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The Stables (Part 1)


Gregory was a shy boy.  At the age of 18 he was still living with his parents and they didn’t know Greg was gay.  His dad tried several things to get his son into girls, once even hiring a whore to introduce his son to sex.  While Greg was terrified, the prostitute, Mandy, was a nice lady, and, although she tried to stir his interest, she may very well have sensed his sexual preference that Greg was unable to perform.  Or perhaps she was just glad, seeing that she had been paid and hadn't had to actually satisfy another John.  Who knows?  Perhaps she saw it as simply easy money.  In any event when the time was up and she and Greg met Greg's father who was waiting in the 'salon' for his son, Mandy made a show of kissing Gregory on his mouth and giving his crotch a grope, thanking him for the hot ride.  


Greg’s dad was more than proud and for the moment was relaxed as it had crossed his mind that Greg might be a faggot.  After all, while Greg had plenty of female friends, he had never had a girlfriend, and certainly (prior to Mandy), had apparently never messed around with a woman.  No, he was a shy and sensitive boy and even at 18 was more into music and the arts than playing football or basketball.  Although unspoken, Greg's father's greatest fear was that his son would turn into a dick-taking faggot.  But after the session with Mandy, Greg's father was fairly sure everything would turn out all right:  his son fucked a whore and he would soon find another hole into which to unload.  Everything was running slowly but on the right course.


Little did Greg's father know that Gregory had his own suspicions.  Greg remembered experienced as early as the age of six when in swim class, he saw this other boy whose name was Alec.  Gregory didn't, of course, have the vocabulary to put a name to it, but he always got excited when Alec accidentally brushed up against him when the two were standing in line.

waiting to jump from the 1-meter board.


A couple of years later, when Greg was around ten, he found himself fascinated by Mickey, another ten year old in the same class.  So, while Greg was perfectly happy to stare at Mickey, giving unconscious smiles, Mickey was none to keen, so Mickey purposefully and angrily shoved Gregory away, once even giving him a punch in the face.  Although the punch was unexpected and quite painful, Greg nevertheless enjoyed being on the receiving end of Mickey's attention, even if there was a substantial degree of hostility.


Some four years later, , now 14, Greg truly had a crush on Mr. Wilson, his English teacher.  Mr. Wilson might have been in his late 20s, but he generally wore hot, tight jeans, and, as Mr. Wilson moved about the class room, Greg couldn’t stop but staring at Mr. Wilson's bulge.   Of course Greg's obsession wouldn't end-up going anywhere:  Mr. Wilson was married and had a baby daughter.  He never even registered Greg's interest, but no matter:  Greg utterly idolized his teacher.


This was the time when the rumors began circulating suggesting Gregory was a fag.  His mates in class recognized the difference - when they associated erections with girls, Greg seemed to get an erection when Mr. Wilson passed down the corridor.  Greg's schoolmates took their suspicions out on Greg, slapping him around, ostracizing him, and occasionally dumping him into the school dumpster.  Naturally wanted less and less to do with his schooling, and eventually dropped out early, getting a job at a gas station.  The job didn't, of course, pay all that much, but Greg earned a couple to keep his car running.  His parents didn’t ask him to contribute to rent or food, although his dad urged Greg to join the army, believing this would make him a ‘real’ man.


Greg was quite innocent. He had never seen a gay porn. He had never heard about the dangers of unsafe sex.

He still thought, rubbers were made to prevent pregnancies.

But he overheard some conversations about a place where guys would date for sexual encounters, with other guys.  It was some sort of a bar…. but he had no idea how frivolous and risky his trip would be.  He had his day off finally and decided he would take the dare and visit this bath house.

It was a two hours drive, but it was okay. He didn’t want to risk meeting someone from his home town.  He wore his best clothing:  a white shirt, with some expensive pair of jeans which he thought framed his ass perfectly.  He even bought new sneakers just for this event - not realizing he would take all this clothing off within a few minutes of having entered the bar.

After a short while he found a parking space. He exited the car and turned around.  He had no idea which way to go and so he asked some guys hanging around if they would know the nearest to ‘The Stables’.  They looked at him grumpy and nodded at him.  “Get lost faggot” was the unmistakably answer.  Greg looked anxious and stepped back to the pavement and tried to get mixed with the crowd.  He felt so stupid. He left his hometown thinking in a big town as this one, people would be differently, but the thugs reactions were more than just hostile.


They started to follow him around.  Greg was in panic.  What if he wouldn’t find a safe place?  What if he wouldn’t reach his car?  What if they beat him up or kill him for being gay?  What if their parents found out the reason for his death…. and while those ideas were spinning in his head ‘The Stables’ appeared before him.  He couldn’t believe his luck.  He hurriedly entered the premises.

He looked back and saw the guys got lost in the crowd. Their victim had escaped.


“Well, well…. aren’t we excited….. you are quite heavy breathing…. are you a mare, or a stallion?” the cashier asked.

“I…. I am…. what?” Greg asked.

“Oh dear…. your first time?” the employee asked.


Greg simply nodded.

The guy behind the counter inspected Greg. He recognized at once by the way Greg walked, the way he took a glance,

the way he licked his lips….. that he was at the receiving part tonight.

“You want to get fucked, then you are a mare…. if you fuck, then you are a stallion. It is not so difficult.

We got this pink bracelet for mares…. and the blue bracelet is for studs” the guy explained.

Greg got the idea and they both said at the same time: 'Mare'.


He paid the entrance fee and received his pink bracelet, which was sealed along around his wrist.

“Without this wrist on, the party will be over for you. So no switching. You are a mare!” the man giggled.
He received a key to a locker and got a pink towel. Then he was told he could take off his clothes in the locker room

and then enter the basement.

“Enjoy the party” the fellow said and then got busy folding towels.


His heart was almost jumping out of his throat, while walking down the steps to the basement.

It was quite dark and several corridors showed many opportunities to seize this chance to finally get fucked.


“First timer?” the bartender asked.

“Is it so obvious?” Greg answered shily.

“It won’t be in the darkroom…..” the bartender laughed.

“Darkroom” Greg repeated the word.

The bartender watched at him, as if Greg just stepped out of a spaceship.

“Yeah…. Darkroom. A dark room, where you can empty the dicks with your mouth or your ass….. are you for real?” he asked.

“Sorry mate, but this is my first time ever in a big town. I have never ever seen a place like this.

This is amazing. I can get filled up here.” Greg’s eyes were flashing.


“Filled up….” the bartender repeated the words. This kid had no idea.
First he took away the shell of condoms, that was presented at the counter.

“You should not start with the darkroom then…. If I were you, I would take the glory holes, there you can concentrate

on one or two cocks at a moment” the friendly looking guy explained.


“Glory hole….” Greg said in an awe. “ What’s that…..” he asked seriously.

The bartender looked around as if he was searching for the candid camera.

He told him to sit and take a drink, he would explain it to him in a second, but before that he went to another associate

and told him about the fresh meet.

“Go and let the poz stud know, that a negative mare is waiting for her fillings.


It didn’t take a long time, after this astonishing announcement, that the blokes were checking the undamaged merchandise.
Greg didn’t know which way to look. He still had his towel wrapped around his hips.

The room was full of stallions now, which was clearly so, because of the mass of blue bracelets.


“Are you still willing to let this dicks poz up your mare ass…..” the bartender asked sickly.

“I had never had a dick up there, will it hurt bad…. ? Gregory whispered back.

“I will help you with that. Get this towel off then sit down again.” he got advised.
“Just slip a little bit back on your stool, so your ass is accessible” the guy said.

The guy announced loudly that he would prep this new recruit for his deflowering.
He repeated intensely that he would lube this virgin ass for his first of many poz rides and squat behind the stool.

First he started licking Greg’s cleft. Greg thought he had died and gone to heaven.

The bartender was lapping over his opening and pulled his ass cheeks further apart.
He pressed his tongue inside this virgin’s ass and tonguefucked him so hard. He smelt the overwhelming scent and

sucked out the innocence of this first-timer.
He loved the way the sweet ass tasted, and started use some lube on the twink.


He turned back to the other studs and showed them his two sharpened fingernails, which would be quite helpful for the upcoming task.


While lubing the guy up he started scratching the intestinal walls.
The nice feeling Greg had felt gave way to the pain, while the man behind him tried to scrape and claw

the intestinal walls for only one reason.
Instead of telling Greg the truth, he explained it would hurt, because it is the first time he was prepared for some serious poz fucking.


“Man I can’t wait to get all your poz dicks up my ass” Greg announced proudly.


‘You could use rubbers of course’ someone said out loud.


You could hear a pin dropping to the ground while the guy who suggested using a rubber was escorted to another

room immediately.
Greg didn’t see the commotion behind his back, since he was trying to clench his teeth to stand the pain he was enduring

right now.


“I am your mare, but I won’t get pregnant, that’s for sure” Greg shouted out.


‘The boy got it damn right’ someone groaned.
‘Yeah – let us breed him our babies nevertheless’ another one added,
‘Fuck the little brat – pump him up with premium poz seed’ this and other voices mingled in Greg’s preparation.


“I think I will help you in the stall. You should concentrate on getting ripped up from your behind.

You shouldn’t serve both holes” he got advised.
The bartender fucked him hard with two fingers and when he pulled them out he showed all the guys the bloody fingers.
The boy was already a mess.

Then it all happened quite fast.
While the fellow bartender led him to the stall the other guys lined up at the stall right next to it.

It was agreed, that Greg should take it up the ass.

Greg was extremely excited. He looked around. There was a monitor with a gay porn movie flashed across the screen.

For the first time he saw guys actually fuck each other in the holes.
He looked at both holes while the associate pointed at the one in question.
The first hard dick was already poking through the hole.
It was a thick and long dick who was simply waiting for the cunt to receive his toxic gift.

“But I won’t see them this way” Greg complained.

“Believe me honey, most times you don’t want to see them in broad daylight…..

now come on, this is part of the fun” the guy said.

“This way you concentrate on your work, which is draining dicks. It doesn’t matter how cool the guy in the other stall is,

you just have to squeeze his dick with your cunt and accept his load.

Then the next will deposit his load and so one and so on…. this is your job!” he explained.

“If you need more lube tell me. It doesn’t help anyone if you tolerate the pain for only one or two dicks.

Your job is to empty those guys balls, no matter how painful it might be. As a mare you are advised to accept and receive….

so I will lube you up whenever you need it.

The guys have to wait then until you are ready to get your next poz load. That is all that matters”.


Gregory nodded and turned his ass-cunt towards the dick spearing through the hole.


The bartender helped the fuck stick to find his way home to the slut and slowly Greg received one inch after another,

while he moaned intensively.

“Oh man…. this fucker is tight…. I can’t….. oh fucking god….. sweet jesus…. I think he pinches my dick off…..” the guy panted loudly.

“Baby….. push a little back. Try to relax and let this guy enter you completely” while Greg got instructed the bartender used

a bit more lube on the invading dick.
Only half of the nine inches had entered the young ones body, but the employee could already see the bloody streaks.

He had done a great job and was proud of himself.


While thinking of that, he decided he would help Gregory a bit more and so he squat in front of the twink and pushed

against his hips and finally more inches entered the abused hole.
Greg couldn’t help but to express his pain and groaned loudly.

On the other side of the wall you could hear several guys cheering and even the bartender praised the good work of Greg

who believed every word he was told….

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This puts me in mind of those Czech porn vids of the sex houses with the guys that are only visible from the waist down and are strapped in getting bb and bred by whoever pays. Super hot

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mmmmmmmmm  Scorpion at his best.

What a great way to lose your cherry to be a mare gangbanged by a herd of Poz stallions and an assistant to make sure that you get pregnant. :grin: :grin: :grin:

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Fuck,  I want to be s mare to a party like that.  I also want to be one of those btms strapped in and waist down sticking through a big glory hole for breeding by anyone who pays like the czech vid.  BOTH are a MAJOR fantasy of mine I want to make reality.  ANY HELPERS?

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