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I feel extremely submissive when a top grips my jaw, commands me to open my mouth, and spits into my waiting mouth! 

I love to have someone spit in my face! 

I love to have someone spit on my ass and use that as lube! 

Spit is another fluid I welcome into my body, that I want a top to make me take from him as we fuck! 

Do you like to be made a submissive whore and be spit on? 💧


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I recently discovered just how much I love Men’s spit. I think it’s become my favorite Male fluid after cum and piss. 

I mostly love it if it ends up in my mouth for me to swallow. More DNA for me. 😋 I’ll swallow any random anon Man’s spit. Multiple rounds of spit. The thicker the better. 😍



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On 6/11/2021 at 10:48 PM, RawBottomAriel said:

I recently discovered just how much I love Men’s spit. I think it’s become my favorite Male fluid after cum and piss. 

I mostly love it if it ends up in my mouth for me to swallow. More DNA for me. 😋 I’ll swallow any random anon Man’s spit. Multiple rounds of spit. The thicker the better. 😍



I would love to spit in your face while a jackhammer your loose cum filled pussy babygirl

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    • By Chub4Poz
      Let's face it, being 39, 5'7 and 350lbs isn't going to turn a lot of guys on. I know there are some chubby chasers out there, but they seem few and far between. This is where the bathhouses and BBRT come in.

      I've been to Club Indianapolis, and Club St Louis. had some fun at both. Club Orlando and Club Columbus were both bust for me. When it was open, Midtowne Spa in Dallas was fun. Especially after two of the attendants realized I was the one driving the semi truck. They couldn't wait to get in me. Through all of that though, every raw load, still no STD's and still neg. Lucky? Who knows. However recent events make me wondering if luck ran out.

      Messaged a guy here in San Diego on BBRT. 5'10, 200lbs, mid 50's, and 8" thick. Also Undetectable. He responded. He actually wanted to breed me. HOT! 

      We'll call him Jake.

      "So, you looking tonight?"
      "Yes. You like fat guys?"
      "Yes. Can you host?"
      "Yes. Says you are undetectable. Like breeding neg bottoms?"

      "Hell yes! Love it. I cum multiple times too!"

      "Oh hell yes. Parking around my place is weird. Want my number so we can figure this out so you can breed me?"

      "Yep. Text me your address and make sure you are cleaned out so I have somewhere nice and clean to plant my seed."
      I texted him at the number he gave me and he was ready to breed me. 20 minutes later he's at my door. Not my normal type, but when you are fat cum pig, you take what you can get.

      "Hello. My room is this way."

      He follows me to my room and we both undress. Within 5 minutes he's as hard as a rock and rams his cock in me raw and with only spit. Not gonna lie, it hurt some, but it was a good hurt. 10 minutes in and if feels like he added lube. That was the first time he came. He never got soft. 10 minutes later I can feel him cumming a second time in my fat ass.

      "Did you cum?"

      "Yep, twice now. Hope you are ready for more pig."

      "Breed my hole. Plant your seed in me."

      "You asked for it."

      With that he fucked me for another 45 minutes. It felt like he was cumming every 5-10 minutes and he never got soft till the last time he came. He probably came in me at least 5 times.

      "Damn your ass was tight. Even after I nutted you still had a grip on my cock. Kept me hard for a while. Better keep all my babies in you."

      "I always keep cum in me."

      "Good pig. Hope we can do this again sometime."

      "Me too."

      He proceeded to get dressed. Walked him to the door, and he left.

      I haven't heard from him since but I see him on BBRT from time to time so at least he didn't block me. Hoping we can meet again. His profile says "Undetectable". I have my doubts though. 10 days after he fucked me I came down sick with a bad cold, fever and aches all over. Feeling better now, but still makes wonder... Did my luck run out, and did he lie?

      Hope you guys Enjoy this story and if you like chubs, Hit me up!

    • By SleazyTopUK
      I was scrolling through Grindr one night, sat in my lounge with my Grey Nike joggers on, Khaki Green TN's (in my pic) and a plain white t-shirt. 
      Had a throb on and really had the urge to pump a sleazy hole, no names, just raw fun and go.
      This guy in his late thirties messaged me, he was about 3 miles away and no profile pic. 
      He stated he wanted a guy to fist him then dump a load in his stretched hole.
      I thought, why not. 
      About 20 mins later he buzzed me in to his ground floor council flat and was waiting on the bed in a jock and a pair of black socks with lube on the side and a towel down.
      Without speaking, I lived my hand up and slowly started working his hole with my fingers, more fingers each time as he moaned. Then without warning I started to slowly at first push my fist in to his hole. I could feel the walls of his insides scrape against the sides of my fist. Once I got about 2.5 inches in, his hole just sort of sucked up the rest of my fist. 
      My fist was warm from his insides and I could feel the lining of his ass. 
      For about a good 15 minutes I punched his hole, ripping my fist out and then slamming it back in as my scally cock throbbed and dripped pre cum over the back of his lower legs.
      He moaned and moaned as I stretched his sleazy, council dad hole.
      I couldn't resist any longer so I slid my 8 inch knob in to his sloppy, clean hole and fucked him doggy until I shot barrels of a warm cum deep in his guts which made him moan with pleasure.
      He could feel my cock pulse every shot.
      After, I pulled out, pulled my joggers back up and fucked off.
      Few days later I signed up to bbrt to have a scout around and saw his profile and find out he described himself as a poz sleazy dad with a turn on for scally lads to use him as a cumdump.
      Proper turned me on that I fisted and loaded a poz pig so much that I met him another 5 times after that. 
    • By FuckHardSF
      Wild to very wild bottom pig slut looking for aggressive, older tops / dads to own, use, and breed my hole and lend me out. Long sessions preferred. You host. 
      I like sex on the wild side, pushing limits (yours/mine), and rough/hard (give/take) verbal breedings. Into anon scenes & loads, pigs who get off on degradation, uninhibited group play, & fantasy exploration. Uncut cocks, old fuckers with big swinging dicks, redneck/trashy pigs, sleazy old men, trucker dick, & gingers are +.
      Available evening of Sunday 25th - Thursday 29th. 

    • By Robw73
      I've noticed that over the past few years, my nipples are pretty much my primary sexual organ - i've become a total titpig. Pretty much any kind of rough treatment on my nipples and i crumble into a pre-cum soaked clut, who will do anything with anyone.
      I can;t be the okay pig like this? It's literally like my clit (usually locked, and want to get smaller) and my cunt are playing second fiddle to my nipples.
    • By jaybo1022
      Bottom in gaffney, sc...free mist weekdays 7:30a til 1:30p and late nights after 11p.
      Text 864-619-9794  and let me know you're interested, will reolybwith address if i'm free. If i can't host we can tryto meet elsewhere...public bathroom, cemetery, woods...long as my ass gets fucked and filled.
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