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  1. I was bred multiple times at 321 in Feb. and at hotel and by a poz guy at the Dc Eagle a week and a half ago. Think I was stealthed by a straight black guy in my hotel too. He said he couldn’t get into it - couldn’t get hard, but I think he came as soon as he was in my soft loose pussy. That was not lube I pushed out into my hand. Nothing but allergy symptoms so far so probably not fuck flu or this new one, but never know. Isolated now just because I want to be sure.
  2. I use vaseline too. It usually breaks down those condoms so you get the load you are craving. And yes, I can take long and multiple poundings using vaseline like last month at 321 in Ft. Lauderdale.
  3. I wear a yellow harness that is piss stained and reeks. Its the mark of a toilette pig and in the right setting guys seem to like knocking up such a bitch.
  4. Just took a couple outside the steamrrom at my resort. Spit roasted and both came.
  5. And a nice bbw blew his load last night. Let it soak in overnight. So grateful it did not leak out, love letting it become part of me.
  6. Slammers 321 Ft. Lauderdale. 7 fuckers in the dark room. Didn’t think I got any loads but push a lot out when I got back to the hotel. Not sure if it was one big load or multiple. Headed to the club ft. Lauderdale now fir more raw fucking.
  7. I love diapers. I will often use them after getting fucked , taking then off occasionally to suck up the fuk juices. I do like wearing them for their intended purpose and it always ends with playing with it to get off.
  8. Getting fucked is great but I can get more pleasure from toys usually, I prefer multiple quick cummers to load and fill my hole. Its about being a nasty dirty hole for multiple loads.
  9. Bathhouse last night. Only about ten guys and basically all bottoms. Hot skinny leather bottom fucked a load in me and maybe other gifts. Then got my hole stretched by another bottom with his toys and hands. Blew down his throat while fucking myself on his biggest dildo.
  10. Would loved to also be shaved smooth, hooded and laying next to you then felch each other when we are done.
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