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We were in the bedroom and things were getting hot and heavy! His tongue was raping my mouth and I thought he might fingerfuck me right through my jeans.

"WAIT," I said, pulling my mouth away from his. "Can we talk about Safe Sex?"

His voice was husky. "What's there to talk about? Maybe you should learn to take it bareback!"

I was surprised by his attitude but he was SO hot that I felt I should try to get him to see my viewpoint, me being HIV-negative and wanting to stay that way.

I asked, "Won't you consider using a condom?"

He growled, "NO...I won't"

"But WHY?" I pleaded.

"You sure got a lotta questions!" he said as he gently but firmly pushed me backwards until I fell onto the bed.

Kicking off his shoes, he said, "First, I don't like the feel of latex. I like to fuck the way nature intended...you know what I mean?"

I nodded, which he mistook for a sign of agreement. 

He pulled off my shoes and then my t-shirt off in rapid succession. 

"Also, they're too tight!"

As he said this, he pushed down his pants and stepped out of them. I could see why he felt that way. His cock was long & thick. The sight of it bobbing there, already dripping precum, made me feel weak.

He continued, "Stopping to put the damn things on...ruins the mood, don't you think?"

With experienced fingers, he undid my jeans and swiftly pulled them off.

"Lift up!" he said...and like a good little bottom, I raised my hips off the  bed. His strong hands whisked away my briefs. My stiff cock betrayed my excitement.

He stepped between my legs and said, "I don't want anything between me and the guy I'm fucking!"

He hooked me beneath my knees and I quickly found my heels parked on his muscled shoulders.

I started to panic. I blurted, "But... "

"Shhh!" His right hand covered my mouth, effectively silencing any possible protest. He then spat into his left hand and seconds later, he pushed inside me in one inexorable motion. The surprise of this sent my mind whirling. I felt his pace pick up speed and soon he was groaning and shuddering as he spent his seed inside of me.!

He removed his hand from my mouth! My body remained trapped beneath his. "Any other questions?" he smirked. "Maybe you wanna ask me if I'm HIV-positive? Well...YES...I am!"

As I stared at him in shock, I could feel his dick getting hard again inside me. "Maybe you wanna ask if I take any medication? Well...NO, I don't! My viral levels are pretty damned high so I'm really fucking POTENT! Now, RELAX, Baby! It's too late now to do anything about it! No harm in doing it AGAIN!"

As his cock resumed it's slow in-and-out movement, I could only moan in shame....shame that this was happening...SHAME THAT I WAS ENJOYING IT!


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That guy saw knew you wanted his hard cock up your ass and then his cum. Your a bottom slut, just face the facts. I would do the same thing just enjoy the hard cock pumping in and out and the feeling of two men in the heat of the moment a guy breeding another with his toxic seed. hot.


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    • By kinkyversatile
      Most of this story is true. 
      Part 1. Losing my real virginity to Skinhead in London
      It was two days after my 18th birthday. I was out with some friends in London celebrating We'd been clubbing, met a few people and ended up back in basement bar of a hotel. The hotel it turned out was notorious for it's gay clientele. Which made mad sense - the people we met were cool - two gay gays, a very femme camp twink, and couple of fag hags who were now getting friendly with my two mates. Now I think back I realise I was supposed to be the prize for the gay guys or the twink to play with. 
      I'd always been skinny. And with ginger hair and pale skin I must have looked delicious to these older gay guys. I was wearing a tight white t-shirt, skinny blue jeans and boots. I knew I was a bit camp and played up to it. But at the time I was straight. I'd had a couple of girlfriends, but only had sex twice. The first time was with a big girl at a party, I got hard but didnt know what to do. She knew what she wanted. She removed her knickers, parked her huge arse on me, straddled her big thighs over me and rode me until she had an orgasm. She then got off and left me there. The next time was with my new girlfriend. We'd done it once, but she had to grab my cock and put it in her. I pretended to cum. She told me she liked my cock, although it was the smallest one she'd fucked she said. I am about six inches and nice and straight. But even though it was small it was very good looking she thought - like the Johnny Depp of cocks - small but perfectly formed. She laughed and said my small balls and ginger pubes made my cock look cute. However even though I had nice tight balls I'd always produce a lot of cum!
      Thinking back I loved porn, and wanked a lot even to straight porn. But I always fantasised I was the slut on my knees getting a face full of cum or sucking cock. I love the idea of cocks up my arse, but I never had anything up there - i tried with a finger but it always hurt. But I'd play with my arse hole opening, rubbing a finger over my pink hole and pushing as much as I dared.  I'd dream of being a slut on all fours when I wanked. I'd create rape fantasies of being forced and used, taken against my will and degraded. I'd cum in my hand or on the floor and hungrily lick it all up.  I even used to be able to put my cock over my mouth and cum on pretty pink lips. As I mentioned, I'd cum a lot so spraying my mouth and face with huge spurts of cum was easy. 
      Anyway, back to the hotel. Time was passing and everyone was getting pretty drunk. Most people in the hotel bar had left. I'd drunk a lot of beer and the ecstasy was wearing off. I staggered down the hallway, down some stairs and into the mens toilet. It was a big white tiled old fashioned toilet. Very bright and very white I remember. Six stalls facing some sinks and a big steal urinal at one end. I headed down and went for a piss - leaning with one hand against the wall for support. I took a big long piss and was thinking how fucked I felt and I should probably head off. I was supposed to see my girlfriend tomorrow. 
      Just then someone came and stood next to me. He got his cock out and started pissing. He was standing very close, right next to me. I could smell him. Aftershave and sweat and leather.  Even though I'd never had any experience before somehow I knew this man was gay. I glanced down and over and caught a glimpse of his cock. My heart started beating faster and my mouth went dry. Quickly I buttoned up and walked to the sinks. For some reason I then turned around and looked back - i just stood there. I was looking at the man pissing. He was taller than me - i was only around 5'8. He was easily six foot. Dressed like a skin head. Shaved head. Ripped jeans. Leather jacket on, boots, chains, the lot. His arms were covered in cool tatoos. Then he turned, took two steps away from the urinal and just stood there with his cock out. 
      I couldnt believe it. I'd never seen anything like. This big white cock. So thick and so manly. With a prince albert on the end - a big silver ring piercing the head. Instinct took over and I walked towards him, got on my knees and took my first cock in my mouth. It was amazing. The taste, the feel, the heat of the flesh. So much bigger and more powerful than mine. I greedily sucked and tasted his meat. I was consumed with lust, finally I knew my place, I felt so at home on my knees with a cock in my mouth. I was transformed from a straight boy into the cock sucker I wanted to be. The cock was enough and I sucked in his balls and licked around his crotch tasting his body. I realised he was shaved which I liked, how did I know I liked that? I'd never even thought of it before and here I was deciding i liked shaved balls. 
      I heard something behind which woke me from my delirious cock sucking. I looked around, I didnt see anyone but realised I was exposed. If someone saw me they'd know what I was. I was still straight and no one could find out. I dragged the skin head man into a stall and closed the door. I went to continue my cocksucking, but instead he kissed me. Harder and rougher than I'd ever been kissed. Forcing his tongue in my mouth and tasting me. I went weak at the knees - I was breathless and had never felt this turned on before even though I wasnt even thinking about my cock. He roughly pulled down my jeans and grabbed my cock and balls hard and twisted them. "You like that slut?" he said, "Yes sir, thankyou sir" I moaned. Where did that come from? I'd never called anyone sir before. 
      He spun me around and pulled my cute white arse cheeks apart. I moaned and pushed back offering myself to him. It felt so natural. He ran a finder up my crack and I shivered in excitement. He tried to push a finger in, but I clamped shut. "Please no" I said "I'm a virgin, I'm too tight and it hurts". He didnt say anything, instead he knelt down. Then I felt it. His tongue on my arse. Oh my god that was incredible - like nothing else. The licking and the probing of his tongue. I began pushing back and moaning like a bitch on heat. I'd never felt anything like it and it was perfect. I was having the best sex of my life and I hadnt even touched my cock. I started moaning like the sluts in pornos "I'm a whore, lick my cunt hole, eat my pussy, use me like a whore... fuck my cunt like a bitch. Fuck my virgin cunt hole and make me your bitch". I was really going to town on the moaning, I was transformed from a straight boy into a drooling faggot. 
      The skin head stood up and put one arm around my waste and the other around my neck. "You dont have a cunt" he said "you've got an arse hole and I'm about to fuck it. Do you want that? Do you want me to fuck you? Do you want me to breed you?". I couldn't believe that my dream was about to come true. "Yes, please, fuck me. Fuck my arse". Even though I didn't know what it meant I begged him to breed me. It sounded slutty and I liked being a slut. It made my arse seem more like a cunt, and a cunt could be used to get a girl pregnant and I liked being more like a slutty girl. After all you cant breed an 18 year boy can you?
      He positioned his cock head against my hole. I moaned.. then I paused "Not with out a condom" I said and pulled away. I was suddenly awakened to my situation and how long I'd been down there. I'd better get back to my friends I thought. 
      "I want you to come in my mouth" I said and tried to suck his cock again thinking I could get my reward quickly and rejoin my friends. No one would be any the wiser. "No, thats not what you want or need." said the skin head "I know what you want, but I guess tonights not your lucky night". With that he unlocked the toilet door and headed back upstairs. 

      I washed my face and hands and sheepishly. I figured I'd head back upstairs and rejoin my friends, maybe pretend like it never happened. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was still feeling high and drunk. Even more now I thought. Normally I'd have sobered up a bit by now, but I was feeling even more drunk and things seemed blurry. Time to get a cab. I staggered out of the mens room and into the hall. 
      To be continued. 
    • By Grey
      I don't really write that often (or ever before, to be specific), so let me know what you guys think.
      I probably should've been more careful.
      I've lived with my uncle for a while now, having moved there when my dad was sent off to prison. My mom had died not long after I was born, which left me being sent to the closest relatives I had. Turned out that was my uncle Eric. He was a good guy, but these days, he was pretty busy. The auto shop he worked at had acquired a contract with a major local rental company and handled most of their repairs. Today, like most days, he was off working at the shop, probably late into the evening. I was used to that.
      What I wasn't used to was having dad back home. When I was a kid a ten year sentence sounded like an eternity. In reality, time passes quickly, and he's been nothing but an absolute dick since he'd gotten out. Eric had tried to get him a job at the shop, but that quickly went south, since dad didn't take kindly to being ordered around. Prison hadn't done him any favors in that department, and my uncle said he was a surly bastard before that. I don't remember too much of him from before, really, but he sure as hell hadn't gotten nicer.
      Seeing as Eric was gone all day as usual, I guess I'd assumed dad would be out, too. He was supposed to be headed to follow up on a few job opportunities today, and Eric had dropped him off in town in the morning. I had stayed home, as usual, and when the gardener had come around during mid-day, we did our usual thing.
      Mitch was the first (and only) guy I'd fucked. He'd been my uncle's gardener for years, and given all the work he did around the house, he had a muscular, rugged frame. He was a local guy, about fifteen or so years older than me. There were more days than I could count where I'd spent the afternoon sitting at the window, watching him haul his sweaty shirt off his body to reveal that bearish physique, hairy body dripping with sweat. I was a teenager the first time he caught me trying to get a peek at his dick, and after pleading with him not to tell my uncle Eric, I managed to convince him to let me have a good look. A good look turned into a blow job (which apparently, I was a natural at), and before long, we had a steady routine with him going out, doing the yard work, then coming inside and stripping down, lowing his hairy, beefy body on top of me to fuck my face and throat. Admittedly, that was easier said than done; he had a meaty seven inch cock, and it had taken some getting used to when he'd thrust it down my throat in the throes of a good skullfuck.
      Of course, it didn't take too long for him to go further south and have a go at my hole. That truly had been an undertaking, but once he was balls deep in me, I couldn't get enough of it. We only got worse then, even getting me to convince my uncle that the yard needed more upkeep. Every time he came over now, he spent more time pounding me than out in the yard. That's what we were up to today, with him up on top of me, groaning with delight. "Jesus, Mason, I can feel your pussy pulling me in," he panted, sweat dripping down from his brow onto my chest. I could feel the entire bed rocking with his thrusts, my body bouncing back and forth with it as well. I kept an ear out for the sound of my uncle's bike pulling up, as that was usually our cue to pack up and get decent, though at this point in the day, I figured there was little chance that would happen. Imagine my surprise, then, when the sensation of Mitch's shaft pumping in and out of me was interrupted by the sound of the door slamming open. Mitch fell off of me in a surprised heap, and behind him was my dad, his face looking bewildered. I wasn't really sure how to react; after all, I was naked, with my hole exposed right then and there.
      "The FUCK is this, boy?" his voice snarled out, and I could hear Mitch scrambling to his feet, stuttering as he gathered up his clothes. He didn't even take the condom off before pulling his underwear on. For his part, my dad glanced over at him, scoffed a bit, then turned back to me, ignoring the other man in the room while he stared me down. "You got me out looking for jobs when apparently we've a perfectly good whore on our hands right here," he said, and I found myself stammering, not even sure how to respond. Mitch was bright red, his clothes barely hanging on as he bolted out of the door. I could hear the door slam downstairs, my heart racing as dad stood there, leering.
      "Well? Anything to say?"
      "D-Dad, I swear, it's not like that," I stammer, and he leers at me, grinning now.
      "Well, I'm gonna tell you how it's gonna be now," he says, latching the door shut. I made a move to get off the bed, but he quickly shouted, "Stay right as you are, boy. I didn't tell you to get dressed." I froze, my heart hammering away. I could smell the booze on him from here; clearly, he'd gone out and gotten drunk instead of going to get a job as he'd said. He made his way over to the bed, shrugging off his coat as he did. "I'm gonna see about getting in touch with a couple of my buddies to find some men looking for some tight pussy to fuck. You're gonna do what they ask, they're gonna pay me, and that's that. You understand?"
      "Dad, I --" I started, but the look he gave me was enough to convince me otherwise. I could see his jaw twitch, and I paled, for once wishing my uncle would get home early. Dad seemed satisfied by my silence, then continued. "On that note, it's been too damn long since I got a chance to breed some hole. Given that you're all ready to go, I'm gonna be your first John," he said, then reached down to pull off his shirt. I had avoided him since he'd gotten back, and so I had yet to see what he looked like shirtless. His torso was covered in varous tattoos, some of them there from when I was a kid, but others entirely new. The one that stood out the most was the one right above his groin: a biohazard symbol, much cleaner and newer than the ones around it. I was no fool; I knew exactly what that meant. Apparently, the look on my face said it too, as a predatory grin spread across dad's face once he looked up from taking his jeans off. "Looks like I don't need to explain the next part."
      Now fully naked, I found myself trying to crawl away from him, his massive form dwarfing mine. I'd inherited his beefy build, sure, but given how much younger I was and the fact that he'd been lifting weights longer than I'd been alive, he was an absolute beast of a bear, barrel-chested with a beefy gut and thick limbs. I felt one hand reach and grab at my leg while the other pinned me down, the weight seeming impossibly huge as I felt him force my leg up to my chest. "It's gonna hurt, boy, but you might as well start getting used to it," he said, roughly folding me up with his weight as his hand slammed down over my lips, muffling my protests. I could feel my heart racing in my chest, the terrible reality of the situation setting in. I struggled, but all I could really do was wriggle around under him, flexing and whimpering helplessly. Meanwhile, I could feel his hairy body rubbing against me, his cock slapping up against my beefy ass. I could feel it pulsing, growing thicker with every second. He rubbed it back and forth down my crack, sighing some as he threw his head back. "Can't wait to hear what the guys say when I tell them I've found a pussy for us to use," he said, and even as I struggled, he moved his hardening shaft back, letting it slide downward until the head was right at the still-open entrance to my hole. There was no warning, no preparation. He didn't even lube it up before pushing forward and sliding into me. Luckily for me, Mitch had lubed up before fucking me, but even then, given how much bigger my dad was, it was impossible not to cry out into his hand, my hole burning.
      "Holy shit, that's tight," he chuckled, whistling a bit to himself. I could see him grinning even with the tears blurring my vision, and as my hole tightened in protest, he increased the pressure, forcing it deeper and deeper, splitting me in two. I gasped out in agony, his hand only tightening. When that hairy groin finally pressed up against my ass, I felt like he was punching me in the gut with it, my belly aching from the feeling of it pressing in. He held it there for a brief moment, savoring the first hole he'd fucked in months. "See, there you go, relax," he said, chuckling to himself. It still hurt like hell, but indeed, now that he had no more cock to force in me, my body was forced to adjust, slowly relaxing around his thick girth. He pulled back, the burning coming back some, though not nearly as horribly as the pain of him forcing in. Still, it was by no means pleasant as he rammed back and forth into me. my hole losing the bit of relaxation it had attained before. The bed rocked loudly, his hips slapping against mine as he bore down on me from above, his face looming over mine, sneering as he ruthlessly thrusted away. "That's right, slut, you know what's coming to you, you know what this means..." He chuckled to himself, closing his eyes and enjoying my hole. "I've knocked up every bitch I've ever fucked, Mason, and now I'm gonna knock you up, too," he grunted, then panted out in erratic, short bursts, his thrusts growing frenzied and brutal. I could feel my hole get wet, stinging now, and with a snarl, he rammed his cock in deep. I knew he was cumming, and I could do little more than whimper in response.
      After what felt like a few minutes, he pulled his cock out of me, still panting. My hole ached, though I was glad it was seemingly over with, as his hand left my mouth. I remained limp underneath him, resigned to it now that his load was oozing out of my ass. What was the point? I knew what that tattoo meant, and what was no doubt in store for me next. Even as he rolled over onto the bed beside me, reaching down beside it to fish his phone out of his pants, I remained there, a bit scared to even try getting up without permission. Dad looked through his phone for a bit, then grinned, putting it aside. "Alright, cunt, my friend will be here in a bit... Now, turn around and get on all fours. You're ready for your second dose of daddy's venom..."
    • By ButtB4iGo
      Be advised that my stories often involve some element on nonconsensual sex by some of my characters. Regardless, my stories are 100% fiction/fantasy only. Any resemblance to persons or places are merely coincidental.
      How to Get Your Poz Cock into Lyle Cranston's Speedos
      A few year’s back, I was the janitor at the local high school in a school district where the only sex education the kids got was for abstinence. Well, this left the entire student body vulnerable to their own imaginations, learning whatever they could about sex from actual experience, or by doing some reading on the Internet or at the public library like I used to. The rate of pregnancies were up, and STD rates, too.
      Anyway, this lack of sex education made these students susceptible to perverts like me. One senior I was able to corrupt, Lyle, was the number one swimmer in the county. He was 18, had a compact and muscular body at 5’6”, blonde, chlorine-bleached hair, blue eyes, and an ass that filled out his light blue Speedos to perfection. All season, I’d catch him practicing at the pool in the early morning. Sometimes he’d linger in the locker room and shower area while I cleaned in there. He would do things for me, like acting as if he were checking his phone while bending over in his tight-fitting swimsuit. Did he know that he was getting my poz cock rock hard when he did that? So many times I’ve wanted to take my finger and press it against that stretched out blue lycra material; to press in, making a guess of where that boy’s hole was; feeling it, to hear him gasp or moan when I hit my mark.
      This show (offering?) went on all season. Instead of raping him right then and there, I’d ask him about things. How is school going? Are you going to prom? Stuff that allowed me to find out more about the kid.
      I found out that he was accepted at state university and will be living in the dorms in the fall. He got a swimming scholarship, too. He said that he and his girlfriend broke up in March, so he might go to prom stag, or not at all. He said that since he was leaving soon, it didn’t make sense to have a girlfriend here anyway. His parents were well-respected in town as ministers at one of the many churches here. I offered to answer any questions he had about sex if he wouldn’t tell anyone about it. He nodded, told me he was abstaining, but he had lots of questions.
      After that, he showed up at my janitor’s closet, always in his blue Speedo with questions for me. I’d close the door and he’d sit in my chair while he listed off questions about masterbation and was porn really evil. He never asked about condoms or STDs, but he did want to know how babies were made. I showed him diagrams and explained what sperm was and how it fertilizes the egg in a female, and so on. As he sat there with his legs spread, I was given full view of his taint and package just hidden beneath the blue lycra fabric of his Speedo.
      My perverted mind wanted more of this teen. I knew there had to be men online who would want to distract Lyle with poppers and a blowjob while I pressed my precum-dripping, cut cock head into the boy’s tight cherry hole.
      On the last week of school, I knew I had to get into that boy’s Speedos any way I could. And I enlisted the help of another barebacker I found online. His user name was Poz9In and he said he had ways of making sure I could get my raw cock inside a virgin’s butt, especially into a naive, under-sex educated Wildcat jock like Lyle.
      We arranged a time, graduation day. He agreed to the plan to help me stealth breed Lyle with a poz load.
      I told Lyle to meet me at my closet right after his morning swim, a good half hour before class.
      Poz9In was maybe around mid-50s, dark cropped hair and brown eyes. He arrived just before 7:30 a.m. He wore a track suit and his schlong was huge and evident down his right leg. With a scarred and stubbled face, he looked rough. He was not the hottest looking man. But I was immensely turned on from the contrast between the vision of a toughened older, experienced poz man making use of the body of a gorgeous, athletic teen.
      Lyle knocked on my closet door and I let him in. He was still wet from his swim.
      “Hi, Mr. Daines,” he said.
      “Hey Lyle. This is my friend, Dale, here. He wanted to meet the star swimming athlete for the Wildcats,” I stammered giving my Internet contact a fake name. I was a little nervous, but I was determined to fuck Lyle this morning.
      “Hey, Dale. Nice to meet you.” Lyle held his hand out in the cramped janitor’s closet and Poz9In took it and pulled Lyle to him. He used his other hand to grab Lyle’s cock and balls through the teen’s wet Speedo. Lyle barely had time to react when I got behind Lyle and pressed by uniformed bulge against his blue Speedoed bubble butt.
      “Hey! That’s my personal…” Lyle made a nervous swallow.
      “Yeah boy? Would you like to give your personal spot over to us men, or would you rather we take it?” Poz9In asked while the two of us, men older than his father, continued manhandling Lyle into submission.
      “I never…” Lyle stopped what he was saying and relented to Poz9In by closing his eyes and dropping his hands to his side. Poz9In worked Lyle’s dick to an erection while I took aim at my prized target: Lyle’s hole.
      “That’s it, kid. We’ll take good care of you, just relax,” Poz9In said.
      Now with Lyle’s submission, I finally got to press my finger in and feel for the boy’s hole. He let out a breath when I began rubbing it roughly through the smooth material. Fresh from the pool. Poz9in opened a new bottle of poppers and told the kid to breath in and hold his breath. Lyle did as he was instructed. I continued probing the covered hole while with my other hand, I reached around his waist. Poz9In moved my hand over to so I Lyle’s cock incased in the smooth, still damp lycra. He smelled deliciously of chlorine.
      “Good boy. Take another hit just like the first,” I heard Poz9In say. “Fuck yeah. You’re a hot one.”
      “I’ve been wanting this ass for four months!” I exclaimed. “Let’s do what we planned, but I want to keep these Speedos on him.”
      “Aahh, fuuuck!” Lyle was flying.
      “Nice! That’s a deal, mister,” Poz9In replied to me. “Let’s knock up this cute pollywog.”
      With that, Poz9in bent down and went to work sucking Lyle’s cock through the Speedos. A few moments later, he pushed the front of the swimsuit down.
      Then I saw Poz9In dive in and suck on the virgin’s swimmer’s exposed dick. “Aaah!” Lyle moaned in pleasure.
      With Poz9In’s help, I bent Lyle forward and spread his legs. Poz9In kept sucking Lyle’s dick like the pro he was, doing his damnedest to coax sweet semen out from a neg horny teen.
      I unzipped my pants and pushed them down to release my leaking cock. With my hard cock in hand, I rubbed the head of it on Lyle’s bubble butt. I relished the sight of his light blue swimsuit soiled with smudges of my precum.
      Poz9In gave Lyle more poppers as I pulled down the back of the Speedos to expose the tightest, pinkest hole I’ve ever seen.
      “Do it. Bareback that neg hole, man. He fucking wants it,” Poz9In encouraged.
      Realizing that Lyle doesn’t know what neg hole means, I stared at the pink hole in front of me and greased up my cock with lube and listened as Poz9In spoke.
      “This is the hottest piece of ass. Take it. Take that fine young, firm ass.”
      With that, I stood up and lined my drooling poz cock against Lyle’s hole. Hotter still, I could feel the kid’s ever-taunting blue Speedo tickling under my cock. I pumped some precum onto the ring of pink his hole and heard Lyle gasp as I pressed in.
      Lyle yelled as my cock head popped into him, and Poz9In used his hands to spread Lyle’s ass open for me. I fucked in more. As I did, I leaked more precum into Lyle as I thought about pozzing up a virgin, seeing him graduate tonight with my toxic load inside him, sending him off to college with HIV. Then, hopefully, more men will get to use this young butt.
      I was all the way in when Poz9In gave Lyle more poppers, about 6 full hits. “Breed that neg butt or I will!”
      I started to fuck Lyle’s hole, in and out. It got easier with my precum lubing the walls of his rectum. I wasn’t going to last long, though. Fucking Lyle full of my poz cum was a dream coming true. I started pistoning the tight swimmer’s hole imagining how my shaft must look penetrating that pink ring. His hole gripped my cock. I was urgent to impregnate my Lyle, star Wildcat swimmer. It was my absolute goal now was to poz Lyle up. “Fuck! I’m coming.”
      “Fucking do it! Fucking sperm up that clean hole.” Poz9In coached.
      “Aaaaagh!” I felt my shaft pulse and my cock slit open as hot poz sperm coated the walls of Lyle’s unprotected rectum. I was still shooting loads into Lyle’s hole when I started fucking him hard again.
      “Fuck!” Lyle yelled. “Fuuuuuck! Ah, I’m coming.” Poz9In went back to sucking Lyle’s dick.
      “Yeah, Lyle. Feed the nice man your load while I hammer mine into your butt” I said.
      Lyle didn’t say anything but convulsed as he orgasmed. I held him steady so that Poz9in could have what his profile said was his favorite part of sex: the taste of sweet, young neg sperm.
      “Fuckin’ A!” Poz9In said with his mouth full of hard teen dick and fresh sperm. When Lyle finished cumming, I put the poppers bottle under his nose again. Lyle took the hits as ordered. When Lyle was completely flying, I put the bottle down. With my eyes I looked down to Poz9In and I invited him to bareback this amazing hole. He stood up, stepped around Lyle, and started jacking his massive cock and told me to move out of the way.
      He got behind Lyle, who was still recovering from cumming, and he rubbed his big mushroom head against the boy’s now reddened entrance. He looked over and got the petroleum jelly and jacked his cock some more with it until it shined under the fluorescent lighting of the janitor’s closet.
      As Poz9In lodged his enormous highly experienced HVL poz cock into the teen’s no-longer-virgin hole, we heard Lyle say, “Ah! Fuck!”
      I watched as Poz9In pushed all the way into Lyle; his silver cock ring embedding red marks into the teen’s butt cheeks. Then he fucked Lyle’s ass hard. He clamped his large hand over Lyle’s mouth to keep him quiet while he fucked him so hard that they had to keep repositioning themselves around the closet. Amazingly, Lyle’s blue Speedos remained in place, pulled down just far enough to give us men access to his now fully fuckable butthole. At times I was able to get up close and I watched as Poz9In’s cock pulled out, his shaft covered in lube and poz sperm, and pushed all the way back into the boy’s hole, stretching out that beautiful pink ring, no longer hidden away from me behind light blue lycra.
      I started jacking off watching them. When Poz9In saw me, he repositioned Lyle again in front of me. Still lodged in Lyle’s ass, Poz9In pushed his head down and ordered him to suck my cock. Lyle eagerly sucked me until I was so turned on, I gripped onto his blonde hair started face-fucking the teen. An amazing perv achievement: Poz9In and I were fucking Lyle Cranston: The star swimmer for the Wildcats swim team and minister’s son was now taking raw poz cock at both ends in a janitor's closet.
      I unloaded in Lyle’s mouth with a sharp explosion and watched him swallow my load. At the same time, Poz9In announced that he was “knocking up the twink! Fuuuuuck! That’s right. Let us charge that hole, son! Take it deep in there.” He continued convulsing and cussing as more of his jizz flowed into naive Lyle’s neg hole. When he finished, he tussled Lyle’s now dry hair as he lewdly complimented the kid, and pulled out.
      Poz9In pulled up his track pants, nodded at me and left. Lyle was half in a daze as he pulled up his trunks and said that he had to get to class. “Thanks, Mr. Daines.” He left the janitor’s closet quickly with a towel around his waist.
      "Congrats! Have a good time tonight!" I called out.
      Good kid. Come fall, though, college physicals could reveal a surprise for young Lyle, and just before his first-ever actual sex education class.
    • By seaguy
    • By jackdaw
      A couple of months back, I had recently turned 26 and I was looking to be a little more socially responsible. I wanted to be able to help those in need by sharing my talents and strengths. Being gay myself, I thought that volunteering at the local AIDS Hospice would be a good way for me to do that. I called and spoke with Brian, the director, and he suggested that I come in and tour the place to see if I thought that I would fit in.
      On the day of my interview I showed up full of anticipation. Brian had me fill out an application and then gave me a tour of the place. There were a dozen men currently living there, all in different stages of being affected by the virus. Some guys looked completely healthy and others were more visibly ill.
      When the tour concluded, Brian suggested that I spend some time with one of the residents. He walked me down the hall and knocked on the bedroom door at the end. When it opened, Brian said, “Hiya, Francis! I’ve given Alex here the grand tour. I think he likes the place. Could you, maybe, give him the lowdown on living here? You know…an insider’s viewpoint.”
      I should tell you about Francis. He was my height and very thin. He obviously had lost a lot of weight. His sweatpants hung from his bony hips. What appeared to be a pretty sizable cock bobbed enticingly against the grey fleece material. His tank top loosely covered his torso. His face was still quite handsome…gaunt but cheerful. Francis always had a smile…at least for me.
      Francis invited me into his room. There were no chairs so he had me sit on his bed and he sat down next to me. “So,” he said, “do you like the place? You thinking of working here?”
      I told him that I was impressed with the setup. “Brian said I could start out working the overnight awake shift. I’d be alone but, he told me not to be concerned because nothing much ever happens during those hours. I’m sure I could handle the work. You know…I’ve always wanted to be in a job where I could be of service!”
      Francis told me about his fellow house mates. He made a point of reminding me that these weren’t just patients. They were flesh and blood men with wants and needs of their own. I responded that, if I worked there, I’d do anything I could to improve their day to day lives.
      Of course, I ended up taking the job. I started the following week and, on my first night, after everyone else was settled in for the night, I rapped on Francis’ door and poked my head in.
      “Hey!” he called out. “Come on in!” He was just wearing an old frayed bathrobe that dangled from his skinny frame. He got up and joined me in sitting on the edge of his bed.
      I told him that I was just checking to make sure he was set for the night.
      “Thanks!” he said. “That’s real thoughtful of you, Alex! I like you! In fact…I like you A LOT!” With that, he leaned over and brushed his lips against mine. Without much thought, I kissed him back. His hand caressed my knee. “Remember?” he said. “Remember when you told me that you wanted to be of service to the residents here?”
      “Sure!” I said.
      He continued. “When we found out you were coming to work here, we all talked it over. Now…I could tell you what we need most…but here, let me show you.” That said, he put his hands on my shoulders and guided me back onto the bed. He followed me down so he that was laying on top of me. His sunken chest pressed against me. His lips locked on to mine. At the same time his hand slid over my crotch and began a gentle squeezing. “We may be sick…but we’re MEN, you know. Men with NEEDS. And right now, Alex, I need YOU!”
      I wasn’t sure how far Francis was going to go with this but I didn’t mind making out with him. Like I said…he was a good-looking guy and his urgency was contagious. How could I say no?
      He opened the drawer on his bedside table and took out a small bottle. “Here, Baby…take a hit of my poppers here!” They must have been fresh and, whatever they were, they were awfully strong. My mind spun off into the void. I was utterly relaxed and felt an indescribable bliss. I was remotely aware that my pants and briefs were getting tugged down off me. When I began to re-focus, I realized that his hand was tugging and stroking my dick which, naturally, began to swell and harden.
      “Take some more!” his voice said and off I went again. When my vision cleared, there stood Francis, between my legs, raising my legs up to his shoulders. His bathrobe had parted, revealing a stiff cock that was already dripping toxic goo.
      He leaned close. “And AGAIN!” the voice commanded. He held the bottle in place so that I had to take 4 or 5 breaths of the heady vapors. That really sent me to the moon. Fucking heavenly! As I returned to earth, I became aware of a rocking motion. The cause was soon apparent. Francis had entered me and was thrusting forcefully against my upturned ass. I could feel his cock sawing back and forth. His speed increased and his breathing grew ragged “FUCK! HERE I COME!” he shouted as he pushed into me one last time and held himself in place, his cock spasming repeatedly.
      Although he had emptied his balls deep inside me, he didn’t withdraw, opting to stay on top of me, his dick plugging my hole. “Come on, Baby! Let’s give my seed time to latch on…start to grow in you. I kinda wanna be the one that knocks you up!”
      As we lay there, he explained that all the men in the hospice had decided that what they needed most was for someone like me to be their willing partner whenever they wanted to breed. Most of them felt shunned by society and hadn’t been able to fuck a bottom like me in a long, long time. They wanted to be able to use me during the night hours as they would a lover. They wanted someone that wouldn’t say no to receiving their dirty seed!
      Francis asked, “Are you willing to do this for us?” Again, how could I say no?
      That was several months ago. Since then, some residents have died and new ones have replaced them, but night after night I’m there to service them…my 12 Poz Lovers.

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