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  1. This series just gets hotter with every new post. I do hope there will be more!
  2. I don't mind that you post each chapter with a separate heading. And you're very clear about where to find the previous posts. Just keep up the great writing!
  3. Fuck, man, sounds like heaven to me! Anxiously awaiting the next chapter 😁☣️🍆
  4. Just block. Don't let idiots get to you. If it is such a big deal to him, he ought to read profiles better and ask before getting into it.
  5. Definitely not a freak! Just fucking HOT! I'd happily share a pissy bed with you, and you can piss up my ass while I'm sleeping, too!
  6. Fuck, it's all that I want, too. I would gladly do this, hand over my life for a life of a total cumdump truck stop whore doing nothing but let strangers breed me with their toxic seed.
  7. It's fucking hot! I think I would be a slave to him and his big cock, too!
  8. I would absolutely date or marry a poz guy. In fact, I would prefer it. And I want to marry him. Best still if he can be the one to knock me up, then we can swap strains every day of the rest of our lives.
  9. Fuck, this has been a dream of mine for a while now. Where do I find a top trucker like this to own and poz my ass? Looking forward to the next part!
  10. Fuck, that is HOT! I would love a situation like this!
  11. Fuck, man, this sounds awesome!
  12. Awesome! Give us some details, please!
  13. Sounds great! Keep us posted on your future meets with this guy 😁

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