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From Pastor to Pozzed Hole

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Part 7: Will Meets Dr. Wade

I spent my day doing something I had never done before. I sought out as much gay porn as I could find. Sure, I had seen straight porn before. At one point, I had fantasized about eating a woman’s pussy and even impregnating a woman. Now, all I wanted was to suck a dick and have Dominic impregnate me. My searching took me down the rabbit hole. I saw everything. There was a great deal that I knew I would never try, but there were other videos I found myself surprisingly turned on by. I watched as one man peed into another man’s mouth, and I found my cock rising to life. Never had I thought about putting my mouth anywhere near urine. Even when I got some on my hand when using the bathroom I freaked out. I saw men sticking metal rods into their dicks, something they called sounding. It looked like a UTI waiting to happen, but it also looked hot. All the while, I watched the tops and bottoms, wondering what it would be like to fuck someone like Dominic does. I still hadn’t fucked anyone with my dick. I’d jerked it off and had it sucked by Dom, but that was it. Would Dominic let me fuck him, I wondered. I’d never thought about my role before. For Dominic, I was a bottom, but would I always be a bottom with him? Would I be a bottom with everyone? Would there be other people other than Dominic? There was so much I still didn’t know.

Once I had masturbated six times, my loads thinner with each jerk off, I stumbled out to the kitchen to get some more water. I wore nothing but the dirty jock strap which I had been using to collect the loads. It was soaked through and showed all manner of stains. I was excited to wear it to the gym for the first time, adding my sweat to the mix. I already knew Dominic’s essence was infused within the fabric. It would be my turn soon.

There was a knock on the door. I checked the time and realized how late it was. Dominic didn’t have a key, and the spare he had used was in the kitchen where he left it all those days ago. He’d need to keep it until I had one made. Feeling a bit sexy as I stood in just a jock, I sauntered to the door, ready to greet the man who would be fucking my brains out.

Instead, I found Pastor Kline. He stood holding a container of soup which he nearly dropped upon seeing me almost completely naked.

“Will,” he gasped.

“Mark,” I said, ducking back behind the door. “I’m so sorry. I thought… well… I wasn’t thinking. My brains in a bit of a haze. You know I wouldn’t open my door like this normally.”

“Of course,” he said. He craned his neck, eyes looking for what was behind the door. “How are you feeling?”

“Better,” I told him. “I should be good enough to be back this Sunday.”

“Don’t rush yourself,” he said, his eyes still distracted. “We’d hate to have you falling over in the lobby as you greeted everyone.”

“I feel so much better. I’ll most definitely be back.”

“That’s great to hear,” he said. “This is for you. My wife thought you’d like some soup. It always does the trick for me.”

“Thanks,” I said, taking the soup.

“Do you know what it was?” he asked.

“Not yet,” I told him. “Could just be a bug.”

“Could be,” he said.

“Maybe food poisoning,” I added, seeing behind him Dominic coming down the hall. “Uh…”

Pastor Kline turned, spotting Dominic.

“Mr. Moore? This is a surprise.”

“Yes,” Dominic said, his pace slowing. “It is.”

“What are you doing here?”

“Uh, well…”

“He brought me some food the other day,” I lied. “You see, we were supposed to have a meeting on Tuesday, but because I didn’t feel well, I canceled. He felt bad for me and brought me food so I didn’t starve.”

“Great minds think alike,” Pastor Kline said.

“I told you, Dominic, that I could bring the containers to church with me Sunday,” I said, trying to act cool. “You didn’t have to come all this way.”

“Well, I thought I’d just check in since I was in the neighborhood.”

“Isn’t that nice,” Pastor Kline said. “Seeing someone who has only started to become a part of our family already making connections.”

“Great connections,” Dominic said, passing me a quick wink.

“Well, thank you, Pastor Kline,” I said, pulling the container of soup into my apartment. “I’ll see you Sunday.”

“Sounds good, Will,” he said, leaving my door. He watched as Dominic continued forward.

Dominic and I mimed a conversation until Pastor Kline was out of sight.

“That could have been bad,” Dominic said.

“I thought he was you,” I said.

“We don’t look alike,” he said. “I mean, he’s good looking and all…”

“I answered the door like this,” I said, stepping out to show him the lone jock strap.

“Fuck,” he said, smiling. “How much did he see?”

“Everything,” I told him. “I lied and said I just wasn’t thinking clearly.”

“That explains why he was so stunned.”

“I’ve got to be careful,” I told him.

Dominic followed me inside. “I was able to get you an appointment Sunday,” he told me as I placed the soup in the fridge. “After church, of course.”

“What appointment?”

“To see if you’re poz,” he said.

“But I have the fuck flu,” I reminded him.

“Still, we need to make sure.”

“Wait,” I said. “I just said I didn’t want anyone to find out. How am I supposed to go to a doctor without everyone finding out? Everyone around here knows the church. They’ll recognize me. Everyone will find out.”

“I got you an appointment with my doctor,” he said.

“On a Sunday?”

“He owes me a favor,” Dominic told me.

“What kind of favor?”

“I pozzed him,” he said. “See, this one’s him.” He pointed out one of the tally marks on his arm.

“You pozzed your doctor?”

“I pozzed him before he was my doctor,” Dominic said. “We met online. He was a chaser and wanted to get pozzed. I offered my services. After he told me he was a doctor, I figured it was better to have not only a gay doctor as a friend but also one that understands all the kinks guys like us enjoy. He won’t tell anyone.”

“If you’re sure,” I said. “Alright. After church.”

Dominic and I fucked several times before Sunday, even sneaking one in before church. We arrived in different cars so no one would suspect us. As I stood in the lobby greeting everyone, I shook his hand just as I did with everyone. Everyone looked at me like the good man they all wanted their sons to become as they got older. Little did they know that the mouth that was greeting them had been sucking a dick only an hour before, poz cum running down my throat and into my stomach.

We got to the doctor’s office to find only one vehicle in the parking lot. Their sign said they were closed, but Dominic said a door in the back had been left unlocked for us. He guided me inside and into an exam room in which a man was sitting.

“Dom,” he said, standing and shaking hands. “How are you?”

“I’m good,” he said. “The business is doing well.”

“I hope so,” he said. “I’m hoping to get in soon for another tattoo. And who is this?”

“Sorry. This is Will. Will, this is Doctor Wade.”

Doctor Wade was shorter than Dominic and I, but his body was muscular, showing that he spent a good amount of time working out. His grip nearly crushed my hand. He was handsome, blonde hair which was styled perfectly. His eyes were a pure blue.

“It’s good to meet you, Will,” he said. “And don’t worry, Dominic already told me all about you being worried that I’d tell people about you. Don’t worry. I’m the picture of discretion.”

“Thanks,” I said.

“We better get started,” he said. “I’m going to be taking some blood samples from you. If you could just strip down.”

Dominic took a seat as I removed my clothes. Once I got down to the jock strap, Doctor Wade stretched out a hand, waving for me to hand over the jock.

“This thing has seen some action,” he said. “Do you mind?”

“No,” I said, not knowing what he meant.

Doctor Wade lifted the jock to his nose and breathed deep. Seeing this man inhale my cum along with every other odor helped shoot my dick straight up.

“There’s nothing better,” he said, placing the jock down on one of the open chairs. “Looks like Dom has found himself a hung bottom.” He went to the counter and opened a drawer, extracting a short measuring tape. He ran it along my dick. “Eight inches. You tear up holes too?”

“No,” I said.

“Not yet,” Dominic added.

Doctor Wade sat on a stool and examined my dick, moving down to my balls. “Not just a big dick. You’ve got large testicles. Is your dad this big?”

“I’m not sure,” I said. “I’ve never seen him naked.”

“You’re a genetics jackpot,” he said. “Brothers?”

“Two,” I said.

“How about them?”

“Jay’s dick is smaller,” I said. “His is thicker, though. Zack’s is the same size as me.”

“This is a family I’d like to meet,” Doctor Wade said. “Hop on the table and I’ll start getting samples.”

Dominic watched as Doctor Wade collected his samples. Once they were taken, Doctor Wade left us in the room while he started the tests.

“How do you feel?” Dominic asked.

“A little nervous,” I said. “I don’t know why. I already know I’m poz.”

“This’ll be the proof,” Dominic said. His hand had started rubbing his dick through his pants.

As I watched, my own dick started to harden, standing at attention once more. I started running my hand along my shaft, a bead of precum collecting at the top.

“We’ll have your results in a few minutes,” Doctor Wade said as he entered the room. He looked at Dominic and me, a smile filling his face. “You know, it’s been a while since I’ve been fucked. Are there any takers?”

“How about Will?” Dominic suggested.

“Me?” I asked. “But, I haven’t fucked anyone before.”

“Then I’ll be your happy first,” Doctor Wade said. He was already unbuttoning his shirt, revealing a ripped chest beneath. He was hairless, his muscles clearly seen. As he removed his pants, I took the time to notice the tattoos on his body. There was a tribal tattoo on his shoulder while a scorpion tattoo was on his right peck. With his pants removed, he slipped out of his underwear, revealing a six inch dick which looked to be the same thickness of a soda can. He’d easily tear someone open from just his girth. Above his dick were the words, “Demon Dick” in cursive. “Let’s switch places,” he said.

I climbed off the table, Doctor Wade taking my place. In his hand he held a bottle of lube and a popper vial. He squirted some of the lube in his hand and reached down to his ass, slathering his hole. He gave me the lube as he started taking hits off the poppers. I squirted some lube on my dick and made sure I was covered.

“Fuck,” Doctor Wade said, finishing his hits. “Want some?”

“Sure,” I said, taking the poppers. I inhaled, feeling the world spin and my body heat up.

“Shove that huge dick inside me,” Doctor Wade said, spreading his cheeks.

I’d never seen an asshole before. It looked so small. I couldn’t imagine anything fitting in there. I turned back to Dominic who was watching with interest. He nodded to me, his eyes directed to Doctor Wade’s hole. I tried to remember how Dominic had fucked me. I lined my dick up with Doctor Wade’s hole and slowly started to push inside, feeling slight resistance.

“You’ll have to push harder than that,” Dominic said.

“You can’t break me,” Doctor Wade told me. “Shove your cock into my hole. Give me your strain.”

I did as I was told and shoved hard, my dick disappearing inside.

Doctor Wade cried out, his hands tightening their grip on his ass. “Fuck, you’re huge!”

“Are you alright?” I asked him.

“Fuck, yeah I am,” he growled. “Come on. Fuck the shit out of me.”

I pushed the remainder of my dick inside until my pubes met his ass. A wave of pleasure and warmth washed over me, my dick never feeling anything like it. I’d thought my hand could do the job. Turns out I had been wrong. Nothing felt like this. I pulled out slow and then pushed back in, trying to remember how I had seen them doing it in porn. I was clumsy at first, Dominic and Doctor Wade giving me orders. Soon, I was fucking Doctor Wade’s ass without a problem.

“Fuck, you’re tearing me open,” he groaned. “I can feel you in my chest.”

“Fuck, really?” I asked, wiping beads of sweat from my forehead. I could feel myself getting close. I looked back at Dominic and found him holding up his phone, recording us.

“What are you doing, Will?” Dominic asked?

“I’m fucking Doctor Wade,” I said, keeping my rhythm up.

“And is this your first time fucking someone with your dick?”

“Yes,” I said.

“And what kind of cum are you going to shoot?”

“Poz cum.”

“And who pozzed you?”

“You did, Daddy.”

“And who else did I poz?”

“You pozzed Doctor Wade.”

“And now you’re giving him another round of poz cum?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Are you going to shoot?” Doctor Wade called, his hand jerking off his own dick. “I’m ready to cum.”

“Almost,” I said, my thrusts quicker.

“Fucking shoot in my hole,” Doctor Wade said. “Knock me up with your babies. Give me your poz cum. Infect me again.”

“I’m infecting you with my poz cum.”

“Do it. Shoot in me. Fuck, I’m cumming. I’m cumming!”

Doctor Wade’s hole tightened around my dick, pulling me further inside him as ropes of cum shot out of his dick, splattering his face, chest, and abs. From his spasms my body shot into overdrive.

“I’m cumming,” I cried, closing my eyes as the most powerful orgasm shook my body. My cock wouldn’t stop shooting into his ass, my cum flowing out of me like a faucet. I held onto Doctor Wade’s legs for support, my body shaking.

“Fuck, it just keeps coming,” Doctor Wade said, looking down at me as my body continued to squirt more of my cum inside him. “You should have been a sperm donor.”

“He’ll be donating his sperm,” Dominic said with a wicked smile. “It’ll be a little different than that, though.”

Once my orgasm had ended, my cock slipped out of Doctor Wade’s ass, a drop of cum hanging from the head. Looking down, I realized I was seeing my cock for the first time being used as it was meant to be used. Doctor Wade climbed down from the table and handed me some wipes to clean myself up. He didn’t clean himself up, though. Instead, he left the room with my cum dripping out of his ass and his cum dripping down his body.

“What’ll you do with that?” I asked Dominic, pointing at his phone.

“I’m going to keep it so we can watch later,” he said. “Don’t worry. It won’t go online.”

As I finished cleaning myself, I realized that there was a part of me that didn’t care if it was put online. There was a part of me that wanted other men to see me fucking someone like Doctor Wade. I wanted people to know that I had a huge dick and could keep cumming for what felt like an eternity. I wanted people to know.

“Well,” Doctor Wade said, reentering the room. “I’ve got the results right here.”

“And?” Dominic and I asked.

“Congratulations,” Doctor Wade told us. “You’re positive. You’ve officially joined the brotherhood.”

I turned to Dominic who was sporting the biggest smile I had ever seen anyone wear. He grabbed me and pulled me into a hug, holding my naked body close.

“I’m so proud,” he whispered, kissing my cheek. “Now, you’ll have a piece of me with you forever.”

“I’m yours forever,” I whispered back, meaning it.

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Part 8: Will gets a tattoo

Dominic and I spent hours at his apartment watching porn. While I thought I had seen everything, it turned out that there was so much more to gay sex than I had ever known. We watched the video of me fucking Doctor Wade a few times, each time resulting in Dominic and I fucking our brains out. Though I bottomed most of the time, Dominic did take me back to his room where he laid down on his bed and lifted his legs, revealing his hairy hole.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“I want to feel you unload in me,” he said. “From Doctor Wade’s comment, it sounds like you’re a real shooter.”

We took a few hits of the poppers, Dominic giving me some lube he had stashed in his fridge.

“It’s more poz cum,” he said.

“Are you always collecting cum?” I asked.

“Can’t let a good thing go to waste,” he told me. “There’s a group of guys I fuck with every once in a while who spend a whole night jerking off into a bowl. We split it up into bottles and take it home.”

“And you have to be poz to go?”

“That’s the requirement,” he said. “That, and you have to have a big dick.”

“The next time you go,” I said, “can I come with you?”

He smiled. “I wouldn’t want anyone else to come but you.”

I lubed up and shoved my dick into his hole, watching as his eyes widened and his smile grew. “Fuck, is that what I feel like?”

“That, plus two inches,” I said. I started pumping. I watched as Dominic fisted his dick, rubbing his thumb over his head, beads of precum oozing out. He collected the precum on his finger and held it out to me. I wrapped my lips around his fingers, tasting him. I had never tasted anything as good as him.

“You’re a fucking natural,” Dominic said. “God, you dick feels amazing. I don’t think I even need to jerk off. I’ll come all on my own.”

My pace quickened, shorter thrusts, rubbing his prostate in quick bursts. His body started shaking.

“Fuck. Oh, fuck,” he said, his hand reaching out and grabbing my arms. “Oh, fuck me. Oh, God. I’m cumming. I’m cumming.” Ropes of cum shot out of his dick, hanging in the air before splattering down on his chest. I lost count of how many times he shot, but by the end, there was a pool of cum in his chest hair, leaking down his treasure trail, and collecting in his navel. The sight alone was enough to make me shoot.

“Fuck, I’m cumming,” I moaned, my body shaking as the orgasm took hold of me. It felt even better than with Doctor Wade.

“Are you still cumming?” Dominic asked, watching as my face continued to contort. “Fuck, Son. You are impressive.”

“I learn from the best,” I said, catching my breath. “Shit.”


“I need to piss.”

“Go ahead.”

I started to slip out of his hole when Dominic grabbed my arms, his legs moving down to my waste, pulling me back inside him. “What are you doing?”

“I said, go ahead,” he repeated.

“What, inside you?”

He nodded.

“I don’t… I don’t know if I can.”

“You haven’t tried,” he said. “Go on. Fill me up.”

With my dick still in his hole, I concentrated as hard as I could until I felt a stream of piss shoot out into his guts.

“Fuck, yeah,” he moaned, his hands leaving my arms and resting on his stomach. He massaged the cum around, mixing with his hair. “I can feel it. It’s so warm.”

I kept pissing until I had to strain to get anything else out. Carefully, I pulled out my dick, a tiny spurt of piss shooting back and running down my leg.

Dominic sat up, his asshole clenched shut. His hands remained on his stomach. “Feels good,” he said.

“I didn’t know you liked piss,” I told him.

“Piss, yes. Shit, no. Even I have my limits. How about you?”

“Not sure,” I told him. “I watched some videos while you were gone. It seemed kind of hot.”

“Let’s see what you think, then. Come on.” He maneuvered off the bed, his hole still clutched tight to keep my piss inside. I followed him to the bathroom where he pulled back the shower curtain and motioned me inside. “Lay down,” he told me. I did as he said. “I’m going to push your piss out of my ass and back onto you. Got it?”

I nodded.

Dominic turned around and pulled his cheeks apart, his hole staring me straight down. After a moment, a stream of piss shot out of his hole, hitting my chest. It was warm, dribbling through my chest hair and down toward the drain. As the piss kept coming, I found myself leaning forward until it was only an inch from my chin. Before I knew it, my mouth was open and my piss was shooting out of Dominic’s ass and into my mouth.

“Fuck,” Dominic said, looking back and watching as my mouth filled with piss.

The taste was strong, but it found it didn’t repulse me as much as I thought it would. Once it became too much to hold, I let the piss fall out of my mouth and over my body. At this point, Dominic had emptied his ass, my cum dribbling out at the end.

“How was that?”

“Hot,” I told him. “Warm, I mean.”

“And hot,” he added. “Did you like it?”

“I kinda did,” I told him. I ran my hand over my chest, feeling the warm liquid over my skin. There was something intoxicating about doing something dirty, something I knew I would have recoiled at a few weeks before.

“Now it’s my turn,” Dominic said, pointing his dick at my face. “I want you to take it in your mouth, and this time, try swallowing some.”

“Is that safe?”

“Perfectly,” he said. “It’s a good way to fill your stomach. Are you ready?”

I nodded.

A golden stream of piss shot out of his dick, splashing on my chin before entering my mouth. It was warm and the taste was even stronger than my own. Once I knew it was about to overflow, I swallowed. The taste was even more prevalent as it went down my throat. It wasn’t a flavor I liked, but knowing that it was coming from Dominic made the whole experience worth it. I continued to drink down his piss, swallowing four times before he was empty.

“That’s a good pig,” he said, shaking his dick and splashing me with drops. He reached out and took my hand, pulling me up. He stepped inside the shower and held me close, his mouth meeting mine. We kissed for what felt like forever. We took a shower, Dominic sticking his dick in me and pumping out a load so that we were both even. As we went to bed, he asked me a question. “Did you give any more thought to getting a tattoo?”

“I did,” I told him. “I want to do it.”


“Yeah,” I said. “I want something that marks me as poz. I know I can’t let everyone know, but having something on me that shows who I am, what is in me, feels right. That way, when I’m not here with you, I can look at it and know that you’re still a part of me.”

Dominic smiled and pulled me close, kissing me. “How about tomorrow? You come with me to work and we’ll do it then. I’ve got something I need to do tomorrow too. We’ll do it together.”

“Absolutely,” I said.

I’d never set foot in a tattoo parlor before, now, here I was, walking into the tattoo parlor owned by the man who pozzed me, ready to get a biohazard symbol on my body.

Dominic took me back to a private room so no one would see us. He wanted this experience to be private, intimate. That was fine by me as I was starting to feel nervous. I watched as Dominic started to prepare the tattoo gun, my interest peeked as he went about his usual business.

“Pretty cool, right,” he said.

“A lot cooler than you watching me do my job,” I said.

“I like watching you,” he told me. “It’s hot seeing you stand in front of everyone, commanding respect.”

I never thought of my job as being hot. Knowing I had this secret while everyone around me saw Pastor Ryder instead was hot. Just thinking about I started to get a boner. Seeing Dominic handle the tools of his trade made my boner even more pronounced. It didn’t go unnoticed.

“Looks like someone’s excited,” he said. “Now, where did you want the tattoo?”

“I don’t know,” I told him. “You’re the expert.”

“How visible do you want it?” he asked. “On your arm, anyone can see it. On your bicep, only a few people can see it. On your chest, you can only see it when your shirtless, obviously. Mine, you can only see if my shirt and pants are off. On your ass, you can only see it if your naked or wearing a jock. We could always tattoo it on your dick.”

“No,” I told him. “Not on my dick.”

“So, where?”

“Well,” I said. “I want it somewhere I can see it.”

“So, not on your back.”

“I don’t want it on my arm. I wear short sleeves at church.”

“Not that anyone there would know what it means.”

“They can Google.”

“How about where mine is?”

“Too close to my dick,” I told him. “How about on my chest?”

“People will see it when your shirtless.”

“Not many people see me shirtless.”

“How about at the gym?”

“I like showering at home.”

“You’re missing some good fucks at the gym,” Dominic said. “Guys in the know like to see the symbol.”

“I want it on my chest, right over my heart. That way I can see it. That way, when you fuck me, you can see it too.”

“Sounds good,” he said. “You’ll need to shave your chest.”

“All of it?”

“Just where the tattoo will go. I’ve got some razors in that drawer along with shaving cream. Go into the bathroom and come back when you’re done.”

I went to the bathroom and started shaving. I’d never shaved my chest before. Once hair started growing while I was in high school, I felt like a real man. I knew it would grow back, but I hated shaving it off. The tattoo would be seen underneath in the end. As I shaved, I felt my heart pounding beneath. Was I really going through with this? Too late to think about going too far, I realized, knowing poz cum was currently brewing in my balls. This was a minor step toward identifying as a poz man.

I returned to Dominic, finding him in the process of tattooing himself. “What are you doing?” I asked.

“Adding my fiftieth line,” he said, showing me his arm. Where there had been only four tally marks, there were now five, ten sets complete. “This one’s for you.”

Looking at all the lines, I thought of all the men he had fucked, all the men he had converted. Was I just another one, marked on his arm and soon forgotten? What happened to all those men? Doctor Wade I had met, but what about the other forty-eight?

“I know what you’re thinking,” he said.

“I’m not thinking anything,” I told him.

“You’re worried that you’ll become just another mark. You’re worried that I go through men like they’re nothing to me. That isn’t true. Yes, some of them were just quick fucks. Others wanted to be poz. I don’t connect to people as well as you might think. With you, with you it’s different. The sex is hotter, sure, but you’re a good man. I want to be around you. I want you always close to me. If it was possible for you to be the one to poz me, I’d do it. I’d want a part of you in me forever. Do you understand?”

I nodded. I climbed into the chair and sat back, watching as Dominic readied the tattoo gun. He placed the stencil on my chest and transferred the ink. I looked down at the symbol, watching it as it pulsed above the beating of my heart. I wanted this. I didn’t turn away the entire time. I watched as the ink was injected beneath the skin. I felt calm feeling Dominic’s hand on my chest. After a few hours, he was finished. I left the chair and looked in the mirror, seeing myself, but different. Now, a black biohazard symbol adorned my chest. In the center were the initials D.M.

“So that you’ll never forget the man who claimed you first,” Dominic said.

“How could I forget?” I asked.

“You’ll need to take care of the tattoo. You’ll moisturize the spot, keeping it clean. Don’t worry. The hair will grow back.” His smile widened. “Fuck, you’re hot.” His hands ran down my body, reaching my pants. He unbuckled them and slipped them off, moving me back to the chair. I pulled off my boxers, watching as he pulled down his pants, his dick flopping out. “Ready to continue earning that mark?”

“Yes, Sir.” I spread my legs, opening my hole.

“We’ve got no poppers,” Dominic said. “You’ll feel all of this.” He spit in his hand and rubbed it on his dick. He spit again and rubbed it on my hole. “Looks like your hole is already getting bigger. Clearly, we’ve been fucking a lot.”

“Not possible,” I said.

“Let’s test that theory,” he said, shoving his dick in my ass.

It still hurt, but the pain turned to pleasure immediately. His thrusts started slow and then intensified. His eyes were focused on my chest.

“Your chest was a good choice,” he said. He leaned down and bit my nipple, causing me to rise off the chair. “You sure you don’t want to pierce your dick?”

“I won’t say never,” I groaned, catching my breath. “But not today.”

In no time, Dominic blew his load in my ass, my load shooting up and catching in his chest hair. He almost fell forward, stopping himself.

“We can’t get cum on your tattoo. We don’t want it to get infected.”

“I’m already infected,” I told him, smiling, nodding to the tattoo. “Remember?”

“I’ll never forget,” he said. “Let’s get cleaned up and head home. We can fuck there.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said.

My chest hair grew back, the tattoo still visible underneath the hair. From a distance, it was hard to see, but that made being shirtless a bit easier should someone see me. Several weeks went by, Dominic and I continuing to fuck whenever we could. There came a Sunday after church where we fucked in my office, and we were almost caught by Pastor Kline.

As we dressed, Dominic said, “Have you ever wondered about Pastor Kline?”

“What about him?” I asked.

“He’s a good looking man.”

“I guess,” I said. “To be honest, I think he looks a bit like my dad.”

“Still hot,” he said. “Actually, I think he might be in the closet.”

I turned to Dominic, surprised. “What? Pastor Kline? No. He’s married.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time a gay man had a beard,” he said. “I think he’s hiding something.”

I shook my head. “Just because you were right about me, doesn’t mean you’re always right.”

“I’ve got a good track record,” he said, showing me the tally marks on his arm. “Ten of these were married men with a secret. In the end, I gave them a secret too big to conceal. Actually, two of them are together now, spreading their seed in New York.”

“Don’t try anything,” I told him, “especially while I’m gone.”

I was traveling back home to see my parents. My father was retiring, and they wanted me there for his party. Dominic couldn’t come with me unless we wanted to raise suspicions.

“I'll only be gone for a week,” I told him. “I’m leaving tomorrow. I’ll be there Sunday. I’ll be back two days later. It’ll be fine. Just stay out of trouble.”

“Will do,” he said.


As of now, we're about 48 pages into the story. I've got a total of 100 pages (and counting) written, but I'm not sure if I'll upload everything. We'll see what happens. I have no conclusion in mind, meaning almost everyone could be toxic by the end. 

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It's becoming hotter and hotter! Keep on uploading it! 

I was also thinking that one of remaining 49 conversions was in the church! When the pastor talked to Will, he referred to "family" somehow. 

The biohazard tattooed on his heart seems so hot, so intimate, I confess I'm fantasizing a lot about it! 

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