousing and my cock was straining. I focused on drinking my soda and waiting for mysterious lady to appear.
      I was about to have another sip of the soda when I felt someone dragging a cold hand across my neck on my right side. I turned to the right and saw nothing but a sexy spectacle, and in that moment, on my left side I felt an erotic whisper:
      "Hello, said the spider to the fly" - And I felt tongue licking from my neck to the earlobe and sucking the earlobe in. I just stood there, taking in the feeling and extreme arousal, the perverted effect that person had over me. I just stood there and did nothing but enjoy the way she was molesting me.
      I found nothing wrong with that.
      I turned to my right side and saw her, in all her glory.
      She had a narrow, oblong face with angular cheekbones and a pointed chin. Her slit-like eyes were a blue ocean, and her thinly plucked eyebrows were shaped into a deceivingly perfect arch that followed the slight curve of her eye. A long nose hooked over continually pursed lips, which were painted a bright red in an unsuccessful effort to mask their natural thinness. Pitch black hair, hung straight down into an angular cut at her jaw. The sharp features of her face were merely a reflection of her entire body structure, and everything—from her skeletal arms to her shapely waist. Her breasts were full and heavy. There was a tiny outline of nipples, hard and saying hello in their own way. She wore a business suit, black with her white shirt. Kind of a Yin and Yang. Her legs just went on and were tight. She wore black stilettos and had her nails painted red.
      She was extending her hand and said:
      *"My name is Enix. Pleasure to meet you at last, David."
      Stunned, I just took the hand and shook it. Never fully understood that once I shook her hand, my fate was sealed. I rather think it was sealed from the moment she cast her sights on me.
      While I was shaking her hand, I saw the tattoo and exclaimed:
      "Wait a minute. You were on that bus. I recognize that tattoo. I thought you liked Spider-man. Now I know better."
      *"Hahahahah. You are a gem, you really are. I've never heard someone think I love Spider-Man. Now, shut up and kiss me, lover boy"
      "Yes, miss." - I don't know how long have we been kissing but it felt long. Her mouth was so supple and wet, her tongue was dancing with mine. She grabbed my head and pulled it toward hers. Her other arm was on my hand, squeezing it and stroking.
      "You kiss well. I won't punish you for not hearing me when I tried to talk to you. I didn't realize you were hearing impaired. But I will punish you later for not taking a seat when I groped your ass. And what a plump ass it is. I will enjoy deflowering your ass with my strapon". - She said all that while looking at me. I was looking at her and breathing very hard. She took my breath away.
      Her eyes shone bright. As if she truly were a spider who caught a fly. There was both fire and ice in her blue eyes. And yet, I couldn't part from them and I told her:
      "Whatever you think is best, my Mistress. I am happy to pleasure you" - No muss, no fuss. I just said that and I surprised myself. How freely I have given myself away. And how easy it was, to just let myself go. Put everything I am into her hands with no regard whatsoever. To have her do with me whatever she wanted.
      "Yes, baby. Just listen to me and do whatever I say. Drink up your soda and I we will go to my home. I will make you mine, David. Just imagine, you can do EVERYTHING you like to me. Nothing is too taboo for me."
      "You want to lick and suck my feet? - You can do it. Perhaps you would like to drink my piss? - I will feed it to you. Or maybe, you would like me to take a shit over you and smear it all over your body and feed the leftover chunks to you? - You can shit over me too, I love it. - But most of all, you get to have diseases I have."
      "Let's see if your cock is still hard" - She snaked her hand to my chest and her fingers were at my nipples and she was feeling the beating of my heart. The other hand was on my pants, squeezing my hard cock. I drank my soda and kept looking at her. I was so horny. She smiled and said:
      "Good. I was right. Let's go to my apartment"
      I stood up, grabbed her hand and followed her out, like an obedient puppy. I was heading toward my new life. I was loving every second of it.
      Outside the club, the bouncer noticed us, waved to Enix and said:
      "Have fun, Eni. Please, count me in when you make a party in his honor. I like him very much. I think he gives a good head"
      "Don't worry, sweetie. I won't forget you! - You will hear from me"
      I waved to the bouncer and smiled at her, she sent me a kiss, groped her crotch at me and made a lascivious play with her tongue.
      She led me to her car. Audi A8. Exterior was black, interior was laden with leather seats. It smelled of vanilla, my favorite scent. She opened the doors for me and I thanked her and sat down. She sat in the drivers seat and told me to fasten my seatbelt.
      I mentioned how I found her car very nice and that it looks expensive. She laughed and told me that she worked as a lawyer. She was 44 years old. She defended a lot of people, they were mostly bad people and worked for the mob or cartel. But when it came to hookers, she defended them pro bono. She told me that she had my profile hacked, she defended a hacker and told her to find everything about me. She's been stalking me for the past 20 days. Learning everything there is to know about me.
      I told her that it was so hot, that someone cared so much to hack me and stalk me. She was grinning like a cheshire cat.
      We arrived at the building. It looked extravagant and expensive. We went inside and got into the elevator. She pressed the button to sixth floor. She told me that she bought the entire sixth floor. All six apartments belong to her.
      We went inside and I beheld such sights. Never before have I seen such opulence. The furnishings look very comfy and expensive, high end TV, music system, computers and couple of laptops were inside her apartment. A wall lined with bottles of white and red wine.
      I heard her lock the apartment and she said:
      "There is still time for you to run away. If you want The doors are unlocked. Should you choose to run, you won't ever see me again and I will forget you ever existed. But if you want me to lock the doors, that means you made your own mind. You are staying here of your own volition. What say you?"
      I just stood there, for a moment, appraising her. Looking her in the eyes and deciding whether I should go or stay. Took me a minute to make up my mind.
      "Lock the door, Enix. I am staying with you."
      She laughed and went to lock the doors. I was just standing there an looked at her when she deposited her keys in the bowl.
      She sashayed toward me and started kissing and hugging me. I grabbed her back, trying to pull her toward me. She took my hands and put them behind my back. She said:
      "Just stand still, baby. You are my toy now. Don't move, just enjoy what I am doing to you. You are an excellent kisser. Your girlfriend was an idiot. She never should've dumped you. If she were smart, she'd kept her claws deep into you, because you are worth it. But, her loss is my gain"
      She started sniffing my hair, my ears, my neck. I just stood there, panting and moaning. Enjoying myself to the fullest.
      Her hands were slowly undressing me, removing my suit, unbuttoning my shirt
      I was in trance, looking at this lady who could've been my mother. For a moment there, I just imagined she was my mom and moaned so hard I nearly came. She saw my face and as if she read my mind, she said:
      "Did you just imagine I were your mommy? - That's fine by me, I can be your mommy, no problem. I love incest roleplay. And I never had children. The disease made me sterile. And you look just the way I wished my son would look like if I were able to have one. Would you be my son?"
      "Yes, Mommy. I want to be your son" - I groaned and still was surprised how easy my words flowed out my mouth. My parents are still alive and yet, I wished she were my mother. How sick is that... How utterly perverted. And I loved every second of it.
      "Undress me, Mommy. I am so hard for you. I want you!"
      "I can see that, son. But you know, your mummy has HIV and a couple of nasty diseases. Are you quite sure you would like to fuck mommy?"
      "I don't mind you having HIV, Mom. Nor do I mind you being diseased. I love you, Mommy. I love you despite your diseases."
      "Then you wouldn't have any problem if your Mommy gave you an HIV and other nasty diseases from my toxic holes? Your mom is very sick and decadent. I am up for any nasty perversion. As a matter of fact, I demand it. Would you like me to tell what I would make you do to me? - Would you like me to show you exactly how far are you willing to go in order to pleasure your mother?"
      "Yes, Mommy. I would like that very much."
      I watched her get undressed. She was a vision of beauty. Her plump breasts, tight stomach and a hairless pussy. There were two biohazard tattoos. One was beneath her navel and the other one was on her pubic mons.
      She took her two fingers and put it my mouth. - "Suck my finger, baby. Lube it up for Mommy"
      She was fingerfucking my mouth. I was slobbering up her fingers and she was smiling all the time while I was doing that. I enjoyed being degraded. She grabbed my head with her free hand and shoved her fingers deep into my throat. I gagged a bit and spit was flowing through her fingers.
      She withdrew her fingers and licked the leftover spit from my lips and shoved her tongue. We were kissing slowly first and then it became a frenzy of kisses ranging from deep to slobbering kisses. She stopped and looked at me. There was a slimy spit bridge connecting our lips. It broke off and landed over my chest and cock.
      That was the moment I saw that she was fucking her asshole with her lubed fingers. She brought her fingers for me to inspect and I saw the brownish substance. She was leering at me and said: "Are you going to be a good son to your Mommy? - Will you do anything Mommy asks of you?"
      I nodded.
      She grabbed my hair and led me to the wall, pinning me to it. Bringing her fingers up to my nose she said: "Inhale my decadent fragrance, Son. This shit belongs to you Mommy. And you will clean my fingers, boy. You won't like it but you will learn to love it."
      I did what I was told. I inhaled her shit stained fingers. I gagged a bit, it smelled awful. But my cock was ever so hard, part of me was disgusted and the other part was overjoyed that I was being forced to like her shit. I have played with my shit before. I only smeared it over my body, I never brought it up to my nose to smell it or taste it. She was helping me overcome the fear.
      "Now, it's time for you to taste my shit. Open up, sweetie. Open up wide and embrace my shit!"
      I opened my mouth and she put the shit stained fingers inside. I clamped my mouth over her fingers. She started coating her shit over my tongue. I started gagging but she was shushing me. Telling me to control my breathing, to calm down. Not to puke but to calm myself. Breathe in deep and breathe out through my nostrils, not my mouth.
      I felt my heart beating, trying to burst trough my rib cage. My head was so light and I was looking at her. Doing what she said, I calmed myself down. I started lapping my tongue over her shit stained fingers. I started sucking and she was fucking my mouth. During that time, she told me how proud of me she was. That I loved her so much I didn't mind being fed her shit. She let go of my hair when she was sure I wouldn't shy away from her. I kept on sucking her fingers and tasting the bitter taste of her excrement. From the corner of my eye, I saw her reaching toward a glass.
      She took it and positioned it next to her slit. I heard the sound of her piss hitting the glass. She told me I was being a very good boy and was to be rewarded with her piss. She withdrew her fingers from my mouth and inspected them. They were clean. There was a glass in my hands and she told me to take a sip, swish it in my mouth, gulp it down and open my mouth and show her that I drank it.
      I did what she said. It took me six sips to finish the glass. She kissed me on my lips and said:
      "Are you aware that you just ate the shit from my fingers and gulped down the glass full of my piss without saying a word?"
      "You did that, my Son, because you always wanted to do that. Ever since you found out about scat and pee play. Isn't it good to just give in to your darkest desires, rather than suppress them?"
      I nodded and said that she was right.
      "And you know what else, my Son? - The shit you just sucked, that was my HEP C shit. Imagine that. And your cock is primed to burst."
      *"Aside from my HIV status, I am positive for Hepatitis C, two strains of HPV and gonorrhea. I used to have lots and lots of warts over my cunt and outside my ass. I had those removed. But the warts inside my ass and cunt, they are still there. You can feel those if you put your fingers inside and search. They are of various sizes.
      "What do you say, would you like to fuck the shit out of my ass? To fuck my tainted asshole, let the shit get inside your urethra and inside your body? - To stick your shit stained cock inside my pozzed cunt?"
      I was beyond horny in that moment. I decided to let go of invisible shackles. It is indeed liberating to just give in to perversion. She was right. I don't mind at all that she is a walking disease. I wanted her and everything she has.
      "Lead the way, Mommy. I want to fuck you in your bed. I hope you won't mind your sheets being stained because I aim to obliterate you, whore mommy!!!"
      "That's it, baby, call me names. I love it, just be yourself. Everything is permitted!"
      We stepped into her room. There were mirrors everywhere. The bed was king sized, huge and adorned with pillows. There was a night stand, next to the bed and atop it was a camera. Taking the camera in her hands, she told me to peel back my cock and said:
      "This picture will be for us to remember the day when your clean cock died"
      Taking couple of pics of my body and cock, I posed for her and turned my back toward her, grabbing my ass and spreading the cheeks, showing her my anus. I heard the snaps of the aperture
      When she was done taking the photos, she positioned herself over a pillow and put her ass up. She wanted me to take her doggy style.
      "I will breed your ass, bitch. I will fuck the shit outta you, Mother"
      She didn't say a word, just swaying her butt. I grabbed her butt, spread the cheeks and saw her shit stained anus, glistening at me. And beneath it, there was a slime flowing out her cunt. I swiped my cock over that slime and started to push into her anus.
      The feeling was extraordinary. I instantly felt the warmth of her shit over my cock and went into a frenzy. I started fucking her long and deep. Thrusting in and out. I heard her moaning and laughing. As if she were taunting me.
      "I am fucking your toxic ass, Mommy. Your HEP C shit feels so good on my cock. You are a fucking harlot... Mindless whore. Give me your disease, Mommy !!!"
      The shit was flowing out whenever I removed my cock from her asshole. There was a wet splat and even wetter fart. Her shit flew and hit my stomach and went sliding toward my cock. I grabbed her cheeks and put my face inside. I licked and she was shaking her butt. She screamed to keep fucking her. I obliged her.
      I saw myself in the mirror, with my brown lips and shit caked chin. I was staring at myself while fucking her asshole. She was looking back at me, her tongue was dancing all over her lips. And her eyes... Her eyes were a void. There was pure hunger in them, hunger for me. I came inside her ass. My face was a distorted image of painful pleasure, painful because I had a severe case of blue balls since last night. I was saving her my sperms and they ended up inside her shit. I just bred her shit.
      I smiled at her.
      That was the moment I started pissing inside her ass. She started screaming in delight and shook so hard. I knew she was coming. I saw it on her face. I grabbed her hips and kept pissing inside. I think I pissed for about a minute. It felt longer than that.
      I pulled back and she started squeezing out the piss and shit out of her asshole. I just stood there and let her wash me with her juices.
      She turned around, saw me shit stained cock and started sucking it with gusto. When she was done cleaning up my shitty cock, she told me to go to the bathroom and retrieve a small toilet brush from the cupboard. I went and took it.
      "Now, you will push the brush inside my cunt and you fill fuck my cunt with it. You have to be very rough and fuck it hard and deep. Your mission is to turn that white brush into a red or pinkish color. You have to draw blood inside so we can infect you. Cunt alone can't hurt you since it's very lubed up, but blood is another matter. And it's a very good thing that you are uncut. I think you will get infected really quick."
      I pushed the brush into her cunt and went berserk. I saw her face contort in discomfort but she lost none of the lust. She spew obscenities at me. Kept hollering to keep it up. To make her bleed...
      It took me five minutes to make her cunt bleed. The brush was a mix of pinkish \ reddish color. I saw a little of her blood ooze out of her slit. I took my fingers and coated them with her blood. I pried open my butt cheek and shoved the finger inside my ass. Swished a bit and gave to her to lick out my ass. She took it in and lapped the blood away.
      "Better chances for infection when your blood mingles with my ass. It's a great absorber."
      "I am putting my clean cock inside your bloodied HIV cunt. I will fuck you, Enix. Make me yours, forever!"
      "Put your cock inside my poz cunt, let me give you my presents, sonny boy. Come to momma, I have lots and lots to give you. I will rent you out, boy. I know a bisex couple who would love to fuck you. I will make a small party and invite people with STD's for you to fuck and be fucked. I will bring you lots of clean bitches for you to fuck, to stealth them."
      I kept fucking, and every time I was thrusting, she spoke more and more about what she had in store for me.
      "We can go out to clubs who cater to bareback couples, we can infect them, baby. They are asking for it, they are just begging even if they don't know they are."
      "Keep on fucking me... God, you are so good to me. I knew I was right to choose you. My blood will infect you, you will have my strain inside your DNA. I will be inside you, until the day you die."
      "We will be together, a couple. But I will find you a girlfriend your age. I know some hookers who are infested with STDs. She can be your girlfriend that your parents can fawn over. A perfect match for you on the outside and inside."
      "You can work in my firm after you finish your college. We are going to have such fun, you and I."
      "I know a full blown AIDS lady, she's 62 years old, she's like a female Skeletor, wasting away. She fucks young men bareback, infecting them. I showed her your picture. She fell in love with you. She wanted to exchange a weekend house in Ibiza for your body for the entire night. I told her she can fuck you for free at the party I would make in your honor."
      "Oh, Mommy, yes!!! - I want to fuck and be fucked. I want to experience every fetish I ever wanted. I want to do everything. Please, Mommy, help me do it. I enjoyed watching bisex and shemale porn. And I loved playing with my ass. Would you find some shemale to fuck me? - She can have any kind of a disease, I don't mind!!!"
      "I know you don't mind, baby. You will do everything you like. Fisting their cunts and asses. Eating out and licking their feet, no problem. I know a nigger tranny who loves to breed white boys like you. She's top only, you won't be able to fuck, but she loves to be kissed and I know she will enjoy you."
      "However, your butt and front hair will have to be removed. I have a cream that removes hair. She loves her bottoms to be hair-free. I will enjoy seeing you suck cocks and eat up assholes. And being bred like a bitch. I am so wicked, but then, so are you. We are a match made in Hell!"
      "I am cumming... Mommy, I am cumming. Take it!!! TAKE MY CLEAN CUM !!!"
      "Yes, baby. I am taking it, I am a good slut. You came a lot. What would you like to do now, baby?"
      "I am going to clean up the mess I made in your cunt and fuck you again, Mommy!"
      "Good answer, fuckboy. Get to it, then!"
      End of the Story
      If you liked the story, say so. I have plans to continue writing the story and introduce exactly what kind of a party has Enix planned for David.
      Tips and pointers are welcome. Pardon any mistakes I may have made, English is not my native language and I tried my best.

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