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  1. One day I intend to be a nullo too, I think will incredible to met others
  2. Hi, thanks for following me. I would love to feel your ass around my cock as I fuck you , and fill your hot hole up with my load. 

    1. scott0882


      Hi, your welcome and always looking for guys to meet from here. I been wanting to take my first poz cock in my ass raw. I'm assuming you are undetectable from being on meds. Shoot your dirty load deep in my neg tight hole. 

  3. Hey ... thanks for the follow xx


    1. LatinYoungbareback
    2. ronnie4u


      YUMMY HOT - Multi times , years and dicks - always !  :P

  4. I would like to fuck your bare arse :*

    Jason does me.jpg

    Well in.jpg

    1. LatinYoungbareback


      I wanna take your load! lick my ass and fuck it

    2. ronnie4u


      YUMMY HOT !  Multi Breeding Loads and then eating them out while sucking him - being Fucked too at the same time !

  5. it's too hot man! I like to read about bareback experiences! here in my country is a taboo yet. I hope you take a lot of loads and share with us!
  6. where? wow, I wanna do this one day
  7. I'm from the north of Brazil, I'd to know another brazilians here
  8. when I'll be old, very old, maybe I cut off my dick and balls to be just a bottom slut. until there, I'll use my cock
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