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I needed a drink.  It had been another crappy week at work plus ever since my boyfriend and I had broken up a month ago I haven't had sex other than being intimate with my right hand, let alone go on a date.  So I was really looking forward to meeting some new guys to have fun with.

This Friday night was still a bright sunny spring day and had a good crowd of hot men milling outside the Soho gay bar chatting, smoking and generally checking out who is going in and out.  Quickly entering and on the hunt, I made my way inside, started looking around for tonight I fancy someone different, someone edgy and dangerous, a guy or guys I want to ‘get down dirty with’ but it was a little overwhelming at first: the banging music and crowded bar made it already a hot and sweaty atmosphere as I squeezed my way through the throng and found a spot at the end of the bar then waited ages before the bartender eventually asked for my order, the wait did however enable me to see where people were and that I was stood next to the steps down to the toilets…!

The heat in such a confined space made me gulp down my beer in double quick time then spent about 10 minutes of just looking around at men of all shapes and sizes, some were touching each other a lot and I could just see off in one dark corner two guys kissing one another and openly feeling each other up and then one of them pushed the other down into his crotch!  Fuck I was horny and frustrated now making my ass twitch excitedly wanting to be filled rough and hard.

I was about to order a second drink when I saw HIM, this huge man, fantastic thick but well-trimmed beard, white shirt straining to contain his rippling muscles and showing a hint of tattoos sprouting from his collar and cuffs.  It looked like he was walking right towards me through the crowd of sweaty, drunken, horny guys so I flashed him my brightest smile and he responded with a nod.  It was just like in a film, as if it was just him and me in the room, by the time he was standing next to me my lean 6'1" frame looked child-like against him.  Not only did he appear to be 40ish but he wore his status with pride; the hair on the side of his head was shaved to show off his what looked to be a fresh Scorpion tattoo and as I looked him up and down I couldn’t help but notice he was definitely sporting a bulging packet in his tight trousers. I couldn’t help but lick my lips wishing they were around his cock this instant.

Although I would never consider myself a “Chaser” I couldn’t contain myself.

"Do you want to go somewhere for a little fun?" I asked.

He didn’t speak, just nodded to the right indicating going downstairs to the Gents toilets.

“I need a piss” I announce and headed down the stairs and once inside the stench of stale piss from the open trough made my nostrils flare, the dank wet floor already had cum splats showing fresh activity and the dirty sink just added to the sleaziness of this coupling.  I stood waiting and right on cue in came Mr Big.  There was no foreplay or kissing just a simple instruction,

“On your knees boy and suck.”

He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down onto the floor so his 9 inch or so looking cock was right in my face, I press my nose in the growing crotch then quickly unbuckle his belt, pull the zipper down to release about 9 or 10 inches of hard throbbing muscle. He glanced down, "Get to work boy, I want to try out my new toy."

"Suck my cock fag?" he demanded with a sneer looking me straight in the eyes. .

"Yes sir. Please let me suck it," I beg feeling the heat off his cock and inhaling the musky scent of this alpha male as his heavy bull balls hang low dangerously full of toxic cum ready to change my status in one rough fuck.

I opened my mouth as wide as I could and he set his dick on my tongue. It felt so soft against the inside of my mouth. I started to go to town sucking and licking his thick cock. I only took it about half way at first because it was so massive. I kept twisting my mouth all around his dick while I licked the head with my tongue. Once I had warmed up to it he grabbed the back of my head and began to force his dick further and further into my throat.

"You're gonna take it all the way you little faggot," he said as he got increasingly more aggressive with every thrust as he pushed his dick further down my throat and each and every time I gagged. When he finally got it all the way down my throat he kept it there for a few seconds. I couldn't breathe and I tried to pull away but his grip was too tight. Finally, he let my head go. As he pulled out I coughed up a huge amount of saliva which ran out of my mouth and down my shirt. He did that again several more times, each time holding my head there longer and longer. At one point he had his cock jammed down my throat for what felt like an eternity without letting me breathe. I panicked thinking I was going to pass out.

After the last time he pulled out there I was kneeling on the wet floor gasping for air snot, spit and saliva running down my face.  

"Get up bitch," he ordered, "Get in the cubicle, I don’t like an audience."

And as I stand I begin to undo my belt, but obviously not fast enough for him as he rips at my trousers with fly buttons pinging in all directions.

“Now get in there.”

"Yes sir. I want you to teach me who's boss."

"That's right faggot. You'll never forget me."

He started rubbing my ass cheeks and slaps my head down into the cistern.  I see stars and instantly feel a metallic taste in my mouth.

"Don't move boy. You need to learn to take it and my dick is getting a little impatient to sample the goods, you ready to get fucked faggot?" he asked.

"Yes sir, please fuck me raw," I was getting so turned on knowing I was finally going to be fucked.

He pushed the head of his cock into my waiting hole and I could feel it stretching to allow it inside.

"Oh shit," I yelled, "It hurts so fucking much."

"Shut the fuck up and take it boy."

I had never had something this big up my ass without spit or lube and being fully opened up first and yet I could feel my hole stretching to its limit to accommodate this intruder.

"Stop please I can't take it," I begged, knowing how futile that request was going to be and that he would just push in further.

Sure enough, he ignored my begging. He bucked his hips, pushed in another inch before pulling almost all the way out just leaving the head inside my pulsing hole but it was only empty for a second because he slammed his cock right back into my hole. This time the pain intensified as he slid his cock all the way up my hole and I could feel his balls slap against my ass.
"Oh my god, you're so fucking big," I said trying to ignore the fire I felt in my hole.

"You like having a hard cock shoved up your ass little slut?" he asked.

"Yes sir, it feels so fucking good,” I lied, “I want you to destroy my hole."

"Well since you insist," he replied and started to frantically fuck my hole. Over and over he forced his throbbing dick into my now not so tight hole and it was either his pre-cum or my ripped-up chute bleeding that lubricated the assault and the pain eased into pleasure. When he pulled all the way out my hole stayed open even with the absence of his cock until he slammed in hard until his bull balls slapped against my ass.

"Yeah, fuck me harder sir. I don't want to be able to walk straight afterwards."

The dirty talk was turning us both on so much.

"What do you want boy?"

"I want you to cum Sir" I replied.

"What do you want from me?"

"I want you to breed my ass Sir."

“No, I saw you staring at my tattoo, so go on, say it slut!”

“Breed my hole with your charged cum, Poz me, knock up my slut hole, I want it, no, I need it NOW!”

As soon as I said that he started fucking me even harder. My swinging back and forth shins hitting the porcelain bowl, my face pushed in to the cistern just added to the force of his thrusts as I had nowhere to go. I felt like his cock was stabbing direct in to my stomach. He grabbed my straining hard dick in his hand and began jacking it frantically. It didn't take seconds for the pressure in my balls to release.

"I'm cumming!" I moaned as I shot a huge load all over the toilet seat and wiped it up with my fingers then licking them clean.

As my sphincter clamped down on his shaft with each spurt of cum from my cock he asked "You ready for my load faggot?"

"Yes Sir, shoot it up my ass. I'm ready for it."

"Ahhh! Fuck. Yeah. Here. It. Cumms" he announced leaving gaps in the statement as he punched in on the inward strokes, then moaned as I felt his dick twitch and release its load into my hole, spurt after delicious spurt, four or five distinct pulses and then he started fucking hard all over again.

"Fuck yeah, pushing it in deep" he said as he let his cock empty the last drops of poison into me.

That was by far the best fucking I had ever had.

"Don't let any of my cum fall out of your ass boy. I want you to leave it in for a good while," he said as he pulled out of my gaping hole only to use the blunt head of his cock to push back in any escaping cum.

“Now clean me up like a good faggot should.”

I lick and slurp any cum and ass juices off his still rock-hard dick and then pay particular attention to his piss slit to feast on any dribbles of Poz cum coming out.

He popped his cock back in his pants, zipped up and was out of the door and as I gathered my clothing, ripped and piss-soaked trousers I realised I had more than these as a souvenir of this fucking.  As I was getting dressed I felt so much pain from both the rough fucking and clenching of my ass cheeks to keep his load in my battered ass it was then that I noticed something in my pocket. He had slipped a piece of paper in my pocket with his number on it in case I wanted to meet up again for a repeat.

I had to call a cab to take me home because there was no way I would have been able to walk and saved his number in to my mobile. When I got back to my flat I took off my trousers and pants and noticed a mixture of blood and cum was leaking out of my hole. I immediately got hard again and spent most of the night jacking off to the memory of what had just happened before I fell asleep hoping to feel that big dick battering my hole again real soon.

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Awesome writing. It’s definitely worth another installation. Either the conversion or reunion or just meeting another dom top. I busted a huge load to this story. Please, more! 

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Thanks guys for the comments and likes.  Here's the follow up.

Of course, I started calling him. I'd call during the day at first, no reply so called early mornings or evenings instead only for a repeat blanking Then by Friday, I was calling him very late at night. He never wanted to talk...  until I guess he'd got pissed off with me pestering, answered called me a faggot and hang up angrily...that only made me want him more and made my dick hard and leaking, so much so that I had to jerk off just to make it go down!

Saturday night, bingo! 2am it was, he answered. He knew it was me. He didn't say “hi”, he just said, "Come over” and gave an address across the city.

I was excited by the idea of having him and his dick dominating me as I replayed last times toilet fuck in my head.  I quickly clean up and cleaned out pulled on an old T Shirt, Trackies and flip flops, then hailed a cab to take me to him and my fate.

"You may enter, slave", he said when I pressed the buzzer to his flat, “It’s the Penthouse, so no one can hear your screams when I Poz rape you. Again and again, until your ass is so sore and so filled with spunk it turns into a pussy."

He was waiting at the door, radiant and domineering in leather harness, chaps and biking boots, his balls full and thrust forwards due to a metal cockring, his dick angry looking, red and exceeding hard with a barbed 0 gauge PA shiny with pre-cum drooling from his piss slit.

He pulled me close, let his hands go around my body so they could squeeze my ass and whispered in my ear, “Slave get ready for fun and games!” I got butterflies in my stomach thinking about it as he moved away and told me to close my eyes. I took a few deep breaths to calm down.

I screamed in surprise when in a split second I was twisted, pushed down on the floor, landed on my back with him on top of me. I tried to hit and kick him, but I wasn't really fighting for my life, just putting up a show. He slapped me across the face and wrestled me over on my stomach. I tried to get away, but he held me in place with a hand between my shoulder blades while sitting on my butt. He was twice as heavy as me so I really couldn't go anywhere when he was sitting on me. I felt him rip my t-shirt off and then holding the knife to my neck. I was told not to move as he quickly cut the seam of my trackies and then with his strong hands split my legs further apart as I felt him caressing me roughly while he told me again to be still if I wanted to live. Two fingers were pushed inside me hole hard. There was no lube on them so I screamed fearing he was going to fuck me dry raw. He ignored me and made my tight hole open up using his two fingers. I felt something being cold rubbed into my ass. Lube of some sort, in my dilemma my senses were heightened, cum by the smell of it and lot's of it. He got his fingers out and laid on top of me, positioning his fat PA’d dickhead at my quivering hole. His right hand guided his dick and his left covered my mouth. I was breathing heavily through my nose while I waited for that first thrust to come. He let me wait.

Then I felt the sharp pain as his dickhead breached the barrier of my ring as the barbed PA tore through the flesh. He started pumping right then and there with just the head in, slowly getting more inside me with hard thrusts. I half muffled screamed, half moaned through his fingers, it hurt bad and I had tears in my eyes. He sat up halfway to get better leverage and really pounded into me. As he did so I was able to catch my breath and calm down slightly, relaxing my hole so he could get more of it in me.  His response, “It’s only half way in.” and as if to prove that point he pushed the rest inside, balls deep. Once there, he lifted my hips from the ground and wiggled to really get every millimetre inside my ass causing as much damage as possible.

With his monster dick still buried deep in my chute he turned me round, lifted me to a doggy-style on my hands and knees and grabbed the back of my hair as he experimentally pumped in and out a few times before he started slamming into me getting thoroughly fucked.  
That's when my blood froze, because I saw another man standing only a few feet away. Watching, wanking with a big shit eating grin across his face, “Ah ha Davey, our play thing for the night I presume?”

The pace changed, the thrusts got deeper and harder and more regular. I love an audience so let out a moan, “Ummmm yeah. Deeper the better. Harder faster Davey.  Break my hole, POZ MY HOLE I scream. “Noisy demanding fucker aint he?”

I started moving my hips to make him go deeper. I felt a few hard slaps on my ass and I felt his dick swell inside me, making me wonder if that monster could really get any bigger. He slammed his dick as deep in as it could possibly go and came, jettisoning its poisoned cargo of HIV. It was like hot lava was being spewed burning into my bowels. He pulled me back so I was sitting on his dick. It didn't go limp.  “You call me SIR not Davey.” He jabbed his steel like dick in my well worked chute three more times and then asked, “You got that?”

“Yes Sir!” was my immediate response.

The man with the wicked smile on his face caressed my inner thighs and played with my nipples. I was really close to coming, but not quite on the point of no return, I just needed more.

Sir pulled out and pushed me on my back. Before I could get up the other guy was on top of me rubbing his dickhead on my freshly fucked cunt lips. His cock wasn't as long as Sirs, but it was still big. He held my legs up and positioned his hard dick at my hole, I push open and swallow his cock all the way in until his shaved balls were resting on my up turned ass. He positioned himself on top of me and started furiously fucking. His long dicking without a PA didn't hurt as much so I was moaning out in no time. My own dick was aching to come from the pounding on my prostate as a puddle of pre-cum pooled over my T Shirt. I wanted top egg him on but realised that would only antagonise both of them so simply began writhing under him, but he came in me before I could come, his cock pulsed 6 distinct explosions in my guts before he pulled out with a long strand of pink cum still joining us.

"Not enough?" my Sir asked me as I lay alone on the floor. I shook my head. "Maybe you need more dick inside you then?"

“Yes please Sir…whatever you think best.”

“More POZ dick it is then Slave.”

He pushed his dick up my abused hole and fucked me slow and despite the pain from the evil PA ripping my delicate skin I moaned and moved my hips to meet his thrusting. “Fuck it.” I panted and quietly thought to myself, “Poz me up, convert me into your Poz slave for you and your friends to use and abuse any time you want. I need this.” He deftly removed my T Shirt and with his left hand played with my nipple,

“Don’t make a sound”

As his mouth started sucking then biting on my right nipple, hard. I bit my lip suppressing the need to scream out loud and a small trickle of blood escaped the corner of my mouth.

“Clean your mess off my dick Slave.” The other man said as I opened wide to allow his still rock-hard flesh in, he rubbed over my wound and into the wetness of my mouth as I slurped all the Poz cum and ass juices from his penis.  All the time this was going on Sir was slowly fucking me. Too slowly I was moaning like a bitch in heat and I was desperate to make him fuck me harder so I could come.

He stopped sucking on my nipple. It felt sore and throbbed when his mouth left. "Slave, I'm going to pull out, get on your hands and knees." Hoping he would take me hard I did as soon as his dick slithered out of my hole. He got underneath me, pulled me down on him as my gaping hole engulfed his hardness sliding all the way inside my sore ass, but now I was confused…it couldn't be Sir’s cock. The angle was wrong but as I understood this Sir’s mushroom head started pushing at my already filled hole.

Shit! They weren't really gonna do that, were they? Oh yes that is exactly what was happening. 

“No, no, you’ll split me in two.” I pleaded for them to not do it, but they just laughed.

“Our little Poz Slave has to learn, Sir knows best and not to question.”

To make the point I had a series of slaps on my ass, my cheek felt red hot from the burn and the pain when both their dicks were inside me made m,y eyes roll back and I briefly passed out for a second only coming to as I felt them starting to thrust.

"Slave is such a slut. Fucked by two large cocks at the same time... I bet he likes it too", the strange man said.

"Yeah, look his little cock is harder than ever", Sir announced with a chuckle. He was squeezing my ass and holding cheeks apart at the same time as they alternated their strokes.

“yep we got ourselves a bleeder here.  Nice ripped up hole leaking blood and Poz cum.” Sir told me.

Each time one would thrust into me the other pulled back. I moaned. I hurt, but it felt good too.

"Listen to the slut, probably has the time of his life getting his ass split in two."

I blushed, because I couldn't stop moaning and my dick was being rubbed between my stomach and Sirs making me start to moan louder and louder with each thrust of their dicks and when I my climax hit I clenched my ass muscles tight, which hurt like Hell, as I pumped out a gallon of perhaps my last negative cum.  With each spurt from my dick my Sphincter clamped tight around both men’s dicks.  They moaned and came in me all at the same time. When they pulled out and left me alone on the floor I felt hot liquid, blood or sperm trickle out of my sore hole. I tried to get up but it hurt so much I just lay there.

“Get out Slave, we’re done with you…for today, Oh and don’t contact me, wait for my call. And another thing, don’t cum until I say”

The next time I heard from Sir was two and a half weeks later.

My phone rang, “How are you Slave?”

“Sick, I need to rest, I feel like shit.”

“Good we’ll be right over.”

I wasn’t about to complain, I hadn’t come since being DP’d and my hole was ready to be really sore once more.

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My fuck flu hit like a freight train; night sweats, chills constant runs to the toilet with sickness and diarrhoea, so after weeks of this I of course shed weight to reappear now feeling better with a lean body, mean (gaunt) faced with a raging hard cock ready to breed and infect.  No more bottom boy for me I’m ready to spread the love and share my toxic seed with anyone who wants it, knowingly or not.

There was no joy from the hook up Apps so decided to hit the sauna after work this afternoon.  I paid my entrance fee and was stripped down in the changing rooms when I heard a couple of twinks say,

"Why do I find him so fucking hot?" asked one to the other

"Because you have a death wish?" the other answered sarcastically, “look at how thin and wasted he is, he must be sick.”

It caught my attention and my dick started to rise arcing upwards as the blood pumping through my veins took it to full hardness at the thought of breeding one or both guys. They stopped their chatter glared me for a brief moment before returning to their conversation.

I couldn’t help but stop and stare at them, especially the one with his taught flawless swimmer’s body and chocolate brown hair that was an unruly mess and in desperate need of a cut. He caught me looking hungrily at him, our eyes fixed on each other’s eyes.

“Fuck, those eyes mate.” Was his opening line, “They make me feel like you see into my soul, revealing all of my darkest secrets.”

Yeah right!  Cheesy opening line or what, I thought of Twink 1, but I was somewhat distracted as his friend, Twink 2, bent over to pick up clothing that had fallen out of their locker revealing his muscular ass, a ripe peach I wanted desperately to dig my fingers into while I slowly, deliberately fucked his face. Yep, I had it bad for these two guys.

"You two look to be nothing but trouble.”  I eventually said.

“Yeah and you look to be a total bad ass, which is probably why I have the hots for you.” Twink 1 replied.

I nodded right, "Maybe we should head inside…" draping my arms across their broad shoulders I ushered them into the Sauna, plopped down in to the Jacuzzi and immediately one was kissing me, wet sloppy kisses, tongues jousting, exploring every crevice of my mouth.  The other, I told him where to go, nestling his face in my hairy chest letting him chew on my right nipple, as he slowly jacking my super hard and impatient to fuck cock. 

I hadn’t cum in weeks, I daren’t let his hand continue wanking me or I’d shoot, wasting the precious cargo, so I lifted myself up to the jacuzzi edge, “Boys it’s time to move next door to the fuck bench…that’s what you’re here for, right, to get fucked?”

Twink 1 was eager and willing, up and out of the jacuzzi and good to go whilst his friend just stood there, staring at me, a mix of fear and shock contorting his face.

“you are clean, aren’t you?” was all he said.

“Yeah, look I’ve just been in that sanitised jacuzzi so I’m chemically clean.”

“Nah, you know what I mean, you’re not bugged up are you?”

“No, disease free the last time I was tested.”  I proudly proclaimed, which was true, I just hadn’t bothered to go to the clinic after I got knocked up.

Satisfied with my reply, “That’s OK then” was all he said before skipping off to join his pal in the next room where the fuck bench had been replaced by what looked to be from the dim light emanating from the TV by a scuzzy stained old mattress as the screen played bareback porn of a Twink being roughly raped and bred by a muscled jock daddy.

“On all fours boys” I demanded, “Head down arse up, just the way I love to fuck.”

The pair immediately got in to position, with Twink 1 saying,
"You can do whatever you want to me"

“Oh, I intend to mate.”

Somewhere behind I heard a door close, then some movement in a dark corner of the room. I waited to see what would happen. Either someone was going to beat the shit out of me, maybe even try kill me for taking advantage of two Twinks, or he was just going to watch.  Whatever, it all added to the frisson of the occasion of my first pozzings making the hairs on the back of my head raise and my cock quiver in anticipation.

They were quiet once they felt the mattress moving as I crawled onto it. I moved into position above Twink 1, slid my pre-cum leaking big cock above the crevice of his butt cheeks. He responded by pushing his ass up to me…he heard me spit into my hand, then felt my bony fingers wet his hole, one, two and now three prodded and probed his most intimate opening, he squirmed around and grunted on my fingers as they dug in to the delicate flesh. He heard me spit again this time to lube up my cock and shaft, then gently pressed the head of my dick between his cheeks, keeping the pressure up and pop, right into his hole. I took in a deep breath and slowly drove my thick cock deep into him, filling his ass in a positive way it had never been filled before.

This wasn’t the first time he’d been fucked as he knew a few tricks to ward off the possibility of pain, but I made sure my thick cock still caused some initial discomfort as once I was in deep as I could be, I began pumping my cock in slow, short thrusts, changing directions but keeping him full. The feeling was so wonderful, I soon switched into a slow, long stroke that soon had me panting for breath in excitement.

Twink 2 silently waited his turn transfixed by the big, bold imagery on the TV screen before him.  He soon jumped as I jabbed two fingers in his peachy tight hole,

“Ummph!  Ahhhh fuck!  Shit it hurts.”

I ripped my fingers out and slapped his left butt cheek with a crack and immediately a red hand print welt appeared.

“Shut the fuck up and take it like a man.”

He did as instructed.  I sense he is biting his lip as I resume shoving my fingers in, “Push back like you’re going to shit” I bark at him and he complies instantly allowing both digits in to my knuckles allowing my to locate and scrape across his prostate, “Ummmm, Oh yeah! Don’t stop doing that…Ahhhh!” is all I hear from him now.  “Fuck me, please fuck me, I need your cock. I need it NOW!”

I pull out of Twink 1, his now damaged chute slick with dangerous pre-cum the little tares already letting my deadly DNA invade his bloodstream and slam straight into Twink 2.  My cock marking my first victims as I squeeze out as much pre-cum to ease the way and soon I feel my cockhead massaging his prostate.  His cunt already feels wet and with every luxurious stroke my tempo quickens and I felt my body tingle all over, my nipples becoming erect, sending little jolts of pleasure shooting through my body as they brush over the sweaty body beneath me. For his part, Twink 2 just lays there, squirming and moaning as he set my body on fire with passion, a passion to infect.

I knew I would not last too much longer so began fucking harder and harder until I am slamming my long, thick cock all the way out and back into him with every thrust. My big HIV loaded balls slapping against his taint, my sweat splashing down. Suddenly my bashing his prostate hit blast off as he shook like he was about to explode, then screamed with ecstasy as he pumped his load all over the messy mattress leaving his own mark in half a dozen blasts. I held on to his flesh for dear life as his trembling sphincter squeezed down on my shaft bringing me closer and closer to a poisoning orgasm which climbed with each thrust, edging me to a point of madness before I finally reached my breaking point.

"FUCK! I'm cumming! Take it, Take it" I screamed into the darkness as each toxic thrust became more erratic, more powerful, I stopped pumping, then abruptly slammed in deep and unloaded days’ worth of venom from my balls into his battered and cum frothy ass.

“Wow! Fuck, that was the best fuck of my life” he gasped.

Collapsing on top of him, I pumped my cock deep in him for another few minutes, God I was so horned up at what I had just done.  I wanted to go again, but had Twink 1 waiting for attention so reluctantly I pulled out, rolled off him and laying face up on the mattress watched the man emerge from the shadows, cock in hand, his body a mass of intricate tribal tattoos and yet as I studied them I immediately noticed biohazard tats hidden within the designs.  I smiled and nodded approval as he knelt down and rammed his cock in to the freshly fucked Twink 2 right there on the bed next to me.

All the time whilst this had been happening Twink 1 had been respectfully waiting…and now his buddy, being fucked slowly and gently by the stranger, watches me intensely, hypnotized by my slow rhythmic wanking teasing out copious amounts of toxic pre-cum from the angry red piss slit from the rough fuck I had just given him.

I wink at him and thought about the HIV flowing from my cock ready to infect this young lad waiting for me to act which only made my cock pulse to a super hard weapon as I move forward and smear the deadly viscus liquid around Twink 1’s pink hole.  I lined my drooling poz cock against his puckered hole, “I think you’re ready to be my slutty little bottom boy.  That’s what you want isn’t it?” I asked

He nodded, I had him in my power. I felt a rush going through me I pumped some precum onto the ring of his pink winking hole and rubbed my big mushroom head against it.  He grunted as the head popped in, then yelled out loud as I slammed the whole length in to the root, my balls resting on his butt cheeks momentarily, I use my hands to spread his ass open wide and as I did this, I leaked more precum into his chute and thought about pozzing the boy.

 “There’s my little bottom boy. I knew you’d show your true self. Such a tight hole. Such a hungry hole,” I tell him as I ease back and work more cock in, sliding in and out working it deeper and deeper and it got easier with my precum lubing the walls of his ass. I wasn’t going to last long, though, I started pistoning more aggressively on the tight hole, slap, slap, slap, skin on skin is the only sound I hear.  I look down at how my shaft was penetrating that pink ring. His hole gripped my cock, the ass lips elongating as I drag my dick out, then pushed back in as I bottom out on the next in stoke.

He yelped and winced, but seemed a real natural bottom boy, “Oh yeah, fuck yeah, so close so close to filling your hole up with cum. Take it. Take that big dick. Earn that cum load right out of my cock,”  I was urgent to impregnate and knock up his cunt.

"your ass is great, I can't hold back my load much longer. do you want me to cum?".  He replied with a loud moan then whispers, "yes".

"Inside you?".... "Yessss. come inside me!" is the now urgent response.

"No matter what?"... "Just do it!".

"Are you sure? I will knock you up...your ass will be mine, forever...”

“Yeah!  Make it yours".

Suddenly the connection is broken, a hand slaps Twink 2 across his face.  “LOOK AT ME BITCH!” I hear and watch as he cranes his head back at the anonymous guy fucking him.

“I want you to remember this, always look in to the guy’s eyes when he fucks you, ESPECIALLY WHEN HE IS ABOUT TO CUM IN YOUR ASS!” than announces,  “I’M CUMMING!!!!”  And between hard rasping breathing, “I’M BEEDING YOUR ASS, CLAIMING IT AS MINE.”  Then turning to me says, “FILL HIS CLEAN HOLE!” nodding in the direction of Twink 1.

I pick up my pace, punctuate each thrust with a grunt as I feel hot, quickly followed by that familiar tingle deep in my balls, rising fast, too fast, no stopping it now, I grunt. "I'm cumming" plunging my dick in as deep in his ass as I can. “Aaaaagh!” I felt my shaft pulse and my cock slit open wide as my dick unleashes toxic cum with each orgasmic twitch of my shaft,  Poz cum blasts out coating his unprotected ass,  spewing my poison firing red hot swimmers burrowing deep inside the torn and ripped soft tissue of his ass walls.  I wait a few seconds firing yet more as I start fucking him hard again.

"Oh yeah, I'm still coming... do you feel my toxic cum breeding you?".

His head does a double shake as I know he’s registered the word 'toxic', there’s no “STOP!” or frantic, “Pull out” but he simply pushes back impaling himself deeper on my weapon, forcing my charged DNA deeper in to his battered colon.

“Ummm you’re one well bred bitch!" I moan and lick his ear as I continue fucking making sure that every ounce of demon seed is well massaged into his gut.

Both me and the other Top pull out together, high five and simultaneously look down at our still rock-hard dicks for evidence of a positive conversion; seeking blood stains amongst the cum and ass juice slick sheen of our dick skin.  Pleased with the result of my likely first Pozzings we leave the cum dumps ready for the group of guys who gathered around as together we hit the showers to wash away the evidence.  I feel elated, puff my chest out and just know I have the biggest grin plastered on my face.  Life is sweet.





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From neg cumdump to stealth poz top in a few easy steps.

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    • By arseontap
      I recently went of PreP to give my body a bit of a break and had planned to be good for the time until I went back on it. There wasn't much happening where I was, so I thought it should be pretty easy to behave. But I am a cum hungry bottom slut that when faced with an opportunity just can't say no. A work trip to a main city came up quite suddenly and there was no time to start PreP again. I knew I wasn't going to be able to control myself. When I am horny and an opportunity arises there isn't enough cock or cum in the world to satisfy this bottom. I'm 38 and a modest 5'7" tall with an average to athletic build with a naturally smooth body (except below). 
      I looked up the personals and found a hot guy looking to practice his massage on guys. So I booked him in for 7pm with my fingers crossed I would get more than a happy ending. On the day I ended up finishing work early so thought I would post a random add on Grindr to see if I could get a load before the massage. One guy answered and said he was a tradie not far from me and that he was just finishing work and could do with losing a load. I gave him the address and he asked if I wanted to discuss status. I said not at all. I prefer not to know until the end at least.  He said he had to be somewhere in an hour so it would only be a pump and dump. I told him, once I open the door I was his to do whatever he wanted.
      About 15 minutes later I hear a knock at the door. I've cleaned out and pre-lubed my hole as i expected this would be quick. I opened the door and this guy was in his early 40s, 6" tall with a solid V body wearing work boots, king gee work pants and a king gee singlet with a gorgeous tuft of blonde chest hair. The perfect tradie specimen. He had dirty blonde shoulder length curly hair and a 3 day growth of blonde/ginger beard. He pushes me back from the door and shuts it behind him with his foot and pins me up against the wall near the door and lays a rough hard kiss on me. I could smell the smoke on his body and taste the smoke on his breath. He was already hard as I felt his huge cock press against my cock as he kissed me. I reach down to try to undo his shorts and he grabs my hand and moves it away. He licks my ear and whispers "you don't touch or do anything - your mine".
      He kisses me hard again and then spins me around and lifts both my hands above my head and tells me they are not to move at all. He grinds his hard cock against my arse while we both still have our shorts on. He kisses my ear and then my neck and then bites me a couple of times on my neck. It hurts a little, but just send electricity through my body and I get hard almost instantly. He then says "today is the day you are really gunna get fucked". He pulls my shorts down to my knees so hard they almost rip. I hear him unbutton his shorts and I feel his huge cock head rub hard against my arse crack. It feels huge about 9 inches and thick. He says "you ready for this? cause I don't have long, so it will be hard and fast, but you'll get what you want I am sure of it".
      Without any further warning he presses his cock head into my arse about an inch and I feel it crack the first ring. I yelp with pain but at the same time am so turned on. He places his right hand over my mouth and he then says, "that's enough foreplay" and shove the rest in balls deep in one thrust. I almost pass out. Without any time to adjust he begins to piston fuck me against the wall with no hesitation. He does this for about 5 mins before saying "here it comes". He grunts loudly and thrusts 2-3 deep thrusts in me and I can feel the warmth of his cum coating my insides. Around the fourth thrust he holds it there balls deep inside me as he pumps his last drop of cum in me. I can feel his cock twitching inside me. He leans in and kisses my neck again and bites me again a few time as he holds his cock firmly inside me and then I feel his warm breath at my ear and he whispers "...that's it. Keep my toxic load in there. Let it take." He holds it there a few minutes as he continues to kiss and bite my neck and he is breathing deeply, and finally his cock goes soft and slides out. He tells me to stay that way until I hear the door close and within a few minutes he is gone. 
      I am sore and so turned on all in the same moment. I know I have just taken my first toxic load and I am still hard at the thought of it. I decide to embrace the idea and I go to me suit case and grab my but plug and shove it in. I may as well roll with it I decide.
      Massage guy comes an hour later and in next story.
    • By Lazyzombie16
      Looking for some tops to breed me and turn me into the cum pig i want to be 
      Extreamly kinky here really turned on by stealthing, rape and gangrape
    • By jackdaw
      The All-Natural Massage

       I answered his ad offering 1-hour massages. The address provided was for a small house in a quiet neighborhood on the west side. I guess he worked out of his home. When I rang the bell there was a pause and then the door opened.

      “Hi! I’m Ken. You must be Cliff! Come on in!”

      The well-proportioned man, standing in front of me on bare feet, was quite good-looking! He had a deep tan, curly blond hair and a ready smile. He was wearing only a gauzy tank top and a pair of white terrycloth shorts. As my gaze surreptitiously travelled down his body, I could tell that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. His cock and balls kept shifting beneath the soft fabric, their outline clearly visible.

       He led me down a short hallway and through a doorway at the end.

      “I use this room for my massage studio,” he said.

      The room was simply furnished with a couple of chairs, a floor lamp and, on a table in the corner, soothing music emanated from a CD player. The pleasing smell of sweet incense hung in the air. In the center of the room stood a large sturdy massage table covered with a clean white sheet.

      Ken asked me to get undressed and said I could put my clothes on one of the chairs. “You can keep your briefs on, if you like.”

      I felt a little shy, but did as he instructed.

      “Hop up onto the table,” he said! “Just lie on your stomach and relax! You told me on the phone that you’ve never had a massage before. You’re gonna be in for a real treat!”

      As I got comfortable, he told me that he’d been a licensed masseur for over 10 years. His style, he explained, could be summed up in one word: “natural.”

      “Yep! Natural oils, natural scents, natural touch. Nothing could be finer!”

      To my surprise, he then removed his shorts and shirt. He stood naked before me. His cock, framed by a large bush of dense, curly black hair, bobbed mere inches from my face. It seemed to be swelling slightly, as if happy to be set free. I guessed that, when fully erect, it would probably be pretty big. What seemed to be a clear drop of pre-cum glistened on the very tip. Sagging heavily behind his penis, two large egg-shaped balls swayed back and forth, suspended in a soft hairy sac.

      “I like to be nude when I’m working…naked as the day I was born. It feels more natural, more right. Nothing like the feel of bare skin! I hope you don’t mind!”

      I didn’t know what to say…so I didn’t say anything!

      He started the session, massaging my feet and legs, working his way up along my body. His touch felt wonderful. His experienced hands kneaded and stroked my cares away.

      “That’s it,” he said. “Just let yourself go! Let your aches and cares and inhibitions slip away.”

      I gave myself over to the pleasure of his touch. He had me turn over onto my back and resumed his efforts on my body, once again working his way up from my feet. Magic fingers! Did that sound too corny?

      He then disclosed, “By the way… I’m HIV-positive. I hope that’s not a problem for you.”

      “I guess that’s OK,” I stammered.

      “You know, of course,” he added, “that my virus can only be transmitted by an exchange of bodily fluids such as blood or semen, not by the touch of bare flesh on flesh. Besides, even if I was to fuck someone right here on the table, there’s no guarantee they’d catch my bug in just one try.”

       “Do you take that daily PrEP?” I enquired. “Doesn’t that keep your viral load in check?”

      He laughed! “I wouldn’t use that stuff if you PAID ME! I hardly ever get tested, but my count is usually pretty high! For better or worse, I’d rather keep healthy the natural way. I follow a strict dietary & exercise regimen every day.”

       “Yeah!” he continued. “Natural’s the only way to go. Hell, I even have sex naturally. You won’t find any condoms around here!”

      This sure sounded risky to me, but I didn’t think it was my place to say anything.

      He interrupted my thoughts. “Here! Lift up your hips for a minute!” Without much hesitation, I did as I was told. Ken grasped my briefs by the waistband and with one sharp tug, they were down to my knees. “I bet that’s a bit more comfortable!”

      One of his hands cupped my nuts. “Mmmm! Nice balls you got there,” he said as he gently rolled them around in the palm of his hand.

      He grinned and asked, “What kind of seed you got in here anyway? Negative?” I BLUSHED! 

      “I KNEW it! So…These balls are full of neg seed? That’s kinda hot! You know…my poz hands…all over your neg body.”

      His talk was getting me both flustered and, at the same time, turned on. My dick inched across my belly as it began to grow.

      Ken smiled! “Maybe we should get you out of these briefs. I’m thinking, they’ll just get in the way.” He pulled them off, tossing them on the chair with the rest of my clothes.

      I wanted to question his actions, but Ken just shook his head. “Don’t worry,” he said! “I do this all the time.”

      He went back to fondling my testicles, gently rolling and tugging on them. By now, my cock was fully erect. I was embarrassed that my excitement was so obvious.

      One of Ken’s fingers found my sphincter. At first it made little circles, but soon the tip started nudging and poking, seeking admission. “You’re awfully tight down here, Cliff. I’m going see if can get you to loosen up a little!”

      I guess I started to get nervous. Everything seemed to be happening so fast. I tried to sit up, but he placed his hands on my shoulders and eased me back down again. “Don’t worry, Baby! I know just the thing to totally relax you.”

      He leaned forward and engulfed my straining cock in his mouth. His wet lips fastened on the shaft and his tongue started swirling around the sensitive head.

      “How’s that feel, now? Better? I thought so. You know…your body is VERY responsive. Your penis is so fucking stiff.” With that, he resumed his oral attentions. Suddenly, I became aware that his probing finger had found its way up inside me. He pulled away and looked at me.

      “You know…my finger…my POZ finger…has penetrated your butt. Technically, my virus is now…INSIDE YOU! What do you think…does that turn you ON?”

      To my utter shame, my body stiffened, my hips bucked and, without even being touched, my dick began to gush sperm.

      Ken leered and said, “Yeah! That’s what I thought! Deep down, your body knows what it wants!”

      He bent forward and took my spurting penis back into his mouth. “Mmmm!”

      After he had drained me and lapped up the spilled seed, he gazed at me and said, “You know…lots of my clients have gotten turned on by thoughts like that…just like you did. Hell…I’ve had clients get SO HOT they actually BEGGED me to fuck them…fuck them right here on the table…despite knowing I would probably knock them up. I mean, I hardly ever go ahead and actually do it, but once in a while…you know…a guy like me has needs too! I wanna get laid…just like the next guy!”

      I wanted to protest but his lips sealed over mine, his tongue snaking into my mouth, dueling with mine…distracting me…confusing me.

      Ken returned to my cock, kissing and licking at it. Amazingly, I got hard again almost instantly!

      “Ready for more, I see,” he said, smirking. “Mmmm! Just the way I like it.” His head descended on my rigid shaft. For the next 20 minutes or so, he kept me right on the edge, several times backing off when he felt my body tighten in anticipation of cumming again. I felt lost in a haze of sexual stimulation!

      At some point, something shifted in the mood. Somehow, I could tell that the focus was shifting away from my needs over to Ken’s.

      I looked at him as his mouth came off my cock, ropes of his saliva dripping down onto me. His face took on an odd expression. “I think you’re ready, Baby! It’s time to have some fun!”

       He went to the foot of the table and, grasping my ankles, he started to raise my legs. “I’m gonna get up on the table with you! That’ll make things a lot easier.” As he climbed up, his shoulders naturally began pushing my legs back, forcing my knees down against my chest.

      He kept looking into my eyes, telling me it was going to be OK. “This is what you want, Baby…and I’m going to give it to you!”

      I wanted to resist but he kept kissing away my protests. I could feel his cock bobbing against my hole, his dickhead leaving a slippery trail of goo. I knew that he was trying push into me, but, stiff as he was, his cock kept slipping, owing to the copious amounts of pre-cum that was leaking all over.

      Here I was, on the verge of letting a total stranger fuck me, knowing that he would end up filling me with his toxic ejaculate. Panicking, I started to struggle.

      “Hey!” he barked! “You want me to have to get a little rough? Is that it? You want it rough?”

      “No!” I whimpered! And with that, my resistance vanished. I was ready to submit.

      “Please!” I implored. Again and again I said the word, not sure exactly what I was begging for. “PLEASE!”

      My body surrendered as well as my spirit. My hole, which had been clamped tight as a last defense, now opened, giving him full permission to enter me. I could feel his girth as he slid in, stopping only when he could penetrate no further.

      He sighed in satisfaction. “I can’t last as long as I used to, but I can still get the job done. You might not convert, but if you do, you’re gonna love having a part of me growing inside you.”

      “Please!” There was that word again!

       Ken started up a nice and easy pistoning motion. “Fuck, yeah! Skin on skin! All-natural…just the way it’s supposed to be…just the way I like it!  Fuck! You being NEGATIVE…me being POSITIVE…that makes it SO HOT, don’t you think?”

      He lowered his mouth and pressed his lips tightly to mine, cutting off any possibility of my answering that question.

      He settled into the slow steady rocking motion with his hips. He breathed into my ear, “I’m in no hurry, Baby!”  Occasionally, he’d rotate or grind his hips so I was always aware of his large cock as it moved within me. The constant repetition mesmerized me to the point where my thoughts and worries ebbed away. As the repetitive power of the fuck took hold of my senses, I lost track of time.

      Ken’s voice drifted in from somewhere. “Is this what you want, Baby? I need you to tell me!”

      I moaned in response.

      He said, “Say ‘Yes!’ I want to hear you say ‘yes!’”

      I moaned again! Louder this time!

      “SAY IT!”

      I opened my eyes and looked up at him, felt him deep inside me. “Yes!” I said. “Please…YES!”

    • By ThisGuy
      Hey, guys, I'd like to get an idea of if there are some gifters in the Toronto area. I'd really like to make contact and set up some piggy times so I can get my ass knocked up with as much poz cum as possible. Especially love the idea of taking full-blown loads, too. AIDS.  Even if this isn't you but you know someone, I'd really love to hear from them, too. I've been desperate for this for too long now and would really love to make it happen. 
      I was meant to be a cum-hungry, poz cumdump for all loads.
    • By jackdaw
      Hospice Worker

      Today was my first day on the job as an AIDS Hospice worker. My agency provides in-home services and proudly specializes in what they term “loving care.” I had received hours and hours of training, but this was to be my very first case.

      I was 2 minutes late when I rang the doorbell. A tall, fair-haired man opened the door. He had a pleasant face but at that moment, he looked tired and rather stressed out. He stepped back and beckoned me to enter. “Hi! I’m Bill. You’re here to see Martin, right?”

      I replied, “Yes! Hi…I’m Joey…from the agency!”

      “Well…thank God that you’re here!” he said. “He’s been asking for you!”

      “I’m not sure how much longer he’s going to last,” Bill said as he walked me up the stairs to the master bedroom, which had been converted into a sort of hospital room. “I know that he’s excited to be seeing you! He’s been saying that there’s something that he wants to give you before he goes.”

      I didn’t know what he was referring to, but…looking back…would it have made any difference? I was trained to see to any and all needs that my client had, right to the very end.

      Bill tapped on the bedroom door and opened it gently. “Martin? Are you awake? Joey’s here to see you!”

      After entering, I saw Martin lying on the hospital bed. Although now he was emaciated by the disease, at one time he must have been a rather fit and good-looking man. He had a ready smile and I could still see a passionate fire smoldering in his eyes!

      He said, “You must be Joey! I’m SO GLAD to finally meet you…SO GLAD that we can spend some time together!” He turned to Bill, “Could you bring Joey a cup of tea?”

      Tea is not really my thing, but like I said, I’m here to serve. When Bill returned with a cup and saucer, I murmured my thanks!

      Bill nodded and said, “Well…I’ll leave you two alone. I’ll check back in a bit!”

      There were no chairs in the room. Martin patted the spot next to him on the mattress, “Here! Come sit on the edge of the bed next to me. We can get to know each other.”

      I sat down, holding the tea saucer on my lap. We chatted about this and that. Even though this was our first encounter, he seemed exceedingly pleased to have me there. His cheeks had a feverish flush and his eyes burned brightly.

      “So…how’s your tea? Earl Grey, is it?” he inquired.

      I politely took a sip and said, “I’m not sure…but it tastes good!”

      Out of the blue, he asked me about my HIV status. When I informed him that I was HIV-Negative, his face lit up with an amazing smile. It was like the sun suddenly coming out from behind the clouds.

      “I, on the other hand,” he said, “have an incredibly high viral level! I bet that I’d convert you…I mean, someone like you…in no time at all! It makes me horny, just thinking about it!”

      His hand found its way onto my thigh. As we continued talking, he left it there. It didn’t really bother me, so I said nothing. Soon, however, his fingers began to trace lazy circles, almost as if he was trying to seduce me. In the interests of propriety, I tried shifting my leg a little but his remained perched where it was. He kept telling me to finish my tea, so before long, the cup was empty.

      I started to feel unusually tired.

      Martin asked, “Are you OK?”

      I answered, “Yeah…it’s just that all of a sudden I really feel like going to sleep.”

      Martin’s response was, “That’s just the knock-out drops kicking in. Don’t worry! They only last a few minutes. Here now…just relax! You’ll be alright!” I heard him call out, “Bill!” and vaguely heard the bedroom door open.

      As if from a distance, I heard Bill’s voice say, “I’ll get his things off!” Hands tugged at my clothes and then, at some point, I was aware of being naked. Bill’s voice came again. “Here you go! Up on the bed with you!”

      After that, I must have drifted off. At some point, my eyes popped open. I could feel what must be a large stiff cock, inching its way up inside me. Where was I? Someone’s fingers were playing weakly with my nipples. I became aware of someone’s hot labored breath on the back of my neck.

      I managed to speak. “Martin? Is that YOU?”

      A voice said, “Relax! I told you that you’d be alright! It’s just me! I wasn’t sure you’d want me making love to you…you know…you being NEGATIVE…and with my AIDS and all. This will be my last time and I wanted it to be with someone special like you. I hope you won’t hold this against me for doing this.”

      Once I was past the initial shock of my situation, I was able to put things into perspective. Martin had needs. Needs that only I could fulfill for him. Wasn’t that part of my job, after all?

      Martin, along with so many others, was entitled to the same joys and physical pleasures as the rest of us. I felt as if were my duty to open myself to him and provide what comfort I could.

      His hips started moving, pumping his organ in and out of my hole. God, it felt so good! His hands continued to paw at my chest as my back arched with delight. In his weakened state, he didn’t last very long.

      “Joey!” he cried. “Take my SEED! I’m passing my virus on to YOU! Treasure it! Keep it safe within you and let it flourish and grow. Let my DNA join with yours! That way…I’ll live on inside of YOU!”

      His body started to spasm. His hips slammed into me 3…4…5 times…and then held against me as the last of his toxic sperm drained into me.

      “Don’t move! he whispered imploringly! “Let my seed find a place to latch on to your innards and begin to multiply! It’s my GIFT to YOU!”

      It was the least I could do to remain there with him still inside me, his last diseased load beginning its assault on my immune system.

      A few minutes later, Martin passed away, a contented smile on his face.

      Bill re-entered the bedroom and helped me disengage myself. He handed me something and said, “Martin was hoping that you would use this!” It was a butt plug. “He wanted you to give his bug the best chance to spread throughout your body!”

      That made perfect sense. I won’t clean out tonight. I’ll keep his gift inside me & cherish it as a way to honor Martin and keep some part of him alive inside me.

      All I know is that, from now on, I’ll let our clients know that I’ll willingly offer my body as an incubator for their their viral seed.

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