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How did you find out that you wanted a dick in your boycunt or give dick to boycunt?

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i never think about entering anything with my cock . i know that if i just jerk off it takes me ages to cum unless im watching degrading or violent porn to tip me over the edge . However if i have a mans cock in my arse ( and if he wants me to , i dont normally even touch my small cock when im with a top, unless i KNOW that its a turn on for mt top. ) i am generally so hot n horny to be pleasing a mans cock i can pretty much cum in seconds like a 13 year old .

i was introduced to sex at ten by an older boy from school . he was very masculine n had hair underhis arms and above his cock and what i now no to be a big cock . i was a skinny white hiarless twink with what i now kno to be a small cock. he was agressive n horny n just wanted to use n abuse n fuck my cute little self, i thought he loooked hot n so did as i was told . he would constantly compare my little cock to his monster and tho we fucked for over 5 years i never grew up to b manly like him. we had no rules n just made it up , so essentially he fell inot the dom top role n i into the sub btm role . 

dont know if i would have developed differently if not for these first experiences but i kno ive no interest in my cock as my primary sex organ n crave have a mans cock up in me

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