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After taking a random load at lunchtime I realised I hadn't cum for a few days and my balls were aching, so I looked around on Bbrts for a willing and local bottom.  It is all very well having a cummy hole, but if I am not careful I am prone to forgetting to top for ages until like today I am really just bursting.

My favourite bottoms are pre-loaded and slutty, but I got chatting to a student bottom in a local halls of residence who looked like he had a lovely ass, who said he would be ready shortly to take a quick load, so I walked over and met him in the lobby.  It was kinda funny as he had to sign me in, take me up in a lift to one of those student dorm places, but thankfully had his own room.

As soon as we got inside he stripped down and got to work sucking my cock, giving me a really great blowjob, which was made better when, having told him I had been fucked earlier that day, he slid a finger into my hole, playing with the cum that was still oozing out of my hole.

This was seriously edging me, so I quickly flipped him around and pushed in.  Thoughtfully he had pre-lubed his hole with some nice gel or something so I could slide right in, balls-deep.  He also had lovely "real" American poppers which helped me not to unload too fast.

I tried to give him a nice longish fuck but as I had already been fucked and he had blown me so well, there was only so long I could last.  I wasn't surprised when, before long, I shot a huge load into his ass.  I couldn't honestly remember the last time I bred a guy, and would have to check my blog to determine as much, but in any event I think he got a good week's worth. 

Then I went back to my office and picked up some packing tape on the way home, which was such a lame excuse for being out and around but hey, better than nothing.


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in the uk poppers are no longer Amyl, they are made of something else, the go off really fast and are more headache inducing than fun to be honest, some guys seem to be able to get what I call real poppers, which I guess they buy in France Germany The Netherlands or the USA which are actually Amyl. This guy was from the USA and had an American bottle that was real Amyl, so I had a nice rush while fucking him

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      Looking for Abilene men to walk in,  pump and dump me in my hotel for the next couple nights.  No cock or load refused! 
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      Black total bareback bottom.

      Looking to take a big raw dick.

      Looking to get deep fucked and flooded.

      Raw Dick Pics would be appreciated at the time of initial response and if there's an attraction, I'll gladly reply with mine.

      Also into anonymous face down, ass up role play scenes - let me know if you are too.

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      After the scene at the bistro, Pat’s relationship with his bitch wife was officially over.  In an effort to end things quickly, he actually convinced the cunt to take the house (including the majority of the contents) and her shiny sports car as her settlement.  No alimony to hold over his head for years to come, just a clean break.  And trust me, she’s the kind of parasite who would milk him for alimony until the day he died.
      Pat continued to stay at the cheap motel he’d been checked into the night he came to me, even though we spent most of our free time together now.  He blocked out all of his buddies who tried calling him to ask him, “What the fuck?” when they heard about his divorce.
      Not to mention the fact that his skank ex-wife felt no shame in spreading the word that he was a faggot now.  Little did she know how bad that made her look.  She could have had the sexiest man in town all her own, but she couldn’t keep him happy.  In fact, I made sure that word spread that she practically pushed him into my arms.  And bed.  It took so little effort to let everyone know that she was a shrill, frigid, caustic shrew who knew less about pleasing a man than the butchest of diesel dykes.
      The other reason Pat insisted on keeping the motel room long-term is because he liked the seedy nature of it.  We fucked there often, making sure that people walking past or in nearby rooms could hear two guys fucking like animals.  He had gone from ‘so naive’ to ‘such a pig’, it made my head spin.  And my heart flutter.
      Despite the motel room, he basically lived with me.  All of his clothes were at my place.  That’s really all he took away from his marriage.  That and his truck.  And all of his tools.  He was a man who works with his hands and needs his tools to work.  He didn’t want anything else from the house.  His clothes, his truck, his tools, and his dignity.  What more does a horny single hunk need?
      With no bickering, his divorce was final after a month.  After that everything changed.
      Pat had really gotten to love having a pig at his disposal.  I literally sucked his dick anywhere he wanted, and bent over for a fuck anywhere he needed.  Basically any time we were in his truck, I was leaning over and sucking him off or slathering his balls.  We fucked beside his truck in a packed parking lot, and only one guy walked past us and grunted, “Faggots” at us.  He was smiling, though, so he wasn’t going to cause us any problems.
      He fucked me in public bathrooms, clothing store change rooms, adult book stores and bath houses, cruising parks.  Anywhere and everywhere.  I was a slut in HEAVEN.
      But with the finalization of his divorce, Pat took a turn for the darker.  He had started paying more attention to the guys around us while we were pigging out.  Mostly at the bath houses and book stores, he started to notice some of the men who he hadn’t seen fuck me yet.  Well, actually, we’d been fucking so much that he hadn’t told me to take any other cocks since those first couple of meetings.  Since we were more ‘together’ it’s just been us.  Until he started looking around at other guys who seemed to want in on the action.  The sick looking guys.  Skinny, wasting, gaunt, with KS lesions.  He started asking me questions about them one night as we lay in bed after a particularly satisfying fuck session.
      “They have AIDS, don’t they?” he asked me, his arms around me, holding me tight to his body while we spooned.
      “I’m sure some of them do,” I sighed.
      “Does it ever worry you?  You’ve let me encourage you to take loads from a few strangers and I never once thought about what it could be doing to you.”  We had already discussed we were both negative shortly after our first fuck session, so he had an idea of what we might be getting into.
      Although his concern was seriously sweet, it was also getting me royally horny again, and I couldn’t help but shove my ass back towards his cock, which I found, had begun to fill out once again while we talked.
      “I lived too much of my life worried about the consequences.  And I never had any fun,” I told him.  “That’s why I started going to the book stores and being a slut.  I know enough to know that it isn’t a death sentence, and the guys I know who are infected fuck like you wouldn’t believe.  I always felt like I was missing out.”
      “But those guys who are sick . . . they could die, right?  So it still could be a death sentence,” he pointed out.
      “Yeah, but some men who have full-blown AIDS have let themselves get to that point.  They love having the virus so powerful in their systems.  It’s a high for a lot of guys.”  I continued to rub my ass on his now-hard cock, hoping he’d take the hint.
      Pat reached around and grabbed hold of my own rock-hard throbbing dick, and he laughed. “Fuck, feels like you might love it, too.  Are you seriously this turned on because we’re talking about AIDS?”
      “I guess I am,” I replied, reaching back and lining him up with my already-cum-sloppy hole until he started to sink back into me.
      I was surprised to feel Pat get even bigger and harder inside of me, and he growled sexily in my ear as he began to ram me harder from behind.  Normally getting fucked on my side wasn’t my favorite position, but this was feeling damn good to me.  Intimate.  “Uh! It -feels like -uh! like you -uh! enjoy it too!” I managed to grunt out between his urgent thrusts.
      Pat’s grip around me got much tighter, as if he was trying to possess me, get as deep as he could into my greedy pig hole.  “Fucking right,” he grunted.  “Let’s do it.”
      “Do what?” I asked.  I knew the answer, but I really wanted to hear him say the words.
      “Get AIDS.  Ah, fuck, I’m gonna cum!” he roared, squeezing me to him as his balls drained their payload into me.
      After we came back down and got our breathing under control, I rolled over so we were face to face, kissed him, and then just stared into his beautiful eyes.
      Pat reached up and caressed the side of my face and smiled at me.  “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”
      “Get infected, you mean?” I asked, to which he nodded.  “I always expected it to happen sooner or later, so I’m fine with it.  I just wasn’t sure if it was something you would be okay with.”
      “It scares the fuck out of me, I’m not gonna lie.  But....”  He stopped and looked down towards his crotch and then back up at me and grinned.  “I think that says it all.”  I glanced down.  His cock as throbbing hard once again.  Clearly he liked the idea as much as I.
      “Okay, then.  Looks like we have a consensus,” I laughed.
    • By Londonbear
      Yesterday I was working from home and chatting to a few guys during the day seeing if there was an action around.  I also messaged this young guy form Ireland who fucked me once before, who just got a job in London and has moved here.  He came over around 6.30, and immediately asked me about PreP as when we met the first time he fucked me raw, then had obviously had a bit of a crisis about it.  I told him that I was on Truvada and he told me that he wanted to get on PreP as quickly as possible.  I must say I think its great that these super young guys can go get PreP and know about it and get out and find it.
      After our quick chat abut that he was hard as a rock so we got down to sucking and then some fucking.  Sadly he grabbed my poppers, and took some, which were really old and crap.  This seemed to be a temporary hard-on killer.  Nothing worse than old poppers.  So he pulled out and we kissed a long time, and I sucked him hard again.  Then he pushed back in and got a really nice pace going and quickly shot a load into my ass.  He pulled out and apologised for the amount of spunk, but explained that at age 27 it was always a bucket full.
      I think he kinda wanted to chat and cuddle, but my phone started beeping with work stuff so we said our goodbyes and promised to meet again soon.
      Pretty much as soon as he left my boyfriend got home, so upstairs we went and he gave me the hardest and longest pounding he has for a while.  He really does have such a big cock, that despite my being pre-loaded and fully of 27 year old cum, it was a challenge to take it, especially as he was in a rough mood and really went for it.  Eventually he busted really deep in my hole.
      Then we went down to take the dog out for his evening walk and I cooked the food I had prepared.


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