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With spring and summer on the way, I'm wondering if any others enjoy having their clothes soaked with piss and wearing em for the entire day? I know if it's going to be warm, I loved getting a golden shower and then going about my day still wearing the soaked clothes and boots. Usually I'm doing yardwork, or even camping or other outdoor stuff. My cock stays drippy the entire time, thanks to the feel and smell of piss on my clothes and beard.

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Especially if im being told to do it, fuck yes.

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1 hour ago, Trash said:

Especially if im being told to do it, fuck yes.

When I'm pissing, I make sure to get his clothes as well as his hair and beard. Then rub it in good after.

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12 minutes ago, CigarBear68 said:

When I'm pissing, I make sure to get his clothes as well as his hair and beard. Then rub it in good after.

i'm not particularly interested in wearing piss just for it's own sake. For me it's a matter of connection to the Dom or Top using it. i find subtle much more of a mind fuck turn on than overt.  For example, i've had tops stealth piss inside of me.  i've also had it happen where i was sucking a guy off and after coming he let a little piss go too, not a huge amount, but just enough for me to know it.  if a top happened to piss on me some after breeding me, without saying anything, just naturally and even affectionately marking His territory-maybe with a smile and a nod afterwards, it'd be a total turn on, especially the humiliation of it.  i can't see myself getting off on wearing piss all day, but they idea of being pissed on like if i were at a abs, then having to leave and travel home that way, is really hot.  For me it's the incongruency of the whole thing, affection mixed with humiliation is a huge turn one, bullying, meanness, anger with humiliation are not. just the way i'm wired, i know some guys are into it, but again, i like the simile and affection accompanied by the humiliation, really makes me fall in love lol

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Nothing wrong with that. I enjoy humiliating the young men I breed as well. Shows me their true sub nature. 

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      I'm curious for how many guys piss was an acquired taste and how many guys took right to it.
      I'm normally super versatile and switchy but when it comes to piss in my mouth, not so much. I mean, it definitely happens a lot but usually it's me kissing a bottom after he's been drinking from me. (I'm veg and drink so much water my urologist told me to make a point to drink *less* water, so I know with me I can essentially expect slightly sweet salty tasting warm water.) I've drank other guys piss before and enjoyed that act of doing so but even when I enjoy it I'm likely to gag (and possibly throw up)... my body just has an aversion to certain strong tastes and smells, piss apparently is one of those 90% of the time for me. I rarely do it outside of reticence D/s play for this reason, just in case. So, it stays confined to one of those things that counterintuitively I like to do sometimes so long as I don't have to look happy at all doing it.
      I know a lot of guys really like the taste though--- this makes me curious if any guys grew to like it over time, or if it's just mostly a thing that you either like it or you don't.

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