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Birmingham cum dump for tops - this weekend


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Horny cum dump in Birmingham city centre for tops who need a hole to fuck. Anything sleazy goes. Drop me a message on here, bbrt (thebbtaker) or twitter same user name. 

Also looking for tops who don't mind being filmed or want to help film be being fucked and bred. No faces, just to make some hot content for a new showcase video of me being fucked and filled. 

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    • By DianaTSSlut
      She Knows
      I have a fairly hyperactive immune system… I have autoimmune issues, which are a common complication of Klinefelter’s Syndrome (47, XXY). But on the plus side, I don’t get colds, like ever. And even with all the guys that have dumped their bare loads in my tight pussy, I’ve never gotten an STI - at least not that I know of.
      And that’s good… because there have been at least 3 times (that I know of) that I’ve had a poz load shot into my tight hole.  All 3 times, the guy wouldn’t say anything (and I *never* ask first as a rule - I need that risk), until they’re about to unload in me… then they will say something like “here comes my poz load you fat slut”… or “does my poz seed feel good in your pussy,  whore?”
      One time, this hot guy was just fucking me soooo hard… I was being used… if people we’re watching they might think I was being raped (and believe me, I know what rape is… but that’s another story). The way this guy slammed into me, forcing himself so deep into my bare cunt, with so much force, brought back memories of how I was used by my uncle and dad growing up.
      His buddy was roughly fucking my throat, and he’s holding my wide hips as he just keeps pounding me as hard as he can. His buddy keeps forcing poppers on me, and I’m just in heaven - floating on a cloud of debauched pleasure.
      Suddenly, there’s a knock at the booth door. The guy in my mouth throws open the booth door without missing a beat, and a guy outside grabs it, and shoved something under the door to keep it open. Now there are 4 or 5 guys in the hall jerking off as they watch me get spit roasted hard by these two guys.
      The guy in my mouth grabs the chain that’s clamped to my fat tits and pulls… HARD. My nipples are already sore from not pumping my milk before I got here. I try to scream around his big cock, but can’t even get any air. The pain in my tits runs right down my spine. It’s intense and exquisite (my body was taught from an early age to view pain as pleasure). 
      I struggle for air; this moment seems to go on forever, the lack of oxygen intensifying my pain and pleasure. Just then, he grunts and starts unloading, his cock head pushing at the back of my throat and filling my belly with his hot seed.
      He says to his friend as he pumps down my throat… “FUCK yeah this dumb slut can suck cock… you ready to knock up the fat slut?” The guy in my pussy says, “Oh FUCK yesssss… I’m gonna make this stupid fat cumslut pregnant!” His animalistic grunts are followed by his hard cock starting to twitch in my cunt. His friend pushes me back hard against him to make sure I can’t get away.
      Suddenly, he says, “You want my POZ load, don’t you, you dumb fucking white trash whore?!” I’m high from the poppers and lack of air, and his friend is forcing me back against him… I couldn’t speak if I wanted to… his friend’s cock still hard in my throat even after he came..
      The guys in the hall are stroking furiously, cheering him on. “Fuck yeah knock that slut up”; “rape that fat cunt”; “give the slut what she wants”. One guy stays out in the hall, looking around them back in as he strokes. The other two come into the booth and get on either side of me…
      I feel the guy in my pussy tense up. His friend puts his hand on my throat and squeezes, and says, “Show everyone what a fucking filthy slut you are, you stupid fat cow…”
      I look in the hall quickly and see two more guys jerking off and recording with their phones… I just push my hips back hard and squeeze my pussy muscles to try to milk the cock in me while I stare blankly into the cameras…any judgment I once had long ago replaced by the depths of depravity I’m being forced towards. His friend notices me pushing back and says, “Look at this bitch beg for poz seed! What a nasty fucking slut!”
      I feel him suddenly tense again and I push back one more time; I feel the first rope of his (potentially) dirty seed splash my cunt wall.. just then, his friend yanks the clamps from my fat udders… my eyes roll back and tears streak down my face… the two guys on either side of me from the hallway add to my tears, spraying their loads all over my face and trying to hit my swinging milk jugs, which a few shots manage to do… 
      My poz stud spurts rope after rope of his dirty seed into my womb.. I’m crying and covered in strangers’ cum… I’m sooo fucking high I don’t ever want to come down… I take every drop of his seed in my tight pussy… my eyes are blurry from tears… 
      The guy in the hall walks in jerking and recording with his phone… he puts it close to my face and temporarily turns on the flash, blinding me while making sure there’s no doubt who is getting this… my eyes were rolling and must have been bloodshot because he says, “Look how high this bitch is!” I can’t even speak because the guy’s friend has one hand on my neck now and one over my mouth and nose. He allows my nose to open momentarily, and as I try to suck air in, they both hold a bottle of poppers to each nostril. My attempt to inhale oxygen just pushes me higher and higher as the poppers flood my big Italian nose. 
      I feel the pressure in my fat tits release as they start spraying milk on the floor of the booth… the last guy hands his phone to one of the other guys to keep recording, and slips behind me… as the guy who just dumped his poz seed in me pulls out, this guy slams his big dick right in my wet pussy…
      This triggers a huge orgasm from me. My girlcock shoots my cum all over the floor… I try to lower myself down to the floor, but the two other guys in front hold me so I can’t move… the guy inside me says he’s gonna cum in my freshly pozzed cunt…
      The realization that I’m being raped by these five guys pushes me down to the depths of decadence that I seek out, and I cum again… my eyes roll, and I’m force fed another big Italian nose full of poppers… they push me back against him as I spray the floor again with cum and milk.
      My mind goes blank. My eyes glass over. This is the feeling I seek out over and over. When strangers have the guts to force a mindbreak… I will do anything…
      I’m floating; time slows to a standstill; I can barely hear the guy in the booth who’s recording me now narrating, something like… “she’s about to get her last poz load!”
      I’m stunned by the realization that they’re all together… I took a poz load down my throat, one in my cunt, and got two sprayed all over my face and tits. The last guy finally unloads, pumping his load even deeper inside me as I’m held there, forced by this poz rape gang… his words swirl around in my mind…
      I AM a dumb fat white trash cumslut… I AM a stupid whore… and now, I’m a poz rape slut. And I want more. I need more.
      My neck is squeezed, my mouth is covered, my nostrils are pinched closed… a final, airless orgasm wracks my abused body, destroying me. They all let go of me as I slump onto the floor of the filthy booth… down into my own puddles of cum and milk. I pass out.
      I am finally shook awake. As my eyes focus, I can feel a tight pussy wrapped around my girlcock, and someone bouncing on me as I lie on my back on the floor of the booth.
      My eyes finally focus enough to see that the cute young girl from the front counter - who’s young enough to be my daughter easily - is bouncing on me, her sweet little tits jiggling as she does. I watch her alternate between her cigarette and the leftover bottles of poppers strewn across the dirty floor of the booth.
      The booth smells of cum and sweat and piss… and so do I. After I passed out they must have pissed on me… further degrading me. I’m sure they laughed at me as they all recorded me getting drenched with their golden streams.
      The girl leans down and whispers in my ear, “I’m sooo fucking high right now…” as her little body bounces on top of me. She moves down to my tits and starts to suck on them; when my milk squirts into her mouth, she moans and starts to bounce faster, impaling herself on my big thick girlcock. 
      It suddenly occurs to me that when the booth doors are open, the security cameras in the hallways can see in. She saw the whole thing. She watched as 5 men raped me into unconscious bliss. And now her tiny pussy is trying to milk the last of my cum from my balls.
      The thought of this young girl watching the whole time pushes me close; I reach up and grab her little tits. I take a puffy nipple in each hand, realizing how young they make her look. I yank them down as hard as I can, impaling her on me. I feel the momentary resistance of her cervix as I push through…
      And I erupt… I force myself up, pushing as far into this little slut’s cervix as I can, and I fill her womb with every last drop of cum I have left. My tits explode and she leans down and nurses from them as I breed her. She starts to shake as her orgasm takes over.
      She screams, “YESSS KNOCK ME UP!” as her body convulses on top of me. As the wave passes, she collapses on top of me. Eventually, she picks her head up and whispers in my ear, “I’m not on birth control…”
      I whisper back, “they pozzed me.” She looks into my eyes and smiles.
      She knows. 

    • By KumHole
      Hi anyone know where a good place to stay in Sydney for a chemed up cumdump looking for tops to walk in and use me? Heading there after new year and plan to lit and have my hole used over a weekend. Hotels require u to pick up visitors from the lobby so that won’t work. Any suggestions I’d appreciate it. Once I’ve found a suitable place I’ll let you all know so u can swing by and pump me full of ur seed.

    • By Texasbislut82
      Be at club dallas blindfolded ass up in jock for anon loads after 7pm. Looking for anon and also cruise the dark maze and sling if open. 
    • By Pureviralchaser
      Chaser looking for a toxic top
    • By Taggedslut
      Is anyone else into taking frozen cum? I love anon breeding meets, taking a load from a complete stranger and recently discovered the sheer sleaze and excitement of taking a guys frozen cum. I now have several guys harvesting and saving their loads up ready for either a sloppy fuck session or a horny pour. Is it just me or anyone else really get off on this? 
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