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Is there brazilians here?

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    • By travelingbi
      I posted on Craigslist the other day that I wanted to suck, rim and bottom for str8 dudes. Got hit on a lot. Most turned out to be obvious gay guys posing as str8. Nothing against other gay guys. But I get a real thrill by servicing horny str8 dudes. And that's what I was looking for. After wading through all the Craigslist Flakes, I decided on a guy that said he was in the Air Force and was living just off base at an apartment one block from the main gate at Nellis AF Base in North Las Vegas. His pics were really hot, so I was willing to drive totally across the valley to the AF Base to service this hot soldier.

      I got to his apt. right on time. He met me in the lobby and I took the elevator up to his floor. It was a spartan studio apt. But clean and tidy as you'd expect a military guys room. We began to undress and he asked me, "Do you want a quick suck and go? Or do you want to go for awhile? If you want to go for awhile, I've got a shot I can put in my dick that will keep me hard for an hour or two. I can cum 2 or 3 times, easily if I use it? How much time you got?" he asked.

      "A shot in your dick?" I asked. I'd never heard of that.

      "Yeah. It's for ED. I don't have ED. But, I love to fuck and fuck for hours. I get my doctor to give me a prescription. I get 4 shots a month. I don't want to waste it if you're a quick suck & go. But if you want to suck and fuck for an hour or so, I'll take the shot. Just takes a few minutes to work. Plus, sometimes when I'm fucking a guy, it feels good, but I can't always keep an erection for a long time with a guy. But, with this shot, I have no problem. My dick won't go down even after I cum. Should I take it?", he asked.

      He was a really good looking young man in his late 20's. Kind of on the short side, but muscular. Had a "rough around the edges" good looks to him. And his soft dick even looked impressive. So, I was game to go for awhile with him.

      "Sure. Go ahead. Let's fuck and play for awhile", I replied.

      He went into the bathroom and injected this stuff into his cock. He came out after a few minutes with his cock semi hard. He sat on the chair opposite me and began to stroke it a bit. It continued to grow and lengthen. So I grabbed my poppers, took a deep hit of them, then dropped to my knees and began to suck on his military cock. It continued to grow and swell in my mouth. Then he stood up and completely undressed. His naked body was very hot! He stood before me in just his white socks. I leaned forward and again began to suck his str8 cock. I sucked his cock and balls for about 5 or 6 minutes. Then I asked him if he wanted to fuck me? 

      "In a minute", he said. "I want to cum in your mouth first. I'll fuck you for the second load", he replied. 

      I continued to suck him as he sat back down on the chair. His cock was indeed rock solid. I tried to lick his asshole, but he said he'd never had that done and wasn't sure he wanted that. But he did love the attention I was giving his cock and smooth, hairless balls. After about 6 minutes of sucking he shot his first load into my mouth. Kind of bitter tasting. And that could have been from the ED meds he shot into his cock. But, I swallowed his load. Then sat on the chair to take a breather.

      He continued to stroke his still hard cock as I caught my breath. 

      "Show me that ass, fag. Show me where my dicks going in your faggoty ass", he said. 

      I stripped naked. Knelt on the edge of his small double bed. I'd brought some lube and lubed up my hole for him, then handed the lube up to him to use. As I looked back to hand him the lube, I could see him opening a condom package. 

      "You can fuck me bare, if you want", I told him.

      "Nah. I use condoms on you fags. Not taking any chances. I'm sure you're a whore like most fags are", he grumbled.

      I hate condoms, but I wanted his cock in me, so I said nothing. Soon he had rammed up into me in one swift thrust. He grabbed me around the waist and was pumping into me with great force. He was a completely silent top, the only sound was the sound of his pelvis slapping against my ass as he pounded into me. And the occasional grunt that I would let out when he slammed into me extra hard. No wonder this guy was in such good shape and had such a rock hard, washboard stomach. He could really fuck. He didn't seem to tire as he continually rammed up into me. He was using a lot of force and was a brutal fucker. But, I was loving it. It felt great to have this str8 soldier using my faggot ass for his pleasure.
      I kept sniffing my poppers as he assaulted my hole with his dick. After close to 15 minutes of fucking, he pulled out and said. "Shit! The condom broke". 

      He walked away and opened a drawer. "Shit!", he said again. "I thought I had more condoms. You got any?", he asked.

      "No. I didn't bring any", I replied.

      He shut the drawer and walked back behind me. "Fuck it!". I can't stop now. I got to shoot another load or two. You're clean, right?" he asked.
      "Yeah", was all I said. 

      He immediately slammed his now raw cock back into me. 
      Fuck! This is what I wanted. I so prefer the feel of a raw cock in me. I hate the feel of a condom. His raw cock felt awesome. And he again began his assault on my ass with his rock hard cock.

      This guy could really fuck and it took another 15 or 20 minutes of intense pounding before finally let out a soft groan and filled my ass with his load. My ass milked as much of his str8 sperm into me as I could get. He pulled out and plopped back down onto his chair. He was sweating and heaving for breath. I loved the fuck. And loved that he'd put his load into me. But I was glad it was over. My inner thighs couldn't take much more of being in that position. We both sat there for a few moments breathing hard. 
      Finally he got up, walked to the fridge and pulled out two small bottles of water. He handed me one and we both drank them down quickly. As he sat back down, across from me, I could see that his cock was still rock hard. 

      After I caught my breath and had had some more sips of the cold water, I again dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. Sucking it and tasting his cum and my ass on his cock. I sucked him for about 5 minutes, then he stood up and began to stroke his cock fast and furiously.  As I saw his face contort, I could tell he was close to cumming. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. Even having cum twice before, he shot a huge load on me. Some went in my mouth. But more went in my eyes, in my hair and all over my goatee. I loved the feel of his hot cum spraying all over my face. I had a handkerchief in my pocket and pulled it out to wipe his cum from my eyes. My face felt sticky. And I loved it. 

      I wiped what cum I could from my face and tasted it. Still bitter tasting. But I still loved tasting his str8 sperm. 

      I got up and dressed. Thanked him for his loads and headed back home. This morning I woke up to a text from him. He was asking when I was free again? He said I could be his cum receptacle whenever I was up his way. I intend to as much as I can. 
    • By travelingbi
      I finally got to play out one of my fantasies yesterday afternoon. I've always wanted to pick up one of the illegal Latinos who hang out in front of the local nursery, Home Depot and Loews, looking to get hired to undertake work in one's yard or home.
      As I drove into my local nursery yesterday, the usual group of nearly a dozen Latinos hanging near the entrance to the parking lot.  A cute, buff, dark-skinned Mexican guy in his early 20's caught my eye.  Not only was he naturally dark skinned, it was obvious the hours he had spent out in the hot Las Vegas sun had given him a very dark tan.  Apparently he realized I was checking him out, as he motioned to me and smiled as I drove past him en route to the parking lot.  
      Still I drove past him, parked and went into the nursery where I selected a Mediterranean Fan Palm that I wanted to plant in my yard. It was in a large 10 gallon container.  Two nursery workers lifted it into my SUV, but I realized once I arrived home I wouldn't be able to lift it out, let alone maneuver it to the location where I wanted to plant it.  In addition, it occurred to me the record breaking heat here in the desert was so severe that I really wasn't looking forward to digging a hole and planting the bugger, so, just as I drove out of the parking lot, I stopped at the curb in front the guy who had flashed me a smile, and, rolling down my passenger side window I hollered "Hey!  You looking for work?"

      He walked over to my car and stuck his head in my window asking "Si. What you need me to do?"

      "I need help planting this palm. Can you do that?"

      "Would you do it for $40?"

      "For $50 I will have my cousin, Eduardo help me. We will get it done quick for you. I'm Jessie. My cousin and I work good for you."

      He motioned for his cousin to come over to my car. Eduardo looked to be close to the same age, a little taller, perhaps 5'9", 150 pounds.  He, like his cousin, was wearing a long sleeved shirt over a black wife beater tee-shirt, jeans and heavy boots.  With a floppy flannel cowboy hat on to protect from the brutal Vegas sun.  Eduardo didn't say anything, but flashed me a handsome smile as he peered into my car window. 

      "Deal.  Hop in," I said. 

      Both guys jumped into my back seat and we took off for my home a few miles away.  I was a bit nervous, having two strangers climb into my car. But, it was also exciting. I was entering the 'unknown'. 

      We reached my home in about 15 minutes.  I let them both out on my driveway, then I pulled all the way into my shaded garage and unlocked the back of my SUV.  I jumped out and pulled open the back of the car and they both pulled the palm out of the car. 

      "Where you want it?" Jessie asked.

      I walked over to the area I wanted the palm planted and pushed some of the landscape rock away to mark the spot. Jessie and Eduardo lifted the palm and brought it to where I wanted it planted.

      "I'll show you where my shovels and other garden tools are in my garage.  Follow me."

      Leading the two guys into my garage, I pulled out two shovels, showed them where my potting soil and palm food was, explaining I wanted mixed with the dirt that they dug up when planting. I pulled the hose out for them and then told them I'd be in the house if they needed me. DAMN! The temp was 113 degrees. I felt bad for them out there in that heat. But I made a big jug of ice water. Took that and some cups out to them. By now, both had taken off their long sleeve shirts and were in their wife beater tee shirts. 

      These cousins looked more like brothers. Similar in size, build and muscles. Eduardo was definitely the taller of the two, perhaps by two inches, but other than that, they could almost be twins.  They even dressed alike. 

      It took about 35 minutes for them to dig the hole and plant the tree.  I'd looked out my front window a few times to check on their progress and to check out their hot bodies.  Once they were done I could hear them putting the shovels and other planting tools back where I got them in my garage.  Then Jessie knocked on my door from the garage. 

      "We're done, Senor.  You want to look?" he asked. 
      I followed them back to the palm.  They had done a great job and had put all the ground cover rock back around the tree. 

      "Nice job, guys.  Thanks.  Would you like a beer?" I asked as I opened my door from the garage and invited them in.

      "Gracias, but we're really dirty, Senor.  We shouldn't come in," Jessie replied.

      "Nonsense.  Take off your boots.  You'll be fine.  Come in."

      I held the door open and both guys hesitantly came into my cool home. 

      "Gracias, Senor.  It feel nice and cool in here."

      I motioned for them to take a seat at my table as I pulled a couple of beers from the fridge.  I handed them the cold beers and they downed them instantly.  The heat had gotten to them.  Who knows how many hours they had been standing out in front of the store before they came to work for me.  Reaching back into the fridge I grabbed two more beers which I gave to Eduardo and Jessie.  They gladly accepted the offer.  Then I pulled out a bottle of Patron from my pantry and poured each of us a shot of Patron. 

      "Oh, no, Senor.  I have to work," Eduardo laughed.  Up until now, Jessie had been the only one to talk.

      "Nonsense.  Drink up," I replied as I downed the Patron. 
      Both guys did the same and we downed the second beers a bit more slowly.

      "Thank you so much, guys. I appreciate your help. Good job. Would you both like to rinse off in my shower before I take you back? You'll feel so much better to get that dirt off you and cool down in a cool shower," I suggested.

      "Oh, no, Senor. We're good," Jessie protested.

      "No. Really. Take a quick rinse in the shower. You'll feel more like going back to work in that hot sun." I urged.

      Both guys looked at each other, puzzled at least at first, but then Eduardo looked up at me, smiled, saying "Gracias, Senor.  I like that."
      I got up and told them to follow me to the master bedroom. I have a large master with a big king sized bed. And an overstuffed leather love seat and ottoman in front of the large screen TV at the opposite side of the room. I walked into the master bathroom and pulled out a couple of bath towels and washcloths from the cabinet. And put them on the edge of the tub, next to the shower. Then I came back into the bedroom and told them to go ahead and shower. Eduardo wasn't shy. He quickly stripped his clothes off. He was sporting a nice uncut dick of about six inches, sporting an ample foreskin which was draped over his cock head.  Stepping into my shower he turned on the water as I took a seat on the loveseat, which gave me a direct view of the bathroom mirror in which I could see Eduardo soaping up his beautiful, brown, naked body. 

      "Have a seat, Jessie," I said as I patted the cushion next to me on the loveseat. 

      "I'm too dirty to sit on your couch," Jessie protested.

      "Well, take your clothes off, then. You're going to need to to shower, anyway," I suggested, flashing him a friendly smile.

      Jessie began to undress. He seemed very nervous and awkward, but he stripped to his boxers and came over to sit next to me on the sofa. His body was also nicely toned from all his hard labor.

      I flipped on the TV in front of us, immediately punching in the channel number for one of the straight softcore porn channel which I could get on cable tv. A beautiful, blonde, busty woman was on the screen sucking off a black guy. 

      "Oh, shit!", I laughed.  "Got the fuck channel on here.  Want me to change the channel?  Or do you want to watch?'' I asked him with a smile on my face.

      "It okay," Jessie replied, his eyes glued to the TV.
      Eduardo, meanwhile, finished showering and stepped out of the shower to towel off.  Standing in the doorway to the bathroom he could clearly see the TV screen, and his eyes were also glued to the TV, even as he toweled himself dry.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw him wrap the towel around his waist as he stepped back into the bedroom to retrieve his clothing.  A very visible rise under his towel was very evident:  he was getting a hard on. I turned and patted Jessie's thigh suggesting "Your turn for the shower," as I viewed the bulge which, like his cousin's, was quite evident.  

      He stood and pulled his boxers down as a nearly full on erection bounced up in front of him. He quickly went into the bathroom and climbed into the shower. Eduardo took his towel off and continued to dry off with the towel. His cock now standing straight out in front of him. He blushed a bit as he saw me staring at his cock.

      I stood and walked over to Eduardo. He stopped toweling off and stood there naked and hard in front of me. I reached over and took his hard cock into my hand. He didn't move. Nor move to push me away. So, I dropped to my knees and began to suck on his foreskin. His cock tasted sweet and clean from the shower. I pushed him back so that he then sat on the edge of the bed and again began to suck on his cock. He was fully hard and my lips pushed his foreskin back from his cockhead. I sucked on his cock, taking it to the back of my throat. Then I lifted his legs and sucked his balls. He moaned. Then I licked down to his asshole and licked it. He moaned louder. 

      Just then, I heard the shower turn off. Jessie stepped out of the shower and began to dry off. He could see back into the bedroom and saw his cousin, still naked, laying on his back, his legs to his chest, with my face buried in his cousin's ass. 

      Jessie said something to his cousin in Spanish. His cousin answered back in Spanish. They conversed for a moment, then Jessie walked over to us. His cock also growing to full hardness. I motioned for Jessie to sit next to his cousin on the bed. I then took turns sucking on each man's cock and balls. 

      Finally I stood up. "Eduardo. Get on my bed and kneel on it. I wanna eat your ass."

      Eduardo got onto the bed and knelt on it. His ass to my face. I knelt on the edge of the bed and put my face to Eduardo's ass and began to eat his hole. I then spit on my fingers and smeared my asshole with the spit. I did that several times. Then went back to eating Eduardo's brown, puckered hole.

      I felt Jessie feeling my ass and fingering my hole. Then I heard and felt him spit on my hole. Before putting his cock up to it and push in. He quickly plopped into my hole and began to fuck. I ate Eduardo for several minutes. Then he turned and laid back on the bed as I sucked his cock. 

      Jessie fucked me hard and deep for about 10 minutes, before he groaned and slammed deep into me, filling my ass with his load. 

      Like a well rehearsed team, as soon as Jessie pulled his cock from me, Eduardo climbed off the bed and rammed his cock into my hole, requiring only about five of pounding before he deposited a his load, my second of the day, into my hole. 

      As soon as Eduardo came in me, he pulled out and quickly began to dress.  Jessie was already dressed.  When we were all presentable, we silently walked to the door leading to my garage where they pulled on their work boots as I locked-up the house.  Then we all climbed into the car and I drove them back to the nursery where I had picked them up.

      As we got there, I pulled the cash from my pocket.  We had agreed on $50 for both.  But I handed each of them $50 saying "Gracias."

      "Gracias, Senor," Jessie said.

      "We be here if you need more work," Eduardo said, a smile on his face. "We work for you again."

      "Gladly", I replied, as I pulled away and they walked back to their group of buddies.

      I wonder if they would tell the other guys what had happened.

      I got my tree planted and my ass filled with two Latino loads.  Quite a productive afternoon. 

    • By Wildinbr
      Bottom male in the Baton Rouge area looking to take loads always. Love to be a nasty bottom whore and get used and filled by cocks and cum. 
      Email me at if interested. 
      Into kink and up for trying lots of nasty things for you. 
    • By Trinity1
      I am getting a bit more adventurous. I usually meet people in private places, or bathhouses. I sometimes run an ad on Craigslist as an anonymous cum dump. Last night, I got a call from a guy at about 3 am. He wanted to use me as a cum dump in a public place. We ended up fucking in a back alley downtown Kelowna, behind the food bank. Kind of a weird place to do it, but we figured it would not get much traffic at that time of night.
      My guy gets turned on having public/semi-public sex. I was a bit nervous about it, because I didn't want the cops to catch us, but otherwise was fine. Rick had an average sized cock, but a good sized load. I wish he had lasted a bit longer, but getting cum in my bum made it all worthwhile. Next time I try something like this, I will bring a blanket to lie on.
    • By LoadMyHoleOAK
      On my Tour to be a Whore,  I headed over to London last weekend. I wanted to go again to the Hard On party that I had attended in April. I've never been to anything like it… It's like Cumunion  on steroids.  Over 200 hot and horny man, ready to fuck or be fucked.  I highly recommend it! 
      The theme for this party was athletic gear. So I arrived and stripped down to my jockstrap checking everything else. Once in, I walked past the DJ, dance floor, and bar ... heading straight for the dark area and play spaces which is the only part that really interested me. As i got there a bit later, the slings were already full and the majority of the fuck benches.  Two months ago I was still nervous about putting myself in a position to be used but  now I don't think twice about it. I managed to squish  onto a fuck bench occupied by three other bottoms hoping the black top going at it with the bottom next to me  would  see my ass up in the air and move onto me. 
      Which he did! It felt so great to feel his cock enter me especially since I've been eyeing the way he was fucking the bottom next to me.  True to the theme of the night he was the most athletic top I've ever experienced. After he started fucking me, he climbed on board that fuck bench turning and twisting my body to all different kinds of positions… So he could explore every single inch of my hole. 
       What a great way to start the night! Immediately after he was done with me several other tops jumped on  and my hole got that squishy loose feeling that I love.  I always think that I want to keep track of how many tops use me and how many loads I get in... but I always lose track after a while especially if a trains been run on my ass. I'd say between 10 to 15 guys fucked me and I had 4-5 loads in me.
       I did have another marathon session with the black top. I had grabbed an open sling and we went at it there.  He climbed right on top of that sling to get in me as deep as he could , swinging that sling back and forth to pull his seven inches completely out of my hole and shoving it right back in. 
       By the end of the night I was so covered in sweat, cum and lube. While riding the tube back to my hotel, I noticed a trail of ass juices on my leg.  What a slut! I wish I could come back every month when they have this event.

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