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What do you guys do for a living if you don't mind?

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On 10/14/2020 at 1:11 PM, J0nn1eb0y said:

Your career as a sex worker, did you choose it or you just fell into it. Kudos on getting your degree.Ā 


I'm a computer guy as well. My niche has been large enterprise capabilities with process reengineering for financial servicesĀ 

I did it so I could go to college and pay the bills. My BF got me into it as waiting on tables was not going to cut it. What I made on some dates I would not make in a month waiting on tables.Ā 

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Used to workĀ  (34Ā  3/4 yrs worth) as a ramp agent for one of the major US airlines, but with the pandemic and a crazy good offer from the airline for older employees to get out early, IĀ  am now full time retired and, so far, it has not been bad--tho with a new wave of infections erupting, I have no desire to do any travel in the US, and travel outside the US is pretty much out.Volunteer work for now is out too- not many places are looking for or are open to needĀ  volunteers. So for now, I get online and try to expand my limits, as well as my hole LOL

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