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Filthy Taboo Breeder (UK Warwickshire)

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11 hours ago, 1hornyjohn said:

You going to breed my poz hole again? You had me about a year ago in Pants club near King's Cross. Want more

Argh... I sooo miss Pants, SOP, etc. :...( 

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On 9/3/2019 at 1:42 PM, mikey2 said:

This guy is fake. See my post in June. He approached me to poz me on BBRT and I agreed time and place, then he blocked me.

same happened me

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@MIKEY2 - I gotta say I agree with you absolutely. My experience of his messing around is different to yours, but includes the first time after he’d approached me and when I asked if we could speak on the phone to arrange a meet-up him claiming that he “had a phobia that prevented him speaking on the phone” (W.T.F!!). I gave him the benefit of the doubt apex 18 months later and we were chatting quite a bit back and forth on BBRT for a couple of weeks, all seemed very positive. Until one day he just stopped replying mid-conversation and shortly after deleted his account there. He popped up on there again under a new screen name (but same pix). This seems to be a recurring pattern with this guy and doesn’t really fit with the behaviours that most of us would recognise as “normal” as members of multiple numbers of hook-up site. There’s been other instances over the years but I can’t be arsed to waste anymore time on him. The driver for me taking a couple of mins now is to show some support for you by saying that in my opinion this guy “ain’t quite right” in a worrying way. 

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      Then I realized. I am not telling him. I haven’t had prep in over a week.  Ten days maybe.  He just shot a poz load deep in my almost-virgin-again ass. Sure he is UD, but what if not? What if that load has stored up all his potency, and all of that went deep inside me?   It’s burning in me. In a good way.
      If I get sick in ten days, I will have to tell him the truth so he doesn’t think it is the COVID.    
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