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Decided to slut out.  Been taking loads all day.  First was about 5am, hot daddy , 8in uncut.  Fucked me in my car. 

2nd was a twink,  20, 7in cut. Hooked up in his room around 10am. Loved the fact I was already loaded. 

3rd was a guy in his 30s, 6in cut,  but came a ton in my ass. Fucked me in his hotel room while his wife was gone. 

4th was an anon load,  some guy that wanted me at a glory hole.  Big black 9in, I sucked him off then backed myself up on it.  Took a while but he loaded me up.  Cum was dripping down my leg on my way back to my car. 

It's now 430pm and im waiting on my next load

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    • By latinobb
      I'll be in Portland this weekend. I'm looking to get as many loads as possible. I'll travel to you, no load refused. I love public, understall, glory holes, and anon breeding.
      Also looking for the best places to get bred. Are there any ABS open?
    • By Socalcumdump
      Currently living with roommates so I can’t ever host put planning on getting a room for a weekend before I fly out of LAX for the holidays.
      Planning on being blindfolded, ass up for anyone to unload in. Done it a couple times before in other cities but looking for recommendations for best rooms near LAX or other areas. 

    • By Cheating-Cumdump
      I am just starting to accept my inner Cumdump needs. Although I’m in a monogo-mish relationship, and getting bred by numerous anonymous guys might not be totally acceptable, holy shit did it feel right when I decided to be that cum receptacle for the first time! This is the true story of how I started my journey down Cumdump Lane.  
      I started my afternoon by messaging with a few guys before I actually checked into my motel. Had several guys lined up. I think this is why i knew today was the day - most other days chatting lead to a flake or too many questions, or simply a fun pump and dump etc. But today, I had guys that were into anonymous sex period. Most excitingly, I had several black guys lined up. I have a weak spot for black guys (and they tend to love me, as I have a thin waist and very big ass - mix of good genetics and busting my ass at the gym squatting etc) so the idea of at least 3 breeding me in one afternoon had me hard from the moment I decided today was the day I was going to give in and act on this desire to be a Cumdump. 
      I arrived at the motel in the early afternoon. I checked in, electing for the least expensive room, which was a smoking room. I wanted to create a dirty, grungy environment that smelled of man ass, cum and sex. I had douched earlier in the day and had a decent sized butt plug in, but wanted to do one last quick clean out. Once I did that, I logged back onto Grindr to see where my loaders were. The sloppy bottom stars were aligning because there they all were. 
      The first guy to arrive was a young Black guy, probably 23-24. He was younger than what i was interested in, but he had a nice cock and several photos of him bareback fucking guys, which convinced me that despite his youth, he'd work my pussy out good. I had told him of the motel I planned to go to, so he was ready to go moments after we messaged again. I peered out the window and caught a glimpse of him - about 5’8, thick but solid build. 
      I climbed on the bed, tied my blindfold around my head, had the lube laying next to me and I assumed the position. I arched down with my chest resting on the bed and my ass framed in a jockstrap at the edge of the bed, pussy with a slight glisten from the lube and plug.  I heard the door open and close, then the shuffle of him kicking off his shoes and removing his pants. I felt him get close to me... he started feeling my ass and let out a ‘fuuuuck’ as he grabbed a fist full of my ass and shook. A second later he was in front of me and told me to suck. I obliged and moved forward and started to blow him. His dick was already chubbed up, but it grew quickly while in my mouth. As soon as he was fully hard, he started throat fucking me. Not too aggressive, but enough that he was covered in the thick bile and slobber. He pulled himself out of my mouth and I knew it was finally coming... this young black man was about to stick his dick raw into my anonymous Cumdump hole and use me for his own pleasure. After about 5 or 6 minutes, he picked up pace and shot his load deep in my hole. He dressed, smacked my ass and said thanks babe. And he was gone. I laid there in ecstasy thinking about what just happened and was ready for more. Back onto Grindr I went. 
      Several new messages came up in response to my Cumdump tagline, including one from a guy who had fucked me years before, but he didn’t realize it was me based on my anon profile that just displayed my body. He asked for a face pic and if condoms were okay. Usually this is an automatic eye roll followed by the end of a convo when I post that I’m looking for anonymous raw sex, but since I previously fucked him, and knew he was a good lay, I said no to the face pic because I wanted a totally anon experience, but a condom would be okay. In the meantime, I had given guy # 2 the details of the room etc and he was on his way. At the same time, a third guy was on his way, but messaged that he didn’t want to be with anyone else - just a one on one. This was annoying because it required a bit more coordination, vs with the others, if there was overlap of guys showing up, they knew what they were getting. So i told him he had to wait and I’d let him know when no one was there. 
      Back to the guy who I had fucked in the past, I guess I got his interest because he was in. So I told him my motel info and he said he was on his way. Now I was really excited because I was sure there’d be overlap of guy 2 and the guy from the past. 
      Guy 2 is arriving. He’s another young black guy... 20-21. Again, way young for me, but he had some hot cock on him. It was very thick and had a huge foreskin (which is a huge turn on for me) so I said fuck it - be the true cumdump you claim to be and let (almost) anyone fuck you. He arrives, and I again get in position, only for him starting position is on my knees - per his request. On my knees with my blindfold on, and in he comes and within seconds, his dick is in my face. I start sucking and it’s everything it looked like - thick, long and uncut. I was in hog heaven. After blowing him for about 10 minutes, there’s a knock at the door. I pull down the blindfold and crack the door to find the guy from the past. I let him in. As I spin around I pull the blindfold back up - even though I’ve now seen them both, I was keeping the facade up of being a blindfolded cumdump. I climb up on the bed and get on all 4s and have both men now admiring my ass and deciding who’s taking what. The young hung black guy decides he’s fucking. He lubes his dick and I feel the large head at my hole, and swiftly pops it in. Not sure if it was a matter of over poppering or him being big, but my whole body starts to tingle as he moves himself deeper inside me. Before I’m able to really let out a moan, the guy from the past is in front of me, pushing himself down my throat quite aggressively - just as I remembered him. After about 15 minutes of varying paces of being fucked in the ass and in the mouth, young and hung finishes, but pulls out as he’s cumming, covering my back in his load. Maybe he’s otherwise straight and is used to having to pull and pray! I was disappointed, but at the same time, very satisfied, as he milked my prostate good and stretched me out significantly. I heard that ‘sloppy gape’ sound as his dick slid out of me. He hung out to watch guy from the past fuck me next. He put a rubber on and dove in. Can’t hate on him for that since as far as he knows, I’m getting loaded by random men daily. He fucked me good and came quick. I made sure to snatch up that cum filled condom as soon as the door closed. And just like that, alone again, looser and more cum covered. 
      So now the tally is one load in me, one load on me, and one load in a rubber. I now had to decide if I should invite over the DL guy who didn’t want to be around anyone else. Channeling my inner whore, I said of course and sent him a message that the coast was clear. In he walked... a black man in his 40s. In shape, but thick. I immediately start blowing him. He has a nice sized dick, but he’s having trouble staying hard. He needs his nipples squeezed hard to stay erect but to do that while trying to blow him is a pain. Nonetheless, I keep at it and finally he’s hard. I flip around and back up onto his dick hoping to milk him and be done. He’s going for 4-5 minutes but he ends up going soft again. Long story short, I bail and get him on out. Unsatisfying, so in a last attempt at some dick before I have to carry on with my day, I log into Grindr one last time. I have several messages, but one stands out. Sometimes, the simplest approach gets the best result. 
      A white guy, mid 30s sends me a message with a dick pic (average looking) and says he’s on the road and could dump a load quick. “Sold” I thought - that’s the perfect way to wrap up this first cumdump adventure of mine - with a truly random, zero pre-chat loader to come through. So I give him the details and assume the position. 
      About 10 minutes later, I hear that exhilarating sound of the door opening and closing. He wastes no time undressing and feeling around to see what condition my ass is in. Despite only one actual load being in my ass, I did just have 4 different guys fuck me, all with above average to big sized dicks, plus my large plug from earlier, so my ass was sloppy and loose and soaked from the churning of the cum, ass juice, lube and sweat. He wastes no time and gets hard then slides into me. He was very average sized, so after fucking me doggy style for a few minutes, he asked me to flip over on my back. I obliged, still blindfolded. In this position, with me holding my legs back, he was able to get a little deeper and do a pile drive straight down into me, and with that, he blew his load in me soon after. 
      He was very appreciative, dressed and took off. Never to be seen again. 
      And with that, this nice boy, in a monogo-mish relationship, took the leap to becoming a self realized cumdump. I got home and was in a good mood that evening. I still smelled the cock and ass juice on my fingers later that night from fingering myself after everything wrapped.  I hope each of those men think of me fondly and search for another encounter with a guy with a great ass who is a total cumdump whore. Wonder if my bf felt the looseness? Until next adventure...
    • By Redheadsub
      Sub bottom exploring and becoming a true cumdump. Had some practice in philly now looking for my first gangbang / cumdump session. Anyone with hotel recommendations and tips on how to make my fantasy come true ? I want be used by a group of hung tops ! 
    • By ComputerScientist
      This is a true story and my post first on here,
      I'm 23, horny and I had never barebacked before. To get me through lockdown I discovered popperbating, i've probably gone through 10 bottles in the last 2 months. The videos coached me to be a pig, a cumdump and to never refuse a load. Before this I was ignorant, if someone asked for bareback I'd refuse them like they had the plague. How wrong I was.  The problem is, i'm the horniest I've ever been, and no amount of porn or wanking can 'scratch the itch' I was now feeling. 
      With Coronavirus, Grindr has been very hit and miss. A lot of anonymous profiles have popped up to hide the shame they may encounter from showing their faces. This didn't bother me, I hadn't been fucked in 4 months and with each day my craving was getting harder and harder but so was finding someone willing to meet. I wanted to meet anyone as long as they had a cock. My usual preferences went out the window, I was ready to be used and abused. My hopes were dashing, with each miss I was losing faith in Grindr and other sites, my town in Devon was just full of time wasters so I was ready to uninstall. Until I had a message from an anon profile called "BB Fucker".
      With a name like "BB Fucker" it's easier to cut the BS and get straight to it. "Location?" I asked. Instantly he shared it and I said i'd be there in 5 minutes. I don't think i've ever left the house so fast. It actually caught me off guard, I was so unprepared. I quickly grabbed my best bottle of poppers and was in the car in under 30 seconds. I don't think the smile left my face the entire journey there. When I arrived, I message asking for their house number.  "BB Fucker" was now offline. I messaged again asking them where they are and sent my location. I was promptly blocked. I was furious.
      I've met time wasters before, but this encounter thoroughly pissed me off. I was so close to just driving to a city in hopes of finding a new cluster of promiscuous gays, the type that might actually agree to meet me. Then a new profile appeared, "Hung egg-plant emoji, safe fun". They were within 500 feet so I thought, why not, a wrapped dick is better than no dick at all. So I sent them a message "I'm close, wanna fuck me now?".
      The longest 5 minutes of my life, I was about to drive off until I heard that famous ding. "I'm in flat 23 .... doors open". I don't quite remember but I think I ran. I walked in and saw a middle eastern man standing there with his dick out. He said something but I didn't catch it, I was straight on my knees sucking his cock. He pulled away. "Do you have a condom?" he said. "Urm let me check", knowing full well I didn't. "I don't sorry, do you?", praying he would say no but off he went to check. I think my face went white when he came back with a brand new box from his flat mates bedroom. I was gutted but dick is dick.
      Much to my annoyance, it was one of those bright red ones and he made me suck him wearing it. I may as well have sucked off a balloon animal. I took a deep hit of poppers, may be the high will stop me caring so much. Fuck, I needed a dick in my ass and I needed it now. I started demanding he fuck me hard now. But he wanted me to suck him more. I felt like telling the balloon animal to fuck off but his dick was thick and he was my only hope of getting a fuck that day. I sucked him, trying to make a hole in the condom. He started to film me.
      My first thought was great, i'm going to end up on only fans or something with the most boring fuck ever. I pulled away and bent over, I wanted him to lick my hole. "I don't do that sorry", fuck sake anything else I thought to myself. He started to fuck me, slowly and gently. I shouted "harder" until he finally got into the rhythm. I asked him to cum in me when he's ready and he promptly switched the camera off. "No, safe only". Then the camera went back on. Until he started pulling out for long periods of time. I couldn't work out what he was doing, it was thrust, wait 10 seconds, thrust... I thought he can't be close already... 
      I tried to turn around but he pushed my head into the bed and started fucking me hard and fast. I could feel him cumming in me. Spurt after spurt, I'd never felt anything quite like that before. I went from barely excited to cumming instantly, that had never happened before. I turned around to see the condom on the floor. "It broke I'm sorry I don't know what happened" he claimed. Yeah... sure you didn't, all I was thinking was, I was just used for a stealthing video and his act was a cover up. He apologised and asked if I was clean. My answer was obviously yes, I was recently tested and hadn't fucked in months. "Good" as he walked into his bathroom.
      I picked up the condom off the floor, completely intact. Lying fucker. I'm satisfied I got my first load in my ass, just a little pissed to be used in that way and not get to enjoy a full BB fuck. I said to him after, "you know, I would've fucked BB anyway if you'd just asked?" to which the camera went back on, oddly, "I'm so sorry the condom broke, I only ever play safe I didn't mean it", camera off. I guess he got to live out his condom to bareback fantasy, even if I did have to put up with the god awful acting. 
      When I left, I messaged asking for a copy of the Condom to Bareback video or a link to it when it's uploaded. To no surprise - blocked. I still left with a smile on my face and swiftly changed my grindr name to "Egg plant, water emoji - dump", stupid Grindr blocking my new favourite words. 
      I felt like I had been baptised, seeing sex in a whole new light. Cum is now my drug, and I need my next fix now.
      Attached a pic of the aftermath 🙂

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