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Looking for a top host with friends 

if you have a shower available for me to cleanup I’m willing to get face down ass up

no rubbers

no pullouts

poz friendly 

cant do late night 

early evening works best

multiple cocks MOST welcome

msg me if you can host and have a shower hose for me to cleanup

and I’ll msg you my number 


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    • By CmDump
      Young 24 BTTM CumDump here, I’m based in East Croydon (next to station). 

      Any TOPS looking for a ass and hole to use, breed and fill?  No loads Refused!
      I’m free after 17:00. My door unlocked, walk in, find me ready and waiting on bed! Do anything you want! No Limits! 
      Leave me used and filled deep, dripping full of Cum! 

    • By Treehugger
      I was thinking about how much I masterbate (probably too much). At minimum its twice a day, usually when I wake up and go to bed. Depending on my schedule I might jerk off during the day. I have been masterbating since I was 13 (late starter I know) and am 50 so if you do the math that's 37 years of wacking at twice a day equals 27,010 loads, that figure does not include any extra self abuse in the afternoons. 
           The 27,010 calculation also does not include sex loads so need to sort that out. I've been a bareback cumdump since I was 27 and a conservative estimate of 100 partners a year for 23 years equals 2300 men I have had the pleasure of pleasuring. Of course I didn't cum with each of those partners. For example I remember one night at Club Orleans I had sex with 30 men in the course of the evening. Absolutely one of the best nights of my life. Lets say I shot a load with a quarter of those 2300 men that's another 575 loads for a total of 27, 585.
           On average there is a teaspoon of jizz in an ejaculation and 768 teaspoons in a gallon. That comes out to 36 gallons of cum my gonads have produced in my lifetime. Kinda seems like a waste since most of those loads are not going into an ass or a mouth. Plus I happen to think my jizz tastes great.
           I consider myself a sommelier of semen. I mean you can't blow a couple thousand guys and not know your jizz. My cum doesn't have a lot of body, no hints of leather or smoky aftertaste. My cum is lighter, more of a palate cleanser, a touch fruity, something you could savor after a night of eating ass.
           By the way there are more calories in a teaspoon of cum than there is in a teaspoon of sugar so not a diet food. I think we can all agree cum would go in the dessert portion of a menu.
           I was a little disappointed to discover I had yet to wack off enough to fill a barrel with cum since there are 42 gallons in an oil drum. It will take me another 6.3 years to meet that goal. I shall persevere. Anyone want to give me a hand?
    • By Cutedelicategay
      Edmonton is my home town and it used to be a better place for gay hookups. However that has since changed and not sure if it is changing demographics or something else but every time I have visited Edmonton it has become difficult to hookup. 
      Again I am in Edmonton for 3 weekends 16-17 Oct, 23-24 Oct and 29-30 Oct staying at Days Inn downtown 100ave/106street. Just need some bare tops to breed me. Open door and open ass fun.
    • By Tross
      Missing Dallas' s midtown spa, Club Dallas is so lame compared in action, used to get plowed multiple times and always went home flooded. We should plan a midtown reunion and take over Club Dallas and show the little boys what a real bathhouse is used for. Mmm, fuck me full of cum
    • By PrisonBoi
      'What's a nice white boy like you doing in an overcrowded Nigerian prison?' says the journalist opposite me. The glint of my handcuffs catch his eye as I rest my arms on the table.
      'Where do I start?' I say, but really I'm thinking I'd better tell him quickly before they take me back to my cell where Temi will be waiting.
      So, start I do...
      See, Mum and Dad are missionaries. I grew up traveling from one third world tropic to the next, all in the name of 'God' of course. But when I turned eleven, mum thought I should have a proper education. So they sent me back to the UK.
      Let's just say my fantasies of all boys schools did not materialize into reality. I'm slim, I like to run, but I'm not athletic. I'm a geek and not the cool kind who like superheroes. I read. Books.
      It was supposed to be the start of my gap year before uni. A month with mum and dad then onto more... welcoming locations... But when I arrived, everything changed.
      Black men are fetishized a lot, aren't they? But then, who isn't when it comes to sex? Tall, fat, trans, ginger... I can't say I've ever had a particular type. I just knew I liked men. Of course, I hadn't told anyone else that, not at that point. Did you know in Nigeria, you can be sentenced to ten years plus just for being gay? I do.
      My parents were living with Will, an old benefactor for the local church. His house was huge and, as I didn't know my way around the city, he assigned me one of his staff, Ayo, as a guide.
      I'd never seen anyone like Ayo before. He's a little taller than me with a defined chest and arms, but that arse... seriously. It's so round and high, you could rest a drink on it and you wouldn't even need to bend down to pick it up.  Not to mention the bulge in his pants, hanging neatly against his thick thighs. His skin is the most beautiful colour I have ever seen. At night, he's as dark as thunder clouds but in the day, he's a rich roasted coffee whose eyes shine gold. And his smell, the sweat after a day gardening... just glorious. I wanted every part of him on me, in me. I've dreamt many times of him taking me to his room and forcing me down over the bed. But did he? I'm not giving anything away just yet.
      The first night there, I couldn't sleep in the heat, so I got up to get some water. As I neared the bottom of the stairs, I could hear something - slapping, heavy breathing. My first thought was mum and dad and I nearly vommed, but then I remembered they were both snoring when I passed their room moments ago. I tiptoed into the kitchen and peered around the corner. Bent over the dining room table was Will's wife, Anna and standing behind her, his back to me, was Ayo. He held her down with one arm, the other pressed into the small of her back as he rocked hard in and out of her. I watched his legs and arse as the moonlight caught them. I could see his balls slapping against her. Anna clung to fistfuls of the table cloth as she thrust herself back onto him. My heart raced. My cock throbbed. I let out a shaky breath and with it, an accidental little squeak of joy. Immediately, Ayo stopped and turned to me. I was mortified. I wanted to run but my legs wouldn't let me.
      Sensing his pause, Anna spoke and made to stand up, but Ayo kept her down, eyes firmly on me as he drew his thick dark meat from inside her and plunged it back in over and over again, all the while his eyes on me until she had to muffle her cries with the tablecloth and he finally turned away and threw his head back roaring as he emptied his sack into her. I took that as my cue to leave and darted back to my room. I waited until there was nothing but silence before I slid my hand down to my cock and began to wank. It didn't take me long until there was cum dripping off me, all up my chest and sides. I slept like that until Ayo woke me the next morning.
      'You're late for breakfast.' He stood at the end of my bed in shorts and a vest, his skin glistening. 'I've had the car cleaned. We'll go out today. Show you around.'
      I nodded, though when Will said he was giving me a guide, I hadn't realised I would be on his schedule. I showered, quickly before throwing on shorts and t-shirt and heading down to mum who served us all tea and toast. I watched Ayo at the table, curious as to his position. He was employed here yet happy for my mum to wait on him. All the other staff were busy.
      'What're you two up to today?' said dad over the paper.
      My eyes met with Ayo, but he spoke before I could.
      'Henry's helping my with some errands, then I'm showing him 'round town.'
      It was the first I'd heard of errands.
      'I'll get the dishes,' said mum as I stuffed the last of the toast into my mouth and downed my tea.
      Then we left. If I'd known then what I know now, I'd have got a taxi straight back to the airport.'
      The guard’s keys jangle as he steps back into the room and stands between me and the journalist. ‘Enough,' he says, knocking me forwards and hefting me up by the scruff of my neck.
      'I'll come back tomorrow,' said the journalist and he leaves not waiting to see my dragged and shoved along to my cell.
      The Guard slides the key in with ease and opens the cell. He leans into me and whispers, 'I'll be back for sloppy seconds,' before thrusting me inside, slamming the door and locking me in.
      I push myself back onto my knees and look up to the bunk where Temi is sat, his back to the wall, legs spread, his eyes focused on a point beyond the bars. 'Enjoy your walkies?' he says, without even looking at me.
      I say nothing.
      He's at least 6'6"tall and chunky. Thick-thighed, a not unattractive podge of a belly. And his skin is the darkest I've seen of any man. He shuffles down the bunk a little and slides his trousers down a little revealing his thick, dark dick and enormous sack. He doesn't say anything. He doesn't have to.
      I crawl to him on my knees. He doesn't take much to arouse. I cup his balls in one hand and guide his dark meat into my mouth with the other, but he slaps both hands away.
      'Be a good boy,' he says, still not looking at me.
      I let my arms fall to my sides and lean in, enveloping his soft penis into my mouth, slobbering and licking his balls as I do. He lets out a sigh, so I know I'm doing well. His cock grows quickly, plumping up. I reckon if he were slimmer, he'd have a solid 9" or more but that doesn't matter because the girth is barely containable in my mouth.
      I bounce my head up and down, trying to force as much as possible down, trying to put on a good show because I know what'll happen if I don't.
      He tastes salty now. I've grown to love that taste. His hands find the back of my head as he grows fully erect and hard enough that it's my throat that has to flex and bend - not his shaft. He forces me down on his meat for what feels like minutes at a time. I feel him flex halfway down my throat. I choke, my eyes running with tears. And then it stops as he slaps me off him and onto my back. He makes a gesture with his finger, and I slip my trousers off and climb into all fours.
      I hear him grunt as he kneels behind me. I push back as he puts his full weight into one hand on the small of my back forcing me to arch up and stick my boy-cunt out. He gobs full mouth of spit onto my hole and with one unmanicured thumb, spreads it around. Then he leans forward. I feel his belly rest on my arse cheeks. A wall of flesh meets my hole, and it doesn't stop. He slides forward, breaking me open until he's balls deep. I wince, his weight forcing me to almost faceplant into the concrete floor. I silence my screams as he tears at my hole, his cock thrusting in and out, ploughing me to fit his shape. He grabs my hair and lifts my head up with one hand, then scoops my hands up with the other and holds them behind me so I'm balancing on my chin.
      He lets out a series of loud, pants and groans as his strokes speed up becoming longer and longer. The inmates opposite say nothing. One sits on his bunk, grinning, hand down his pants, the other stands at the bars, his cock poking through as he wanks off at the sight of me being bred by my Master.
      Temi’s balls slap hard against my cunt as he builds his speed even more. I struggle to keep silent, sobbing and yelping but he doesn't care now. His whole body is beating into me, and I'm pushed further and further towards the bars on my face. Then he lets out a roar and I feel him swell inside me as he unloads his spooge, burst after burst, thrusting deeper into me until he's done. And when he is, he rips himself from me and for a few seconds until the pain of my hole retracting subsides, I long for him not to go. Then he climbs back into his bunk.
      'Next,' he calls out, and I hear the hurried footsteps and jingling keys of the guard returning...
      Hey Guys, Hope you enjoy. More parts coming soon. I'm hoping to do multiple parts a week if people want them?
      I've noticed other students also adding info for tips here, so I'm doing the same, though it's not required - I just want people to read and enjoy really. Happy to survive on protein donations from the many men who enter me daily, but if you fancy buying me a drink, here's my Monzo - Venmo doesn't exist in the UK! [think before following links] [think before following links] https://monzo.me/andrewjames37
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