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  1. Fuck, that last part was so hot!!! And a cliffhanger? I hope we don't have to wait long to find out!
  2. That sounds awesome! And he sounds like a very talented fucker. Just the descriptions of how he chose positions and maneuvered you around -that's how I LOVE to get fucked and bred!!!
  3. Fuck yeah, that's a good start to the day! Can't wait to read more!
  4. Hot Start! Please don't keep us waiting long!! 😁😈
  5. I personally prefer to ignore my dick until I'm alone to take care of it myself. It's just how I am. When I'm with a man, I want to concentrate on his cock above anything else. Well, preferably his cock-my ass simultaneously.
  6. Hot story so far! Had to stop a few times to keep from shooting my load too soon!
  7. This series just gets hotter with every new post. I do hope there will be more!
  8. Fuck, man, sounds like heaven to me! Anxiously awaiting the next chapter ?☣️?
  9. Just block. Don't let idiots get to you. If it is such a big deal to him, he ought to read profiles better and ask before getting into it.
  10. Definitely not a freak! Just fucking HOT! I'd happily share a pissy bed with you, and you can piss up my ass while I'm sleeping, too!
  11. Fuck, it's all that I want, too. I would gladly do this, hand over my life for a life of a total cumdump truck stop whore doing nothing but let strangers breed me with their toxic seed.
  12. I hunger to live like this each and every day!
  13. It's fucking hot! I think I would be a slave to him and his big cock, too!

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