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Raleigh-Durham-Cary top with Glory Hole?

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 I cannot host but I am looking for  a glory hole where I could  service tops  in the Raleigh-Durham-Cary area. No Pegasus or arcade places like that.  If you have or set a discreet GH, just let me know.



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    • By Hungtop4barehole
      I had gotten really good at posting on Craigslist when it was still up.  I posed as a married guy who had never been with anyone except my wife and I was looking for a young princess who also had only been with one guy and wanted to see what it was like to be with another man.  Myself at 6'1 tall and lean muscled body and a big dick I would get lots of replies.  I could not hit up all the young ones right away but would circle back after deleting all the Bull Shit responses.
      There were ten really great response, six from white girls, three Latin girls and one Asian.  For what I had planned this week I had a hard time picking between one innocent white girl and the little Asian who would have made a great little cunt to use.  I began talking to both and made my decision based on their partners schedules.  I would work that little Asian girl over later since her boyfriend was in town and she could not be gone for more than a few hours without him knowing she was up to something.  Now Molly, the white girl husband was going to be gone on a hunting trip in the mountains and would gone for five days starting on Thursday.  Bingo, that as perfect!
      We decided to meet on Thursday for a drink at a bar about 40  minutes from where she lived, it was more than an hour from where I live and it was close to a hotel I have stayed at that has these little remote cabins that are not attached to each other and would be perfect for what I had planned. We time to get to know each other for about a week each day when her hubby went to work.  I found out she was was not on BC, she said we had to use protection.  I asked her when her last period was for two reasons, I wanted to make sure our timing was right and I also wanted to track her general ovulation cycle to see if she would be ovulating while we were together and that is why the condom.  It could be she just wanted to be safe so I wanted to find out.  Based on her last period it was my first suspision, she was indeed going to be ovulating over that week. I convinced her to not make any plans in case we hit it off we could play around a few times while he was away.  She told me a lot about him,  they had been trying to have a baby but it had no worked and she still hoped to have one.  She loved sex and wanted to know what it would be like to take a bigger dick than her husbands.  He was 7" but on the thin side.  She complimented me on my thick 8.5 inches and admitted she never even sucked another guys dick.  She also admitted she loved being eaten out but her hubby doesn't often do that for her. 
      I know she was going to be fun, Wednesday I had her set out what she was going to wear on Thursday, I told her I wanted to think about how hot she was and what she would look like walking in the bar.  I had other reasons for having her do that as I had set up another Craigslist ad for a gang bang.  Little while girl needs lots of cock and cum was the headline.  I received over 100 responses. It is always the case even though I specified what I was looking for everyone wanted to toss their hat in the ring and take a go. For the first and second night I was very choosy.  I immediately deleted 30 of them as old, fat and creepy.  I had some young college guys, blue color types, Latins, BBC's and two Middle Eastern Types.  They continued to come in and I saved the best ones.
      I found out who was free this Thursday thru Monday evening and shared a few more pictures of our price almost virgin we were going to breed.  Gave them the hotel info and got their numbers to text in a group about our beauty.  There were 23 who said they were available Thursday.  Molly and I mad plans to meet at 1 in the afternoon on Thursday,  just hours after her hubby left.  I had taken Thursday, Friday and Monday off.  I made to the bar at 12:30 and already had a drink waiting.  I order one for her as she told me she loves the drink Sex on the Beach.  I had some G with me and T back in the hotel room and knew we were going to have a great time.
      I told her to text me when she parked and she did.  It was 12:55 and I took the vile out and put some G in her drink and put it away.  A few minutes later, in walks Molly in some killer fuck me pumps, tiny mini skirt and tube top.  She was fucking hot, I started to bone as she walked toward me.   She was hotter than I had imagined, I text everyone "do not text me back but our little slut is here and I will have her ready in an hour."
    • By ChiDirtDog
      Friday night I was super horned up but really wasn’t in the mood for anything too complicated or time consuming. It was also really late (2 AM) so as a compromise I decided to hit the local bookstore and stay until they closed at 4 AM. So after cleaning out and packing my typical ABS supplies (lube, poppers, cockrings, wet wipes and video supplies just in case something hot goes down I want to “document for posterity”), I drive to the bookstore and find it to be decently festive for this time at night. 
      As is often the case that late at night, I was wanting to get fucked, and do it in the most slutty means possible which meant backing my ass up to the gloryhole and playing the waiting game. There were lots of lookie loos but few guys actually engaging. It’s always exciting hearing footsteps and the next booth’s door close. And from experience for every 5 guys who look into the hole and see an anonymous asshole maybe 1 will immediately unzip and knock you up. 
      So we have -0- loads and a guy who fucked for a minute, didn’t cum and quickly ran out by the time it was 3:00. I was just about to call it a night when footsteps were followed by an exploring finger. Said finger was quickly replaced with a hard cock. I lustfully rode him for all his worth and he came quick. What I didn’t realize was that in the commotion someone else had entered to booth and almost instantly replaced spent cock with a thicker one. After fucking me for a minute he pulled out, leaned in and whispered “do you mind if I video this?”. That got my blood pumping and I “of course not, if you allow me to do the same”. He agreed and I saw the telltale light shining through the Gloryhole. I grabbed my phone as he pushed back into my sloppy hole and filmed him obviously enjoying the fact I had one in the chamber. I’m honestly not sure how many times he nutted, but it really doesn’t matter because the sex and his attitude was hot as fuck. Totally saved the night and made for a really hot vid
    • By SpunkRocket
      I’ve started to come out of my shell a bit. Even though I identify as straight and am in a serious relationship with a woman, I occasionally like to get some anon dome at bookstores. Tonight I was out getting take out and decided I wanted to bust a nut through a glory hole so I could last longer with the girlfriend tonight. I stopped at Big Eye and 2nd Street and they were both a total let down. Just some other guys looking to get sucked and no cocksuckers/bottoms. Now I’ve still never knowingly fucked a man’s ass but I’ve been thinking that if some hungry cocksucker on the other side of the GH decided to take initiative, I wouldn’t end the encounter. 
      Anyway I’ve heard time and time again that Viewpoint and 98th Street have the best action, but 98th Street is across from a truck stop (I don’t want to get sucked by a trucker) and Viewpoint is in an extremely bad neighborhood with a big meth problem, and I don’t want to deal with tweakers either, not to mention both stores are very far from my house. I shop at Video Maxxx a lot because they have a great popper and lube selection (mostly used by my girlfriend, but I have a large aneros massager that I can’t use without them), but I’ve never even noticed whether they have an arcade or not. 
      Many years ago there was a dirty, seedy ABS on Edith called Mr. Peepers. Right after I turned 18 my friends made me go through an “initiation” that required me to spend 30 minutes in the theater. In that 30 minutes I was cruised/hit on by several old trolls, and witnessed man on man action for the first time. If that place were still open I have no doubt I would have blown many loads through their glory holes by now. 
      I want to add that while I’m becoming more interested in M4M and barebacking (I haven’t used a condom in close to a decade), I don’t identify as gay or bisexual (no physical attraction to men but with glory holes a mouth is a mouth and an ass is an ass), and have no desire to meet other memebers here in person, so please try to keep this thread limited to ABS recommendations and not arranging IRL meets. 
    • Guest Hijinx33
      By Guest Hijinx33
      I'm a married bi guy who will be traveling through Dallas and staying for a few days in early december.  I have done the usually google searching for best bath houses,  bars, arcades etc, but i want to know what locals think. 
      Best hotel for in/out anon cumdump?
      Best arcade for bb action?
      Any other tips or points of interest.   Thank you all in advance. 
    • By Mtfujisx
      It was late and I was drunk and horny as I past an adult video store. I decided that since I struck out at the bar I could at least get my cock drained by some fag in a video booth, hey a mouth is a mouth, right?!?
      I find an empty booth and lock the door or at least I tried locking the door. No time to waste, I really wanted to bust my nut before going home so I put money in the video machine and pulled out my cock and went to work hoping someone would peek through the hole and ask to suck it.
      It took a few minutes until I hear some guy telling me I had a really nice cock and how hot it was to watch me stroke. He said he was ready to leave but offered me a little bottle of poppers.......I had never tried poppers but he said it would make my orgasm more intense....... so I took them and tried a few sniffs and started feeling more horny and felt my cock start throbbing.
      I figured if a little felt good then move would feel better and inhaled very deeply in both nostrils and had to reach above the video monitor to hold the wall so I wouldn't fall over. I couldn't take my eyes off the video of some chick getting fucked from behind by a guy with a big black cock and I moaned as I stroked even faster.
      I was so wrapped up in this scene that I never heard the door open and some guy coming in until I suddenly feel a hand reaching over my hand and squeezing my cock as his other hand guided the poppers bottle under my nose as he wispers in my ear to breathe in and enjoy the feeling.
      I was still drunk and really caught in the rush of the poppers so much that I just let it happen. He then removed my hand from my cock and replaced it with his as he guided my hand to his bulging cock and got my started on rubbing it through his pants.
      He guided the poppers under my nose again and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and I held it tighter and started enjoying the feel of stroking him. I finally turned around to see he was a black guy with a very hard and big cock.
      He tells me he can tell I'm super excited and I should follow him to a larger booth and I was about to say no when he really pumped my cock and pushed the poppers back under my nose and I just gave in and inhaled deeply and next thing I know is he is leading me to another booth and everyone is looking at me and smiling when I realize he is still holding my cock as we are walking through the hallway.
      We get into a larger booth and he asked me if I like the way the poppers make me feel and I just smile and he says he wants to make me feel even better before I blow my load and go home and pulled out a pipe and said I didn't have to but it would feel way better than the poppers and held it up for me and I took it as he flicked the lighter saying to inhale deeply and hold it until he says to exhale.
      It seemed like an eternity but when I blew out the smoke I got the most intense head rush could barely see or hear anything except how fucking great I felt an then realized why as I was coming down. I looked an saw 2 more guys in the booth with us and they were holding my hands and pumping their cocks through them as the first guy was sucking and stroking my cock.
      I thought I would lose it right then. One of the other guys asks if I liked how his friend was sucking my cock and if it looks as hot as it feels and I could only moan. Then he said I've gone this far and maybe I should try sucking a cock just to see what it's like and as much as I tried not to let him know how hot that sounded, I let out another moan and he said..... don't think about it as he placed the pipe back in my mouth and this time I needed no encouragement, I quickly inhale deeply and pump the cocks in my hands faster until I lost track of time and what I was doing and when I started gaining control again, they are pushing me to my knees and telling me how much I will love sucking my first cock and pushed my head onto the first guys cock and I couldn't believe how much I wanted to suck it.
      They kept pushing the poppers under my nose again and again and again and again until it felt like they were touching every part of my body and I was losing control of everything and not even caring.
      They pulled me away from my cock sucking long enough to kiss me and blow smoke into my mouth and then give me the pipe again and sent my mind into the stratosphere. I feel my face being fucked by this big beautiful black cock and suddenly feel an intense heat inside me and I moan very loudly as this intense heat triggered my cock to explode and I heard one of the guys behind me groaning and grabbing my hips and pumping his load of cum into my now more than willing ass and before I could process what was really happening, the black guy started filling my mouth with his cum and then splashed the last few spurts on my face.
      I couldn't believe it!!!!!! I hated to admit it but i was in heaven. Just when I thought it was all over, the third guy asked if I wanted more and all I could say was: yes, but get me fucked up again and when you're finished, leave the door open when go...............

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