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The HIV Pit

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Part one


The HIV Pit
Here I was, young, 19 years old and a total prude. I was always quiet about my sexuality. I knew I was a bottom young and let a couple of men have sex with me safely when I was 18. I fell into all the safe sex propaganda shouted at us all through school.
I had managed to find a job in the city straight after school. I was focused on my career pretty firmly and knew what I had to achieve my goals. Mr Right was always on the back burner.
My desires though filtered through one Friday night. My team at work went out once a month for drinks when we finished up on Friday. I decided to head out. The tequila shots were soon flying and I was feeling pretty buzzed.
I didn’t mention that a few drinks makes me super horny. I couldn’ttry and cruise any of my work mates. That would just end in a trip to HR. I quickly googled gay saunas and found this one about ten minutes walk from where we were at. 
I quickly said bye to everyone and got on my way. The cool higher hit me and I was suddenly feeling a lot more drunk. I was just hoping to make it inside and not get rejected at the door.
I found the sauna and went through the door, paid my entry fee. The doorman staring at me the whole time. I told him I have never been there before. He replied “fresh meat. Look I got five minutes. Go have a shower and get into a towel and come and see me”
I quickly went and had a shower making sure I was as clean as I could. I still had a very tight small body that I was a little proud of. 
As I walked back I felt every single man in there watching me. I was still under the illusion I would be having some safe fun and was enjoying the attention.
The doorman saw me and put up a sign saying back in 5 minutes. He said “im John, let me show you around, on this level we have the wet area, showers, spa, sauna. Perfect for relaxing. Now up these stairs is the play area. We got private rooms, a video room like a cinema but for porn, glory holes where men get their cocks sucked and the best part. The dark room or as I like to call it The HIV Pit. You won’t see who is in there but I’m sure you will love it”.
I thanked him and he quickly handed me a little brown bottle. “On the house, I think you will need it.”





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Part two

As he walked away I couldn’t help but think this was risky. My resistance was lowered due to the alcohol and my mind was being controlled by my dick. The HIV pit. I have to avoid going in there.

I walked into the video room. A hot Euro stud getting nailed raw on the screen. Top with an obvious biohazard tattoo and some facial wasting. A group of guys quickly turned their attention off the screen and onto me.

“Look at him” I heard one of them whisper as I walked inside taking in the action on the screen. This older guy walked straight over and started touching me.

He forced my head down onto his throbbing cock a nice solid 7 inches and thick. I noticed he had a small scorpion tattooed next to his cock and thought nothing of it. 

I slobbered over this piece of meat as best I could. I soon noticed the other guys crowded over to me. I had five rock hard cocks all wanting a piece of my mouth. I took a deep hit of the poppers.

I felt my head being moved around and a different cock inside my mouth. I could tell I wasn’t going to get their cum yet so I got up off my knees. They all asked where I was going and I told them I needed a break to get my breath back.

I walked downstairs and hopped into the spa. I tried to relax myself a bit. I’ve never sucked so many cocks in my life. I was always so shy yet here I was openly sucking cock.

I got out of the spa and dried off. I decided to make sure my hole was clean and lubed up. I may as well have some safe fun. 

Now I was upstairs again and walking around when I noticed the dark room. Oh the HIV pit. I better steer clear of it. I then felt a man behind me push me inside and hands all over me. I couldn’t escape their clutches as I was pushed further inside.

I was bent over a bench and I felt my hands being strapped in to some harness. I couldn’t escape now no matter how hard I tried. I felt a hard slap on my ass as my towel got pulled away and thrown. 

I felt a cock nuzzling in my ass cheeks. I heard him yell “he needs more lube no way this is getting inside him”

I was begging them to let me go but I knew I was done for. I was about to learn everything about being a cum dump bottom.

I felt lube splash across my hole and a finger follow it roughly fingering my hole. I begged again “if you’re going to do this please use a condom”

The man about to fuck me chuckled “no rubbers around here pig, you came into the HIV pit and that’s what you’re leaving with”

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On 3/20/2019 at 12:35 AM, leatherpunk16 said:

Personally, I think a better name might have been the Poz Pit. That way, it's alliterative. But I tend to focus on minor details, so don't mind me. LOL

I agree however I'm semi factually describing an actual event that happened to me hence the name.


Anyways I'm working on part 3 today

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As I felt his big cock penetrate me he had some how grabbed the poppers from me in the struggle. He put them under my nose and made me take huge hits. I felt my head spin and my whole body relax.

All I could think was somehow I would stay neg. Maybe I’ll get lucky and be immune. I struggled to look behind me and saw the shadows of at least ten men.

Yeah I’m not leaving here neg.

He kept pumping into me roughly tell he screamed out. I’ve never felt anything like this before. His raw cock was just incredible. I could feel everything inside of me.

“Take my toxic load you faggot”

“i can feel my aids infecting you”

I was still trying to resist as he pulled out of me. 

“You’re going to thank me. I’ve loosened your hole up for Barry. You’re going to need this”

He placed the poppers back under my nose and told me take the biggest hits you can.

I looked back and saw this huge man 6 foot 5 plus.

His body size matched his cock size. It felt huge as he forced it inside of me. I was thankful for that load. It at least gave me some lubrication. 

I felt my body submit completely. I’ve never this full of cock ever and I loved it.
I noticed a different sensation each thrust inside of me.

“Fuck he’s pierced” I yelled out

“Yeah I am faggot. Made to rip the hole of neg fags like you so I can get my toxic seed to work”

“there is plenty of blood here already. Looks like we are all going to get another notch on our belts boys”

I heard another say “he will be the tenth fag this month who will be ripe with hiv. I hope he goes out and shares it”

Barry then said “i might keep him for myself, make him my personal HIV pit. Never had a hole grip me like his. He wants to get aids the fucking slut”

I could feel a change in me. The screams were now moans. I loved raw cock. I heard about bugchasers previously and thought how crazy are they. I realised they weren’t crazy. It was the hottest thing a gay man can do.

I begged Barry. “Please cum inside me. I want your HIV”

Barry said “i could just tell when you walked in you were going to love it, I just knew you were destined for aids”

He unleashed a flurry of cock into my hole as I kept begging for his load calling me every name possible.

“Take my toxic load you bugchasing faggot. Get all of this dirty cum inside you. Yeahhhhh take that Poz cum”

I came without even touching myself as he bred me with my second Poz load.

“its your turn guys. Kid, once you’re done come find me”


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