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  1. Nice! Love Crew Club, hardly ever see a condom (the way it should be). I'm hoping for a simmilar experience as I am heading ther this Sunday afternoon. Will be spending some time in teh sling for sure
  2. Hoping that happens to me at the Crew Club in DC this Sunday. Sounds alot like my experiences in the dark back hallway at The Cellar in Toronto. mmmmmmm
  3. Love Crew Club! Can be hit or miss but usually leave there with a nice wet and stretched hole. Love being in teh public sling or just standing against the wall in teh dark room, first a finet in my hole and then a raw cock. Nothing beats anonymous breeding! Planning on going Sunday 3/24.
  4. Why I love going to the baths, nothing hotter than anonymous cocks breeding my hole..
  5. Love the part where his shorts are ripped off and tols you won't be needing them going forward. very hot. Love to have someone do that to me!
  6. Ordered the same OraQuick kit. Hoping I get to see the two red bars show up this time.
  7. Just like a night at teh baths should be. Reminds me of a night a stranger whored out my hole at The Cellar in Toronto.
  8. No hesitation, I woudl be back in a heartbeat! Can't wait to hear about his adventures in the sling
  9. Smooth bottom 48 6' 175 huge nips adn a open hole looking for the christmas gift i didn't get this year. Staying on Ft Lauderdale beach this Thursday adn Friday 1/11-13. Looking for toxic tops to breed my hole. My hotel! Clubhouse 2 !!! Club Ft Lauderdale!!! No cock ever refused.
  10. Totally agree, I love taking anon loads. In dark rooms at the baths or hooded, the knowledge that I don't know who they are, what they look like, young or old, black or white only that they want to fuck and breed my hole. At teh baths I lay in my dark room and wait to feel teh hand on my ass then the finger in my hole. Once they realize i am well lubed or full of cum, the next thing I feel is their raw cock willing me. Never a sound of a condom being opened. Love taking any raw cock...hopefully a toxic one.
  11. I will be in Toronto next Mon-Wed and trying to set something up. I'm a total bb 47 years old bottom 6' 175 shaved smooth w/huge nipples looking to have my hole streched by a large, thick fat cocks or hands. I have no issues with race, looks, or status. Looking to take any and all cocks balls deep inside my ass until I feel you erupt deep inside of me. Bareback only. I would love to feel your hot cum dripping out of my ass if you think you can make me moan then please lets hookup. Looking to hit Steamworks or the Cellar each night I am there. Love to be fucked in slings. Love to be whored out! Looking to beat my 10 load record at The Cellar!
  12. Great story so far. Reminds me of why I love bath houses soooo much.
  13. I'm traveling to Atlanta on Wednesday 10/19 and I'm looking to take as many loads and BBC as I can get. I'm planning on hitting Flex Wednesday evening for some public sling breeding. Hoping to get filled with some of that hot Atlanta POZ seed! Any suggestions on where to go to get the most raw BBC? I'd love to bottom for a gangbang. I'm into watersports as well. Love to be dominated and used by a group of BBC. Me white blond 6' 175 shaved smooth, work out, BB only bottom

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