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  1. Guys, when you post your video, don`t forget to post the URL here, if you want us to watch it and comment... ;-)
  2. stabr

    SoCABondage Club

    Just came back from the party. It`s really nice. Good enviroment, everyone with their fetishes and everything going. Fist, flogging, ropes, electro, restrains, etc, etc.. the only thing I didn`t saw was WS. Everyone is super nice and respectfull. Whomever is from the LA area and into BDSM (or not, perhaps just voyeur) MUST got to this place and its parties. It`s the same venue where they have the CumUnion parties in LA. I have to this party once and it`s really packed too.
  3. stabr

    SoCABondage Club

    Heard about this SoCABondage Club (http://www.socabondage.com/) They hold BDSM parties on the same venue where CumUnion happens in LA. BDSM parties happens twice a month, apparently. Anyone has ever gone? There is one this Friday (03/16) and I`m planning to attend. I have been to a CumUnion party at this place and it was just amazing... fucking everywhere!!
  4. stabr

    First CumUnion

    I also went to a CumUnion party in LA.. it`s was great having all those nice ass to breed!! It was like an ass self-service buffet!!! Had a great time!!
  5. Thx for the likes on my photos!

  6. stabr

    Experiences at CumUnion

    Went to CU in LA last Friday 09/01. Couldn`t be more happy. It`s a fantastic venue, friendly crew and all sorts of bodies, cock, ass, jockstraps, etc, etc... Guys, DO GO on the next one. The party is from 8PM-12AM. I arrive there around 9:30 and there was a line to enter. Inside it was still quite empty, but filled up quickly. By 10 it was already difficult to walk in the rooms, so many guys around, and still, within 10 minutes I was in, I already had my cock sucked and was fucking a nice piece of ass. I fucked about 4-5 guys until I came so fucking horny I was. Relaxed a little and went to the 'fight' again. Guys all over, some naked, and some on jockstraps, very few dressed (go figure..), everybody with their poppers bottle on hand. Did not saw anything more than poppers there, and they do not allow it too. A LOT of ass up for anyone to fuck. For those not into BB (my case), lots of condoms, lube and moisted towels around, but indeed, I saw very few people using condoms. THe venue has BDSM themed rooms and lots of place for fucking (I`m not sure what goes on there on other days). In one room, there was a long bench with about 5 guys with the holes up at the same time, and a line of guys behind to fuck them.... AWESOME!! Had a great time. Left about 11:40 exhausted... lol.. I recommend. I`m not from town, but travel there frequently, will make sure not to miss a single one anymore. I believe they have it twice a month.
  7. stabr

    AMPP Party

    Did you go?? How was it? I was not in town so didn`t had the chance to go...
  8. stabr

    AMPP Party

    Wondering if anyone has ever been to the AMPP party in LA. Couldn`t find much information about it online and apparently it happens regularly. Next one is on 8/19. http://allmenplayparty.weebly.com/
  9. stabr

    Is there brazilians here?

    I`m in Sao Paulo..
  10. Where can I get some Tina in Sao Paulo? Anyone?

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