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Anonymous motel sex really turns me on. The fact that I am fucking random strangers is not quite enough for me though. I also like to be blindfolded so that I can not see my partner. Periodically I like to get a motel room for the night and try to get my fill for the night.

One afternoon in February I got a motel room on the main drag of the city. I checked in around 4pm and proceed to get set up. I posted an ad on Craigslist:
     Anonymous bottom in Motel Room Tuesday 
     Clean, discreet, white male total bottom bear blindfolded in the room waiting for cocks to cum fill my mouth and ass. No cock refused.

With the advertisement posted I began to prepare myself for the evening ahead of me. I took a shower and prepared my colon for the guests about to fill it. I put on a tank top and a jock strap and sat at the computer. 

I prepared the room by placing a handful of condoms and lube packets on the table next to the bed. While I like taking cock raw, some guys want condoms so I provide them.
To get me in the mood I began watching some porn. I prefer the gay sissy porn hypno and shemale videos. Then I began checking my email for responses to my ad.

The first few were the typical “hey whats up”, and “got any pics”. This is what frustrates me about craigslist.

Then I saw one from a guy named David. The reply read “Latino bear type married ddf with 6"uncut” with a picture of his cock.  So replied with the name and address of the motel. When he arrived he messaged and I sent him the room number. 

I propped the door so it was closed but not locked and prepared myself by sitting on my knees at the end of the bed facing the door and used a blue scarf as a blindfold and tied it behind my head. I took a hit of poppers in anticipation. The blindfold was thin enough so I could barely see Joes outline as he closed the door and came in. He walked up to me and I could hear his pants sliding down his legs to the ground. I felt the head of his cock against my lips. I opened my mouth and he pushed his cock in.  I bobbed up and down his shaft licking and slurping for a few minutes and he pulled out of my mouth. 

“On the bed” he commanded.

I obeyed, reaching blindly for the edge of the bed.I climbed up on the bed on all fours. Joe grabbed my waist and pulled it towards him. He pressed his cock against my fresh and tight hole. As he grabbed a pack of lube and rubbed it on and in my hole I took another deep hit of poppers. He then pressed his cock into my ass. Being it was the first cock of the evening and he pushed it in quickly it hurt a little but the pain eased as he began pumping. I moaned as he fucked my ass. After a few minutes he pulled me towards him driving his 6”cock as deep as it could go and he moaned as his cum flowed into my colon.

He then pulled up his pants and left. I collapsed on the bed laying there basking in the feel of a freshly fucked ass.

After a few minutes I got up and checked my email again. I started lining a few guys up for the evening. I set up the scene for the rest of the evening just as I had done the first.

The next guy came in and put on a condom and had me get on the bed. He added some more lube and pressed his cock in and began pumping for about five minutes and he began moaning. He pulled out and pulled off the condom and pressed his cock in my mouth just in time for his load to fill my mouth.

The third guy had me suck him for about 2 minutes then he came in my mouth.

The fourth had about a 7 inch cock which he fucked my mouth and throat with. Just as he was about to cum he came up behind my and came on my ass and back.

The fifth guy came in and when he saw me he said “oh yeah” as he was dropping his pants. He grabbed the back of my head and guided my mouth to his enormous cock. The head seemed average size but as he pushed it further in my mouth it got wider and wider until he hit the back of my throat and my mouth was stretched open as far as my jaws would allow. 

“You like this big cock huh?” he said. 

He must have been nearly three inches wide! He then pulled his cock out and had me get up on the bed as he put on a condom. “Fuck” he said as I heard a condom break. He grabbed another and got it situated. He then opened one then two packets of lube and lubed my asshole with his fat fingers. I took a hit of poppers.

He pressed against my hole with the head of his cock. It slid in smooth at first then he began pressing it further. The further he pressed the wider it stretched my hole. I cried out.

“Take it, bitch”, he said as he pushed it deeper. 

He pulled back and paused as I took another hit of poppers. Then he began furiously pumping his massive cock into my ass. He pumped at an incredible pace slamming his cock deep into my colon filling it to capacity. Each time he bottomed out in my ass I could feel my colon stretching. I continued to scream into the pillow I had pushed my face into. I screamed each time he drove his thick long cock into my ass. Every thrust was painful but I continued to take it. 

“That’s right, keep taking it” he said as he continued to punish my ass. 

“Fuck, “Fuck yeah” he said as he fucked me.

After was seemed like an eternity he exclaimed “fuck” as he came. He pulled out of me and pulled off his condom and poured it out on my ass.

“There you go bitch”. He said and dressed and left.

I layed there, light headed my ass aching not knowing what just happened for several minutes. After I regained my strength I got up and cleaned myself up. I contemplated calling it a night after that brutal fuck. But it was only 8pm. So I continued to watch porn and recuperate from the pounding.

After about 20 minutes I got an email from Lucas. He sent a picture of his 7” cock. I immediately forgot about the pain from the last fuck and got very horny. 

Lucas came in and I sucked his cock for about 5 minutes in which time his cock became rock hard and I realized his cock was at least 7 inches if not 8 and thicker than average. He then he bent me over the edge of the bed. My legs spread with my feet on the floor and my ass in the air. He squeezed some lube on my ass and  used his cock head to spread it on my crack and asshole. He pushed his cock in slow and not too deep at first. He continued to pump slowly as he pressed deeper and deeper into my cavity. Pretty soon he bottomed out in my colon and began to pump increasingly faster.

I moaned and stuffed my face into the pillow once again. He positioned himself so as he drove into me he hit my prostate over and over pumping hard and deep. As he pummeled my prostate I could feel cum squirting down my cock and drip out my head. He brutally massaged my prostate for several minutes all the while milking my cum into a pool on the bed below me. Soon it was his turn, he slammed his hips against mine driving his long cock deep into my ass. I squeezed my anus around his cock as I could feel his cock pulsate emptying a load of cum deep in my ass. Soon he pulled out and I could feel cum dripping from my ass down my leg.

He got dressed and left. I again collapse on the bed moaning, my ass spontaneously bucking from the fucking I just endured.

After I rested lay in bed I fell asleep with my ass aching thinking of all the cum from the many anonymous donors that filled my colon. 


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