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Work was dragging last Friday so I was on A4A at home during my lunchbreak not expecting anything when someone messaged me and asked if I was looking for right now. I knew I could stretch my lunchbreak so I figured why the hell not. He said he only had 15 minutes so it would have to be a quickie and I said why the hell not. I gave him directions and waited,minder ing if he was yet another no show.

I was about to give up when he showed up. Since he said he was in a hurry I showed him to the bed and finished stripping off. He also stripped naked before kneeling in front of me and swallowing my cock. I told him to adopt the position, lubed his cunt hole up and pushed my cock straight in. I plowed his cunt with long deep thrusts because I wanted him to want to come back for more. I nearly got it perfect but he didn't cum until after I finished breeding him and I was hoping to make him cum first. He liked it enough to schedule a rematch for tomorrow though, so I'll let you guys know how that goes.

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some of the best fucks  are spur of the moment 

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