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I'm having a birthday fuck days from now. I want as much depraved raw fucking, partying, and cum dumping as humanly possible. I get off on anything (except scat), and can host or travel by bus. Open to suggestions about sluTTy/sleazy activities or places...


P.S. Hungry and obedient!



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    • By NijlenCumSlut
      Looking for glory hole locations or any other cock serving area's around Antwerpen / Nijlen 

    • By DutchBBfucker
      On my GR profile i show my collection of toys. The sizes range from small to HUGE. I also write about my love for assplay and fisting. It’s friday late and i am browsing thru profiles. A message notification pops up ao i open the message.
      [NEW] message from STR8MUSCLE2001
      Hi! i see that you have a big collection of dildo’s. Can i come over to try a few watching porn. No Fuck & Suck & Kiss
      He added a few pics of him showing of a well defined muscular body. He’s so hot that i reply direct.
      [REPLY] message to STR8MUSCLE2001
      I normally don’t date when there’s no fucking BUT you look hot and i would love to see that firm ass riding a dildo. I ALWAY respect wishes and boundaries, Just a small question?! Why does a str8 dude want to play with dildo’s? (You don’t hsve to answer).
      It took about 12 minutes to receive a message back.
      [NEW] message from STR8MUSCLE2001
      I hope you can give me some advice and tips, GREAT to hear yo think that way. WHY? The short answer is PUSSY. There’a this blond with big tits with pierced nipples and a hot body covered in tatts. She kinky and loves getting fucked in all holes before being filled with big loads. She also likes to flip the tables and fuck the guy’s ass with a strap-ob. I WANTED HER SO BAD that i want to practise a bit.
      I have lots of experience with assplay so i know i could help him to there.
      [REPLY] message to STR8MUSCLE2001
      I gladly be of service with mu toy collection and my tips and trick. Call me 06-XXXXXXXX to give you my address.
      Within 2 minutes my phone rang .I picked up. We had a small chat. And i gave him my address. He replied with “That’s very close to where i am. I can be there in 10 minutes. I will bring my weed!”, I answered with “GOOD|! See you in 10”.
      I quickly put two mattresses in my living room. I get the two huge bags filled with my toys. Open a new flask of poppers and take out my very special lube. i respect his boundaries BUT there is nothing wrong with trying to get him to loose them. This bottle contains my own mixture; normal water-based lube, some paraffin based cream, ketamine and T (Tina),
      I take of my cloths and slip into my baggy shorts. I hear the bell. I pick up to hear it’s my date. I buzz him inside, open my door a bit and sit down on my couch. I here the door close and hear him doing something in the hall was. After a minute he comes in naked and wears leather hood with his mouth, nose and eyes free. To stay anon and also because it looks hot. He works out a lot to get that muscled So fucking HOT! He walks towards me and sits down on the couch opposite of me. “Can i smoke my joint to help me relax” het asks and i reply with “Sure, I’ll get an ashtray, I when to the kitchen and got him a an ashtray and a bottle of water. “Just water huh?” he asks and i answer very seriously with “Off course! But if you don’t trust me you can empty the bottle and fill it yourself”. He starts laughing and says “Not necessary”.
      I ask him what kind of porn i should put on. He answers with “Straigjht BI or Gay are all okay as long as it’s condom free!”. I select some directories and press play, Bare gay porn… ‘MY FAVOURITE!’. He smokes his joint for 3/4 and then asks me with toy would be best to start with. I hand him a small dildo and get a bigger one for myself. I fill up a squirter with some of my lube and slip the tip in my ass and squirt the content inside. “Is a quick way to lube your ass” i say. I ask him uf he also want to use this fast way for lubing up. He nods and i hand him a filled squirter that he emptied in his arse, “Is the burning feeling normal” he asks. I tell him that the lube has some clove oil added for additional sensation and that it will go away after a few minutes.
      We both place the dildo on the floor and i lower myself on it, “This way i can control the speed and depth of the penetration”. He takes a good look and start to copy me. I hand him the poppers and with some deep inhales his ass starts to adjust and slowly the tip start sliding in.The T also begins to spread thru his body and into his mind, With a deep sight he glides in one fluid move over the rest of the dildo, After a few minutes we both start riding our dildo. After 10 minutes i take ir out and grab a bigger one out of the bag and lube it op. Lay on my back and start pushing it inside. My hole stretches around it. My trainee also decides to go a bit bigger. He fills the squirter again to lube his ass up. It is harder to get this one inside but with wiggling and poppers the dildo finds a way in. I can see that the T begins to take effect. He is riding the dildo as fast as he can,
      With a huge dildo in my ass i start stroking my thick hard cock.He sees my cock and asks me how big it is and i tell him that it’s 20cm. He looks at it again and says “FUCK…i want to feel it in me!”. `He moves over to me pulls the dildo out his ass and slide my cock inside. After riding me i switch position and plow his ass before shooting my load deep inside him.
      We then take turns stretching each others holes with bigger dildo’s. When i pull out the dildo from my ass my ass is gaping. It seems the T is making his have kinky thoughts because in one motion he slides his hand in my ass.after a few minutes i tell him to make his hand in to a fist and then explain how to punch my ass with it. He enjoys doing it because he starts to speed it up and punch me harder. I start cum without touching my self.
      That night i fucked a loaded his ass several times before falling a sleep!
    • By DutchBBfucker
      It was a warm sunny day and Damian was hanging around in the park. Damian is a hot looking lean muscular skaterboy that just turn 18 last month. At school he had enough girls hanging around him and he fooled around with several of them, but it never resulted in sex. Maybe because he didn’t know if he liked the idea of fucking a pussy.
      Damian had a good view on the basketball court where 2 hot muscular black guys shooting hoops. They are only wearing sneakers and shorts so Damian has a perfect view on the sweating glistening on their body. Both are hot but one of them get Damian attention; a young stallion (around 23), firm jaw line, and a lean but muscular body. The stallions shorts hang low around his waist so Damian can see the perfect V-lines and not a sixpack but an eightpack. Without realising Damian begins to massage his crotch and start to daydream.
      Damian was ‘dreaming’ so long that he didn’t register that the guys stopped balling and that the stallions friend left. Then he was awoken out of his trance by a loud “Ey”. He look right at the man of his dreams standing in front of him. “If you like what you see, and if you want to see more… follow me!” said the stallion and walked away. Damian was confused but the horny feeling and his curiosity was strong. He followed the hot black guy out of the park and to a warehouse. They arrive at door with a sign above it saying ‘The Lair’ and a small sign on the door saying ‘Private XXX club. Non-members on invite only’. He rang the bell and a guy opened the door. “Hey Liam, come in… you brought a new face i see?” said the guy. Liam nodded and went inside and without hesitating Damian followed. They entered a hall with a ‘coat-check’. “Two special Gatorade’s please!” says Liam to the guy behind the counter. The guy hands him two bottles and Liam passes one to Damian and say “It’s so hot outside”. Damian thanks Liam and start gulping down the ‘special’ drink. “Damn you’re thirsty!” says Liam smiling, “Ever been at a club like this?” asks Liam. “No! To be honest i don’t have much sexual experience except fooling around with a few girls” replies Damian. “But curious otherwise you wouldn’t follow me without hesitation” says Liam whilst giving Damian a wink. Damian starts blushing.
      “No worries dude! I will explain everything. To start… You need to drop off all your clothing here… in this club everyone is nude… this way you can see exactly want someone has to offer” says Liam. “I hope you’re not shy” continues Liam as he start to take off his shoes. Then he drops his shorts and Damian looks with amazement at the semi-hard huge cock dangling between his legs. Damian excitement start to grow again and he starts to take of his cloths. He didn’t realise that his cock already reacted to all the excitement so when he dropped his short his hard 7” cock sprang forward.
      “Second rule is that you need to take a shower so follow me” said Liam as he walked towards a dimly lighted room. Both of them jumped under a shower and the warm water starts flowing over their bodies. Damian begins to feel a bit lightheaded and drowsy. Liam sees this and grabs the boy and holds him in his strong muscular arms. “Feels good huh?” whispered Liam in Damians ears. Damian replies with a small moan. “As a unexperienced boy it’s good to be a bit relaxed.. makes cleaning easier” tells Liam. Liam then calls for some help and a young guy walks inside with a hose and a bucket. He attaches the hose to a tap and lubes up the other end before shoving it deep in Damian’s ass. Damian shrieks in pain. Then the young guy opens the tap and Damians ass begins to fill up with water. Damian starts moaning and tries to get loose but Liam tightens it’s grip and whispers “Relax and it will be over soon!”. After half a minute the young guy pulls out the hose. A torrent of water comes out Damian’s ass and in to the bucket. He repeats this several times until the water that comes out is clear. Then the young guy gets out a big syringe (without a needle) filled with a special mixture and shoots the contents deep in Damians ass. Damian moans that his ass starts to burn. “Stop your moaning!” said Liam strict. After both are dried off he leads Damian into a new room with a big bed in a middle and several slings and fuckbenches surrounding it. There are at least 8 twinks occupying several slings and benches whilst being used by a muscular guy. Damian sees that these guys are either black or latino, whilst all twinks are white. Liam puts Damian in the middle of the room on the bed. Damian begins to feel warm and he mind begin to rage. The sounds of fucking and moaning start to fuck with his brain. He begins to feel more hornier than he ever felt before and he lets himself fall back on the bed. His ass starts to twitch and itch uncontrollably. He pulls up one leg to try and reach it with his hand. He rams two fingers inside and begins to massage his ass to relief the feeling. This doesn’t have enough effect so he adds a third finger and starts to work his virgin ass open. Liam looks at Damian and says “Yeah boy… get in there!”.
      Damian twists and turnes in all manners to try to add another finger but without succes. “Shall i help you and fill your hungry hole” asks Liam. Damian nodded fierce. Liam puts the boys legs on his shoulders and moves into place behind the boy. He then moves his upper body forward and on top of Damian. His body weight is pinning the boy down. Then Damian feels something big and slippery poking his asshole. It’s the semi-hard cock of Liam. “My huge 13 inch cock is going to fill your virgin hole… RAW… And i will fuck you so hard that your ass will stay wide open” says Liam with a dirty. “And i will breed your ass with my cum… over and over and over… and you can’t do anything about it!” Liam concludes.
      The T that Damian got in his ass in the shower begins to take over his mind, but the words that this hung stallion said also strike fear inside this virgin. Damian begins to struggle and tries to wiggle out from under Liam. Without effect. Liam starts laughing because this is exactly what he wants because he gets turned on when boys try to resist. Slowly his cock starts filling up with blood and the growing cock begins to push against the boys virgin hole. Damian feels his ass getting stretched more and begins moaning and pleading Liam to stop! This turns on Liam more and he starts oozing pre-cum whilst his cock grows bigger and harder. The stress on the Damians ass gets bigger and bigger until it gives way. The boy cries out as the 13 inch cock begins to move deeper inside. After 5 minute and 10 inches Liam feels a new obstruction; the secondary internal sphincter. “NO TIME FOR THIS!” grunts Liam. He pulls out for 80% and rams his cock inside, but without effect. He repeats this again and at the third time it gives way and Liam is balls deep inside the ‘virgin’ ass. Damian screams out in pain and begins to spasme uncontrollably. The both sphincters contract sending Liam over the edge and with a loud grunt he starts to unload his first batch of cum deep inside the boy. When Damian starts to relax again Liam begins fucking the boys ass, picking up the pace with each stroke. Damian moans load while getting his ass fucked non-stop. After 45 minutes and 4 loads Liam pulls out leaving an wide open hole that starts oozing cum.
    • By browsernmob
      Have you ever estimated the volume oF cum you take in a year?   As a cumdump I love hearing how many loads other guys take. 
      Multiply the number of loads times 0.0039 to esti.ate the number of gallons of cum.
      My number for 2020 was  1.8 gallons!
    • By DailyBare
      It was the last weekend before the lockdown in Holland started that I met this incredible hot guy who, for which I did not no then, started to blow my mind the year to come. 
      On the 8 of March I went for a huge fetisj party to Antwerp whit a  fuckbuddy whom I only knew from club ‘Church’ in Amsterdam. When 
      ‘let’s call him Ron and I saw each other in ‘ Club Church’ he always came up to me to fuck me right in front of everybody with his really huge dick. He liked especially the grin on my face when he shoved his big dick in my hole. 
      ‘Darklands festival’ which is held yearly in March in our neighbouring country Belgium, is a huge fetish festival. ‘Rag’ is their main party on Saturday and is counting around 10.000 hot steamy guys of all shapes, ages, backgrounds mostly in jockstrap and harness. On the huge dance flour we all were whipped up by the pounding music of various top DJ’s and candy if you catch my drift. Once one became horny there was this huge play area to go to. The biggest I had ever seen in my whole life. Now I have to admit that I’m not the youngest of guys and only allowed myself for a year or so to explore this kind of huge club scene, I had the feeling I was in heaven. Never in my life I saw so many guys having sex with each other.  A watersport room with vide from where guys could piss down. A fisting area with tens of asses where arms disappeared like magic. A soccer field! Also numerous beds and benches. But my favourites where the sling area and the bend over bench. The last one became my favourite. When I climbed on and bending over, my ass was fucked and pounded by numerous guys. On black guy with a with bunny tail and bunny ears was my favourite.  He breeded all of us on that bench on and on with his massive dick. Leaving my ass with a burning sensation it was like I said heavenly.  Of and one I went from the dance floor to the bench and after these shifts I strolled around and enjoyed watching how others also became cum dripping sluts. That night I was versatile and fucked a few guys myself and made them happy.  An American guy again a week later when back home I found out on Grindr that he stayed for a few days in Amsterdam in a hotel nearby.  Went over to his room and cumdumped his smooth ass for the second time in a week.
      When my engine is on, which is very easy to turn on, i become insatiable. Whether it’s a sauna or a small club party in Amsterdam. Stopping and go home is not an option. My sexy drive is craving for more.  
      So when the party in Antwerp was about to finish at 6am I decided to go to the after party in the famously known fetish bar ‘the Boots’. A small walk, once there a guy came out and warned me that it was almost empty inside. I left ‘Rage’ half hour before it closed and took the chance that a lot of guys would follow afterwards to The Boots.  And they did! Once inside I undressed again to jockstrap and harness. All I had whit me was some candy. Went all the way up and saw this hot guy on the bed ass up face down and I started to fuck him, then switch to another who jumped on the bed to and offered his ass next to his.
      The candy really kicked in and made me feel like I was flying on a super horny cloud. Went downstairs where there was a bar for drinks and I settled down next to a motorbike! Out of nowhere a guy came up to me and start sucking my dick.  At that point of time I couldn’t care less who was sucking or fucking me as long as I had dick in my hand, mouth and or ass. The more the better. The guy who I didn’t know then did a really good job. We decided to go to the wall. Now imagine there is this wall with open cubicles next to and on top of each other where everyone could see what you where doing?! We still had the energy for hot raw sex.  He had a great dick to suck with an incredible ass to eat and fuck. We kept on sucking, fucking, kissing on and on. It was the best encounter I had in the whole night. From the boot above us guys were also fucking and I still don’t now if it was there pee or water what came down on use? But it made me feel even more horny fucking this guy whom I was with.
      All good things come to an end so also the after party.  We left each other for what it was  because I normally leave it to that. I went to the lockers, got dressed and went outside. There he was again, the guy I just had great sex with. He was waiting for his friend to come outside and asked me to wait so we could walk together, they to their hotel and me to catch the train back to Amsterdam. ‘The Cum Express’ so to say with numerous loads up my ass.  We had exchanged phone numbers but never to expect to hear from him again. Although later at home I remembered that he told me that he would come to live in Amsterdam as well.
      Cliff hanger, he did call me.  I will tell you all about it next time.  Let me now if you are interested? 
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