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What happens in the ice fishing hut stays in the ice fishing hut!

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Warning: There is a brief mention of straight/bi sex. 

My ice fishing hut was delivered every year by Mike or his dad Stan. Their farm was on the shore of our lake and they stored about three dozen seasonal huts. Each was roughly 6' by 8' and they moved them to our specific favorite locations when the ice was thick and solid enough to carry their smallest tractor. 

Most of the guys had their huts clustered in a small area where local lore promised plenty of fish. On the other hand if I catch one or two actual fish per winter I'm  happy. I use my hut to real in another kind of creature all together. I go to this effort to attract men and a very specific kind of man. I advertise my availability at the hut on Bbrt and Scruff and have the best results from the good old fashioned method, 'word of mouth '. I'm mostly interested in guys who want better blowjobs than they get at home and many of my fellow ice fishermen know where to find me. No appointment necessary. Just be prepared to either walk away or join in if sounds from within signal vigorous sexual activity. Better still I'm hoping for guys that want to fuck my willing hairy ass, and only the ones that are willing to do so bareback. 

That's why my hut is always placed in a secluded bay far enough away from the regular hut cluster. Yet close enough to some good public parking. 

Mike and Stan were very professional and never asked questions about my unique placement choice. They just dragged my grey hut into the same place each ice season and took my money for their services. Until this year. 

You may not think of an ice hut as a warm and attractive place for sex so I will give you the chef's tour. It has a fully insulated floor complete with in floor radiant heating powered by an extra quiet generator which sits on a shelf outside on one end of the building. There is a small trap door through which I can make a hole in the ice for the few times per season I choose to actually fish. The walls and roof have great insulation built in as well and a couple of small skylights let in any natural light. 

My shelter has more creature comforts than most you see on frozen lakes and rivers; a couple of folding chairs, small bar and fridge, a drug cabinet, a flat screen tv exclusively for bb porn played off my phone and my prize addition, a sex sling. 

I put this extra effort into creating my ice hut sex shack because I'm married to a woman. I want winter privacy for most of my man on man action. In other seasons I can suck guys off outdoors or in their cars. I can get fucked against a tree.  But that's not so enjoyable at 30 degrees below zero. I have done it mind you, just not as often as my ass needs a work out. 

She knows. We met in a MMF threesome with one of her early boyfriends. She can't pretend to not know as the first time we met she watched me suck her man and enjoyed my dick in her pussy as he loaded my ass. We're both polyamorous and bi. It makes for a great partnership. 

The ice was very late this year so I was disappointed when Mike informed me that my shed would be the last to be delivered.  He pulled it into my spot just before sunset so I immediately fired up the generator to get the radiant heat pumping and the lights on. 

 Mike pulled a flask from his coveralls pocket and invited himself inside. He wanted to thank me for my patience. 

The whiskey burned in that wonderful way going down and had a unique taste I couldn't quite put my finger on. 

I had always been attracted to Mike. He had a pleasant face, warm dark brown eyes ,curly hair and a thick full beard. A little long for my taste but whatever. His 6' 2" solid frame reclined comfortably in the folding chair. Internal heat from the alcohol and the radiant floor worked their magic and we pealed our winter outerwear. I began to see more of him than ever before. He had a nice tuft of hair peaking out at the base of his neck. A pleasant covering of hand and arm hair emerged as he rolled up the sleeves of his flannel shirt. I wonder if he was flirting and all doubt was removed when he pealed the plaid shirt. The tshirt underneath read, 'I fuck on the first date.'

I now recognized the strange taste in the whiskey as I also noticed an enjoyable warming and horniness in my balls and ass. I cut right to the chase asking, "So is this a first date?"

He smiled, nodded, and unbuckled his belt. 

I decided it was time to hang the sling and offered a few lines for us to share. I had a great view of his shirtless v-shaped back and the fuzzy hair tufts that foreshadowed the luscious pelt of manly hair carpeting his fit torso, much like my own. I was starting my season with my favorite male body type. 

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The radiant floor he was doing it's job and we were now both naked. I could barely take my eyes off Mike's gorgeous body. I pointed to where I kept my special lube for Mike to retrieve it. I reclined fully exposed in my sling, feet up in the stirrups. I loved the slight burn in my guts as his big farmer's finger penetrated and massaged my hole and inner lining. 

He motioned towards his coveralls, "I have a condom if you want. Something tells me you would rather I plunge in raw."

"Your intuition read that right " I responded. "So of course you know I don't tolerate pull outs."

"Oh man, this raw eight inches goes in you it ain't cumin out 'til my babies are deep in your gut!"

"Babies eh?!", I queried. "You poz?"

"No. I just meant sperm. Sorry if that disappoints."

"Not at all,; but, let's stop talking and start fucking."

With that he plunged in balls deep. I gasped out a cry begging for a moment to recover. 

Having taken a few deep breaths and a couple hits of poppers I nodded in readiness. It was a good thing I was ready, 'cause he pounded me like a deasel piston at full power. And, he kept it up for twenty unrelenting minutes. My groans and calls of delight just got louder and louder and more unrestrained. "Fuck yeah you brute! Ugh, fuuuuuuccck, shit! Don't stop man! Destroy my fuckin hairy hole with your big raw tool! God damn man, that naked cock feels so fuckin good! Yeah man! Pound my prostate into my chest!" "Fuuuuuuccck!"

He was covered in sweat by now. It was dripping off his hairy chest onto mine and off his curly hair into my eyes. I didn't care. I just wanted this epic fuck to last forever. To soon he asked, "You ready man 'cause my balls are ready to explode!"

I didn't have time to say, "Give it to me." I could feel his dick begin to pulse and spew spooge after spooge deep in my guts. 

"Fuck man!" I gasped. "That was awesome!"

He took a deep breath, "Hey you fucker slut! I'm not done with you yet. There are at least two more loads where that came from." I could already feel his erection returning inside me. 

The next fuck was just as intense; but, the pace was slower and deliberate. During this he probed me with questions. "When was the last time you were bred?" (Two months ago.) Are you a total bottom? (With men.) So you have sex with women? (My wife and her girlfriends) Cool. Do you ever really fish in this hut? (Rarely) What party drugs do you like? (Most everything. I would love to do a slam sometime.) Fuckin A man! Ready for load two, 'cause here it is.  Ugh, Augh, Fuuuuuuccck!" My eyes rolled into the back of my head and my cock erupted hands free shooting cum all over my torso, face, into my hair and one shot hit the hut wall behind me. 

By now it was dark outside and we were so overheated that we moved the next round outside. Mike railed me as I leaned against his tractor tire. With three quick pumps he unloaded within me with as much cum as the first orgasm. 

We quickly rushed back inside to get warm and sniff down a few more lines. 

The fourth fuck he took me doggy style on the cozy floor. As rope upon rope sprayed my insides we heard a snowmobile come to a stop beside my hut.

With no knock the door opened and Stan found his naked son sprawled and gasping on my back with his raw cock still up my hole. 

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'The apple had not fallen far from the tree' with Mike. Stan was an older silver version of his son. He was also clearly not surprised in the least to see Mike naked and on top of me. 

As Mike pulled out of my ass and turned to his Dad they high fived like a sports team member passing the play to their teammate.

Stan greeted me and said to his son. "No condom, eh. So our sling rider is disease free. "

Mike responded unabashedly. "No idea Dad! When I'm offered a hole raw I ask no questions, just plunge on in. I actually love the risk of not knowing. Gives me an adrenaline rush. Feeling it now just talking about it. And he didn't ask either." (Winking at me) "So you been tested lately."

"A bareback bottom cum slut of my vintage. You can count on me being Poz. But I'm on meds and undetectable. As for other stuff? Haven't been tested in a while, but no obvious symptoms. What do you say Stan? Your son has my ass well lubed. You are welcome to wear a condom if you want."

Stan had already been removing his clothes and by the time his boxers came off he was sporting a raging hard on. I meant what I said, but I was disappointed when he retrieved a rubber and rolled it on his magnificent member. 

I hate the feeling of a sheathed dick and this was no exception. He pushed in balls deep roughly and started a vigorous fuck right away. My disappointment was distracted a bit as Mike fed me his cock covered in his cum and my ass juices. 

After a short ten strokes Stan pulled out and ripped off the condom. "Are you sure you're okay with me fucking you raw? I so want to feel your cum flooded cunt!"

"Fuck yeah man! I prefer you bareback. Give me everything you've got! Hell, father son cum, that'll be a first even for me. "

He needed no further encouragement and his naked cock head was pounding my prostate. 

After about twenty minutes he left his naked cock in me deep but stopped for a breather. His son's fuck tool was back at full attention as he moved around and started eating out his father's ass. After a couple moments Mike stood and whispered in his Dad's ear. 

Stan smiled and said, "You want to fuck me raw? That would be a first for us. From what I've just learned about you barebacking history I shouldn't let you.  But I'm feeling that adrenaline rush you talked about. Go ahead, but only on one condition. Don't pull out, I haven't been bred in years."

He may not have been bred for years but the ease with which he accepted his son's naked cock proved he was no stranger to welcoming a fuck stick. 

Nothing had changed in my ass, but everything had ramped up. The [banned word] of watching a son breeding his Dad as his dad was raw fuckin me made me hornier than I could remember. It was not long 'til Stan was convulsing from head to toe mixing his sperm with his son's. His ass contractions simultaneously milked any remaining cum out of his son. For the second time my hands free orgasm had my load spraying the wall of the hut. 

Stan reached over me and lapped up all the cum he could find as his son returned to feltch out his father's freshly fucked hole. As cum was passed among all three mouths I found myself getting hard again. Without asking permission I slipped out of the sling, moved in behind Stan and plunged in raw. Mike started cleaning his Dad's messy cock. 

The cleaning turned into a deep throat face fuck with Stan's hands firmly guiding his son's head. When Stan's whole body spasmed this time his sperm was shooting past his son's tonsils. I was surprised to muster up another load which I planted deep in Stan's guts to join his son's load. 

The season may have had a late start; but it was clearly a fuckin fantastic start. 

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Even I could not imagine all the delights that would occur in the fishing hut over the season. My whirlwind fuck and breeding session to start the season took off like a snowball gaining speed rolling down a steep hill. My hungry ass just kept collecting more and more creamy loads. 

Mike barely missed a day of pounding me in my sling. His dad Stan came two or three times per week. 

Every day was a party fueled by booze, or cannabis, Tina or G and often a rich mix of them all topped off with high grade poppers. I was high and horned out at least eighty percent of the time. It was a good thing business was slow 'cause I didn't have much energy left for work or my wife. Thankfully she had found her own bevy of new playmates, male and female. 

Even in the midst of such a fucking frenzy I had a few highlight days. 

1) A group of five international students from our local college. 

2) A thirteen load day from a wander through the closest ice hut community. 

3) My first meth slam!

I don't know how they found me. One of them must have come across me on Scruff or Bbrt. They hadn't contacted me, they just showed up at my door. Lucky it was a day I had actually been hanging around using the hut for it's intended purpose. 

At first I thought they had been wandering around on the lake ice and just wanted to expand their educations regarding this unique Canadian custom of ice fishing. They humoured me with small talk about fishing for about a half hour. 

The heat and humidity was getting pretty intense with six bodies shoehorned into such a small space. The darkest skinned lad pulled off his tshirt exposing a lush carpet of long straight black hair covering most of his torso and back. He was enough on the chunky side to be transitioning from otter to bear. This site got my cocks attention and started tenting my kacie shorts. The slim Indian guy on my right reached up my pant leg and began stroking me to full attention. 

Clothes started flying off everyone like a den of snakes shedding their skins all in the same moment. Two of the young men stood and turned me to lean against the wall. Immediately a hot tongue was rimming me and two mouths were working my cock. 

The bearish guy was soon raw fucking the most petite young man in the far corner. I directed someone to retrieve my special laced lube and noticed that all but the bearish guy were working it into their hairy holes, and mine!

The first cock to enter my ass was quite small yet iron hard. He very quickly was splashing a nice size load into my delighted inner sanctum. 

The next cock was on an average sized olive skinned young man. It was a massive eleven inches. I don't know where the coke came from but after he creamed a big load into me I could see guys sniffing lines. One of them was happily having his ass railed as the white powder vacuumed up his nostril.

I'm sure anyone passing the hut within a hundred meters wouldn't have mistaken the grunts, groans and curses for anything other than the orgasmic orgy somehow contained in the small ice cabin. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole structure was rocking. I'm surprised the walls didn't bulge and break apart. 

My ass, and a few others, were certainly being stretched apart. 

The last of the five cocks to enter my fuck shoot was the dark bearish guy. His tool was a nice six and a half inches long, but one of the thickest members my sorry ass had ever accommodated. I was very glad I had at least seven loads up there providing the best lube. 

He started slow and steady. As he picked up pace and power I needed three guys holding me to keep him from driving me through the wall. With no warning he blasted what felt like a gallon to join the copious cum in and leaking from my hole. Amazing since I knew he'd already bred two of his college mates. 

He had just finished with me when Mike came through the door. He was carrying a new stash of white powder and generously shared it around. Three guys were very keen to have Mike claim their asses and he was happy to oblige. 

The first asked enthusiastically if Mike could poz him. He informed us he'd been chasing for six months and hadn't even found a toxic load. Mike declared his negative status but suggested if I were asked nicely I might go off meds to do the deed. I said maybe for the sake of keeping things playful and lite but really couldn't see myself doing it. 

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( ***Warning. This installment has a very brief reference to 'bi' sexual activity. Please  don't read on if you find such material offensive. ***)


It was a clear crisp day as I parked to cross the ice to my hut. The very first hint of spring was in the air. The temperature was still below freezing but just. With the warmth of the sun I didn't need all the cumbersome layers, gloves, toque and scarf. I started out with my coat wide open and my customary button down shirt half open anticipating the day that I might soon be able to take in the sun naked. 

Mike had been away for a week. I didn't know when he would return. I had a little action over the week but not much. I could see lots of guys at the closest cluster of ice huts. I decided to take a wander through and greet some of the guys I knew. Besides I might get lucky. 

As I stepped out on the ice Flint called my name. Flint was a big dirty blonde bear of a man. 6' 6"s, 250 lbs of jovial teddy bear. He, his wife and five kids lived close to us. He fucked me with his beer can sized man meat the night my wife and I had he and his wife over for a bisexual foursome. His cock was literally the diameter and length of a beer can. Just the best length to actually feel his cum pump into me. His wife had laughed watching my facial response to the flooding I was receiving. Smiling she said, "I know, right!"

Fuck the walk! I needed a repeat performance and I needed it now. I reached into my pants making sure Flint saw me adjust my growing erection. He was on board already unbuttoning his flannel shirt exposing more of his thickly carpeted blonde chest and belly. 

We retreated between a pickup and large van. After a brief period of intensely kissing his gorgeous bearded face and lips he turned me to lean me against the van. I dropped my jeans and he hungrily ate and spit a gallon of saliva in my eager ass. 

Figuring I was well lubricated he stood and began to wedge his naked beer can cock into my stretched hole. I was stretched to the max. It took some time and effort but he finally got the entire thick shaft in and gave me a moment to adjust. When I nodded my readiness he began a rhythmic fuck that consumed my whole world. 

I had not heard the arrival of another vehicle, but I did hear the cat calls of five guys walking by and watching us fuck in such a public place. Three walked on by. Two stepped closer and fished out their cocks. One of them clapped his buddy on the shoulder proclaiming, "Look, he's taking it bareback. Now that's my idea of a real man." 

Flint just kept pounding as our audience moved in even closer between the two vehicles. 

In spite of the cold, sweating profusely, Flint proclaimed to our active observers,  "Now here's how a real man does it  ... argh, auurrrg ... real ... men  ... never  ... pull... oouuutt!" I felt all eight volleys blast and coat my gut walls. 

As soon as Flint pulled out one of our onlookers was inside me and soon his sperm was swimming with Flint's massive load. 

When he pulled out I realized a new audience member had arrived and was claiming my ass with his raw tool. He didn't last long as the other original observer was fucking him. I got the fourth guys load as well. 

Great start to the day. I hadn't even left the parking lot and was squeezing my ass cheeks to hold in four fresh loads. 

I joined my breeder team to walk them out to their huts. I spent the rest of the afternoon sucking down loads and taking man after man up my ass. No idea how many loads I swallowed but I know another nine loads tried to find space to stay in my sloppy ass. There was no hiding the wet spot in the back of my jeans when I finally retreated to my own hut to take a much needed rest. 

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I don't know how long my sex marathon, scotch and ibuprofen induced sleep lasted. It was after dark when consciousness emerged with the sound of a snowmobile coming to a stop outside. 

In walked Mike. His seven and a half inches was up my naked hole before he even started removing his clothes. My hole was so soar I begged off telling him of my thirteen load afternoon adventure. 

He honoured my request and stripped off to join me. I must have cranked the heat to max before falling asleep. We proceeded to sniff lines as we finished off the 40 ouncer of scotch. 

In his high and tipsy state he was eager to tell me about his week away in Vegas. He'd gone down with a friend to escape winter, do some gambling, party and take in some shows. But they hadn't told anyone the most important reason. The friend was going to a conversion party. The friend was offering up his negative chasing ass for five high viral load guys three days in a row. He gambled on coming home with 34 poz loads to fulfill his destiny of sero-conversion. 

In his alcohol and drug induced loose tongue Mike confessed that he couldn't get the idea of converting out of his mind ever since the international student had begged for a poz load. This longing had only grown as he watched his buddies face lite up with load after load of toxic jiz being pumped into him. Mike knew he himself needed to experience shooting a toxic load into that student. He felt it was his destiny to infect that young man and who knows how many others. 

I was astounded and asked if he had offered up his negative top ass in Vegas with his buddy. 

"No fuckin way man! Nobody is putting anything up my ass. I tried with my finger a few years ago, no offense buddy, it's just not my thing. "

"Then how do you expect to get infected top man?"

"You are going to help me get an infected blood slam my friend. I'm going to take high viral load blood directly into my system." He slurred on, "And hey buddy, I had another mind blowing experience in Vegas. We hired a gay escort and had a slam threesome. Fuck man you gotta do it. The rush as he brought that needle to my tied off arm alone was worth it. After I raised my arm and the coughing jag passed the warmth and horniness that blasted through my body was unbelievable. I was even tempted to let them fuck me. I fucked and blasted in the two guys in fifteen minutes. It was so fuckin intense. "

We made a blood pact then and there to get slammed together within the next two weeks. My slamming for a bareback gangbang his to infuse his blood stream with the HIV virus. He scratched inside my already torn up hole, slashed two of his fingers with my fishing knife, and swabbed his blood into my ass. We sealed the deal when he pulled out and stuck the bloody cum ass juice covered fingers in my mouth. 

This brotherly love ritual got me so horned up I begged him to rape my already aching ass. He quickly obliged, loaded my ass, again scooped and fed me with his bloody fingers. He stuffed them so far down my throat I was choking on them. "Do it again, rape my ass while choking me!", my greedy response. 

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The slam gangbang wasn't going to fit in the ice fishing hut so I moved the sling to our basement wreck room. Every guy I invited was a top or vers and either had experience getting slammed or was looking for the opportunity. A special HIV blood slam donor for Mike was among the crowd. It was Mike's friend from the Las Vegas trip. He had won his wager and now sported a huge viral load. 

The biggest surprise was my neighbor Flint. Our wives were going to be away shopping and he, like me, wanted to experiment with his wild side. 

I made sure my bar was well stocked for the party. Mike provided lots of white powder to sniff. My drug dealer had lots of experience with slamming chrystal meth and was a straight top that enjoyed tapping a gay ass from time to time: as long as the gay or bi guy was butch. It seemed every participant brought their own favorite brand of poppers. And of course the lube I provided was laced to guarentee a horny good time for bottom and top alike. 

When I realized the extent of intoxicating power in the room I wanted to encourage every guy to set 911 on their speed dial. I was terrified and the adrenaline rush that caused had me hornier than a school boy even before I had any intoxicants in my system. 

When everyone was well lubricated from booze and a few lines Mike's buddy plugged his play list into my sound system. He turned up the volume to "It's Raining Men." He moved to the center of the floor and proclaimed for all to hear. "Great start fellas, let's step it up a bit."

He was already starting an erotic striptease slowly and seductively unbuttoning his stylish transparent floral shirt. His arms, chest and eight pack were very well developed and adorned perfectly with lots of tribal tattoos. He held every man's attention as his shirt hit the floor.

His hips gyrated and he started unbuttoning his tight butt accentuating jeans as he danced around the circle planting a passionate kiss on every guy's lips. He recruited assistants to remove his boots, socks and jeans revealing his 10 and a 1/2 inch erection which he stood and stroking to the music. It was one of those beautiful cocks with a perfect upward curve that any bottom knows will nail their prostate just right. 

He danced over to Mike, pulling Mike's shirt over his head revealing Mike's beautiful hairy body. Others pitched in to get Mike fully naked. Mike was escorted to the sling and helped into it. Mike protested, "I'm not a bottom." His poz friend put a shushing finger to his lips.

A circle of semi clad mostly naked men now stood around the occupied sling. My jock strap wearing dealer administered Mike's first meth slam. Arm in the air, coughing jag finished Mike's saucer eyes showed he was ready. 

Mike's poz friend put a needle to his own arm and began to carefully draw a plunger full of tainted blood. Every guys cock was out and rock hard as he slowly, directly and seductively delivered the blood slam into Mike's vein. Mike was so overcome with emotion that tears of joy streamed down his face. 

Viral blood slam delivered Mike's poz friend moved in between Mike's stirruped legs and his naked cock taped at Mike's vulnerable hole. Mike smiled big time finding enough energy to gently push the fuck tool away. "My arm's all you get. Fuck! I'm so fuckin high and horny I need to get out of this thing and fuck one of your holes."

While Mike was assisted out of the sling my drug dealer slammed Mike's friend, me, and Flint. Mike's raw cock was up my ass as soon as my coughing jag ended. It felt amazing!

Mike's poz friend was in the sling with Flint's naked monster pounding his ass into next week. By now it was hard to hear anything over the coughing, groans and rutting throughout the room. However I did hear Flint speak to Mike's friend. "I'm so fuckin horny. I need to give up my ass. Give me my first fuck ever."

Mike's friend smiled and said, "Take your pick man. Every guy in this room would love to break your gorgeous hairy bear cherry I'm sure."

"Fuck that," responded Flint. "I want your cock and load man."

"You sure?! I'll likely knock you up."

"I don't want pozed but I'm not passing up this gamble. I'm just too fuckin horny for your big cock man, and you alone. "

As Flint climbed in the sling Mike's friend asked if I was okay with him giving his first load to Flint. It was supposed to be my gangbang after all. I gave my surprised enthusiastic assent as another naked cock pushed up my ass. 

When Mike's friend was getting close we heard Flint bellow, "Give it to me man! Just try to poz this negative bear ass. Give it your best shot. Fill me  ...awgh  ...FUCK  ...FUCK... FUCK. You're unloading aren't you?!  ... Fuck, fuck  ... what did I just do? What the fucking hell did I just do?!"



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The drug enhanced orgy went on for many hours. All first loads,save one,  were pumped into my ass. I couldn't believe how turned on I was receiving Mike's friend's load. I had not known I was taking a charged load when I first got knocked up with HIV. Dozens of guys had bred me in the two months before dropping with the fuck flu, so I didn't know who or how many had infected me. Here I was being filled with a toxic recharge and it was such a turn on. Of course I was safe and enjoyed putting my meds to a test. I also knew had I been in Flint's position I  to would be taking the same risk.

I  don't know how many guys went home with loaded asses; but, I knew, everyone but Mike had had raw cock up there. Even my dealer! In fact he took the third load from Mike's poz friend. 

Mike had the worst case of fuck flu within a week and a half. Who could have guessed such a sturdy fit farmer could be laid flat in hospital for two weeks?

My drug dealer delivered what he was sure was his first poz load into my eager ass at the fishing hut within a month. He was surprised a smaller third load could do the job. After all, he'd taken a number of non-medicated poz loads over the years and stayed negative. But, he was resigned to his fate, and excited to share his strain by fucking and administering blood slams. 

Flint was devastated! He had been certain a strong burly bear like himself could get away with taking one toxic load. That was right up until the moment the poz top started unloading in his vulnerable guts. He'd lost the gambit, and wept apologizing to his wife as she nursed him through the fuck flu. She was deeply disappointed but not really surprised. She knew her teddy bear's voracious appetite for sex and had known for years he would eventually take it up the ass. Besides, she shared his mammoth sexual appetite and looked forward to pegging him in the near future. How could she  judge?


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Mike was only a week out of hospital and still quite weak the afternoon two of the five international students came to the ice fishing hut. We were just squeezing this pozing session in as spring was coming on. The hut would soon be stored again at Mike and Stan's farm. 

The eager chasing student had brought along his dark, hairy, chubby buddy for moral support. Before we got started the chaser's buddy asked him, "You sure you fuckin want to go through with this? You know I think it's a very bad idea. You can back out now and no one will judge you." The buddy looked to Mike and I for agreement. 

The chaser gulped and said  "Just give me a moment." He rapidly took down three shots of tequila and sucked in a couple bowls full from a bong. He drunkenly pulled off all his clothes and climbed into my sling. "Give it to me now before I loose my nerve." He took two big sniffs of poppers before Mike pushed his big raw toxic cock in balls deep. 

Though weak Mike was in pozing top heaven and managed to rail the chasers eager ass like the pro top he was. He knew he couldn't keep this up long in his weakened state. It would need to be a quick pump and dump no matter how much he longed to savor the momentous moment of his first gifting. When his breath became ragged he said to his chasing bottom, "I shouldn't, but I'll give you one last chance to ask me to pull out. Take it or there's no turning back."

"Fuck! I don't know" slurred the neg bottom. "I don't know. I don't fuckin know." He was silent as Mike's full balls continued to slap his butt cheeks. The chaser took a couple more hits of poppers and cried out, "Fuck it! Fuck me! Poz me with your toxic tool. Knock me up!"

Mike was already unloading in his negative ass and the bottom cried out with tears streaming, "No! No! Don't. I can't  ... Fuck! Fuck, you did it! You just bred me didn't you? Tell me you're fucking with me. You're really not poz and toxic. Tell me!"

"No fucking way kid! I gave you your chance. You begged me to knock you up."

"I tried to tell you not to go through with this. I begged you not to." From the bottom's chubby friend. 

"Shit, fuckin shit! What am I going to do now " still crying from the sling. 

He downed a couple of quick shots as quickly as I could pour them. Then he turned to me with resolve, "You  got anymore poz friends. Call them up, get them over here, let's make sure this takes. While you do that Mike's going to fill me with as many loads as he can muster."

Mike was meekly unloading for the third and final time when Flint arrived. The burly teddy bear made a quick job of his massive toxic pump and dump. 

"More, more  ... I need more. I can't go through the agony of longing and questioning again!", cried the chaser. 

I had already called my dealer and he was on his way. 

Flint managed to deposit another three loads before my dealer arrived with his bag of goodies. 

Our chaser recieved a meth slam followed by my dealer. My dealer couldn't keep from sneaking glances at the now shirtless dark hairy buddy. The  buddy responded to the dealer's attention by moving to the head of the sling  leaning in and making out with the dealer as the dealer raw fucked his buddy in the sling. An intoxicated fuck frenzy followed with both participants exploding at the same time. 

My dealer pulled out and circled in behind the dark buddy college student. Embracing the hairy chest with one arm my dealer began unbuckling the buddies belt and unbuttoning his pants. 

As his ear was being nibbled the buddy informed my dealer."You can undress me. You can even slam me with meth. But, you are not going to fuck me. You understand!?"

My dealer was quick to finish stripping the student and getting him into the sling. In no time his arm was banded and the slam delivered. The students arm was raised and coughing ensued. My dealer's naked cock was up the students ass before the coughing stopped. 

"Oh fuck man! That feels so good. I'm so fuckin horny and my ass is so hungry for your naked dick. Please fuck me for a bit; but  don't cum! Be sure to pull out. Understand"

Not a word from my dealer who just pounded away. 

"Oh yeah man. I love your raw cock in me. Don't stop. Keep fuckin me bareback... fuck yeah! I love it!"

My dealer's ragged voice eventually emerged from his heavy breathing,  "Yeah you hairy bareback slut. I'm close. Gonna knock you up."

"No, no, don't cum. And for God's sake don't stop. Just fuck me 'til I ask you to pull out. You can unload in my mouth if you want."

Slamming in harder and deeper the top groaned, "Argh... ooooh ... too ... late fucker! Take my poz babies! Loading your sorry ass so deep I'm surprised my toxins ain't comin out yo mouth... What did you expect? Once my raw poz pistol was in you I wasn't stopping. You just shot your last negative load bitch."

With that the bottom realized his hairy chest and belly were covered with his own white spooge. 

Within the month the chasing college student was astounded to get a negative HIV test. He went back to the clinic a month later only to confirm that he indeed had somehow not been infected by the multiple poz loads from three guys. 

His hairy classmate and buddy on the other hand came down with a raging case of fuck flu within three weeks of his poz breeding. He held no malice for the drug dealer inviting Mike, Flint, Mike's friend and the drug dealer to seal the deal by charging his ass while his system was so vulnerable and week. By end of the spring term he proudly sported a biohazard tattoo on the back of his shoulder. At the bottom of his spinal cord an arrow could barely be seen through his dense hair. It pointed at his ass and had the word 'raw' prominently tattooed above it. 

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      Just a short story from a bi guy. English is not my native language and I´m no born writer:

      Dan was 20 and 6" 140lb, your lean, bit slutty, bit nerdy kind of guy playing it cool, discovering his same-sex desires while keeping a girlfirend, and kind of a jerk.

      One of those days, when Mary would not feel like having sex and he wasn´t, yet again, very sucessful finding a girl behind Mary´s back, he yet again browsed the gay dating sites. There he stumbled across a guy, aged 35, 6", 180, average, slightly working out according to his profile, no photo attached (with which he had no problem as he wanted to play "discreet"), who was writing he and his friend want to have a fun in three, "just some drinks and we´ll see where it leads".

      Danny had some experience with guys, a guy once wanked and sucked him in the park, he was once with two guys his age and really liked the special attention they paid him, at the time before he found his, at times reluctant girlfriend who at times he thought must be teasing him by depraving him sex and then enjoying the extra mood he had to fuck her after the abstinence period was over and "she felt like it again".

      The two decided to meet that night at the guys´ place with his friend, be surprised by each others´ look, not forcing the photographs since all of them agreed on discrete approach and at 9PM, the guys seemed to be genuinely surprised when he rang their block of flats´ intercom at the ground floor. It was a bit weird for Dan, though - normally, he always managed to get the other side´s photo and refuse the meeting offer if he felt like it, making fun of some of the photographs and not replying to some of the guys he found too fat, old or weird. All of this started to get to him as he was riding the lift to the apartment of the guys on 13th floor.

      As the guy opened the door, he thought that he would just turn around and leave. The guy didn´t look that old, but he certainly wasn´t his type. The only thing that intrigued him was the large bulge in his jogging shorts, the guy, his friend appearing just seconds after him, seeing it, smiles forming on their faces quickly, before Dan faced them again and saw the guy´s friend was even older than Josh. "Say hello to Dan, Mitch", said Josh and Dan greeted him, somewhat uneasily, unimpressed by the guy´s face, but impressed to a degree by his huge muscular physique. If Josh was 6" 180, Mitch must have been 6" 2, or 6" 3 even and at least 200 pounds of muscle and body, very well built.

      Josh, seeing the potential for Dan chickening away, asked Dan to come inside to just join them just for a drink or two and see. Unbeknownst to Dan, Josh recognized in him the prick who turned him down just two years earlier for his looks, then really out of shape, now 40 pounds lighter and more muscular, not the handsomest, but still a nice man. The kid had no idea.

      They started with a boringly long small talk and some beer, after which Josh tried to caress with Mitch Dan on his thigh, to which Dan replied it is nice of them but he really just want to hang out and don´t see them being match in this way. Josh told the two he is going to get some more drinks while Mitch started to bullshit the kid talking how nice it is to meet him, how gorgeous he is and how nice it would have been if they could be more intimate, distracting Dan´s attention, following Josh´s plan.

      In the meanwhile, Josh prepared nine shots of vodka, adding just the right amount of Rohypnol in two of them, sorting them in three rows by three glasses in each. He was happy the kid didn´t remember him and he was looking to it he won´t remember this night, but will remember his lesson.

      End of Part I


      Let me know if you like where this is heading and you want a Part II
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      So I've been looking for someone to blindfolded me tied me and use my two wholes and invite as many poz’s guys to fuck me. 
      32 neg of my prep for 6 months already looking to maybe get a b/bump or sla this my number hit me up only serious people 3034348651
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      Hey guys! I live in Montreal so im looking for giys located here or max 1-2 hours drive. Ive slammed 15 times probably, so far never more dans 0,17. As my bday is coming up, Id like to plan a hot fuck session with a hung.older man, who is able to slam me good. Would love to try a bigger dose and be blindfolded when the slam comes in. and then I have other ideas for the night hehe... is there any hookup sites where we can find people who are into slamsex? thabks in advance
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      Hello, friendly older chubby from Hamburg looking for active pozboys, aidsfucker or any other, toxic loads, bugchaser, any deseases and infections are very welcome, beginners and foreigners any races and nations also welcome, for travellers, visitors and tourists bed and breakfest is possible, i can host, asians latino and blacks would be great but everybody is welcome with any std's pls.
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      Two white smooth slots be in local hotel in the surrounding metro or cobb area for nsa discreet anon tops come use are holes.  Tops walk in our smooth asses waiting in jockstrap and blindfolded if you like... tag team, DP my holes, train, porn, record, spit foasting, toys, gang bang, skull fucking, kink, cum dumps.  One is 100% vers and I'm total bottom.  Luv being fucked down, unzip blow and go or hit it much as you want.  We will bttm together,  make out, fuck each other, use toys on each other... watch j/o or join in cream our holes.  He also likes to top me with other tops pimping my cock cum hungry holes out.  Tops call the shots.  Starting early evening throughout the next evening.... leave my cream hole dripping wanting more.  Taking place starting today early evening  thru Saturday evening 

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