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  1. ThisGuy

    cumhole filled

    Sounds great! Keep us posted on your future meets with this guy 😁
  2. ThisGuy

    Poz Guys

    Hey, guys, I'd like to get an idea of if there are some gifters in the Toronto area. I'd really like to make contact and set up some piggy times so I can get my ass knocked up with as much poz cum as possible. Especially love the idea of taking full-blown loads, too. AIDS. Even if this isn't you but you know someone, I'd really love to hear from them, too. I've been desperate for this for too long now and would really love to make it happen. I was meant to be a cum-hungry, poz cumdump for all loads.
  3. ThisGuy


    They don't deserve your cock or cum. That's the job -take the dick and the loads.
  4. ThisGuy

    I Helped Tag My Brother-in-law

    Had to stop reading a few times to keep from blowing a load in my pants. Keep it up, man. Fuck.

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