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I hooked up with this one guy on grindr several years ago. I sucked and he fucked. It was very hot. For a while, we would get together each week. Afterwards, we got into chatting about other guys we met up with on a4a or grindr. We would pull out our phones and share various chats. It turned out there were a couple guys that we had both sucked. There was another younger bottom who I had been chatting with that I brought with me one time for a hot 3way.

I have two questions: (1) Have you ever shared information about guys who you have hooked up with on a4a or grindr? (2) What do you think of the ethics of doing so? 

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1) Yes. A fellow top and I were discussing guys we fooled around with on A4A. Shared info about the guys, What they were like. Even got with a couple of them too.

2) I don't have an issue with it. I mean if some guy were to message me saying "so and so said you were a great fuck", I'd have no issue with it.

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I have had a few times when I was contacted out of the blue on a hook-up site by guys who said they "had heard from a friend" I have a hot hole or give good head. I usually looked at their profile and if I liked what I saw we got together. If it was one of those profiles with hardly any info I asked who that friend was to know what type of guy their "friend" was. No reply, no hook-up. If they did give me the name (= chat name) I would consider it. If I could remember who that was...

Back in my student days when I was out clubbing I sometimes was hit on by guys who said "So, you're a friend of ***?" When *** was just some guy I had fucked with, not a friend. I knew then what it was they where after (easy NSA fuck). If he was cute (I was more picky back then) I went along with it, horned up, knowing what would happen after closing time. Easier than having to cruise for dick after everyone was thrown out at 2am ;-)

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I don't care who gives my number out. If someone texts me saying that a friend gave them my number then I know that 1) their friend fucked me and 2) said friend is looking to fuck too so they get automatically get to use my ass no questions asked.

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I call these "referrals", and it's my main way of hooking up these days.  As long as everyone involved is like minded (slutty bareback fuckers), I have NEVER had anyone complain about sharing their info.   It usually happens more in the form of a 3 way or group to start.  I DEFINITELY do not care (love it actually) if one of my buddies shows his other playmates my pics and hooks us up for some sleazy play time.  Best way to meet reliable fucks that look like their pics, show up on time, not all sketchy, etc.  Quite the opposite of someone being bothered about sharing their info - I've had multiple guys thank me for sharing their info and introducing a new fuckbud :)  

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I take it as a compliment. If someone referred me to someone else, that means they appreciated my hole and want others to feel it too. Personally, I'm surprised hookup sites haven't added this feature. There is the potential for misuse - some disgruntled queen getting all pissy cause you don't want to fuck again... but overall, I think it would be a good thing.  I love to share tops - especially if they cum with references!

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I think the term 'buddy' covers guys with  whom you play but don't necessarily socialize. 

'Friend, ' in my opinion,  is someone with whom you spend clothed time. Unclothed time optional. 

I don't have a problem sharing info from my fuckbook with hookups, but I try to be discreet about it. 'We've chatted' and 'yes, I know him' cover a lot of territory and don't betray any confidences.  

If a potential hookup won't disclose the source of his info on me, I reconsider meeting up.  

I've only had one bad referral from guys I know, and only one guy I know of got negative info on me. 

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I typically don't mind if people recommend me, but I'd like it to be open as to who gave someone the info.  One guy texted me and said that he had heard that I gave head to bi/married guys.  I asked him who referred me and it ended up being a guy that I had emailed with but never met up with.  So that was interesting. (I did have the referred guy over, he was alright)


It's one thing if guys chat and provide positive recommendations.  It's another if there's negative talk or slander.  There have been fellow tops who have come over and either because a bottom didn't show or because we planned to do so, we end up laying next to each other in bed with our phones out on Grindr.  We will ask each other, "have you ever talked to or met this guy?"  And I don't lie...if I have met them, I will say so and definitely recommend the guy if I had a positive experience with him.  If I did NOT have a positive experience with a guy, I will also say that, but I try not to influence the other top either way.  I might say, "I didn't really connect with him" or "he ended up not being what I expected" or state a fact like "we fooled around but he wasn't prepped well that night and it turned me off", but I try not to tell the other top NOT to consider the guy for another time.  He might end up having a great time with a guy that I did not have a good time with. 

That being said, I often do ask others for recommendations - but it seems as though others don't want to share the info.  They want to keep their "fun" close and not risk losing their bottoms to another top.  At least that's my experience where I live (small town rural Midwest).

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I'm in the minority here, but I do not kiss and tell. Ever. If I ever found out a guy talked about what we did behind closed doors, then that would be the last time I played with him. For every trick you think you scored from a referral, you've probably lost a few because someone said something slick about you. In my view, your reputation is one of the most important assets you have in this life. It's hard to build up, but easy to tear down. You can't cherry pick on this one guys, and say you want people to share good things about you but remain mum on negative things. Loose lips sink ships. I don't need a PR person.

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I'm really 'intrigued' by the prospect of developing a slutty 'underground reputation'. Just yesterday I got hit up by a sexy guy on Facebook in a very forward manner. He is one of those very 'out-and-proud', a 'junior' member of a local 'leather group'. I had gotten an 'invite' to an event on Saturday from one of the senior ring-leaders. He had bred me raw once without me knowing his name but oddly he knew mine. Anyway he just started breeding me in front of people at the black-out party. So that entertaining performance must have made the rounds. The junior punk must have clicked on my profile and realized how many common BB friends we have. I figured he was 'tipped off' as he came to the subject of bareback sex pretty quick. He is only 28 maybe but was quick to tell me he has taken at LEAST a 1,000 anon loads in his life! Shared videos!!! Turns out he was encouraged by at least two of those dudes I had tricked with. I only got to know them by name later, AFTER they deposited their semen in my ass. I don't know about you but that alone thrills me to no end... I mean, anon and disappear into the night is hot too but in a mid-sized city with a limited 'market' I like the 'referral system'...

And the bros I played with hold their head up high at the gym, at the grocery store or at the bars (unlike the guilty fuckers from the safe sex days who weaseled away like thieves, remember those?) And the confident players introduce you to their bros! BAREBACK bros and they make it clear to them you are 'ON THE TEAM'! 

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i would absolutely love it if the studs passed my info on to all of their friends .... that means more cock and cum deep in me .... as it is, i never refuse a hard cock so there would be no issues for me to spread my legs and keep them spread for hours on end until they have all had their fill.


wikr:  nhbbbottom

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    • By travelingbi
      I was in Honolulu a few days ago on business.  I posted an ad on Craigslist saying I was hosting in my Waikiki area hotel room, and that I wanted to suck, rim and get fucked.  I only had a few hours available to play, and while I received a number of replies, most gave the impression of being game players and pic collectors.  One reply, however, which I received from an Asian man, in his mid-40s, and who was only five minutes from my hotel caught my eye.  He was clear he was straight, and simply needed a quick blow job during his lunch hour.  I gave him my room number.  True to his word within five minutes he knocked at my door.
      He came in and we both quickly shucked our clothes and he sat on the edge of the bed as I got on my knees, between his legs, and took his small, soft, uncut Asian dick into my mouth.  He quickly became hard.  Lucky for me, he was a "grower, not a shower."  His cock soon grew to about six inches, and had a big, mushroom, swollen head.  I swallowed his cock to the back of my throat, after which I licked his smooth balls, then lifted his legs and licked his asshole.  He groaned, grunted and moaned with enthusiasm, culminating in his comment "Oh, Fuck!  That feels awesome!  I've never had my ass licked." 

      I ate his virgin ass for about five minutes, and resumed sucking on his cock and balls.  He unquestionably really got off on my services.  Finally I looked-up from his crotch and bluntly asked him if he wanted to fuck my ass.

      "No, I'm straight.  I don't fuck guys.  Every once and a while I just like to get a blow job." 

      I resumed sucking him, and a few minutes later I heard him quietly aske "You clean?"

      I hate that question, whoever asks it.  I may be undetectable, but, I'm always freshly douched and showered.  Ever the master of ambiguity, I looked up at him and moaned "Mmm humm," and then went back to his cock, thinking to myself 'He can interpret my reply however he wants'.

      "Show me your ass," he demanded. 

      Climbing up on the bed, I knelt on the edge, reached back, spreading ass cheeks.  Getting to his feet, he stood behind me, feeling up my ass and fingering my hole. 

      "Got and lube?" he asked.

      "On the bedside table," I replied, gesturing to my right. 
      He located the lube and felt him apply a generous amount of the cold lube into my crack and hole.  The tension grew as I heard him lube himself.  Then in one, quick thrust, he slid his rock hard six inch cock up inside my hole, ramming all the way in, full depth. 

      Like many straight guys, he was a quick cummer, I imagine because they've undertaken an act which they consider to be taboo, that is, something that's outside their normal experience, leaving them both excited and nervous.  As a result they cum very quickly.  He was no exception:  he rammed my ass several times, hard and deep, then I heard him let out a loud groan.  I squeezed my ass on his cock as he filled my ass with his warm cum. 

      Also as is true for the majority of straight guys, no sooner had he stopped shaking from the orgasm, than he withdrew from my ass, disappeared into the bathroom where he almost certainly washed off his cock. 

      Returning from the bathroom, he avoided eye contact as he wordlessly dressed, throwing a casual 'thanks' in my direction as he headed out the door.  With that he was gone.
    • By Giveit2meraw
      I didn’t mean to cheat on my husband.  It was just a weird set of circumstances that led me to it; I dropped my car off for its annual service, the garage sent a driver to get me to work and said they would clean and deliver my car back later that afternoon.  And then the call, “sorry, we need a part and not expecting it to arrive until tomorrow, unfortunately all of our courtesy cars are being used so I have no back up car to offer you at this time.”
      “No problem” I replied “I can get a lift.”  A quick call to my husband revealed he had Head Office meetings and would be late home, “Get a taxi you cheap skate.”  Rather than a taxi…I thought the bus station is just around the corner from work plus the bus stops close to home so that will do nicely.
      I hadn’t been to a bus station in decades but my mind was racing back to my formative gay teen years sucking cock through glory holes in public toilets. I have time, I’ll just have a quick look and check out if they are still here, fully expecting to finding them all gone.  Wow what a throw back, the smell of stale piss hit me as I entered the empty toilet block.  Six cubicles to the right and at a right angle a long stained stainless-steel trough.
      I was both nervous and excited as hell as I checked out the cubicles. Plenty of graffiti, mobile numbers, hook up details, piss and cum splashes on the sticky floor and huge glory holes in all but two traps.  Fresh cum streaks down the walls let me know they were still active, very active.  My cock instantly stirred in my pants, swelling nicely to half hard…and then I heard the outer door open so quickly ducked to the trough pretending to piss as my now raging hard on prevented any chance of urinating.  The young lad – a student I guess with black hair, thin wispy beard stood close to me, unzipped and just stood there.  I couldn’t hear his piss hitting the steel, so after a while I looked right, eyes down to check him out…fuck! He was slowly jacking a huge cock, thick and long, very long, big black cock long.  I involuntarily licked my lips. 
      He picked up on my action and smiled, gestured with a nod of his head to go to the cubicles, my mind was already racing as my cock led me forwards to some long-suppressed paradise as I went into one and he entered the adjacent one.  Closing the door, unbuttoning my suit trousers, then sitting, legs spread, stroking my now extremely hard dick I heard the door of the other cubicle close, followed by the sounds of a coat being hung up, he turned to face me letting me watch him wriggle out of his jeans and then rub his leaking cock full to bursting out of his brilliant white briefs that were straining to contain the growing monster trapped within the fabric.
      He moved forwards allowing me full view of his now naked hardness. After a moment of watching his cock rise, two of my fingers went through the glory hole, an age old obvious invitation, I am both nervous yet increasingly unable to contain my excitement.  As I withdrew my fingers his cock came through, the thick head could barely fit through the hole... But made its way in as it entered into my stall. Slowly, more and more of it came through until all 9-10 inches were now through and pointing straight up. I licked my lips again as I kept stroking my cock transfixed by the pulsing and straining cock expectantly poked through a hole in the wall.
      I began stroking my painfully hard erection, almost losing control and getting off just from the reality of playing with another man’s cock rather than my partners or my own. My breathing was growing louder and faster in rhythm with my pumping fist, lost in the magic of our rigid cocks.

      Fuck I wanted his cock sooooooooo bad but I felt like the genie in the bottle, once I start giving this stranger a blow job there will be no going back.  I held on just watching, fuck it looked beautiful, twitching with each heartbeat and with each throb a clear bead of pre-cum was pumped out the piss slit.  There was so much, I watched hypnotised, as it run down the shaft and along the bulging length long cum tube like a mini river of fluid and just as it reached the base of his cock, almost ready to soak into the wood I instinctively leant forwards, stuck out my tongue and lapped it up. 
      The Genie was released, no going back now!
      My tongue running up the underside of this magnificent cock scooping up all the pre-cum I could get, digging in to his piss slit and then swirling around the rubbery corona then back down making love to the velvety skin and that magnificent cum tube. 
      His loud moans indicating I was doing something right! 
      I pulled off, the heat and musk combined into a heady aphrodisiac that drove me onwards.  I told myself that I would only just take it in my mouth for a short while, I wasn't going to do anything else, just enjoy sucking on this huge cock until my jaw ached…which by the size of it would not take long.

      As my lips engulfed the hard dick, another moan came from the lad on the other side of the stall. Hearing that moan really set something off in my head I became curious to see if I could fit all of it in my mouth and I could tell he was getting impatient as the hole was just wide enough for him to begin thrusting deeper in my mouth.  I was getting off on this lad moaning because of what I was doing to him and his huge cock. He loved how my mouth felt around his cock head. His thrashing increased and with copious amounts of precum flowing his whole cock suddenly popped fully down my throat, cutting off my air supply.  I panicked, gagged and had to ease back.  Tears and snot ran down my face but I soon dove back down, now enjoying having my throat raped as it pulsed all around his shaft. The lad began moaning louder.

      "Fuck.... Uhhh... Yeeeerrrrrr……aaaahhh….YESSSSSSSSSS!!"

      After a moment or two, he stood back, breaking the contact and his cock, like some snake disappeared backwards leaving me crestfallen.  Had I done something wrong?
      No! His fingers now beckoned. My cock was ready, no reason to hesitate, I stood put it against his fingers, and he is now lightly tugging and stroking me with those fingers. My cock disappeared through the hole as he tugged it in his side and a warm wetness took over me so completely I was lost momentarily at how good it felt.  My willing and hopeful cock twitched and pumped out precum with sensations that were new yet oh so familiar, the pleasure kept rising as I sank deeper into this stranger's mouth, utterly lost in his willing cock sucking and my need to shoot. The lad was a natural, his skills belying his age and done with such loving care that I just want more!
      Only he pulls off leaving my pelvis pressed up hard against the partition my cock jumping, precum dribbling.  I hear a loud grunt, then, “damn…Oh fuck yeah!”  Then his hand wraps around my dick and pumps it a few times…and yet whilst I’m enjoying the attention I swear I hear, “Umm, umfff, Ahhh” from the other side of the partition each time his hand moves down my shaft.  Lucky for me his mouth soon engulfs my cock again it feels as if he is powerfully thrust forwards, rocks back then forward again.  My thought train is momentarily thrown...was that another man’s grunting I then heard?  Then I know I hear a regular thump, thump, thump…wft is that?
      My mind is racing now; I hear a similar sound as my balls rock against the wall then the lad is pushed deep onto my dick deep throating me…fuck I won’t last much longer especially as in my mind “my” cocksucker is being fucked through the gloryhole the other side of him. Images flashed through my mind of this dirty cumdump, a diseased cumdump, taking all loads, getting Pozzed up.  Fuck where did that thought spring from? 
      I don’t know but at the thought of it my cock felt super hard, like it would explode, I felt my balls tingle and bang they draw up, no stopping NOW! Words tumble out of my mouth in a pleasure driven random order, “fuck yeah...good...fuck..ing hot...cock sucker...fuck...yes. ..no, stop...fuc…king great.”
      I was completely overcome from his tongue and mouth actions. An explosive long orgasm, harder than I can ever remember, 5, 6 no 7 long spurts blast down his gulping throat as I just kept cumming and he kept on sucking my cock without easing up, his swallowing of my baby batter just part of the intense connection between us.  This was the best head I had ever received.  It wasn't just his talented mouth, it was the entire experience.
      I couldn’t believe it, normally after cumming my cock is so sensitive but here in this situation I was still hard as the lad continued nursing my rock-hard cock slurping every last drop of cum from my piss slit until eventually it shrivelled from 7 to a limp 3 inches. 
      I pulled my cock back through the hole sat down, slightly dizzy from my massive ejaculation.  I wiped myself clean not wanting to leave any tell-tale snail trial in my underwear and, as I sat there I could see movement still happening in the cubicle next door.  I stooped down to peer through the hole to see “my” lad backed up on the partition wall of the adjoining stall, bent forwards smiling at me as I clearly saw a pair of legs pressed up against that wall see-sawing away in hard jabbing motions making sure my lad was receiving a good fucking.
      I don’t know why, but all I thought of was him getting bred filled with a diseased cum load knocking him up before my eyes.  There was a loud grunt, then “Take it!” as the legs thrust forwards…in that same moment “my” cocksucker’s cock cum tube expanded as cum erupted in an explosive series of spurts splattering against the wall before running down the wall and pooling on the floor.  I couldn’t help but reach down smear my fingers through his cum and take a taste, I then zipped up and got out to join the bus queue.
      A short while later “my” boy came up to me, said “That was fun, here’s my number, call me” as he pushed a scrap of paper and kissed me in front of everyone and walked off into the distance.  On the bus home I read his note, Aaron and a mobile number was all it had written down…I punched his name and number in my phone…
      I didn’t go back to the public toilets for over a week, half frightened of how far I might go if temptation presented itself and half expecting, no waiting to see if I broke out in some type of visible infection.  Guilt makes you do funny things.
      To be continued 😊
    • By marktulley2000
      I am not sure if it is usual but while in the boy scouts, I know that I did a lot of cocksucking during camp outs in our tents. Both with our scout leader and other scouts. What was your experience?
    • By travelingbi
      I quite often will put an ad on Craigslist in the 'strictly platonic M2m' category offering a free, no strings attached, full body massage. I'll mention in the ad that I'm fine with str8, gay or bi men. I don't mention anything about a "happy ending" or sex of any kind. But, of course, the vast majority of guys that answer are interested or at least curious about getting a "happy ending". A few will go farther and fuck me. 

      I had been emailing back and forth with a guy named Matt. Matt had described himself as a 34 year old, str8, but open minded, easy going guy that would be interested in my massage. Unfortunately, Matt and myself were both traveling a lot for our jobs at the time. So, our timing just didn't work out. But, Matt had sent me a face pic that showed him shirtless, down to the waist. He wasn't particularly attractive and had a very skinny body. But, the fact that he was a str8 guy was a turn on to me. 

      I'm home now, after all my travels, for a few weeks over the Holidays. A few days ago I sent Matt an email and told him that I was still interested in massaging him if he was still interested. He wrote back that he remembered our emails and he was indeed interested in a massage from me. We set up a massage for today in the early afternoon. 

      I got to his home this afternoon about 1pm. He met me at the door wearing running shorts and a t-shirt. Just like his picture, he's tall, skinny and not particularly attractive. He invited me in and led me to his bedroom. He had laid out a couple of beach towels on top of his sheets. As I got my massage oil out, he undressed to his boxer/briefs and laid down, face down on the bed. 

      "Do you want to keep your briefs on?" I asked. 

      "What do you want?" he asked.

      "If you want your hips and buttock massaged, you'll eventually need to take them off. But, it's up to you. However you feel the most comfortable." I told him.

      He jumped up and pulled his boxer/briefs off and tossed them on the chair. He climbed back onto the bed, laying face down on the beach towels.
      I removed my clothes, telling him that I was taking my clothes off, so that I wouldn't get oil on them. He didn't say anything. 

      I oiled him up and began the massage. I could hear an occasionally soft sigh or moan coming from him. Barely loud enough to hear. But he was definitely enjoying my relaxing touch. I moved down to his butt, thighs and legs. He spread his legs a bit as I got to his inner thighs. He was giving be all the "signs" that he was open for the massage to go more sensual. I climbed onto the bed, behind him and between his now spread legs. I concentrated my massage now on his thighs and butt. My fingers would brush his asshole and balls. When I got in deep to his inner thighs, he lifted his hips a bit. I slid my hand under him and could see his cock was hard. I spread his ass cheeks and looked at his beautiful hole. I leaned in and licked it. He let out a loud sigh. That was all the encouragement I needed. I dove in and began to eat his hole. He was grinding his ass on my face. 

      I ate him for a few moments, then I came up for air. "Are you ok with this?" I asked.

      He paused and didn't say anything for a moment, then said, "No. I'm not, really. You're not going to put anything in my ass. You're not going to fuck me. I'm str8, remember?" he said.

      "Oh, no! I don't want to fuck you. I just want to eat your ass if you like it." I said.
      He didn't say anything, but he put his ass up even higher. So, I took that as a sign that he wanted my tongue back in his hole. I began to eat his hole again. 

      "Stroke my cock as you lick my ass. You're a fuckin whore. A cocksucking whore. Aren't you?" he said. 

      I stroked his cock as I continued to eat his sweet hole. His cock was about 7" and hard as a rock. But it was very thin. Soon, he flipped over onto his back. I got off the bed and knelt on the edge and began to suck his cock. Because it was so narrow, I was able to easily deepthroat all 7"s of his cock. I'd swallow him to the back of my throat, then milk his cock with my throat muscles. He was loving it. For the first time, he touched me, holding the back of my head as he began to thrust up into my throat. Fucking my mouth like a pussy that was riding him.

      Over and over again, he'd say. "Yeah, faggott. Suck my str8 dick. You like str8 dick, don't you? What a whore! A fuckin, cocksuckin whore. Fuckin slut!" he grunt. There was anger, aggressiveness and pleasure, all coming out in his voice as he barked at me. I'd reply "MmmnnnHhmmm", I'd moan back with his cock all the way down my throat. 

      I fondled his balls as I sucked. Then I moved a finger to his asshole and massaged his rosebud. He lifted his hips and pushed back against my finger. I spit on my finger and put it back to his hole. I slowly slipped it up into him. I got in so far, I could feel his prostate. It was hard and swollen. As I massaged his prostate, as I deepthroated his cock. 

      I came up off his cock and asked him if he had ever fucked a guy? 

      "No." he said. 

      After a moment he said, "I don't think I want to. And definitely, not without a condom." he said. He paused for a few moments then said, "You got a condom?" he asked.

      "No. Sorry", I said, then went back to sucking him. 

      For about 5 minutes I alternated between sucking him and jacking him off. 

      "I'm getting close. Where do you want my load?" he asked.

      "In my mouth. Feed me your cum." I said. 

      I would get him close, but he just couldn't quite cum. He finally took hold of his own cock and was stroking it furiously as I went to his balls and began to lick and suck on his big balls.
      He was getting very frustrated. He'd get so close to cumming, but just couldn't do it. I was kneeling on the edge of the bed as I continued to suck him. Finally, he pulled himself up and got off the bed.

      "Stay right as you are. Don't move", he said.

      He got behind me and spit on my hole. I heard him spit on his cock and he put his cock up to my asshole. I could feel that he was now only partially hard. I didn't think he could slide into me. But, he did. He got his cock into me and I milked it with my ass. I could feel his cock begin to harden again in my ass and he was soon pumping my ass with his cock. Soon he was back to his full hardness. He was now fucking hard and deep. He was slamming his cock into me and slapping his hips hard against my ass as it made a loud slapping sound. He now had grabbed me hard, around the waist and was slamming into me hard and deep. Only about 3 minutes of hard fucking, finally brought him to orgasm. He moaned just slightly, as I could feel his cock throb, as he filled my ass with his spunk. 

      He held his cock in me and slowly would slide it back and forth in my ass. 

      "When I pull out, get your pants on and get out", he said with real harshness. 

      "Yes", was all I said. 

      Finally, he pulled his cock from my ass. As he stepped away from me, I quickly got off the bed and headed for my clothes that were draped across his desk chair. He went into the bathroom and immediately began to shower. 

      From the shower I heard him yell out to me, "You sure you don't have any diseases?"

      "I'm sure", I said. Laughing to myself. NOW, he's thinking about that. LOL

      "Don't touch anything. Just get out!" he yelled out. 

      "I'm leaving", I yelled back at him as I passed the bathroom door on my way to his front door. 

      "Thanks for the massage", he yelled back from the shower.

      "Sure thing." I yell back as I let myself out of his house and head to the door. 

      No doubt, this self described "str8" guy has had many massages and blow jobs from guys before. But, he obviously wasn't psychologically prepared to bareback fuck a gay guy. But, for me it was a "HOT" fuck. I'm always happy to get a str8 guy to cum in my mouth or even better to cum in my ass. 

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