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 I am a sub masc asian bottom, handsome, 29 years old and 145 pounds and fit with a great ass and hole.  The combination of my cocktail, as usual, had turned me into the biggest submissive cock slut bottom so I was looking to get bred.  For the longest time most people were not very responsive, but this one Mexican top guy who was around my age and tall with a nice thick cock kept open the line of communication but was unfortunately really looking for a 3 person group (2 tops and 1 bottom).  I had given up hope when he stated that he couldn't find anyone and that was it getting late and that he was heading to bed.  20 minutes shortly after that message, I got a text saying he'd found another top: a 30 y/o handsome beautiful Black man who was not only buff and well proportioned, but also had a beautiful big cock to go along with it.  The two were interested in sharing me, taking turns tagging my hole, and in 15 minutes we all met up at the Mexican top's place.

The moment we get through his door I strip out of my black tank top and drop my shorts (not wearing any underwear) to stand fully nude in front of our lovely Mexican host.  I get on my knees like a good sub btm, unbuckle his pants and fish out a nice thick uncut cock.  Immediately I envelope it with my mouth, alternating between going all the way down to the shaft and then making little licks along the side of the shaft and the base, all the while looking up.  The Black guy rejoins us from the bathroom and he too, gets undressed and I shift my attention to the nice 8" cut piece of meat pointing straight at me.  I am in heaven as i have a cock in each hand, making sure to give each one ample attention from my mouth.  Looking up and seeing these two tops standing over me while I serviced their cocks was such a big turn on for me and for them, that soon we moved it to the next level.

Mexican top got behind me and brought me back to a standing position before bending me forward so that he could go to town rimming my hole.  His tongue was so intrusive; these weren't gentle licks but rather directed tongue thrusts with the intent of getting my hole nice and wet and open for what was to come next.  While he was doing that, the Black top stood in front of me as I clung to his thighs to steady myself from the force of the rim job.  He gently waved that wonderful black cock in front of my face as a signal that I should be servicing it appropriately with my mouth.  This went on for some time before I could sense that I was about to do what I was there to do.  I felt some cold lube being applied to my hole from behind, and I quickly reached for my poppers.  As i began to take my first inhales, I could feel that firm Mexican cock head nudge against my hole, poised and ready to begin its first entry in my hole.  With the poppers hitting, I let out a soft plea to "give it to me, fuck my Asian hole with your raw Mexican cock."  He pushed in, slowly at first, but then without stopping he steadily sank his cock all the way to the hilt, burying it deep in my ass.  I bucked forward from the pressure and sudden fullness, only to have the big black cock shoved into my throat.  In the midst of my getting impaled on both ends, my eyes glanced at the closet mirrors that were reflecting our fuck, and I found myself turned on even more seeing a thick brown cock sliding in and out, disappearing in my hole from behind, and a big black cock doing the same in front as I swallowed as much of it as I could.  This was heaven.

The two tops tag teamed me for the better half the night, each taking turns to fuck me from behind doggy style; my face down and ass up and elevated; facing forward with my back arched as I hooked my legs underneath theirs for better leverage for me to back my ass towards their cocks.  It wasn't long though, that I received my first load from the Black top with my laying on my back with my legs pulled back, and he pounding my ass. I love this position because it gives me the best view to see the tops cock disappear to the hilt inside my hole, and also I can look up and see his expression as he's feeling the breed build up.  In a sudden exclamation he let me know he was cumming in me, and I immediately hook my legs around him, pulling him and his cock deep in me and ask him to not pull out just yet.  He obliges and does some slow thrusting to further plant his cum deep in my hole before pulling out.  

Immediately, the Mexican top, who had been watching and enjoying the show, told me to get on all fours and proceeded to do some hard piston fucking.  By this time my hole was fairly sloppy with the Black top's cum serving as extra lube, but even then I couldn't help letting a few moans of pain and pleasure escape with each forceful thrust.  He liked to change positions frequently.  He next positioned me onto my back with one leg down and one leg up, resting on his shoulder as he drove his raw cock in me without break.  From there he shifted me onto my side, a position that allowed me to gaze in amazement and wonder at how easily his thick Mexican cock was now rapidly sliding in and out of my hole with little resistance.  He finally shot his load and fucked his cum deep inside me in that position with a bit of extra roughplay when he looked straight into my eyes with his hands around my neck as he pounded his load deep.  

Definitely the best 3 some I have ever had: good chemistry all around, beautiful men with beautiful cocks, and 2 loads deposited in my hole to let me know that they own it.

Below are the pics from the encounter where both tops demonstrate how much they enjoy shoving their raw cocks deep to the hilt.

Black Top.PNG

Black Top Deep.PNG

Mexican Top.PNG

Mexican Top Deep.PNG

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Yes thank-you for sharing a great experience with us! Really nice pic`s. Really great too that there was no mention of status of the top guy`s either. Meeting up and doing it raw and deep not knowing their status is the best and only way to go!!

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Pretty much the same scenario except he just intro me to [Backroom content removed] , it's uncontrollably hot and right. And this is very recent 😘

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