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Hot PA jewelry

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1 hour ago, Beardybear said:

I wear a 000 gauge regular PA that stretches a hole good. Canā€™t imagine what that would do!!šŸ˜ˆ

i love a Man with a PA. and love that you wear one that You like to use it as a part of your cock and penetrating a guyĀ to stretch "a hole good."

Ā i'm not masochistic though and don't relate at all to receiving physical injury as part of sex. Ā i'm not into guys who want to physically harm me.Ā Those spikesĀ would tear the insides up and i wanna preserve my hole for future and repeated use. Ā  For me, finding piercings that you can wear and employ during sex are the hottest. If they are just accoutrements Ā to look at, they make me kind of wistful and sad, like being all dressed up with no place to go.Ā 

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On 2/20/2020 at 2:44 PM, NastyRigPig said:

I also have anĀ Appreciation for this piercing.

As someone who has endured an anal fissure and the surgery needed to correct it, I cannot imagine how such a piercing could be performed safely, or tolerated for the length of time required for healing, which would be extensive - youā€™reĀ Ā basically talking about developing a long fistula between the rectum and the perineum. ItĀ would be prone to constant infection and be nearly impossible to keep clean of fecal material. Plus, every bowel movement would have the tendency to force the ring to rotate outward from the anus,Ā having the effect of trying to pull the perineum end through the fistula. Also,Ā bear in mind that the rectum is part of the colon, i.e., an organ - piercings are not meant to pass through the walls of organs. If a person were to present at a hospital with a puncture leading from a point along the perineum to an entry into the anorectal cavity such as we see here, I suspect it would be considered a bowel perforation.

To be honest, the concept is so impractical that I have to question whether this isnā€™t just a really good photoshop job.

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I love my PA and the different jewelry. I donā€™t use my spiked one,Ā unless the request ever emerges for me to use it. I donā€™t bring the subject up. To date: my bottoms have not requested it. I have never yet used it.Ā 

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As much as I love wearing my PA and enjoy getting new jewelry for it, I donā€™t think I would ever wear something like a spiked one. Mostly because Iā€™m not a sadist like that, nor would I want to accidentally stab myself in the leg or balls with it when moving around, but I also donā€™t believe that it would look good on me aesthetically either.

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