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Filthy Taboo Breeder (UK Warwickshire)

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@MIKEY2 - I gotta say I agree with you absolutely. My experience of his messing around is different to yours, but includes the first time after he’d approached me and when I asked if we could speak on the phone to arrange a meet-up him claiming that he “had a phobia that prevented him speaking on the phone” (W.T.F!!). I gave him the benefit of the doubt apex 18 months later and we were chatting quite a bit back and forth on BBRT for a couple of weeks, all seemed very positive. Until one day he just stopped replying mid-conversation and shortly after deleted his account there. He popped up on there again under a new screen name (but same pix). This seems to be a recurring pattern with this guy and doesn’t really fit with the behaviours that most of us would recognise as “normal” as members of multiple numbers of hook-up site. There’s been other instances over the years but I can’t be arsed to waste anymore time on him. The driver for me taking a couple of mins now is to show some support for you by saying that in my opinion this guy “ain’t quite right” in a worrying way. 

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I've been lucky enough to have his big raw cock raping my cunt on several occasions.  Awesome filthy fucker.  I am always honoured to be his slut.

In full disclosure I should say there have been some times when he has had to cancel meets and delete all contacts / profiles suddenly.  But he comes back with a vengeance and is defo worth the wait.


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